My First Bi-sexual Experience

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I had recently joined the Forestry Service and had gone through training. I was pretty excited about my first real assignment when I was told that I’d be out in the back country with a husband and wife team that had been monitoring and documenting the current bear population in that particular area. I’d brought up fresh provisions with me, and then invited to stay for a two-week period to observe and learn some of the things they were doing. Needless to say I was excited to begin this adventure, knowing full well that it would be without many of the normal day to day conveniences we all take for granted.

I arrived at the out of the way rustic little cabin they were staying in, surprised to discover that it was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, and that while there, we’d all be sharing a single room to sleep in. In addition to that, every other day we would take two person shifts going out to check monitored locations, as well as spend some time in a tree blind that was situated in a well known area where many of the bears tended to hang out in order to observe them better in their natural environment.

One additional thing I wasn’t prepared for was that Debra, a tall statuesque woman with long dark hair that she wore in a ponytail for most of the time, was attractive as hell. The drab green tee shirts she wore doing little to hide her voluptuous looking tits, nor the all most too short, shorts she preferred wearing as we hiked around.

At thirty-nine, she looked twenty-nine, and made me feel less like the novice I was having just turned twenty-five myself. Jack, her husband was a couple of years older than she was and had a woodsy maturity about him, complete with a five o’clock shadow on his face that for some reason never diminished, but never changed much either. They were both in very good shape too, though the life they’d chosen to live and enjoyed had a lot to do with that.

Upon my arrival I was greeted with open arms, not only for the replenishment brought with me of needed supplies, but they had not seen or spoken with another human being for a couple of months. We spent that first night getting to know one another while Debra fixed us a fabulous breakfast dinner of eggs, pancakes and slabs of sizzling hot bacon. I was informed they rarely if ever ate breakfast in the morning before heading out, aside from a cup of coffee and some energy bars they began their day with, they packed light with just enough provisions, including plenty of water to make the ten mile hike up to the tree stand and back again, sometimes the following day.

“So you sleep up there too?” I asked Debra.

“Sometimes, depends on if we’ve seen much sign or any activity. If we have, then sometimes we’ll spend the night there and come back the following day. Sometimes we just hike around and check the monitors and cameras we’ve set up before coming back here to spend a day or so before heading back out again. There are times we go together, and other times that we actually go by ourselves. It can make for some interesting moments spent out in the woods all alone, so I’m glad that you’ll be here with us for the next two weeks,” she informed me.

“Do you ever get bored?” I asked curiously.

She smiled at that, nodding her head. “Every once in a while we do, but we find other things to amuse ourselves with whenever that happens, though to be honest, as beautiful as this country is with all the wildlife, we don’t find ourselves getting bored all that often.”

I had caught the subtle glint of mischievousness in her eye when she’d said that, though she didn’t exactly elaborate.

We slept side by side on some air mattresses, getting up bright and early to begin the hike up to the tree stand. “We don’t cook while we’re up there,” Jack informed me, “It’s all sandwiches and energy bars, and of course plenty of water,” he said, then led us on the ten mile trek up to where the area was they’d been monitoring. By the time we arrived, it was already late in the afternoon.

“Now you see why we often spend a day or two up here before heading back,” Debra told me.

It had taken me a moment or two to locate the actual blind. They’d done such a good job of camouflaging it that I nearly missed it. I was also surprised at how large it was too. It certainly wasn’t no cabin, but it was big enough to sit in side by side without being too cramped, or to stand up and walk around in without being observed. Below the stand was a small meadow complete with a small fresh stream of running water.

“One of the reasons we chose this place, a lot of animals come through here to get a drink, and it supplies us with that as well, also a way to freshen up some without having to use the water we’ve brought up with us to do so.” Jack turned then and began making his way back down the tree to the ground. “I’m going to walk the perimeter, be back in a couple of hours,” he told us.

