My Favorite Seductress

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Seduction isn’t about making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they already secretly desire to do, what they eagerly crave to do in the deep and hidden recesses of their own subconscious.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a true seductress embrace her sexual power being playful, flirtatious, inquisitive, sometimes deep and dark seeking her own truth and her own special place in the universe and using a man and his imagination to do it.

My wife Sonja is a very sexy Latin female. Like most women she occasionally has her doubts about getting older and if she is still sexy and desirable. Her self-doubt is totally unfounded; in my eyes, she is an incredibly beautifully exotic and sensual woman that rocks my world. A woman with a beautiful soul and a dirty mind that makes me embrace the world with open arms and a fully erect boner.

She frequently uses her seductive powers to make me give into and embrace my own repressed desires and exploits my weakness making me give her whatever she desires as only a truly sexy woman can. She is the only woman that could ever entice me out of my man cave where I had emotionally barricaded myself, hiding from the joys and pain that previous relationships had inflicted on me.

I love when Latin women tease especially if she wants something and use her sexuality to get it. The way they use they use it is an art form offering a visual invitation to explore and know her body by her swaying movements and then using her hands to caress her goddess-like frame providing a road map traversing the pretty curves and contours of her mounds before diving into the deep recesses that lead to the forbidden treasures that she saves for only the most worthy of lovers that can truly appreciate and deserve her.

Combined with her smile, and then there is that look, that expression that could stop the rotation of the earth if she so desired. Latina’s eyes command you to love them, to adore them, they capture your imagination and then take your soul by enchanting you into a world you never want to leave.

My wife usually brings out her mystical Latina powers of seduction when she gives me a special treat on my birthday or on our anniversary. Sometimes she likes to play the expensive and sophisticated call girl escort paid for pleasure, less about the physical sex and more about the mental game of sex, lust, and desire. She is so excruciatingly good at playing this role, this persona, this alter ego, sometimes making me wonder what the hell she was or did in a past life.

If you are doing a roleplay you have to get every detail right. It’s not about the clothes the props you need to get into each other’s head to know what emotions they want to feel and what mental image you need to create to generate those emotions. Sometimes times the perfect partner is the one you never have to be yourself with but one that you can be anyone but yourself with, that you can escape into a fantasy world with and be somebody totally different with.

When my wife immerses herself in that call girl character she is a treat, a special gift just for me. There is no other feeling like it, the butterflies in my stomach, the mystery and intrigue of not knowing what will be there waiting for you and how it will happen.

Once the games have started there is no pause button and she plays to win, she takes no prisoners it is a game where both winning and losing are deliciously exciting and require complete and total devotion. We both cloak ourselves in the body and soul of some obscure unrepentant stranger that we have chosen to be, climbing into a persona that will be carried away to be relived in our fondest and most erotic memories whenever our normal lives start to close in on us.

We had been planning this special private performance for weeks, or at least I had. Now as the sun was going down the curtain was about to go up on our long-desired time alone to savor our special fantasy relationship.

I had already taken a shower and was wondering around our master bedroom aimlessly like a lost puppy in a pair of silk boxer shorts asking her what she wanted me to wear. She went to the closet and picked out one of my business suits saying “If I am going to get dressed up for you, you are going to get dressed up for me.”

I nodded my compliance and then inquired. “So what is the game plan for tonight?”

“I am here to make you horny. Tonight I am your fantasy your escape from reality.” She whispered playfully into my ear. “No one else can do to you what I am going to do to you tonight and they better not try or I will cut off your dick.” all the time squeezing my partial erect member before heading off into the bathroom to take a shower to begin her long-anticipated performance.

I was laying on our king size bed waiting while she was taking a shower I remember that last time we played this game the night before her office Christmas party.

I smile and contemplated how the game has changed and evolved over the years güvenilir bahis and how our quest to please each other and to experience all the carnal desires and gratifications that a man and woman can bestow on each other has brought us to this level.

