My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 25

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Okay, I know I have not written for a long time. I have been very busy. I have graduated from college, and am a science teacher at a High School. I coach cheer and track and have a great life.

Lyndsey and I broke up a while ago, but we had a few interesting nights since. I dated a girl named Nikki after her (No not the same Nikki from earlier in my stories), and I really liked her a lot, but it just wasn’t meant to be I guess. She is actually dating Jessica now, who broke up with Denise about the same time Nikki and I broke up. Convenient! My mom and Candice aren’t really seeing each other right now. Anyone who knows them can guess they will end up back together again. Ha! So that is all history. I am still living with my mom, and yes we still get together some, but things had really settled down until just recently. In other words my life had been pretty boring and not much to write about.

But the last 8 months have been very exciting so, I don’t know, after reading many comments I thought I would share my experiences again. Before it was just about me making sense of my life, but this time it’s more for all of you who have obviously found my life to be so interesting. I hope this doesn’t disappoint.

So to let you know, I stripped again for the couple. They really wanted me to do it again, and I had enjoyed it so much the first time that I couldn’t say no. They actually asked if it would just be me this time and I agreed, though I had mom up stairs the whole time just in case.

Their names were Amanda and Stephanie, in case I didn’t mention it before and they had been hanging out a lot more often with my mom over the past couple years and it was becoming more difficult to keep it a secret that Patty was my mom. Still we kept the secret well.

This time when I danced for them they were much more hands on with me, and I could tell right away that they were wanting more than a show. Stephanie was the first to touch me, but it was Mandy who was the most aggressive, and soon she had me on my back with her tongue licking my nipples. I actually felt a little out of control, the complete opposite of the last time, where I had felt so powerful, but at the same time I really loved being dominated so I just went with it.

At that point it was just sex. We had an amazing threesome and they were actually pretty gentle with me. I really loved watching them interact and seeing Stephanie’s face as she watched Mandy orgasm by my tongue. They kissed so passionately afterwards and it made me feel really happy.

Interestingly this time afterwards they didn’t leave right away. The three of us talked for a long time, and I somewhat opened up to them. They were asking me a lot of questions though that I really didn’t want to answer, but I did admit to them that I had just recently been hired on as a teacher. That’s when I got a real shocker. Mandy was a secretary at the school where I had just been hired. That scared the hell out of me, but I tried not to show it. For one I didn’t want anyone there to know I was a lesbian, but also I didn’t want her to find out much about me as it might lead to her finding out that Patty is my mom. I sort of laughed it off as a strange coincidence, but I was super nervous now.

Then Mandy surprised me again and asked me if I had ever stripped for a large group. I smiled really big and said that they were my only customers. They actually didn’t believe me at first, maybe because my smile had looked so devious, but I admitted that others had asked me, and also that I had fantasies about stripping in front of a large group. They pressed me for more details, and I told them the entire story about Kayla’s mom, which they were a little shocked about, but mostly turned on by the story.

Mandy joked that I could have had them both, and I don’t know why I pressed the matter, but I asked them if they were into the mom and daughter thing. Mandy immediately smiled and looked at Stephanie. Stephanie answered first though, “Personally, I am not, no. That sort of thing has never interested me, but Mandy . . .”

Mandy smiled again and said, “Yea, if they are both attractive and old enough and motivated,” and she laughed really loud and seemed embarrassed. “Are you?” she asked me.

I wasn’t sure how I should answer her, but I guess my face gave it away, because Mandy turned to Stephanie and said, “See she thinks it’s hot too, so maybe I am not such a freak after all.”

Steph said, “No she is, trust me.” And we all laughed.

I made sure to tell Mandy not to tell anyone at school about me being a lesbian and that maybe it was just best if we pretended to have just met, and she agreed. That made me feel a little better, but not a lot.

That afternoon I told my mom everything and asked her why she didn’t mention that Mandy worked at my school. Mom said she thought Mandy had worked at the middle school and not the high school, and that it wouldn’t be a big deal, but now she was concerned too. We both talked about it for some time and decided not to worry unless Mandy bağdat caddesi escort caught on. My mom seemed like she was not concerned so that made me feel safer, plus my mom said, “And you said so yourself she is into it, so maybe we have nothing to worry about.” (To be fair my mom had been half right, Mandy had used to work at the middle school.)

