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My Favourite Picture of all time is one of my Young wife stood almost side on naked with one hand on top of her very pregnant belly with the other underneath supporting it. Her tits are large and the nipples dark and full of milk as she was just a couple of weeks away from delivery. She is smiling and very happy and next to her is standing also naked is her young Boyfriend Tony who got her that way.. He is also almost side one with his large and thick cock standing stiff and proud out in front of him glistening with their juices as he had been in her before I interrupted them to take the photo.

Now I met my wife at University when we both studying for our degrees which we both passed. We dated during that time and Married shortly afterwards. We both took up positions within good firms and had a very enjoyable life. We tried on several occasions to have a family but it just did not happen.

By the time we got to eight years married life was getting a bit too much. Too much work and not enough play. Now I won’t go into too much detail about the why’s or wherefores but my wife ended up with a Boyfriend Tony who took her out to clubs and the like. He was a few years younger than she was and a Bricklayer. She also had sex with him and I got to watch which was very exciting and hugely enjoyable. I liked seeing her get ready for him, go out and have a good time and then when they got back, she would be stripped and would put out. There was never any question of our being uncomfortable in each others presence. After taking his load, she liked to lay back on the bed in post coital bliss and spread her legs so I could look up her. There was no real intention to become a Cuckold but it just happened that way. He wasn’t her bull but he really was like her boyfriend. He had all the sexual advantages of being married without other commitments.

We played a few interesting sex games such as once we three went for a walk in the countryside. It was a fairly pleasant day so she was in a light summer dress. When we got to the middle of a stand of trees, I undid the buttons on the front of her dress and pushed it Escort Bayan to either side, so it was held open by her tits. She was starkers underneath. Tony took off his trousers and pants and entered her standing up. I had filmed our walk across the fields so I continued and the camera’s microphone was good enough to hear her keep referring to herself in the third person. Have his wife, fuck her hard, get that sperm inside her. You could see her nipples standing out like corks. When he eventually did so, I knew just how it felt to shoot up inside her. She liked sex outdoors especially being seen. We also went for a walk around a seaside town with her just wearing a raincoat and nothing else except shoes. She said it was rather draughty. On the way home she took the coat of and rode his cock. So far as I am aware, nobody saw her naked bouncing up and down to relieve his balls of their precious liquid.

One night the subject of a family was broached by her as she was not only getting older she was getting broody as all her friends had children. We discussed it at length over the next several weeks. Our previous attempts had not worked and eventually it was suggested that her boyfriend Tony do the honours. After a while it was agreed and we threw away her Birth control pills. I wasn’t getting much anyway and preferred watching them writhe about the bed having sex. It was definitely sex and not love. Neither regarded the other as anything other than someone to have sex with.

Eventually she broached the subject with him and afterwards he and I had a discussion at which I made it clear that I was comfortable with it and he would not be left in a position of having to maintain the child.

A date was set for a Bank Holiday weekend where he could have access to her for the entire period without having to be elsewhere. He came over in the late afternoon and we all had dinner and then sat around fo a while. I am sure we were all very nervous but eventually we retired to our bedroom. After quite a bit of foreplay to get her in the mood, the point of entry arrived. As she lay back with her Bayan Escort legs wide I saw a look of fear and nervousness on her face so I asked Tony to give us a couple of minutes. He left the room and I asked what was up. It wasn’t the fact of being taken and impregnated in front of me, or having someone else’s baby, it was the sudden realisation that this was a real big change in her life. She had been anticipating this from a young girl and now it was here and real.

Tony came back in and I just said she was nervous. A bit more foreplay followed before my camera caught the moment of entry. Now, that wasn’t new to me BUT the reality of the fact that his sperm would soon be swimming around her unprotected belly was – well do I need to describe that.

After a long while of piston ing in and out of her hole, he eventually, lay right on top of her, holding her in place and pushed his legs out behind him. There was some jerking and her legs started to shake as her body reacted to the sperm being pumped in her. She looked up at me and the camera and said a noiseless WOW. She told him to stay in her which he did until he went so soft, he fell out. They spent the rest of the long weekend which for a Bank Holiday was unusual having good weather for once, going at it like a pair of Bunnies which was bloody brilliant. They even took to walking around the place naked and I watched several times as she knelt down between his legs and whilst he sat on the sofa and sucked his cock. I positioned myself opposite them so I could see her bare bum and lovely shape, she was still a banging in a bikini and I watched her head bobbing up and down until she got what she wanted.

After the weekend was over, he come over after work and slept with her. He didn’t see the inside of his place for quite a while. I cannot honestly say when IT happened just that after a while she told me she was several days late. The one of the night he wasn’t coming over and I was back in the bed with her, she came out of the bathroom stark naked and looking great as usual. She came over held her hand up to my face and clutched Escort in it she held a pregnancy test. You are now a proper cuckold she said, you wife is pregnant with another man’s baby. She was so happy at being pregnant. She sucked me off and we just lay there next to each other. I am sure we both thought about what this meant and how erotic this was.

The next time he visited she waited until he had finished his business of getting more of his seed up her before telling him. We all congratulated each other. I said that his status was no longer boyfriend but husband and he should treat her accordingly.

Naturally, Family and friends as well as work colleagues were informed and her belly shown but all were left to assume that it was mine.

As she got bigger and bigger he still fucked her but from behind. I would often get back from the office after a busy day, I was now a full partner and open the door to the sound of his balls banging on her arse. I would pour myself a drink, sit down and unwind from the day watching her tits and belly sway to the rhythm of his thrusts. She enjoyed seeing me watching them and looked up on one occasion and thanked me. A few weeks later I took that photograph of them naked.

The birth went as anyone might expect noisy and messy. When we got her and the baby home, he came over and spent several hours cuddling his son and her.

Afterwards, she wanted to start another as quickly as possible, a brother or sister. We that is I and my wife consulted the doctor on the best way to proceed. It looked as if it could take a while to get another but fate being fate, only a few months later she Cuckolded me again with Tony of course. As she was now a Housewife, he could visit and have her during the day though it was mainly nights in bed together for them.

She has now cuckolded me four times with Tony. Her getting pregnant the first and second times came easily but number three took quite a while. The relationship is over and we are now a normal everyday family. Tony has in fact now got himself a Fiancée and we will shortly be going to the wedding. He still comes over from time to time to visit his kids and to them he is just plain Uncle Tony. As all the kids clearly have the same father any issue that they do not appear to bear a close resemblance to me has never been raised. To me they are just a joy.

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