She manipulates and uses me to make me manipulate and use her. We are both tortured demonic souls locked in an eternal erotic struggle for control, conquest and ultimately the surrender of our bodies to the other. She is the kind of a woman that can entice the devil to sell his soul to her and have no regrets about doing it over and over again.

I yearn for these erotic play sessions, to drink from her glass of feminine sensuality down to the very last drop so that she can then refill it with a new and different kind of sexual elixir each time so that we can both explore and experiment with it. We cannot explain it to ourselves much less to each other we only know that it is an erotic hunger that must be feed upon to keep the flame alive.

Somewhere between whore and Goddess she hones her skills and evaluates her net worth as a woman by manipulating me. I love her and I hate her, I only know that both my body and my whole being aches and grieves with a great emptiness when I am not in her presence.

As the blaring sound of the hairdryer subsides she finally emerges from the bathroom wrapped in a large towel with the smell of bath soap in the air.

“So what is our game plan for the evening?” she inquired nonchalantly.

“Let’s see if you can persuade me to cheat on my wife.” I grinned.

Her facial expression met my words with a menacing scowl then slowly transiting to a devilish smile, “Good idea at least I will know how long a leash to put you on before I reel you back in when we go out in the real world.”

She noticed I had laid out her clothes for her on the bed.

“I see you like fingering through my underwear drawer.”

“Well, it is my fantasy we’re playing right?” I responded.

She released her bath towel tossing it over in the corner. She slipped on some rather exotic house slippers/heals and then standing completely naked, hands on her hips while surveying my choice of wardrobe.

In the early days of our relationship, her routine was to sneak off behind closed doors to get ready and then popping out of the room to surprise me. Not wanting to be critical and not wanting to discourage her general effort to be sexy I never said anything for a number of years.

Eventually, I told her how sexy I find it to watch a woman getting dressed and making herself up for sex. The buildup and anticipation, enjoying the mental foreplay and using my imagination was as good as any strip club or looking at porn.

What I never did tell her was how I sometimes fantasize about watching her preparing herself to have sex with another man when she is getting ready.

In any case, she got the message and now she embraces the idea and enjoys the performance almost as much I do.

I laid on the bed propped up on one arm marveling at Sonja sitting at her makeup table and applying her makeup.

When she was done, she stood up to begin putting on the clothes I had selected for her.

First, she put on her new black lace garter belt and sat down on the edge of the bed so that she could roll her stockings up her beautiful legs. When she was done, she stood and I knelt behind her so that I could fasten the rear clasps of the garter to her stockings.

As I fastened the clasps I looked up at her. She has a very sexy body. The garter belt framed her full round sexy bottom. Sonja turned and smiled down at me. Now do the front clasps dear.” I fastened them quickly.

The garter framed her freshly shaved pussy. She lowered her arms and to strained the garter belt, as she did her wedding ring was just inches away from my face a vivid reminder of how illicit and erotic this whole scene was.

Sonja looked at me and smiled. I looked up; her large round breasts hovered freely above me. She reminded me of a Greek goddess.

Next, I handed her black sheer panties to her. She explained that she wanted to put them on after she put on her garter and stockings so that I could easily take them off her later in the evening.

After her panties were on, I held her strapless brassiere out. I had never seen one this skimpy. Sonja lovingly placed the cups over her nipples and fastened the clasp behind her back. Her ample breasts poured over the edges of the bra. She was sexy and more woman than any bra could ever hold.

The final touch was a red evening gown she bought at a local consignment shop.

She steps into the dress and wiggles her butt cheeks up and down as she pulls the dress up over her nicely shaped curves making her body become one with the elegant fabric a little tight but just enough to show off her curves and those globes that extrude out so nicely.

She sits down at the dressing table slipping on a pair of new red pumps to match the dress.

As she stands up and surveys türkçe bahis herself in the full-length mirror twisting from side to side to view all angles she looks like a black-haired version of Jessica Rabbit the perfect mixture of elegant and slutty the sexy dream woman, the kind sought after by both King and pauper and tonight she is all mine.

