My First Time Ch. 01

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***This is all fiction and the characters are around 30 years old***

After a long day of work my co-worker and I stripped off in our shared house when he started to rub my bare shoulders and chest making my nipples hard raising my dick.

“Have you ever been with a man?”

I turned around and saw Jake looking up at me I felt his finger rubbing my nipple and caressing my pectorals.

“Do you want to be my first?”

Jake laughed and little and held my lips in his kissing me hard and long. As he kissed me I tried to make up my mind if I liked kissing a man or not, I had kissed women before but kissing a man felt so wrong but in all the right ways! Kissing a man was rougher than kissing a woman and I think that turned me on. When he finally let me breath I pulled him into my room and pushed him on my bed lightly leaning on him. Jake pushed his hand on my chest moaning as I stroked his hard cock. Jake laid on his back his hands gripped the sheets as I slowly ran my mouth over his cock. His dick started to grow when I started to bob my head faster rolling his nuts around in my hands. Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and shoved my mouth down his cock, I felt the head slide to the back of my mouth gagging me! As soon as I choked he let me pull my head up. He kissed me again this time I felt his tongue wind into my mouth finding mine. I felt the tip of his smooth tongue swipe around my mouth licking the inside of my cheeks, flicking my tongue with every pass.

“How about you lay down here?”

Jake lightly pushed me down on my back where he was. I felt his mouth go over my cock making a tingle run through my body. I about went nuts when he started to take my balls in his mouth licking every inch of them. Taking them in his mouth then letting them roll out.

“Oh god yes!”

As he licked my balls I felt his hand stroke my shaft. His hand was pumping me hard his fingernails ran over my dick tingling every part of my body. He stopped and I pulled him up whispering in his ear,

“I want to fuck you now”

Jake laid his body over the bed his ass hanging off his hands pulled his ass-cheeks letting me get a good look of his asshole.

“You have such a cute ass”

He looked back at me his smile was huge his hand went to mine and guided it to his hip. I felt a smooth scar on his hip and bent down kissing it lightly running my tongue against it before he could say anything I kissed his back pushing my cock against his ass he held onto my wrist and shuddered gritting his teeth as I Çankaya Escort kissed his ass playfully. I ran my tongue over his back and neck right on the hot spots making him tense and relax as I passed over his back over and over.

“Stop teasing me”

I laughed a little then slowly slid my cock into his ass. As I slid in his ass I felt him pushing on my dick trying to push me out. He loosened up his tight ass and apologized just loud enough for me to hear him,

“Oh…Shit! Fuck god you’re huge!”

He moaned louder as I started to

move my hips faster my cock sliding in and out of his tight little asshole. I slammed my hips against his ass making him claw at the sheets sending shivers up my spine! It seemed without warning, but I’m sure I moaned, I shot my cum up his ass. His moaning stopped and he shuddered his ass twitched as we stood panting for a while,

“Do you want to be fucked now?”

I nodded and pulled out of his ass. I kept my hand on his hip as I laid on my back my legs spread. I ran my finger over the scar over and over until I memorized each of its grooves,

“What’d you do to your hip?”

He put his hand on mine his fingers holding mine between his,

“Not something for you to know”

Jake being mysterious turned me on! And he must have sensed it; I felt my back leave the sheets when Jake kissed my neck lightly nibbling the area under my ear making me let out my breath holding his head, he touched the tip of his cock to my ass then he pushed his cock down in my ass!


There was a twist of pain and shock then I felt his cock all the way in my ass! Jake moaned as he slid into me. I felt a moan escape my lips as he started to pump his hips faster ramming my ass with all 10 inches of his thick cock! I heard him yell my name as he continued to ram his cock in me, I heard him yell something then he stopped ramming me. Then, I felt an explosion of hot cum deep in me. He lightly fell on my chest both of us breathing hard. He rested his head in the nape of my neck, my ass twitched squeezing his dick still stuck in my ass! With each breath he took my ass tightened and his dick moved slightly.

“No one will ever know about this right Sam?”

I nodded pushing my nose in his hair my fingernails buried in his back his sweet smell went in my nose as I whispered,

“I promise it’s out little secret!”

He held my head in his hands bringing my lips to his this time his kiss wasn’t rough it was light Keçiören Escort and sweet

“I’ll see you a little later Sam”


Almost a week after our little swing Jake ran up to me

“Hey Sam we have to talk!”

“What’s up?”

