My First Time

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It was a beautiful spring day when it happened. I was 18 years old and still a virgin. I had a boyfriend, but wasn’t ready to go all the way yet, as a matter-of-fact, we hadn’t done anything but kiss. He had asked me a couple of times if I wanted to “play”, but I told him I wasn’t ready. He was being very patient with me, but each day, he seemed different, but I blew it off, thinking nothing of it.

My boyfriend, Robert, and I had been together for almost a year, come to think of it; our anniversary was 2 days away. My boyfriend told me that he had something special planned, but wouldn’t tell me what.

Our anniversary finally came, and he told me to wear something nice. So, I wore a low cut white spaghetti strap dress, which went down to my knees, white spaghetti strap sandals, and a white jacket. I had to wear a white strapless bra to hold my lovely 36C chest in place. I was a petite girl that stood 5’6, and was blest with a lovely chest like my mothers. I had my long blonde hair piled on top of my head, small silver loop earrings, a silver chain, and very little make-up. I also wore his favorite perfume, Tommy Girl.

He came to my apartment at 6:30 to pick me up. He was wearing Khakis, a tan pullover dress shirt, dress shoes, and was wearing my favorite cologne, Tommy Boy. My, did he look sexy. He was 5’8, brown hair, the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen, and was a skinny as a toothpick; I wasn’t much better myself.

He got out of his Mustang GT as I walked to the car. “My baby, you look so good.” I saw something in his eyes as he said it, but I wasn’t for sure what. I told him thank you as he gave me a kiss and helped me in the car.

As he got in I asked him what he had planned for the evening, but he still wouldn’t tell me, he said it would ruin the surprise. He took me to dinner, where he gave me the most beautiful bracelet I had ever seen; it was silver with small diamonds. I grabbed my purse and reached in and pulled out a small box, and gave it to him. It was a watch that he had been wanting for a long time. It too was silver, and had a blue face, and 1 small diamond in place of the number 12.

After dinner he took me to the overlook that was just outside of town. We sat there and talked for what seemed like hours. It was getting late, and I told him that I thought we should be heading back, and he agreed. He drove back to his place and said that he had another gift for me there, that it was to big to bring with him, so he had to leave it there. As we walked into his apartment, I saw a giant purple teddy bear sitting in the floor with 3 balloons tied around the wrist, which read “Happy Anniversary”.

He went to the refrigerator and retrieved a bottle of champagne. I told him that I didn’t think that I should drink any, since I was under age. He told me it was fine, it was a special occasion and I wasn’t going to be driving myself home, I agreed with him and let him pore me a glass. He toasted to our being together for a year and not having any sex to make us stay together, that our love for each other is what kept us together. I told him that was very sweet, and gave him a kiss. I planned for it to be a small kiss, but he wouldn’t let go of me, he pulled me closer to his body. I was getting a little scared, but at the same time, I was intrigued. I wasn’t for sure if I wanted him to stop, or continue.

As güvenilir bahis he kissed me passionately, I felt this tingling between my legs, a feeling I had never felt before. He then took his left hand and put it on my right breast and started to fondle it. I tried to pull away to stop him, but was unable to, because I realized I was enjoying it to much. He then moved his hand to my left breast and fondled it. He pulled away, looked into my eyes, and I saw something in his eyes, lust, I finally realized what it was. It all started making since to me, the way he was acting and the look in his eyes, I started noticing these about a month ago.

He told me that he had to have me, and he couldn’t wait any longer, that he has been patient with me. I was a little scared, not wanting to, but then, he removed my jacket, and started kissing my neck, my ears and down to my chest. The tingling between my legs was growing more and more. I knew what it was, that I wanted him also. I grabbed his face and made him look into my eyes. I told him that I was ready, and he smiled a sexy smile.

Being new at this I didn’t know what to do, but that was no problem as he took control, and I followed his led. He slowly removed my dress, gazing hungrily at my body, but taking his time, so he wouldn’t scare me and make me change my mind. He rubbed his hands all over my body, caressing me. I took and removed his shirt, staring at his hairless chest. I ran my fingers up to his neck, pull him closer and kissed him.

After we stopped kissing, he stood, and asked me to do the same. After I stood, he then removed my bra and white lacy thong. He continued to stare hungrily at my now naked body.

I slowly reached out both hands towards the button on his khakis, and continued to unbutton and unzip his pants. As I did this, I noticed a large bulge under his pants. I then proceeded to pull his pants and jockeys down and off.

His 8″ penis sprung free from its prison that contained it for a year. Never having seen a penis before, my eyes grew wide, wondering how his penis would fit into my small opening.

He asked me if I would give him a blowjob, he told me that if I didn’t want to, he’d understand. I’d never done this before and was unsure what to do. Knowing this, he told me he would tell me how to, if I wanted to. I thought, “What the heck, I might enjoy this.”

He knew what my answer was by the look I gave him. He gave me a smile and said all I had to do was put as much in my mouth as I could, move it in and out, and suck, all at the same time. It sounded easy enough, so I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and began.

As I sucked, he told me to use my tongue and lick it. He started to moan as I did this, it scared me and I stopped. I asked him if I was hurting him and he said no, that was the sound of him enjoying it, so I then continued.

I had heard some of my friends say that they used their teeth very gently while giving head, so I thought I would try it. I very gently started to use my teeth as I sucked on his hardening cock. He began moaning more and more.

