My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 29

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Okay so my second year of teaching has started and I have a girlfriend. That’s right I made a decision and I asked her and she said yes. Only one problem, I chose Kristen and she lives across the state finishing her last year of college. So yea, I don’t get to see her very often. Luckily she doesn’t mind too much if I have sex with her mom and mine. So that has been my life basically. So I hadn’t been down to visit her yet, but she came home a couple weeks after being at school. I know Kristen is very busy with her sorority and as it is her senior year she will continue to be very active. We’ve accepted this and we know we will get through it.

As for Hayley, we are friends and though I still occasionally have funny feelings around her, I haven’t made any moves at all nor do I plan to. It certainly wouldn’t be fair to her as I definitely have strong feelings for Kristen.

So anyway back to Kristen. So she obviously had to spend time at home with her mom and dad before coming to see me. I know this is always going to be difficult as we will never be able to tell her dad about us, but at least Kristen and I don’t have any secrets with one another. So Saturday we all planned a shopping trip together, but as soon as Kristen walked in the door I was all over her. She was just as eager, but what I hadn’t really thought about was how her mom and her must have been feeling, because as soon as we stopped kissing she turned right to Aunt Jill and started making out with her. My mom and I just watched, smiling. I honestly think there was just as much passion between them as there was between us. I guess they hadn’t done a thing at home together and now they had their chance.

Soon Kristen was lifting up Jill’s shirt and that’s when my mom started rubbing my ass. I turned to her and she kissed me. It was a nice sexy kiss and when she pulled back she took me by the hand and said more to them then to me, “I think we all need a little mother daughter time.”

It killed me to walk away from Kristen, but mom was right. They looked like they were more than happy to be alone. So mom and I walked up stairs, but Kristen and Jill stayed downstairs. I heard them moving into the living room so I snuck a peak over the railing and saw Kristen sucking Jill’s boobs as they slowly walked toward the couch. It was so sexy and I whispered to mom, “Can we watch them for a bit?”

She nodded her head. Honestly we didn’t need any mother daughter time, I sleep with my mom every night and we have sex anywhere from once to seven times a week, ha.

Watching Kristen and Jill together is so wonderful. I mean sure they are both beautiful and have just amazing bodies and there is so much passion, but that really isn’t what does it for me. It’s because it’s like watching mom and I. That’s why I loved watching Denise and Lyndsey together, but this was even better.

So after a while Jill started to undress Kristen and they were both naked and lying on top of one another just kissing for the longest time. They were talking really quietly to one another, and I wish I could have heard so I could write it here, but whatever it was they were both smiling whenever I’d see their faces. Speaking of that soon Jill’s face was buried between Kristen’s legs and it didn’t take long before they switched places. I loved watching Kristen cum. Her face was so sexy, though Jill covered her face with a pillow. When Jill orgasmed her body shook and my mom whispered, “Look at her boobs jiggling.” I smiled at my mom even though she never took her eyes off of Jill. My mom was so into her sister. I loved that she was, because I think if mom and Jill hadn’t messed around together as kids then mom and I would never have been.

Well they didn’t waste any time coming up to see us when they were done, so mom and I raced to the bedroom getting undressed along the way so they would think we had been doing our own thing. When they came in, Kristen almost ran to me or skipped it was so cute and while I was kissing her I peeked at our mom’s and they were doing the same.

I was so happy right then. Just everything seemed so perfect at that moment. I mean I wish the four of us could move away together, but at that moment it was just about the now, and I was so happy. I loved holding Kristen and as we kissed on the bed, I felt our mom’s lying next to us. I reached over and squeezed Aunt Jill’s boob and then my mom’s and one of them sucked my fingers, I’m not really even sure who it was as I was so into Kristen. But after kissing for the longest time, I turned to my mom and said, “We need to get some toys out.”