She slowly seductively saunters over towards me like a lioness stalking her prey.

She used that red dress just like a Matador in a bull ring uses a red cape to cause the raging bull in her man to charge her thinking that he is the aggressor when his downfall is already written in the stars and tomorrow he will be her trophy.

She commanded me to put on my suit coat as she sits sideways on the dressing table chair giving a condescending scowl before ascending to her feet and saying “Okay I guess you’ll do.”

With the preparations and preliminary activities completed, I could see the imaginary curtain slowly open and that she was now ready to embrace the naughty characters she has offered to play in our well-planned fantasy.

I was also ready to play my part with my alter ego setting there in the audience being the voyeur wondering where the storyline might take the unsuspecting man on the fantasy stage wanting and needing to experience the surreal emotions and the physical reality combined with the erotic visual images of the woman that rules my dreams.

I lifted her hand with her wedding ring reflecting the light from the table lamp next to the bed.

“I see you’re married,” I commented.

She lightly caressed the side of my cheek whispering in a low seductive voice, “Yes I like the thrill of cheating on my husband.”

“That’s a lucky coincidence I like the thrill of having sex with another man’s wife, even more so if he is there to watch it.” I proclaimed.

“My you are a kinking little bastard aren’t you?” she replied.

“I do like to put on a show for my husband and make him suffer. Husbands do make such good practice dummies to get me ready to fuck other men. You know the type don’t you?” Smiling as she teasingly breaks away from our embrace to walk across the room.

I savored how the tight restriction of the evening gown as she walked away it made her butt wiggle from side to side mesmerizing me for a split second and making me forget my part in this fantasy.

She wandered out of the bedroom down through the dimly lit hallway to the living room.

I took my time walking behind her enjoying the view eventually making our way into the living room already set up for the evening.

I opened a bottle a wine, lowered the lights and put on some Brazilian jazz so we could slow dance later in the evening.

I poured a glass of wine and offered it to her.

She accepted graciously nodding her approval at my attempt to be suave and sophisticated.

I watched her sip her wine as she walked around the room admiring her own very sexy body in the floor-length mirrors in the entryway. Her high heels clicked on the wooden floor as she crossed one heel over the other and unabashedly bending forward slightly and then smiling approvingly as she ran a manicured fingernail over her sheer stockings and over the curve of her sexy bottom.

I smiled knowing she can be so damn elegant and captivating when she makes the effort and I can be so totally enchanted by her when she does.

Eventually, she set the glass down and enticed me into dancing with her.

We began moving slowly to the music letting each note, each rhythmic beat of the bass gently dictate our movements while she softly sang the lyrics in Spanish lightly caressing my face and stealing my heart as she always does with that look in her eyes.

Her body pressed tightly against mine into a position that gave us the most contact between our bodies. We stayed there in comfortable silence, just dancing with each other. I occasionally took her hand and twirled her around, my eyes tracing their way down her neckline, from the top of her shoulders down over her breasts and back up to her luscious lips. I noticed a hunger in her eyes that feed my own carnal desire.

I pulled her snug into me with her lips pressed against mine, softly at first, light, playful, exciting, then with a hunger, a desire, a passion. My hands explored her neck lightly touching the side of her beautiful face.

My fingers entwined in her raven black hair as I pull her in for a deep and passionate kiss. I made sure it was a long kiss and a meaningful kiss that she would not forget. I gently released her from our embrace to explore her reaction and to see if she had any comments on my attempts to seduce her.

With a smile and a mischievous wink, she spun completely around keeping my hands around her waist facing away from me and then pressed her sexy bottom against my now protruding bulge and began to grind against me in time with the music. My hands found their way to her hips, gripping them lightly as I matched her motion with my own, feeling my hardness güvenilir bahis siteleri sliding between the cheeks of her butt in a wonderful rhythm.