I hoped she was right.

Okay so honestly I did not have a very wild summer. Mom and I made love regularly, but not nightly and she even had a date with another woman a few times. I on the other hand dated no one. I was trying to start over I guess, though I was tempted one night with Jessica and Nikki, and a threesome could have happened I think, though I decided it was best it didn’t.

School started then and I was so busy writing plans and preparing for class and grading papers and just learning what all I needed to do that I didn’t have a chance to even think about dating. That said I did make some great friends in my department and also since our Science office was near the English office I was making friends with several of them as well.

Now I rarely saw Mandy as she was in the Dean’s office, and I actually had pretty good kids and didn’t have a reason to go there often, but after a week or so at school, I saw Mandy in the hall and she said, “We need to talk.”

So I told her I would come down during lunch or id she wanted after school, and she said after school would be better. I was nervous as hell. When the day was over, I sort of cleaned up after class and then talked to a couple people. I think I was afraid to go down to the office. When I finally got down there she already had her bag and looked like she was ready to leave. I walked with her to the parking lot. She was super quiet and just was asking me how my day had gone and how I liked it here and stuff and then when we were finally outside and near her car she sprang it on me. She asked me, “So I didn’t know your last name until yesterday.”

There it was. I just froze there. I had no clue what to say. Luckily she talked again, “Is she your aunt or something or what is going on here?”

“I’d really rather not talk about it,” I said scared to death. I didn’t want to admit to anything or lie for that matter.

She started to move toward me, I think maybe to comfort me, but then she didn’t probably because we were still at the school. “Do you want to go someplace where we can be alone?”

I thought about that, but then I just told her we could talk again some other time and that I was busy now. She gave me a comforting look crossed with a mixture of concern and intrigue. I don’t know what she was thinking, but I know I wanted to talk to mom first before I said anything else.

I drove home right away and didn’t even bring my school work home. Then I had to wait for another forty-five minutes before my mom even got home. I met her at the door and she could tell right away that I was upset. She put her arms around me immediately and I felt better and she said, “What’s wrong honey?”

I told her what happened and she at first just froze in place and looked stunned, but then soon she was comforting me again and rubbing my back. “Don’t worry,” she said, “We’ll figure this out.”

We talked about it for a while, but the problem was she couldn’t be my aunt. My mom only had a sister and of course she had a different last name. We thought about just saying it was a coincidence, but then we thought cousin sounded more realistic, though still sort of dirty. We didn’t think Mandy would care so much though and Mom felt strongly that she would keep our secret anyway. So I called Mandy up and asked her if she could meet me at Patty’s house, and I would talk to her tonight. She of course lived with Stephanie, and I told her I didn’t want her to know. Especially as Steph had not liked the idea of incest at all, and plus Stephanie just scared me even more so than Mandy did.

Mandy must have found an excuse because she was over within a half an hour. Patty met her at the door and again I couldn’t tell exactly what Mandy was thinking, but she didn’t seem upset and that was good. But then as soon as Mandy looked at me her face lit up and then she shocked me by saying, “Oh my, gosh, she’s your mother. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.”

I was speechless. She knew, holy shit, she knew.

My mom said, “It’s not what you think.”

But it was, it was exactly what she was thinking. Part of me wanted to just shout out, YES, and she’s my mom and we are lovers, and then of course there was this huge blanket of fear that swept over me and told me to just run and hide. I just let my mom take over.

Mandy looked back at my mom, and smiled, “Holy shit, Patty, you fucked your own daughter while we watched.”

My mom looked baffled, “It’s not like that,” Patty said, but her face was red and she looked almost ill. It was obvious.

“This is like something out of a porn movie,” Mandy said. That’s when I noticed that she bahçelievler escort was not at all disgusted by it. She was smiling. She liked it.

“It was just that one time,” I lied.

“Lucy,” my mom said under her breath, but it was too late.

