My First Gay Pick Up

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If any of you know my stories and I’m sure most of you have filled your palms with sweet cream over them, then you know I’ve been working my way to having a hot hard cock in my mouth. I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this to happen. I’m not gay, I just love every aspect of sex. Why shouldn’t I enjoy a mans body as much as I do a woman’s or my own. My girlfriend loves the thought of me with a man. It turns her on to think of me in such a worked up state.

Three weeks after having my baby watch me eat a load from my body, I went out of town on business. I had been thinking everyday about her and my wish for me to experience bi sex. It didn’t take much for me to find a gay bar in L.A. I wore the tightest jeans I had and looked really nice. I wanted my cock to bulge. While I had been in gay bars before with friends, I had never been alone and not with the insatiable lust for a cock I now have. I got a beer and sat down at a table. There were dozens of hunks around. Most were well built and I could see myself sucking any of them. Two guys smiled at me, walked over and sat down. They looked like twins and both were hot. We talked and soon the subject came to sex.

Cliff asked if I was gay. I said no, but I liked variety.

Jerry asked if I was a virgin. When I said yes, they smiled and whispered to each other. “Would you like to party with us,” they said.

I knew exactly what they meant and said absolutely. I had heard that many gay men love virgins because we go wild at the first sight of a hot hard cock. How right they were. I was busting my jeans and ready to suck a huge one down my throat. How could I have been so lucky to get a two for one my first time out. After a few more beers, we went back to their place. I half didn’t believe what I was doing, but my libido was in charge. Cliff threw me another beer and jerry popped a video in. It was hot. Two men on a bed Sakarya escort naked in the sweetest 69. It was beautiful and their bodies were gorgeous. They deep throated each other with every stroke. As I watched, I began to involuntarily rub my crotch. The men began to cum and each pulled out and shot their wads into each others mouths. I looked over at cliff and jerry and they were stroking two big pink poles.

“Would you like a taste,” said jerry.

I lost control and began to strip. They watched and continued stroking as I stood there naked with my raging rod. My heart was pounding as jerry stood up and stripped in front of me. I stared at his body as he placed his hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me close. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me deeply. Our dicks rubbed together as I kissed him back and dug my fingernails into his ass. I felt something being pushed up my ass. It hurt, but cliff said I should trust them. The greased butt plug now fully in my virgin ass was no doubt there to loosen me up for some future action.

They led me into a dimly lit room. There was only a small plush carpet and a wooden contraption with leather straps and cuffs. I was pushed me to my knees. As they stood in front of me , I stared at two beautiful cocks.

“Suck it,” cliff said in an angry voice.

I looked up at him and opened my mouth. I needed no urging. As my lips grazed his purple head, I almost fainted. My first feel of a cock in my mouth blew me away. It was everything I had dreamed. My mouth opened as wide as it could as my lips worked their way down to cliffs hairy root. He was so warm and hard. I should have savored my way down, but I wanted every inch of my mouth to feel cock. I just remained there gently sucking and swirling my tongue around him. He pulled away and then back in to my tonsils. He grabbed the back of my head and started a slow powerful Side escort bayan fucking of my mouth. I reached around and grabbed his ass with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. They were like golf balls full of sweet warm cream. We meshed so well together with the sweet sound of sucking and muffled moans from the both of us. My saliva dripped from his sack. We quickened our pace as his balls ascended up into his body in preparation for an explosion of millions of tangy sperm. I’ve eaten so many over the years tasting and loving each as it swims around in my mouth and down to my stomach. Someday, I would like to swim in a pool of cum and take a bath in it.

My finger made its way to his pucker and squished up all the way to his prostate. He groaned and almost ripped my head off when the first jet squirted out. I nearly choked as it quickly filled my mouth to overflowing. Before I could fully enjoy his load, Jerry replaced cliffs dick with his own. As he pushed his way down my throat, some of my first load oozed out around his length and down my chin. I eagerly slurped my way down his rod and after reaching for his balls, realized he was seconds away from his own climax. He must have been jerking his cock during my first blow job. Jerry groaned and began shooting an even bigger load into my mouth. He pulled out so only the tip remained between my lips. I gargled it with sweet delight as I swirled my tongue around my mouth to taste this combination desert. It tasted similar, but sweeter than my own savory cum. It was warmer and tastier, no doubt since not being exposed to air. Someone told me this.

I fell back on the floor and swallowed every sweet drop. I was exhausted and my jaw hurt. I just lay there and watched as jerry leaned over the contraption with his ass in the air and open wide. Cliff strapped his arms to the front and his ankles to the Escort izmir back. He was held in an incredibly inviting position.

Jerry said in a seductive voice, “once you fuck my ass , you’ll never be satisfied with a pussy again.”

I did so want the full gay experience so I got up and walked over to his smooth white cheeks. Cliff slathered some ky over my cock. I could have cum off in his hand. I pressed my cock up to Jerry’s pucker and slowly, inch by inch, pushed inside his tight ass. No pussy was ever this tight. I had to work to pump in and out. He pulled on the ropes and clamped his cheeks together as I fucked him. I grabbed hold of his hips and lost control. I wanted to cum so bad. I looked over at cliff who was smiling at my virgin antics. My hip action was like a piston as I fucked this sweet ass. I shrieked and my legs buckled as I blasted a load up his ass. My sperm squirted out around my dick. I was now fully convinced that bisexuality is truly the best of both worlds. There is supreme orgasmic satisfaction from both a mans and woman’s body. Both unique and wonderful.

Only my own ass was untested. Cliff untied jerry and said for me to take his place. I eagerly spread my legs and grabbed for my wrist cuffs. I had completely lost track of the butt plug in my ass when cliff slowly pulled it out. My rectum was stretched and somehow felt empty. I guess they took pity on my pucker and wanted me to enjoy my cumming out experience. Once I was strapped in, I began to shake with anticipation and a little fear as I was at their mercy. They could have ripped me apart and there was nothing I could have done. I felt two hands spreading my cheeks and the head of a cock attempting to spear my ass. It hurt a little, but I just gritted my teeth and tried to loosen my rectum. This huge penis slowly worked its way up my ass and the sensation was incredible. I moaned uncontrollably as I was gently fucked and then pounded by the warmest feeling of my life. My first and second blow job was earth shattering, but this was truly my awakening. I was alive and in love with my newfound pleasures. My girlfriend would have a run for her money to top this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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