My First Time!

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My first introduction to the world of ‘Golden Showers’ came at the young age of 23. I am now 50 and have enjoyed many sessions since then. But you never forget your first time. I won’t give her name only say that she was older than I was by more than a few years. I had met her in a bar I liked to go to. She was in there a lot also and we would say hello to each other. As I said, she was a few years older than I was but she didn’t look bad. She was a big woman but not overly fat. I liked talking to her. She had a nice voice and a very sexy laugh. One night I noticed she had been drinking more than usual. When it was time to leave, the bartender who knew us both asked me if I would make sure she got home safe. The streets of New York City are no place for a woman who isn’t totally aware. I put her in my car and drove her the five blocks to her apartment. She invited me upstairs.

This woman had a good job and always dressed nice so it was no surprise that her apartment would be neat and clean. We made small talk for awhile. I noticed that as we talked she kept letting her hand drop onto my leg. I would not have kicked her out of bed but honestly I hadn’t thought of her as a fuck partner. She was just someone I would say hello to. She had a nice set of tits that looked like they wanted to push out of her sweater. At one point her hand brushed against my dick. We had both been drinking and I could smell the liquor on her breath, as I knew she could smell it on mine. I asked her if she had a steady boyfriend who would come by and be upset about my being there? She told me she didn’t have a steady anything.

I joked about her always being in the bar and everyone knowing her. She said they were friends, but nobody she would fuck with. They all had big mouths and would brag about fucking gaziosmanpaşa escort whoever they got. Then she asked me if I liked to brag about the women I fucked. I told her that the women I fucked were my business. She laughed and then she kissed me. I have to admit that by this time I wanted something to happen. I slipped my hand up along her arm and as we kissed I stroked her soft skin. She directed my hand down to her legs. I felt the silky softness of her stockings as my hand slid up and down her thigh. She asked me if I wanted her to take of her pantyhose? By now, my dick was hard. Her hand was squeezing it through my pants. I said yes and she got up and went into her bedroom. She came back out with just a bathrobe on.

We were kissing hot and heavy and my fingers were working in and out of her very wet pussy. She said for me to take my dick out and let her suck it. I couldn’t believe that she wanted to suck me right there on the couch. She had always seemed like such a sophisticated lady. Suddenly, all the liquor I had drunk made me have to piss. I told her I had to go and piss. She laughed and said she had to pee also. Pulling me by the hand, she took me into the bathroom. She sat on the bowl and pulled her bathrobe off. Then she opened her legs wide. She grabbed my dick and aimed it between her legs. When I heard her start to piss, I couldn’t hold back my own. The first squirt splashed on her thigh, but she soon directed it between her legs. Then to my horror, she began to lift my dick up. I tried to stop pissing but couldn’t.

I watched as my piss splashed on her stomach and then on her tits. But my biggest surprise came when she bent her head and sucked the last few drops from the tip of my dick. At first I thought it was just her being gölbaşı escort drunk that made her act like that. But as she sucked my dick she played with her pussy. I couldn’t believe how hard I was. She was making loud sucking sounds with her mouth and moaning all the time while she sucked me. I must say, she was a lot more enthusiastic about sucking my dick than most of the younger women who had done it. Seeing her sitting on the toilet with her mouth working back and forth on my dick had me hotter than anything. Before too long I had the urge to pee again. I told her I had to pee. But she only sucked my dick even harder. She took her mouth off long enough to tell me to go ahead.

You can’t believe how hard it is to piss when your dick is hard? My balls ached I had to piss so badly! But nothing would come out. Then I felt her push her finger in my ass. I guess it distracted me cause I felt the first splash jet from the tip of my dick directly into her mouth. She swallowed about two or three times then pulled her head back. This time she directed the stream up and down her body. I got hot from the nastiness of it. It was splashing on her, on the floor and on me. And yet, it only made me want to fuck her more. Her mouth was open, her eyes were closed and she was rubbing it all over herself. As soon as I stopped pissing she just said, “fuck me”. I fucked her right there on the wet floor. It was the hottest fuck I had known up till that moment.

Later on, after a hot shower, as we lay in her bed, she told me that she had always wanted to do that but had never gotten the nerve to try it. She hoped I didn’t think she was too nasty. I told her that I had been so turned on by it I couldn’t wait to try it again. I chalked it up to two drunken people letting their freak keçiören escort out. But the next day when I called her on the phone her conversation was much different. I could tell she was bothered by something. When I asked her what was wrong, she just said she needed to talk to me about something. I told her I would be by her apartment later that night. When I got there she was in a housecoat. She didn’t kiss me when I tried to kiss her and just told me to sit down on the couch.

She said that the other night she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing. She insisted that it was just something that had gotten out of hand and she hoped I wouldn’t run around telling everyone she liked to be peed on. I told her that anything that I did with a woman was my business only. Then I asked her if she really enjoyed it? I told her that as much as she acted like she did, I really wanted to do it to her again. She looked at me and didn’t say a word. Then she got up and went into the kitchen. She came back and handed me a beer. “This should help.” That was all she said. We talked about it for awhile. Well, long enough for me to have three beers. I confessed to her that every time I thought about what we had done, my dick would get hard. Before long, we were kissing and feeling each other up on the couch.

When I told her I had to pee, she got up from the couch and grabbed my hand. This time she led me into the bathroom, but she got into the tub. She made me stand in the tub with her. I directed my hot stream up and down her body until her housecoat was soaked. I splashed her face, hair and made sure she drank some of it. Then I helped her out of the tub. I made her bend over and pulled up her wet housecoat. I fucked her from behind right there in the bathroom. And this time as I banged away in her cunt, she peed down her legs. I didn’t cum right away. Not until I made her get on her hands and knees. We kept up our pissing relationship for about 10 months. Until she moved south. As I said, I have had many such relationships since then but nothing will compare with my first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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