“I wanted her there for safety and she just wanted you two to be happy, I’m not sure what happened, but it’s never happened since.”

Mandy was just looking back and forth between us. I’m not sure if she believed me or not. Maybe she was trying to read my mom’s face, which didn’t look too good.

I decided to take a chance and I moved in close to Mandy. At that moment I could see lust in her eyes as my body got very close to hers and so I went for the kiss. She was like putty in my hands. I thought she would collapse after the kiss was over and so I went one step further. “You could have us both at the same time,” I said and she began to kiss me again. I glanced over at my mom while kissing her and my mom was staring at us shocked. I actually started smiling while I was kissing Mandy and it made for an awkward kiss.

In my mind I figured this was the best plan. If she got involved with the two of us then she probably would never tell anyone. I worried about her telling Stephanie, but then again would Stephanie be angry with her for cheating on her behind her back. I hoped that would be the case and this could be our little secret. I pressed it further and began to rub her chest from outside her shirt. I loved feeling her nipples through the fabric, but she pulled back suddenly and for a second I was afraid, but then she started taking off her clothes. So I did the same and I looked at mom and nodded at her hoping she would also. She gave me this look that only my mom can, and I knew how worried she was, but I smiled at her and winked and that was all it took.

The three of us were in mom’s bed before long and for quite a while it was mom and I focusing on Mandy, but after a bit Mandy asked me to touch mom’s boob. I did more than that, I sucked her nipples and kissed her while Mandy fingered both of us. It was so sexy. I would occasionally look down at Mandy and she was so filled with lust I think she would have done anything we asked her to do. Before the end of the night she nearly did, ha. But she couldn’t stay forever and when it was time to go there was this awkward moment at the door.

When I kissed her good night I asked, “Will you keep our secret?” She responded immediately that she would, and I followed that up with, “Even from Stephanie?”

That was the first time she had looked worried the entire night. “Believe me she will never find out,” Mandy said, “and from neither of us I hope.” That was a relief. Mom felt it too because she moved in to kiss Stephanie once more and thanked her.

“I hope we can do this again sometime,” Mandy said. And mom and I both said, “Definitely,” at the same time. It was so cute.

Meanwhile back to my individual love life, which at that time was non-existent really. When the school year had first begun there was this math teacher, who was new that year as well and she was at both my orientation meetings, so we quickly became friends. Her name was Emily. She was fresh out of college too, very cute blonde with a sexy body. I instantly found her attractive and was hoping for the best, but she talked about guys non-stop so I knew that was going to go nowhere fast. Still we became pretty good friends right away. It was great to have a friend at work even though we didn’t get to see each other much at school. We would always hang out before and after if we had time.

But about a month into school I met someone else, a Spanish teacher named Hayley, who was just a year older than me. I’m going to skip to the chase right away. She was gorgeous. The first time she walked in the copy room I think my mouth opened up and hit the floor. She didn’t say a word to me, until I spoke and then I made a fool of myself and asked if she was a student teacher. She sort of laughed it off, but still I felt dumb. We had sort of an introduction to one another, but she seemed rushed, busy, and very stand-offish. Still I was so attracted to her that I started finding excuses to go near her office just to see if she was in there so I could see what she was wearing that day. OMG she was so cute every day. I loved her clothes and even more how she looked in them. Still I hardly spoke to her at all.

I’ll be honest I actually felt like a little kid again, having a crush on someone and not having the guts to do anything about it. What could I do though? I didn’t want anyone to find out I was a lesbian and asking her if she was one was likewise out of the question. Still as time went by we became more friendly and she even would occasionally run into me after school and we would talk in my room or hers, usually until Emily came around, which I got the feeling Hayley was annoyed by.

But it wasn’t until I ran into Mandy one day coming out of work that changed my whole perspective. I bahçeşehir escort just happened to mention Hayley’s name and Mandy asked me, “Oh are you two an item?”

And I was like, “Yea right.”

“Oh now, I haven’t got any proof, Lucy, but I have never heard of any news of a boyfriend from little Miss Hayley.”