We watched as Jack made his way into the woods, and then disappeared. “Steve? If you need to use the facilities, there’s a box down behind antalya escort the tree with a shovel and some T.P. in it you can use. Just walk back about a hundred yards or so to the North, there’s an overlook back there, and the area is hardly ever traveled so it’s the safest and best place to go.” She also pointed to a couple of small folding chairs, just barely big enough to even sit down on. “You’re welcome to use one of these if you get tired of standing or sitting on the floor,” she told me. “I’m going down to the stream to freshen up some while I can since we probably scared away most everything coming up here. It will be a while before any of the bears or other wildlife return to the area, so I might as well do it now.”

I watched her walk over to the little stream next to the meadow where she turned, looked back up towards me and waved. I waved back, and then caught myself short as she suddenly reached down and pulled the tee shirt she was wearing up and over her head. I was a little surprised as she stood there, her bare breasts for all the world to see, well…for me to see anyway. Then she rinsed out her tee shirt in the water, wringing it out a moment later before hanging it over a nearby tree limb to dry out. Next, she stripped out of the shorts she was also wearing and did the same thing with those, until she stood with nothing more than her shoes and socks on, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine on her bare skin as she splashed some more water on herself and with a small hand cloth, had a bit of a wash.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised by this, after all it was obviously perfectly natural and normal for her to be doing so, especially this far away from everything. And the fact that she stood there in the nude, even though I could see that she was, with the distance involved here, didn’t give me a birds-eye-view close up, though I was half tempted to pick up the binoculars that were hanging nearby.

Still. I wondered briefly if I should turn and look away, giving her some privacy. But then again, if she’d wanted some privacy, she would have indicated that to me in some way. After all, she had waved, so she knew I was watching her, even as she washed her breasts, taking her time with each one, and then washing between her legs and ass as she spread her feet, once again bending over to rinse out her wash cloth before applying it to herself again.

When she was finished, she retrieved her still wet clothing and began making her way back towards the tree stand, rather than putting her clothing back on however, she climbed back up still in the nude.

“Boy, that feels a lot better!” she grinned at me. “If you want to freshen up as well, you’d better do it now,” she indicated as she placed her still damp clothing over one of the logs they had built as a railing around the stand.

“Ah no, I’m good,” I informed her feeling a little sheepish, and trying very hard not to look too directly at her. She must have noticed that and laughed however.

“I hope my being naked like this doesn’t offend you,” she stated easily. “Up here, it just feels natural to be naked most of the time, which we often do, makes us feel a bit closer to nature if you will.”

“Yes, I can see that,” I said feeling a little easier since she was obviously so at ease with it herself, but then again, Jack wasn’t here either, though I supposed he wouldn’t have minded her being naked around me either by the way she acted in being so.

“I just love it up here, so peaceful and quiet,” she said placing her hands on the railing and looking out over the meadow below us. Standing off to one side and slightly behind her, I was indeed enjoying the view, but it wasn’t the countryside I was actually looking at either. Debra had a nice tight well rounded little ass, her breasts though full, were equally as well rounded, and looked especially alluring as she leaned out over the railing looking down.

“Hungry?” she asked. “There’s some sandwiches in the knap-sack,” she informed me

“Ah no, not yet anyway,” I said thanking her. “But I do need to pee,” I added without too much embarrassment with my admission. I slipped over the railing and began making my way back down the tree to the ground when I heard, then noticed her following me as I descended.

“Might as well go with you and pee too,” she told me. “Then we’ll come back, sit and see if something comes into the area, and wait for Jack to return.”

Debra quickly grabbed the shovel and some toilet paper, and then led the way. “Follow me,” she announced. After a brief walk, she stopped handing me the shovel. “You should always dig a hole to pee in too,” she informed me, then stood waiting while I did. I handed the shovel back to her, expecting her to find another spot to dig one for herself. Instead, she squatted over the one I had just dug. “We only need one,” she informed me, pee’d then stood and wiped herself, tossing the environmentally friendly tissue into the hole. “Your turn!”

