My First Time: Cruising the Beach

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Big Tits

I always knew I liked cock, but growing up, I felt shameful at how much gay porn turned me on. By the time I had turned 28, I had finally come to terms with being bi. Though I had had many female partners and a handful of girlfriends over the years, I had yet to explore my bisexuality outside of pornography.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the middle of June when I had decided to change that. I lived by a well-known nude beach famous for it’s cruising. Nearly 3 miles of beautiful trails linked numerous beaches together. I had frequented the beach many times over the years. I had always been told never to stray onto the side trails, lest I might happen upon men cruising in the woods.

I parked near the trail head leading down to the beach. My heart was already pounding as I got out of my car. I had only gone fully nude there a couple of times prior, but I always struggled to keep from getting an erection. Filled with the knowledge that I would soon try and suck my first cock; this time was no different and I opted to keep my bathing suit on for the time being to contain myself.

The beach was accessible by several long sets of stairs that led down to the trails. I set off descending, struggling to keep my excitement and fear in check; I wasn’t sure which emotion was which at this point. I arrived at the bottom of the staircase. The main beach lay off to the right. It was packed that day on account of the beautiful weather. I looked out on a sea of naked people frolicking and relaxing among one another.

I looked left to the trail that led away from the main beach. I thought about backing out. I could just walk out onto the main beach and sit in the sun. I had almost lost the will when a throb in my bathing suit reminded me of how badly I had wanted this for so long now. I steeled myself and started walking along the trail back into the woods.

The further I walked, the fewer and fewer women I saw. Before long, there were only guys, each one eying me up as I walked by. I skipped by several of the busier beaches and came to a small one that sounded quieter and walked out into the open.

Four older men sat talking quietly nearby. They glanced over to me, the closest of them smiling at me before waving me to come closer. My heart felt like it skipped a beat. I walked over slowly, struggling to keep my erection from poking out of the band Bostancı Escort of my bathing suit where I had stuffed it to keep it from showing. All of them looked to be in their mid fifties. They were fully naked, sitting with their legs wide. The one closest to me smiled as I approached.

“How are you today?” he said.

“Fine,” I replied, my voice cracking a bit.

“You should lose the suit,” he said chuckling “Young, fit guy like you should be tanning,” he winked.

My heart was pounding as the four of them looked up at me. I thought about laughing it off and walking away, taking the left back to the main beach and walking up the stairs to my car. I froze, thinking of every excuse I could to exit the situation gracefully. But my cock wanted out. It needed out.

I stepped back, untied my bathing suit, and slowly started slipping it down. My cock bounced as it flopped out. I stood there, surprised at myself, as the four older men stared unabashedly at my 6.5-inch, circumcised erection.

“What’s your name?” asked the man closest to me.

“David,” I said.

“I’m Henry. It’s nice to meet you.” The other three went back to talking amongst themselves. “What brings you down here today David.”

It took me a second to find my words. “I came to cruise,” I fumbled out clumsily.

Henry chuckled “Oh?” He extended out his right hand towards my cock, pausing when he came close, “Well then may I?”

I was outside of my body as I stepped closer. I nodded meekly. Henry smiled at me as his hand began fondling my balls. I couldn’t believe it. I had never been touched like this by another man.

My fear began turning to excitement as I watched Henry’s cock grow. He was big. Certainly, bigger than me, and his cock was already swollen from the cock ring he was wearing. I watched, mesmerized as his foreskin slowly peeled away from his wet glans as it grew. I wanted his cock in my mouth badly. I wanted to taste Henry’s cum.

I reached down after a nod of approval from Henry, gently touched his tip and played with his foreskin. I was touching another man’s cock for the first time. My heart still pounded. The other three casually toyed with their cocks as they watched us, still talking amongst themselves.

We played around like this for a minute before Henry joked “So what do you want to Ümraniye Escort do?”

“Uhhh,” I stumbled. I couldn’t get the words out.

“You want to suck me?” Henry helped me out, sensing my desire to submit.

“Yes,” I said quietly, almost embarrassed that the other guys would hear me.

