My First With Tyler

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A/N:Thanks for reading. This is the first of many stories about my life working in the retail tuxedo business and the amazing sex that comes with sexy men in suits.


It was in the process of evening closing that Tyler made a move on me. I just finished the register count and was packing my things when he came around and wrapped his arms around my side and front.

“You promised me a dance and I have yet to receive it.” He whispered in my ear. His sweet lips where on my neck.

“Well some one is normally trashed by the time I get my dancing feet on.” I stood still trapped in his arms.

“Tonight in the club, you are dancing with me.” He kissed my neck again, now nibbling.

This was my coworker, and the guy I replaced in management. The same guy I had to prove I was better than, more responsible and mature. This was the same guy that the school girl in me had the hots for.

She won this round.

I gasped at his nibbles and leaned back ageist him. “we are going to miss the show if we stay here to long.” His other arm moved around me, pulling closer. He kissed my neck more.

“I like the show here better.” He pressed closer and looked down my shirt. “Promise me,” he whispered sincerely and softly, “Promise me that if you have to pour me into the car tonight that instead of the bed you will lay me on the couch. You deserve to sleep in a bed.” He nuzzled gently behind my ear.

“Tyler. Let. Go.” I spoke slowly, drugged by this blonde’s effect on me. I turned in his arms to face him, staring into his beautiful blue eyes. “Off.” And he listened, slowly removing his hands from my back, over my sides and hips.

I returned to gathering my work and went back to cleaning. When he stated vacuuming I felt more relaxed. As I signed my names and codes on the final envelope that he handed me my bag. I switched tops right in front of him, as he did for me. A stretchy black tank top slipped over my shoulders and stuck to my breasts and hips. Tyler had a red button down shirt half removed as I turned around. His tanned skin gleaming in the low lights in the back room. He slipped a white undershirt over those amazing abs, wash bored stomach, and bony hips. He slipped a skin tight undershirt over it next, leaving it open. I pulled my hair out of the bun I normally wore it in and shock it out. After a few shakes and head bangs I left my hair alone.

He pulled his car up, taking his time as I locked the doors.

“I’m driving to..” He spoke as I sat next to him, his car happened to be a classic dark blue firebird. We pulled out the top T-bird windows. As we drove he put his arm around me. We blared the music, drove a hot car and I leaned into him enjoying the cool night.

When we arrived I found my group and got myself a beer. My beloved Aeryn, a transgender friend, was the first to say something.

“Tyler keeps looking at you.” Aeryn wrapped my arms around hir waist and I kissed and nuzzled into hir warm chest.

“Lets give him something to look at.” I ran my fingers over hir warm sides and back. Another of our group, Brandyn, came to us. He nodded towards Tyler down the bar downing another shot. We all sighed and Brandyn joined the cuddle fest. My hand slipped up Aeryn’s shirt, running my nails over hir back. S/he gasped and nibbled on my ear.

And then the song came on. An older song from my youth, Tyler looked pornhub up at me among the warm bodies among my friends. He rose from his seat never taking his eyes off of me, then he took my hand. Slowly I dug myself from the warmth, rubbing all along Aeryn. Tyler backed me out on the dance floor and I let the beat take me away. Tyler matched my movements moving closer to me at every beat. His hands found my hips and I danced around his perfect body. Soon we were inches apart, his hands uniting our bodies, sweat poring and mixing together, our cloths sticking to our bodies. I lost myself to his hands roaming my hips and back, but most of all I lost ,myself to his blue eyes.

We danced for a few songs till he motioned for a drink. Brandyn took his place on the floor with me. With him I let out my inner slut dancing, bumping and grinding with him. Sometimes he would let a boy dance between us. I love my gay friend.

Soon the techno started pumping and beloved Aeryn started dancing with me. The smell of hir skin was intoxicating as we danced, as was the feel of hir soft flesh on the chest, bony hips, and the long legs. We pressed closer and my head nuzzled into hir neck. Hir mouth found my ear. We danced and rubbed ageist one another for awhile, then we kissed again, like most club nights. After a few long kisses I motioned for a drink. We lead each other off the floor wrapped in each other.