Dumbfounded, I stood there for a moment trying to kemer escort decide what to do. “Pee shy are we?” she asked. I was, but I wasn’t about to admit it to her either. She laughed seeing my discomfort. “There’s a lot you’d better get used to doing if you’re going to be doing this for a living,” she told me. “But if you’d like, I’ll wander back to the stand and give you some privacy.” She turned then and I watched her go, feeling a little stupid as I stood there willing my prick to finally pee. I stood there finally pissing into the already wet hole she had used, finding it strangely erotic for some odd reason to be mingling my urine with hers. I soon after filled the hole and then made my way back to the stand where I saw her standing up above me waiting. Once again she waved, and as I waved back at her, I watched her full breast bouncing up and down in greeting towards me, forcing myself to look away at that point and begin climbing back up the tree.

The sun was just beginning to set when Jack reappeared through the trees quickly joining us. “Saw some sign,” he indicated, “and picked up a fresh trail. Think there’s a mother and two cubs making there way around, probably see them tomorrow,” he stated.

“Yeah, saw a few deer earlier,” Debra told him. “Figured we wouldn’t see any bears if they were still in the area, might as well settle in for the night.”

By the time Jack had returned, Debra had gotten dressed again, so I was thankful for that, though I was still fairly certain he wouldn’t have cared if she hadn’t been. Jack made a few notes in the journal he carried with him, and then sat down for a quick bite to eat just as the sun finished setting. Although it was early time-wise, it had been a long day, and we’d be up bright and early again in the morning.

“Going down to wash up then turn in,” he announced, “coming with me?” he asked looking back towards us.

“Nah, I’m good,” I said once again, wondering if that particular phrase would become a permanent one with me. Debra however followed him down the tree, and then they walked off disappearing into the darkness together.

I stood at the railing looking off into the night. A full moon had backlit the meadow to some degree, and moments later I caught movement as the two of them made their way out of the darkness into the clear opening of the meadow near the stream. I knew with some certainty, they couldn’t see me, not in the darkness anyway, though with the full moon highlighting the two of them, I could see them fairly easily. Once again, I watched as they both stripped off their clothing, and then washed and bathed one another, doing each other’s backs. Once again, I found it slightly erotic to be standing there watching so simple, and so natural an act, until it took an unexpected turn and became much more than that.

At first, I wasn’t even sure that what I was seeing was what I was actually witnessing. Debra had leaned over as though she was rinsing out her clothing just as I’d seen her do earlier in the day, the difference being, this time Jack stepped up behind her. At first I thought they were just playing around a little, but then his movements became obvious as he latched onto her twin ass cheeks, and began pumping himself into her from behind. I thought I had seen Debra looking back in my direction, but I couldn’t be sure as dark as it was, though I again reminded myself that they couldn’t possibly see me as I was indeed covered in darkness. So I stood, watching the two of them together, fascinated that they would be doing this without any real cover of darkness, and wondered if they had yet realized that the moon’s glow fully accentuated what they were doing.

Even the sounds of their coupling made its way over to me, though the words spoken weren’t entirely clear, the grunts and groans of their now furious fucking were. In a way, it was about as animalistic as it could be. If I hadn’t known better, or been able to see them as clearly as I could and know who and what they were, I might have confused them with a pair of bears going at it there in the woods.

There’s something to be said about being at one with nature, out in the woods like this, I was hard as a rock! When I saw Debra finally spin around, kneeling down in front of Jack, giving him what I knew then to be a blowjob, I lost it. Freeing my own prick, I began pumping it up and down, safe and secure in the knowledge there was no way they could know what I was myself now doing up here.

Jack must have come seconds before I did. I heard his soft moan, the tilt of his head backwards as Debra knelt in front of him sucking his prick. I watched my own semen shoot from the head of my dick, through the railing, and then disappear into the darkness below. I’d barely finished cleaning myself up when I heard them below me, making their way back up into the tree stand.

“Well, now I’m tired, and ready for bed!” Jack announced with a grin. “See you two in the morning!” Jack picked up his small tightly rolled sleeping bag and made konyaaltı escort his way back down the tree once again.

“Where’s he going?” I wondered aloud.

“Oh, Jack hates sleeping up here for some reason,” she told me. “He’s not a big fan of heights anyway, which is why he usually spends more time wandering around than sitting up here with me.”