I smiled really big and Mandy winked at me. Then Mandy moved in close. “Stephanie is away this weekend.”

She didn’t say anything else. She didn’t have to, and I said, “Friday night or Saturday?”

“Both if it’s okay,” Mandy said and she almost sounded as if she were pleading.

Suddenly I was super horny. “I wish you and I didn’t have to wait until then.”

Mandy’s face became suddenly very serious. “Where would we go?”

“Do you want to come back to my house right now, or do you want to find someplace here?” I asked looking back at the school.

She smiled, “Here sounds so exciting, but we should probably be smart.”

I agreed with her on both counts, and when the two of us had sex at home several minutes later we joked about doing it at school and the joke led to a very exciting fantasy. There were several teachers that Mandy found attractive, most of them much older than me, though not all of them, and I also got into the fantasy of them walking in on us and joining or whatever. We were actually done pretty quickly as she wanted to get home to Stephanie before she suspected anything. But as she was leaving she pointed out that she knew that one of the older English teachers, named Leanne, who she had been out drinking with on more than one occasion, had always talked about how wild she was at college. “I bet she would be up for anything,” Mandy said looking devilish. “She’s divorced too, and I guess she was the cause if you know what I mean.”

I knew exactly what she meant. I just wasn’t sure I wanted anyone else at work to know about me, let alone know about Mandy and I, and quite possibly my mom if things got too wild. “Let’s just stick with fantasies for now,” I said. “I’ll see you this weekend.”

Mandy kissed me and then opened the door, and before I could close it she said, “Unless we do something at school before then.” We both laughed and waved and as I shut the door behind me I had the feeling that before long it would happen.

I told my mom all about Mandy and I when she got home. My mom loved hearing about the fantasies, and she agreed that getting involved with Leanne was probably not a good idea. I sort of left out everything about Hayley. In fact I had never talked to my mom about Hayley other than the first day I had met her and I wondered why I was keeping that a secret.

I was super quiet that night and thinking a great deal about Hayley. The more I thought about it the more I wondered if she might be a lesbian. Maybe she had been jealous all this time of Emily and that’s why she behaved that way and maybe she was feeling nervous around me for a while and that is why she was so stand-offish, or maybe I was just being dumb.

That night when mom made love to me I pictured it being Hayley, well up until mom started pounding the hell out of me with the strap-on, ha. Then I just looked up into my mom’s face and thought only of her. I loved when she would lean down to kiss me and her breasts would press into mine. I love her body so much, it is just perfect and I love how she knows exactly what I like. I started thinking about having Mandy watch mom fuck me that weekend when she came over and that made me so horny. I wanted more women to watch us. I pictured a room full of women all watching us as I laid on this bed with my legs above my head and my mother thrusting this dildo deep into me. I wanted them to all know it was my mom fucking me, and I wanted them all to except it, and be happy for me. As if my mom could read my mind she said, “I love you,” right then and I grabbed her and started kissing her so passionately. That made mom go crazy and next thing I knew I was on all fours and mom was yanking my hair while she fucked me even harder than she had been before. She then cupped my breasts and started thrusting slower, but still just as hard and asking me if I wanted to watch her do this to Mandy this weekend. I said yes, because I knew she wanted me to, but really I just wanted mom to fuck me while Mandy watched. I was sure both would happen.

The next day at school I was sort of a mess. I found myself staring at any cleavage I saw and all I could think about was spending time with mom and Mandy. When I saw Mandy I wanted to talk about it so badly, but there was always someone around. Still I smiled at her and she winked at me and I loved the secret we shared. That day Emily asked me if I was interested in going out that Friday with a bunch of the faculty when school got out. I was immediately crushed. Of course I would have loved to, but Mandy would be coming over and that was much more exciting to me. Still I was disappointed. I told her I already had plans, but I’d let her know if something changed. She was like, “Well you can just stop by for a bit and then do whatever later.” I told her that was definitely a possibility. The part that really sucked was when I ran into Hayley and she asked me if I was going. I answered yes, without even thinking. The thought of being with her outside of school was so exciting to me. Now I had to make it work.

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