“Go one beach down. There are some bushes that are quiet, with some logs that you can sit on. Wait for me, I’ll be there shortly.”

I found the spot a short while later. I set my backpack down behind one of the logs and sat. I began stroking my cock as I waited what felt like an eternity. The sun was beating down on me hard as sweat dripped down my skinny pale frame. My heart leapt several times as guys walked by, poking their head into the bushes to watch me stroke. One even approached me, a young guy in his early twenties. He walked over and touched the tip of my dick.

“Want me to suck you?” he asked, as he gently toyed with me.

“I’m waiting on somebody,” I replied.

“Okay.” He smiled and left, leaving me alone once again.

Finally, when I was sure I couldn’t wait another second, Henry rounded the corner. He was taller than I thought, towering over myself at 5’9″, and fit for a guy his age, but with just enough dad bod to make my cock throb. As he approached, Henry laid a folded towel down on the ground.

“You should always bring one,” he winked at me. “For next time.”

My legs were weak as I stood up from the log and slowly walked over to him. I could barely carry myself forward towards his hard and swollen cock. I dropped to my knees at his feet. I wanted his cock in my mouth so badly. I looked up at Henry and opened my mouth longingly.

Henry moved towards me and rested his cock on my face. I could feel its weight. I brought my hands up to touch it, but he shook his head.

“Be patient,” he winked.

I kept my mouth open as he teased me, rubbing his cock over my face. I could feel the wetness of his precum on my skin. He cupped his balls and placed them on the bridge of my nose. The smell of his must filled me and overwhelmed my senses. The scent of his cock was driving me wild. I licked his balls as they covered my face. He tasted salty and manly. I needed his cock now.

Henry pulled back, taking hold of my chin as if holding my mouth open.

“You want this?” Anadolu Yakası Escort he asked, slapping his heavy cock on my tongue.

“Pleaseee,” I moaned.

Henry smiled as he finally put his cock in my mouth. All remnants of my fear and apprehension washed away as my senses were overwhelmed with the new sensation. My tongue circled his big cock head under his foreskin as I probed and played. I had always been jealous of uncut men and had long desired to feel and play with another man’s foreskin.

I was in disbelief that this was finally happening. The feeling of another man’s cock in my mouth was even better than I had imagined. His cock leaked precum as I tasted the tip. Memories of tasting my own precum flooded me as I enjoyed the similar, yet so different taste. It tasted so hot.

Sensing it was time to get to work, I began taking Henry’s cock deeper in my mouth. I went deeper and deeper, sucking his cock like I wished every girl I’d been with had sucked mine. His glans touched the back of my throat. I fought with my gag reflex, wanting every inch of him.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Henry moaned in encouragement. “You like Daddy’s cock David?”

“I love your cock Daddy!” I exclaimed, surprised at myself.

“Stroke your cock like a good boy.”

I did what I was told. My cock absolutely throbbed as I rubbed it. I moaned softly as I lost myself in what I was doing.

As I continued, Henry began to tremble. His voice grew quieter as he spoke words of encouragement.

“Good boy, you’re such a good boy for Daddy. Suck Daddy’s cock just like that baby.”

I could sense we were reaching the end. Henry pulled his cock away from my mouth as he reached down to hold my chin.

“Show Daddy your tongue.”

I stuck my tongue out as I was told, looking up at him longingly with my mouth open.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“I want to swallow your cum.” I whispered.

I was so close to cumming, edging with excitement as Henry began stroking himself, still holding onto my chin. He tilted my head up and placed his glans on the tip of my tongue. I could feel his cock begin to contract and pulse.

Henry let out a moan as he came. He covered my tongue and shot into the back of my throat. I can’t really describe the flavor, only that I loved tasting him. I swallowed happily as he squeezed more cum out onto his fingers. I opened as he stuck them in my mouth, feeding me the last drop.

“Are you going to cum too?”

I didn’t have to answer him. I moaned as I came on the ground between his feet.

I left the beach that day knowing I would be back. And I was, weekend after weekend for every summer I lived near there.

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