Jake pulled me into a separate room where he glared up at me,

“You didn’t tell your parents!?”

“NO! Did you tell yours?”

“NO! Why didn’t you tell yours?!”

“We were on our way to the restaurant I didn’t want them freaked out!”

“I wasn’t going to tell my parents because they would have been freaked too!”

We were standing so close that when I hissed to him his dirty blonde hair moved when I spoke,

“Who says our parents need to know!?”

Just then Jake stood on his toes and kissed me hard! Our teeth hit and his chapped lips scraped my smooth. When he pulled away I stared bewildered at him

“What was that for!?”

“So we can say this is over that our thing is done!”

“We never had a thing!”

I planted a kiss hard on his lips forcing my hand in his hair. At first he was like a plank then I felt his mouth open and kiss me back. Suddenly he stripped my shirt off me. He kissed my chest lightly running his hand down my chest from collar bone to pelvis making me shiver in his hands.

“Once more then we never have to do this again!”

I pulled his shirt off to show his amazingly shaped chest!


We sat in my room kissing naked mumbling hate words as we sucked each other’s cocks. Jake pushed himself on top of me kissing my neck. I felt his tongue run over my neck as he ran down my neck. I kissed his ear then ran my hand down his back grabbing his ass . He grabbed his cock rubbing it around my ass teasing me then he shoved his entire 10 inches inside me forcing a scream out of my mouth. I dug my nails in his back as he slid his cock to the head then roughly shoved it deep back in my ass forcing another scream and a moan out. He started to pump his hips faster shoving all he had into me! I felt his warm breath on my neck as he laid on me his hips sill thrusting hard into my ass. As he pumped my ass I moaned and screamed in a mix of pain a pleasure biting his ear as he moved. Then, Jake moved his hips in a circle motion his hand rubbing my cock,

“O shit I’m cumming!”

He thrust his hips a few more times then I felt pressure deep in my balls then I shot my cum covering Jake’s hand.

He screamed loud and shot his load in my ass Etimesgut Escort making me moan loud! As we laid on the bed he sucked his fingers clean of my cum. I was turned on as he licked his fingers making moaning sounds as he ran his mouth over his fingers. I kissed his neck, my fingernails dragging along his back running down until I could shove a finger in his warm ass, I slipped another finger in his ass, his ass was looser but still resisting my fingers sliding in him, slowly starting to push them in and out making him close his eyes and moan,

“Keep going that feels so fucking good!”

As he moaned louder I shoved a third finger deep inside him! He screamed out in pleasure his eyes were shut tight as his mouth opened to let out a really loud moan. He buried his face in my chest while I started to slam my fingers deep in his ass, his breath sending tingles through my nipples, as I started to finger fuck him until he begged,

“Please stick your cock in me!”

I kissed his chest lightly my teeth biting his nipple lightly then rubbing his balls in my hands enjoying watching him become horny and not being able to please himself. Jake laid at the edge of the bed holding his legs up so I could enter him hard! He whispered to me his eyes full of begging tears. He whined to me his mouth barely moving,

“Please go slow! You have such a big dick!”

I pinched his nipple forcing him to convulse and moan. With one swift thrust I shoved my 11 inch cock inside his ass! He moaned and screamed my name as I pumped my hips faster with each thrust my balls hit his ass turning me on. I started to pant as he started to rub his cock furiously,

“Don’t cum until I tell you!”

He moaned and stopped touching himself throwing his hand back onto the bed, I took the opportunity to take his cock in my hand and stroke him faster, his eyes closed again as he bit his lip. I licked his lips and continued to ram him in his tight ass.

“Please can I cum?”

He begged me screaming as I started to push in him harder inside him until he couldn’t take it! I saw his mouth open as he let out a scream mixed with a whine. I said through clenched teeth as I slammed him,

“Beg me!”

He yelled his cock becoming even harder in my hand as I pumped him, I felt his dick throb in my hand his balls hitting my wrist.

“Please! Please I beg you let me cum!”

I felt my own load starting to come as I shouted over his moans and the sound of my hips hitting his ass,

“Go on cum! Cum all over my damn hand!”

He threw his head back and moaned as I shot my cum in his tight ass. He tightened his hole around my cock forcing a little more cum out of me. I laid down next to Jake tasting his sweet cum all over my hand. I kissed him passionately flicking my tongue on his then I murmured to him

“We have to tell our parents this time!”

~to be continued~

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