I had another beer, Tyler and Brandyn smoked, and Aeryn labeled the gay and straight guys at the club. Each of us split for awhile, I hit the floor again, done drinking for the night.

Random guys would pull me to them and I danced with them, enjoying the mood. Tyler found me and pulled me closer than any of the other guys, my back ageist his fine abs, his arms around my waist. We changed positions multiple times likes killed lovers. Finally he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to him, as I arched back he sank his lips and mouth into my shoulder, his hands held my breast while his other pinned my waist. I cried out as he bit along my neck, then my check, and finally he kissed my lips with such force. I could taste the amount of alcohol he had consumed, but I kissed him back putting the months of frustration he had caused me, the wetness he caused in my body. As he needed the kiss I turned and started another. But then I herd the bile rise, tasted a hint, I yanked him to the men’s room. I could hear him and chuckled.

“Guys,” I came up to my friends. “He’s made goal four for fourth time in a row this week.” Aeryn kissed me again and Brandyn hugged. Tyler stumbled out to use, paid the tab for all of us, and we left. I drove with the top down through a thick misty rain. Tyler was trashed as ever, singing off key, making me pull over, but I got us to his apartment safe. I didn’t bother calling my room mates to keep the lights on, it was 2 am, they gave up at one I’m sure. I laid Tyler down on the bed and he started screaming.

“NO!’ He pulled me hard beside him on the bed. “You are not sleeping on my couch.” He angrily me ageist him.

“I am not sleeping with you!” I passed off of him.

“then help me find the couch.” I dragged him across the studio apartment to his couch. He curled under the blanket and sniffed the pillow. “Smells like you, it’s because you are here so much.” he mumbled as he closed his eyes.

I kissed his forehead and porno 92 whispered in his ear softly “Sleep”. I went to the bed and curled up under the blankets, my head resting on his pillows. I snagged and found myself happy that they smelled like Tyler, it felt as if wrapped up in arms.

I awoke to the sound of running water. Rolling over I saw the bathroom light through the cracks of the door. I rolled back over to look at the clock, 4 Am, I had two hours of nice sleep. The door opened and I looked over to see Tyler emerging in just a towel.

“Your awake, are you sober?” I asked as he neared me. He smiled devilishly and knelt at the edge of the bed. “I’m still sleepy..” The towel was slipping off.

“Then roll back over and sleep.” He curled up beside me, resting his arm over me. “I’m sleepy too.” I closed my eyes and didn’t move at all. Tyler snuggled up-close, wrapping the blanket around us. I drifted off again into a warm sleep as Tyler caressed my sides.

I awoke some time later with Tyler fast asleep beside me. It was half asleep and rolled over to cuddle him more. Kissing my forehead he held me close. He smelled so good and I lay there drowning in his sent.

“I fell icky..” I nuzzled him. “I’m going to borrow the shower.” He kissed me softly and let go of me.

I took a warm shower and cleaned my teeth. I had a bag of toiletries there because this crashing over this was normal, sharing his bed wasn’t. As I exited the bathroom he was awake, the towel wrapped around his hips again. I was also had a towel wrapped around my body, tightly wrapped at the chest and fell to my upper thigh.

“Feel better?” He asked walking towards me. His blue eyes taking in every inch of my damp body. I stepped back as he stalked closer, but I backed into a wall now. Slowly he pressed his body ageist mine, closer than when we were dancing.

“Tyler we..” I begin, but his fingers stopped my words.

“I got a job at South Park. I we won’t be working together much anymore.” He raised my chin and face up and kissed me. Surprisingly it was a soft kiss. He pressed me gently ageist the wall, making the kiss last as long as possible. When I thought I was dead he ended it, but before I could say a word he hushed me and kissed my neck. All I could do was gasp. I slowly put my arms ageist his neck and he pushed me up ageist the wall. Then he let me down gently and kissed me again. I returned the kiss this time, pressing my body along his. When the kiss stopped he pressed me ageist the wall again and let my towel drop to the floor. My hands moved his. Together we stood naked.