My mom loves toys and loves being in control so she was quick to jump out of bed. Kristen and I both rode on top of our mom’s as they wore strap-ons. We sort of did it facing one another with our mom’s heads at different ends of the bed. I reached down and rubbed my mom’s boobs a lot as I fucked myself on her dildo, and I also reached over and kissed Kristen some. When I was getting close to cumming, I leaned back while my mom rubbed my boobs, Kristen leaned over and started sucking one of my nipples. Then Kristen Escort bayan just barely touched my clit and I orgasmed. I fell forward on my mom and started kissing her, but Kristen slid off her mom and next thing I knew her butt was in my face as she lowered her pussy to my mom’s mouth. I sort of lightly bit at Kristen’s butt, just being playful, and I thought about licking her asshole, but I figured I’d let my mom do that later if she wanted to. Then to my surprise I felt Aunt Jill’s dildo pushing against my asshole. I was nervous as this was not a smaller dildo, but after a while she got it in and I enjoyed it. She wasn’t rough like my mom and soon I was moaning so loudly.

I was doing all the moving, sliding up and down on my mom’s dildo and on Jill’s at the same time. I felt so relaxed, so content, and soon Jill’s hands were squeezing my breasts. I loved staring at Kristen’s ass and I kept licking and kissing her butt cheeks. But then when my mom put her hands around Kristen and started to touch my breasts at the same time that Jill was grabbing them it made me so horny. I started fucking myself a little harder and of course I got a little louder. I leaned up a bit and saw that Kristen was looking around behind her at me. That turned me on even more and I started talking dirty. I don’t know what all I said, but whatever it was it made Kristen cum. She fell forward afterwards and that freed my mom up to start sucking my nipples. I needed to be fucked hard and what was happening now wasn’t enough for me.

I tried bouncing up and down, but all it did was pull Jill’s dildo out of me. I didn’t care for a moment, but I finally looked my mom square in the eye and I said, “I need you to fuck me hard.”

That was all it took, my mom took charge of me. I was on my back and had my legs over my head and mom was doing her best to pound the hell out of me. Thing was, I loved it. The harder she fucked me and the more scared I became that she might hurt me, the hornier I became. I kept yelling, “Fuck me, fuck me,” over and over again and that’s exactly what my mom did.

Just for a moment I forgot that Jill and Kristen were even there. I loved watching my mom’s huge breasts shaking in front of my face, and the look she was giving me was bringing me over the edge. Then Jill started twisting my nipples and she surprised me and said, “Oh patty, you have to do this to Kristen next.”

I was actually a little concerned for her. I was used to being fucked this hard, I wasn’t sure Kristen could take it. I looked at Kristen and she was just staring at my mom. Kristen had her hands on her own breasts and she was rubbing her palms over her nipples and making a funny face like she was dreaming of sucking my mom’s boobs. At least that’s what I imagined she was thinking. I started to spasm a lot, my legs shaking and I actually got a cramp in my leg. Oh my, gosh it was painful. I tried to straighten it and I finally just told mom to stop for a second. I really didn’t want it to end, but as soon as she was out of me, she was laying Kristen on her back and putting her legs back.

I watched my mom slowly enter her with Kristen staring into my mom’s eyes. I felt Jill squeezing my boobs, but I just kept looking at Kristen. My mom kissed her while she began to go faster, but soon she was pulling on Kristen’s shoulders and fucking her nearly as hard as she had fucked me. Kristen loved it, and she kept saying, “Thank you, Patty, thank you. Oh my, gosh, I love this,” and things like that.

My mom ended up fucking Jill next and though Kristen and I both watched we actually didn’t even touch one another. I did lean down and suck Jill’s nipple for a second though and kissed her.

We all took a nap before we went shopping. We shopped for hours and it was a lot of fun. We rarely did anything naughty, though I did make out with Kristen in a changing room and I did grab my Aunt’s ass once in the back of a store just for the fun of it. We had lunch out and dinner too, and when we got back to mom’s we all just sat around half asleep watching TV.

Kristen and I were snuggling on the couch and my mom and Jill shared the other couch. My mom was practically on Jill’s lap and Jill kept rubbing my mom’s boobs.

I sort of got sad right then. I could tell Jill and my mom were so happy together. Like I had been earlier in the day, and I looked at Kristen and though she made me want to smile, again I felt sad. I knew this was what we had. We could show our love here in this house, but never anywhere where someone could see us. Certainly never at her home, and Jill was in the same situation I was, plus she was married. I don’t know, I just felt happy and sad at the same time.

I said, “I love you all,” and pathetically I teared up. Kristen said it back and she kissed me and I heard Jill and mom say it too. I probably should have stopped there, but I said, “I wish this could be forever.” I looked at Kristen and said, “I wish you and Aunt Jill never had to leave.”