After several songs worth of this exquisite torture, I rotated her body to face me, her arms wrapping around my neck as my lips hungrily sought hers. As our tongues met in a delicious wet duel my hand firmly gripped her amazing ass, pulling her crotch tight against my confined cock. The other hand bringing a moan from deep within her body as it tweaked her diamond-hard nipple through the dress.

After what seemed an eternity we broke from our kiss, looking deep into my eyes Sonja smiled and licked her ruby coated lips, a playful look that I knew well stealing over her features. Soon those luscious lips were leaving a trail of kisses across my neck as they made their way to my ear.

I felt her warm breath in my ear and at the same instant, her petite hand reached between our bodies to lightly stroke my penis through my trousers, the feeling making me groan in appreciation. The music continued to make our bodies gently sway in unison as my hand slipped from her ass around to her crotch, my finger needing to stroke her womanly treasure through her dress.

By this stage, Sonja and I were both breathing heavily. Bringing my head close to her ear I told her what I would do to her next. With one last tantalizing stoke of my cock Sonja turned and gripping my hand and pulled me over to the sofa.

She turned away from me and asked me to unzip her dress which I did slowly taking my time to caress her waist and her hips while the evening gown slid gently down her curvy frame and then assisting her in stepping out of it.

She then exiled me to the couch and ordered me to sit there and enjoy the show. She switched the music channel to some sultry blues, very old school stuff the kind of music you would undoubtedly hear in a New Orleans strip club or a bar in the French Quarter.

She began gently swaying with the music letting her body become one with the music embracing each note with her slow movements. She surrendered herself to the music letting her body become another instrument in the band channeling the music through her body lost in the melody and the erotic rhythms that seemed to be a part of her now just like her own heartbeat.

She removed the strapless brassiere and let it fall to the floor releasing her breasts from their confinement liberating them to move with the rest of her body moving to the music bouncing and swaying from side to side.

She was now standing before me with her garter belt and stockings framing her body like an artistic masterpiece. I don’t know if it is primal or what it is about them, but stocking and garters take my lust and desire to a whole new level. If I were King I would make a woman walk around wearing nothing else and then surrender my kingdom to them to show my appreciation.

I was enjoying my vantage point sitting on the sofa looking up I could admire her legs wrapped in dark sheer nylons. I don’t have a shoe fetish but legs are a completely different story. I could caress and worship a beautiful pair of stocking clad legs all night long. Well, maybe not all night because the beautiful thing about legs is they are built to be an erotic roadway leading to the pussy and clit which are definitely on my sexual itinerary of places to visit explore and taste test.

The nylons I had selected for Sonja were sheer black with a seam that goes down the back of the leg much like the old pin-up Goddesses of 40s and 50s long before my time but some images and some women are just so timeless and destined to be admired by every generation of men and tonight their time machine had stopped here in my living room.

Sonja could definitely have been a pin-up Goddesses in that era but I like it better than she is in the here and now in the flesh, for me to touch and feel and to sexually devour her. The image she was projecting was bringing back so many memories of my boyhood remembering how those types of naughty pictures would bring out strange new feelings I didn’t yet know how to deal with back then.

I blushed to remember how those pictures always created an uncontrolled boner that embarrassed me even if there was no one was around. I was so grateful that Sonja could still take my thoughts back to my youth when the game of sex was still an unexplored mystery and when I hungered to start that journey with the perfect sexy woman like her that could take me from boy to man. It is a special gift that stays with a man in the secret corners of his mind for all his life and still brings a smile to his face years later.

A new song came on with a faster beat and her sultry movements shifted into more like dirty dancing moving her hips faster and more deliberately to the strong primal beat lifting her long black hair up to cool the sweat on her neck showing off her breast in the process.

My enthusiasm was now beginning to show through my pants. I didn’t try to hide it because I know how much Sonja enjoys knowing that she can make my body react to her sexuality without even touching me. She has the power and I love it when she uses it and as she always says “A good man is hard to find and a hard man is especially good to find.”

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