“Is it safe?” I asked.

“Safe enough, he actually has made a place to hang a hammock, which is still high enough off the ground, though not nearly as high as this place is, so he’s more comfortable sleeping there than here.”

“Oh,” was all I said.

“Here, you’ll need this,” Debra said handing me one of the small little sleeping bags they kept stored here. “It can still get pretty cold at night up here, though we’d be a lot warmer if you don’t mind snuggling up together,” she told me.

I didn’t really have a problem with that, and told her so, until I saw her suddenly strip out of her clothing once again anyway. “That’s good,” she said smiling, and then put the two bags together to make a slightly larger one before laying it down on the floor of the tree stand.

She quickly slipped inside and held one side open for me to get in as well. “Ah, you’ll actually be a lot warmer if you take your clothes off, and that way you won’t be as cold putting them back on in the morning either.”

I went as far as my underwear, which seemed to pacify her to some extent, though she again laughed at my shyness. “No worries, a few days from now, and I bet you’re running around the woods as naked as a Jaybird,” she told me.

I highly doubted that, but let it go, slipping inside the bag, though I turned my back towards her as I did so, trying in the same instant to ensure there was at least a few inches still remaining between us. That disappeared a moment or two later though as she snuggled up against me, putting her arm around me, the feel of those wonderful breasts of hers pressing against my back. “See? Much, much warmer now isn’t it?”

I wouldn’t have touched that comment with a ten-foot pole, and had I of not jerked it off only a short time ago, I would have felt like I had one too. Even so, it stirred once again with renewed interest, the softness of her magnificent breasts resting against me. But I soon heard the gentle snore of her sleep, finally relaxing, and drifted off myself.


I woke to the aromatic smell of hot coffee.

“Morning!” she said brightly. “Though we don’t really cook anything up here, I can’t stand to start the day without coffee,” she told me. She had a single cup burner that barely heated, but just enough to heat up the coffee from the thermos she’d brought along with us. She was still naked too, now sitting with her back against the railing, knees propped up and bent towards her chest as she sat sipping her own coffee after handing me one. It was all I could do to not stare directly at the pink split winking at me between her legs.


“Up and gone already,” she informed me. “Wanted to see if he could pick up their trail, find out which direction they were heading in before coming back here.”

“Oh,” I said, once again using another phrase I had seemed to adopt as my own.

“So Steven, did you sleep ok?” she asked.

“Huh? Oh yeah…fine, just fine,” I told her, not telling her that I had had several highly erotic dreams during the night, no doubt caused by the feel of her breasts pressing against me, and the knowledge that she was sleeping next to me naked the entire night.

“Did you find it exciting last night?” She now asked.

“Excuse me?” I asked, confused by her question.

“You know, sleeping outside like this…here,” she told me finally standing up, though now I had an even better view of that precious slit peeking between her legs as she turned her back towards me, once again leaning over the railing. With her back towards me, she spoke again, catching me truly off guard this time.

“Could you see us? Hear us down there?” she asked.

“Ah, when,” I asked, playing stupid.

She turned back around, facing me and laughed once again. “When we were down by the stream fucking,” she said simply, openly. “I hope that didn’t shock you too much, but like I told you before, when you’ve been here a while, you find that being outdoors tends to keep you aroused all the time for some reason, and it’s a great way to end the day, and begin a new one as well,” she added.

“Oh…yeah, then,” I admitted feeling my face turning crimson. “No, didn’t really shock me no, sort of understand what you mean,” I found myself admitting to her.

“So, it did excite you too then huh? Watching us? Hearing us?”

I wasn’t exactly uncomfortable talking to her about this, but it was a little awkward for me as I wasn’t sure where it was she was going with all this.

“Yeah, admittedly it was,” I confessed looking away, taking a sip of my coffee instead of staring up at her vulnerable looking pussy and bare breasts.

“So…did you jerk off?” she asked nonchalantly like she was discussing the weather with me. “Personally, I love doing that up here, and so does Jack, helps to pass the time away anyway,” she added with a knowing smile. And like I said earlier, nice way to start off the new day too,” she added.

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