I think that made Jill feel bad, I don’t know what she was thinking, but she teared up too, and that made Bayan escort Kristen’s eyes get wet. I sort of shut up then and I don’t know if I killed the mood, but none of us had sex that night. We did all sleep together and it was nice, but no sex.

The next morning Jill pulled me aside and we had a talk. She told me that she hadn’t had sex with her husband in a month and that she wasn’t even missing it. Thing was she did care for him and also Kristen loved her father and she didn’t see their marriage ending. I would have loved to say, “why not, you love mom, move in with us,” but instead I said, “I never meant that Aunt Jill, I would never want to ruin your family.”

It sounded dumb as soon as I said it, but she gave me a big hug and said, “I love you just as much as Patty. Do you know that?”

I just smiled and we kissed. I mean we really kissed. It was so incredibly hot. I pictured us at that wedding trying to find a place to have sex. I started squeezing her boobs and she grabbed my ass.

When I could catch a breathe I said, “I just love this.”

“I do too,” she said sort of panting. We had seriously made out for a while.

“I’m sorry how I feel,” I started and she sort of kissed me and interrupted me, but when we stopped I finished my thought, “but I just love the four of us. I love that mom and I have what we have and that Kristen and you share that same thing. And I love your daughter. She is so amazing and I just love every second with her and I don’t mean just in bed.”

“I know you do,” she said and she looked very serious.

“I also know that Kristen and I are never going to be able to have a real relationship unless we move away.” When I said that Jill looked away from me. So I kept going it was actually easier to say without her staring at me. “Thing is I don’t want to leave you two. I don’t know what to do.”

She sort of nodded for a while and then she said, “Well sometimes things just work themselves out. We don’t know where Kristen will have to move to find a job after college. Maybe you two could live together, hopefully not too far so Patty and I can come and visit often.”

That sounded nice. I started kissing her again. I told myself then that I wasn’t going to keep being a downer for the rest of the weekend.

That afternoon we all made love again. It was like the first time. Mostly mom’s with daughters at first and then all of us together again. This time though we were all in the same room the entire time. I loved making love to my mom and looking over and seeing Kristen watching me, or peaking over the top of my mom’s boobs as I sucked them to see Aunt Jill cumming while Kristen licked her clit. My favorite part though was when Kristen and I were grinding on top of one another. I actually made myself cum first but I could tell she was close so I just kept rubbing my leg against her clit until she did and then both our mom’s moved in at the same time and started kissing us. They must have been watching and planned it, but it just seemed so special. Then they kissed each other and seemed to forget about us and I looked at Kristen and said, “I love you.”

She said it back, and I knew she meant it. We were just so much alike. I was going to make this work no matter what.

So time passes.

Kristen and I were talking a lot and texting even more, but I was missing her so much. I couldn’t wait for her to come back for a weekend. Aunt Jill had dropped by a couple of times, once the three of us had sex, and once it was just Jill and I. Kristen couldn’t come back the next weekend or even the one after that due to sorority stuff, and she was busy to the point that me going down there would have been pointless too. The two of us did have internet sex once, but just not as fun as the real thing, but when we did we had this crazy fantasy that we were doing an orgy. Afterwards we talked about it. And Kristen seemed like she might actually want to try it. I was sort of nervous about it at first. How many times had I fallen for someone and then started this whole crazy group sex thing only to lose that person. But then I realized that if this relationship was real and she did feel like me, then this would only be a fun experience for her and I would know for sure this time if it was really love.

I know what you’re saying, why Lucy why are you making the same mistakes over and over, but this couldn’t be a mistake if it is how I want to live my life. I just need to find someone who wants to live their life like mine. Kristen and I already had this great thing with our mom’s and that wasn’t ruining anything. I needed to see how she would be and go through what I had so we could be in the same place when it was time for just us. So we talked about it and I started making phone calls and I decided to make this like the end all of all orgies.

It actually sort of sucked planning all this out, as I invited so many people that scheduling was next to impossible, but it finally happened on October 5. Now I want to point out that Kristen and I managed another two weekends together before that, but I’m Escort going to skip those two and get to the good stuff, LOL.