He then asked me to stop; I asked him if I was doing something wrong, and he told me that I was doing everything right, and that he wanted to try something else. He loved my feet, and he wanted to put them to “good” use. He sat down on the floor and asked me if I would sit türkçe bahis on floor in front of him, so I did. He then asked me to put both of my feet on his hard penis, wrap them around as well as I could, and move them up and down, slowly.

I thought that this was weird, but I wanted to make him happy, no matter what he asked me to do. I did, and started stroking his hard cock. He moaned more and more, thrusting his hips as I did this. I was starting to catch on to things he would do when it felt good, so I asked him, and all he could do was moan. The more I did this, the more he moaned, and the more he thrusted his hips. “Oh God, I’m cumming” were the next words out of his mouth. I had no idea what he meant, but I soon found out. This white stuff started squirting out of the end of his penis, he told me that was cum, which impregnated women. It went all over my feet, and his legs. He stopped thrusting his hips and laid still for a while, calming down after the orgasm that he had just had.

He slowly sat up and cleaned us off with some tissues that he had on his coffee table. He smiled at me and told me that he had wanted so many of his ex-girlfriends to do that, but none of them would, that they thought it was gross. I sat there and watched him clean the last little bit of cum off my feet. He then told me to lay down and spread my legs as much as I could; that he wanted to show me how much he appreciated that. I had this feeling that I was about to loose my virginity, but I was wrong.

He laid down on his stomach, and put his head between my legs. Slowly, he moved his head closer and closer to my pussy. He parted my lips with his fingers, and started to lick my clit. My did it feel good. I was relaxing, enjoying what he was doing to me, when my body started to tense up; I felt this wonderful feeling come from between my legs. My body started to shiver, my back arched, and this wonderful feeling ran through my body, it felt so good, that I started to scream, and moved my body, thrusting my hips towards his mouth, not wanting him to stop. It then became to much for me to handle, and made him stop.

I lay there, recovering from my first orgasm, it was the most wonderful thing that I had ever felt, but that would soon change, for as I lay there spasing and shaking, he sat up on his knees and told me to lift my butt a little. As I did this, with what little energy I had left, I felt him put something under me, it was a towel, for the blood that would come from my virgin pussy.

He let me rest some more, so that I would not cum when he entered me, and so that it would be a little more enjoyable. My body had finally settled down and he asked me if I was ready, and if I was sure I wanted to do this still. He said that if I changed my mind and didn’t want to, that he wouldn’t make me. I looked at him and told him that I was ready, that I told him I was going to and I wasn’t going to change my mind.

Since I was already wet, he got into position and told me that I might want to brace myself for what is coming next. I had heard from my friends that it hurt at first and then for the first few times after that and that was all. I told him okay and said I was ready whenever he was. He paused for a moment before continuing.

I laid there, my mind racing, not know what really to expect. I felt the head of his penis touching the lips of my güvenilir bahis siteleri pussy. He then started to gently press the head into my virgin pussy. At first it didn’t hurt, but the more he continued slowly and gently entering me, the more it hurt. It hurt me so bad; I was in tears, telling him to stop that it hurt to much. He told me that he was right at my hymen and was about to break it. He pushed a little more and I felt this sharp pain, and something wet run out of my pussy, I assumed I was blood.

When he was all the way in me, he stopped for a second to let me calm down. He was being so gentle and careful, making sure that he wasn’t hurting me to much. He then started to pull out, when he was almost all the way out, he’d start to push it back in, just as slow as could be. The pain was getting to be almost unbearable, but I let him continue.

After awhile, it didn’t hurt as bad. I started to get woozy, and thought I was going to pass out. He noticed and stopped for a second, and made me talk to him so I wouldn’t pass out. He told me that he knew it hurt, that if I wanted him to, he would stop. I told him no, and said for him to continue. He asked me if I was sure and I told him yes.

He continued, and I couldn’t feel any pain, instead it started feeling good. He noticed that I didn’t have a pained face, and asked if it still hurt, and I told him no, that it feels good. He asked if he could speed up a little and I told him yes.

He started to pump me faster and it felt good, like when he was eating me. The tingling came back, and my body started to tense up, I felt this wonderful feeling come from between my legs. My body started to shiver, my back arched, and the same wonderful feeling ran through my body, I started to moan and screamed “I’m cumming”. I was having something like convulsions; it was way better than the first.

Right after I came, he pulled out and squirted his cum all over my naked body. He laid down next to me, both of us breathing heavily. I looked at him, and he had the biggest smile on his face. He laid on his side and gave me a kiss. This kiss was like no other kiss he had given me, it had more tenderness than before when he had kissed me.

He laid his arm over my stomach and held me. We just laid there for the longest time cuddling. He then sat up, and suggested that we go take a shower and clean off. I sat up, and it hurt, my pussy was so sore. I had to have him help me up, and into the bathroom. It hurt so bad walking and getting into the shower. He helped clean me off, and out of the tub.

He cleaned the tub out and ran some warm water. He was making me bath water to I could just sit back and relax, and let the warm water ease the pain that was between my legs. He got me back in the tub, gave me a kiss on the forehead, and got in behind me.

He was being so good to me that I feel in love with him even more than I was. He tried to make my first time as painless as possible, he took his time with me, and he was so gentle. My friends told me that none of their boyfriends had been gentle with them that they shoved it in and away they went.

We’ve been together now for a year and a half, and are now engaged; we are to be married in 3 months, we have the best sex. Nothing has really changed since the first time; just he’s not a cautious. He’s told me that I’m the best he’s ever received head from. He has suggested to me, that we try some new stuff, like getting kinky. I told him that I was all for it. He asked me to go to an adult store and buy me a toy, but that’s another story, until next time…

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