“Damn..” We said in unison. With a laugh we threw ourselves at each other, kissing and grabbing. We made it to the bed lying side by side, hands finding places to touch that made each other gasp. We rolled around awhile till he pinned me down. We looked at one another and saw the same look in each others eyes. We kissed and fire works seemed to be going off in each other heads. Still kissing he reached under the bed and pulled out a foil wrapped condom.

“Yes?” he asked with a playful smirk.

:Yes!” I answered kissing him with a peck. He wrapped himself and loomed over me. I went to help but he shock his head.

“You get to relax this round. Next time we ill have even more fun.” without even trying he found me and filled me. It felt wonderful to be filled qiqitv porno by him, he started slow, pushing and sliding into me. Then he pushed to the end of me, grunting he pushed harder, leaving me gasping. He raised me a bit by my hips and pumped in and out. His long torso flexed all the way down into me roughly. I let myself be a slave to him as I felt an incredible warmth spread through my body. And then I felt the energy at the bottom of my spine as he pierced it rapidly. Both our eyes grew wide and he fell down to me, kissing me deeply as our desires exploded into a fire of rubbing, slamming and fucking. We screamed and moaned each others names, till he bit my neck. We both came with a scream.

As the last flicker of my orgasm started, the deep tingling pulsated and Tyler moaned my name.

“Alexis,” he breathed as his body was still wrapped around mine. “Damn this is new..”

“It’s called a full body orgasm.” I whispered in his ear. “Enjoy it for awhile, I’m ready for round two soon.” And I nibbled. He squirmed and moaned, I gasped. Our bodies rocking gently ageist one another, Kissing my neck he pulled out.

“I dig you, incase you haven’t noticed.” He nuzzled my neck softly. “And I’d like this to be a regular thing.” I smiled at him. “The Sleeping with you, not the drunk throwing up thing.”

“yeah, I’ll think about it.” I giggled. I rolled over and kissed his spine and neck. “Let’s sleep. I open in 4 hours.” He pulled me close with a smile. Then kissed me sweetly. We fell asleep curled up in a single ball.

At 9:30 Am I was at the store. We had sex several more times that morning. Both putting our skills to good use. It was fun! I opened, recovering my screw ups caused by Tyler’s distraction. My customers came and fluted with me, I returned their laughs and playful touches.

At 11 my boss came in.

“So did he tell you?” He asked with a smirk.

“Yeah he mumbled it in his sleep.” He started laughing and wouldn’t tell me why. I spent most of the rest of the day like normal, maybe a little extra pip in my step. maybe a little more fluting with my customers. By mid day my assistant boss came in. He looked at our boss with a smile.

“Tyler tell you yet?”

“No, he mumbled it in his sleep.” I was hoping that we were talking about his transfer to the other store. Both my bosses smiled at each other.

Around 7 pm Tyler greeted me as I was clocking out. I was tired and didn’t want to hit day 5 of clubbing. “Hi.” I looked at him confused on how I should greet him.

“Hey.” He answered wrapping his arms around me, pulling me close.

“So he did tell you.” Boss asked. Tyler kissed my check softly.

“I did tell her.” He smiled and held me close now, laying a kiss on my forehead.

“Guys! Greg and David would have us all fired!” I tried to pull away. “I am exhausted, their will be no clubbing tonight. No five for five.” Tyler let me go chucking.

“Hurry up and clock out so I can kiss you.” I leaned away and hit the clock out button, Then Tyler pulled me close again, wrapped all around me again, a second skin of sorts. We kissed in front of our bosses, a soft sensual meeting of lips.

“About time!” Our assistant manger clapped his hands on our shoulders. “For a year we’ve herd Alexis go on and on, and ever since you returned Tyler we’ve seen your looks.”

“No clubbing, dinner, just you and me.” Tyler hugged me.

“I don’t have to open, you do tomorrow. Bar and you are so being the sober one tonight.”

As we left our bosses laughed at us. Maybe this was a one time relationship, but I don’t care. I deserve a little fun, right?

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