So I had invited everyone to show up at three in the afternoon. I figured if we were going to have a big party we might as well start early. Of course my first guest arrived at two, ha. My mom answered the door and neither of us expected it to be someone for the party. It was Nikki. Now I know I haven’t written much about her. She was my girlfriend for the first half of my senior year at college and also my roommate the whole year. After she dated me, she dated Jessica, and that was just after Jessica and Denise broke up. It’s amazing we don’t all hate one another, but I guess it’s the fact that we all had such a crazy start that we look at things differently. I’m not sure if that is good or bad. And don’t get her confused with the other Nikki I did write about early on in my story. I know that’s confusing as hell, but it’s not my fault I’ve been with two girls named Nikki.

Anyway she and my mom had done things as well, so I of course had to invite Nikki to the party. She must have been excited to show up so early. She wasn’t dating anyone. She did like someone, but it was an old friend who hadn’t made up her mind if she wanted to date Nikki. I understood that as I had the same situation years before with Lyndsey.

So Nikki helped mom and I get the house ready and also we talked for quite a bit. Denise and Lyndsey arrived next, also early, but only by like ten minutes. They drove from much farther.

The four of us got to talking about school right away and I was so happy that we were all getting together just to see them. In fact we were laughing so much that I didn’t even know that Mandy and Stephanie had arrived until mom walked them into the living room. I was glad Mandy had brought Stephanie, surprised, but so glad. I hadn’t been with Steph in a while and I enjoyed her tenderness, and also was happy that she was interested in something like this. Steph actually lied to Steph about the date at first to see if she wanted to. That way just in case she said no, Mandy could sneak over here and join in for a bit and Steph would never be the wiser. It was much better this way though.

My mom started talking with the two of them right away, but I kept looking over at Steph and noticed how much she was staring at Lyndsey and Denise. Jessica showed up next and she gave me the longest hug at the door and my mom too, and I forgot just how sweet she was.

Believe it or not Carol was the next to arrive. That’s right, we actually talked Carol into coming. Until she walked through the door I’m not sure I actually believed she would show, but I was happy to see her. She looked the most nervous of everyone, but she did hug my mom and me when we greeted her. She started talking with my mom, Mandy and Steph, and I was thinking how funny it was that we were separating ourselves already by age.

Finally and like a half an hour late Aunt Jill and Kristen arrived. I was starting to get nervous at that point that I had made a huge mistake. Kristen explained to me at the door after her mom had walked off that Aunt Jill was the one who almost didn’t come. She hated the idea of people knowing about the two of them, and we had already decided before the party started that we weren’t going to tell anyone. Still Jill almost chickened out anyway, just scared about the whole thing.

So here we all were eleven women ready to have sex. It was so weird. The tension had been building since the moment Nikki arrived, and as soon as I sat next to Lyndsey I wanted to attack her body, but even now that all eleven of us were here nothing sexual was happening.

I looked around the room and sort of summed things up in my mind. It was a mixed group. Steph and Mandy were dating one another, Kristen and I were dating, Denise and Lyndsey were sort of dating as much as two sisters can. Jessica and Nikki were single. Carol and Aunt Jill were married women. Then there was my mom, who in a way I was dating, but also so was Jill. What a strange situation.

It was like we were all still waiting for one more guest to arrive. I had wanted an even number of girls. At first I had just started calling and I had eleven yeses before I realized what I had done. So I had had to sit down with mom to come up with a twelfth girl. My mom had begged me to invite Kayla. She had always wanted to have sex with her, but of course she knew nothing of her own mother doing stuff with us, let alone knowing about me and mom.

So then I thought about inviting Candice, but my mom said NO to that very quickly. I didn’t ask why. Thing was there was a small list of people that knew about mom and I and well those were my only options.

So here we all were. I had a trick card up my sleeve for later, but for now the party needed to begin. As if my mom read my mind, she suddenly thanked everyone for coming. “I’m so glad you all could be here. This means a lot to us,” she said and sort of motioned for me to join her. I got up and put my arm around her and stood facing everyone. I don’t know why, but I suddenly got really nervous. My mom continued, “You all have been a huge part of our lives, this small circle of friends that we’ve shared so much with, and now we wanted to share you all with our girlfriends.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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