My First Bi Experience Ch. 01

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Mike and I had been the best of buddies for an extremely long period of time. We got on really well, enjoyed going to the same clubs, listening to the same types of music, played various sports on the same teams, and of course shared a very common taste in girls! We had been housemates for a long period of time, and we were both in long distance relationships with our fiancées / girlfriends, whom we both loved very very much.

A bit about our physical appearances. Mike is about 5′ 11″, brown hair, blue eyes, about 180 lbs and in pretty good shape. From time to time we would see each other naked, totally by accident, especially whilst getting ready in the morning, and I had noticed that he was reasonably well equipped – I would probably have imagined that his dick was around 7″ when fully erect. I am about 6ft, black hair, brown eyes, about 175lbs, and decent shape too, thanks to all the sport. My dick is around 6″ when fully erect…

Anyways, when we were at home together, we would typically roam around in our boxers and t-shirts, thanks to the heat a Canadian summer can bring at times. Being the very best of friends, we would of course talk a lot about the sex and the different sexual positions, as well as sexual acts we would get up to with our significant others’. Of course, it was always a great source of inspiration for both of us, and we would take great pride in trying new things out, and giving each other the ritual updates! Even though, my sex life with, Kathy, my fiancée was absolutely wonderful in all aspects, of late, I could not help but get turned on by the thought of sucking on a dick (or having a guy suck on mine). Further more, the thought of a hard dick entering my tight Esenyurt Escort Bayan bum hole gave me an instant stiffy! Now Kathy and I had experimented a lot (and continue to do so), even with using butt plugs in my bum, as well as other convenient objects that were at hand! However, I just could never get the idea of hard dick going into bum out of my mind. Even though, Mike and I were the best of friends, I just felt I could not tell him about my new found fantasies yet!

It had been a pretty good Saturday, and Mike and I came home exhausted after playing a tough, yet, enjoyable day of soccer. We were absolutely knackered, changed into a pair of boxers and a t-shirt, and than flopped in front of the couch. Now, from time to time, Mike and I would put in a porno, and just chill….after watching it, it was a mutual understanding that we would go into our respective rooms and masturbate – We had a collection of magazines too, so when the images from the porno were exhausted we would flick through playboys etc, which we shared with each other. We had built up an excellent collection of porn DVD’s, lots of it focused on anal action, as well as cream pies.

On this particular day we decided the best way to unwind would be to play a porno. It was a new title we had just recently acquired, called ‘cum filled asshole overload

‘. It is a red light district production and I highly recommend it! As the DVD played; it became no surprise to us that we were both getting stiffy’s. This was normal of course, and happened whenever we watched a porno together. Typically the both of us would try and conceal them, probably slightly embarrassed at letting our erections rise Avcılar Escort Bayan up. Today, however, I noticed that Mike was not really trying to conceal his, and the head of his dick was proudly coming out of the pee hole in his boxers. I kind of like marveled at the sight, and had to mentally hit myself to prevent myself from getting delirious! By now my dick had also grown quite rapidly and was more or less close to its full erect length. I could tell from the corner of my eye that Mike was glancing at my hard on too – I smiled within myself…

As both our dicks were proudly standing in glory, Mike suggested that we should actually try jacking each other off – He meant it as a dare, and I told him I bet you are bluffing! In one fairly swift action, he reached for the waist of my boxers, yanked them down slightly and started to gently stroke my dick. I was really shocked (but probably more pleasantly surprised). Mike looked at me, and told me that he had one gay experience before and that he was ready to experience more. My look of shock, turned into one of happiness in an instant..I reached for his boxer shorts, gently pulled them down and gasped at the sight of his dick. Just like I imagined, it was around 7″ when fully erect, pretty thick too! We both started to gently masturbate each other, as the porn DVD played…Kathy had thought me great techniques for masturbation of a guy, and I quickly employed these techniques on Mike. Mike just looked at me smiled and said ‘holy fuck that feels so good’…at this point I had a slightly kinky idea…I said that we should use some lube to make it that extra special and kinky.

I went to the bathroom and came back with a bottle of baby oil. I applied copious amounts to Mike’s dick and balls, and he was more than glad to return the favor. With both our dicks, nice and slick, we laid ourselves side by side on the couch, and continued to jerk each other off. I took my time, gently massaging Mike’s dick, teasing the slit in his penis opening, massaging his balls. Mike took cues from me, and was more than happy to reciprocate. This was turning into one of the very best sexual sessions I had ever experienced. Mike was eagerly rubbing my shaft, up and down, spreading the precum I was leaking all over my balls…this was most certainly bliss! I knew that I could not hold back any longer. My balls were bursting with hot cock juice, and I needed to erupt badly. I told Mike that I was about to cum, and he also said that his dick was very close to erupting. At this point, we jacked each other with wanton abandon, dying to milk the hot spunk that filled our balls. In what seemed like eternity, but was more like a few seconds, the both of us let out gasps of orgasmic joy as our cum shot out of our shafts in record time…the orgasm for both of us was so throbbing and pulsating that we both came for what seemed like a very long time. Streams after stream of cock juice just kept coming out. Owing to the positions we were both in, and the intensity of our orgasms, our cum hit each others’ stomachs and chests, as well as coated each others’ hands.

As our orgasms died down we just looked at each other and realized that we had now taken our friendship to a whole new enjoyable level. Things would never be the same, but at the same time now existed a great unique opportunity. As we got our breaths’ back, we realized how drenched we both were, drenched in cum and sweat…we got a towel and started wipe each other off, taking special attention when we cleaned up each others’ dicks, making sure there were no remnants of cum under our foreskins…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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