My French Connection

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It’s early. Wednesday morning. My coffee is sweet and creamy, but I don’t need it today to ready me for the day. As I wait for the shower water to warm, I pull off the T-shirt I wore to bed. I take my time — my mind is swimming with anticipation of getting to know my new French friend, which lends itself to a long sudsy shower. I envision his hands, as I massage the lavender shower gel into my slippery tits, as I stand under the running water. After 15 minutes of self-massage, I being myself back to reality – I must get going. “Lunch with the girls” is all I can think about now on this spring day.

With that in mind, I exit the shower and dry off. I wrap the soft fluffy towel around my body and begin the search for attire suitable for the office, but more conducive to the leisurely lunch I have planned with that beautiful stranger in the park. I pick out my size four jeans and a white camisole. My jeans are tight, but stylish. I slip on the camisole, shake the dripping water from my hair, and look in the mirror. Damn I look good. I know I look too good for work, but I don’t care about professionalism today. I can get away with it — who is going to complain? I decide to let my hair dry naturally. I’ll hate it later, waves upon waves of thick red hair, but I’ll deal with that after lunch. A bit of make up to go with my “casual” look, a jacket, and I am ready for the office.

I enter the office and immediately pass Staci, who is already busy at her computer monitor researching, “Hey, girl, remember we’re going to lunch today!”

Staci is always bored at work, her talents being totally wasted. “I’m ready now, let’s go. And from the looks of it — you are too! You’re bad!” Staci snickers. “What are you talking about?” I ask her with the wicked smile that she understands too well.

“Hmm. Where are we going again?” She asks smiling.

“Just to the park to walk the trail — it’s a beautiful day and I don’t want to miss it.” I reply.

“Uh, yeah, you don’t fool me! I’ll see you at noon.” Staci rolls her eyes and goes back to her research.

The next three hours are almost agonizing as I continue to watch the clock. I try to concentrate on the report I am working on, but it isn’t due for another week. 30 minutes down – 2 ½ hours to go. Oh my God, can time go any slower, I ask out loud to no one in particular. My desk is in the back of the office. Not really an office really, but my cubicle is as confidential as it can be without giving the impression that I am “important.” My mind wanders to beautiful places, beautiful moments, that beautiful French smile. I surf the web dreaming of paradises far away.

My boss approaches my desk in the fervor that is “Michael”. He is a great guy, but young and “on-track” for promotion. Some days, the deadlines get to him and he can begin to feel a little “overwhelmed”. It is my job to keep him settled, calm, and on-time with his presentations and cases. He can be a bear some days, but for the most part, I will do anything for him, because I know he will take me to the top with him.

I checked my calendar yesterday in anticipation of a long-lunch today, and was happy to see that all deadlines pendik escort were satisfied, but I jumped as Michael drops a file on my desk and exclaims “I need you to do this during lunch.”

“I can’t.” I reply.

“What?! You never tell me “you can’t.” He stammers in total exasperation.

“Oh no, Michael. Not today little man.” I look him straight in the eye and without hesitation or question, state “I can’t. I won’t. You pick, I don’t care. I have plans.”

As he walks away sulking and puzzled, I am shocked at my deliberate defiance, and watch as he walks away dumbfounded.

I look at the clock — uugh – two hours still! I begrudgingly grab the file and write the memo he wants. It is simple, but no need to tell him that. I’ll slide it on his desk as I head out for lunch and he won’t care that I will be late.

The clock strikes 11 and instantly my heart skips a beat. I feel my face flush. Am I nervous or just plain excited? I knew when I woke up today that it was going to be a good day. When I saw the sun beaming through the blinds, I knew that today was going to be the day for the best lesson in French, from my new friend.

In an effort to pass the time (and not afford the opportunity to be assigned any new tasks) I walk around the office and chitchat with my associates. Nothing interesting, but it passes the time. It is now 11:45. I call Staci.

“Can we go now?” I ask overly enthused. “You are crazy, you know that, right?” She asks as she shakes her head. She is familiar with my mind after all these years and knows without a doubt that when I make up my mind, there is no rationalizing or changing it.

“I have absolutely NO idea of what you speak!” I unconvincingly reply. I call the front desk, “Sharon, hold our calls, we’re going to lunch.”

When we get off the elevator, the guard turns and eyes me. I drop my eyes and walk by slightly smiling. “You know you are not fooling anyone with that act, right?” Staci says. “It’s fun and he’s young and dumb” I reply as we leave the building.

Staci decides to drive, which is fine with me, I really don’t plan on returning to work today. We arrive at the park and Staci stops the car. “Why aren’t you parking? I ask. “Get out of here, girl.

You don’t want me anywhere near where you are going. I’ll tell Michael you fell on the trail and went home for the day.” I smile, “Thanks, girl, take my jacket, you’re the best.” “I know. Amusez-vous!” she replies as she waves her hand to shoo me out of her car. I close the door and begin my walk. It’s a beautiful day. I’ve walked this trail before. A few times actually, but today is different. I’ve decided that today is the day, although I am not really in control, I just convince myself that I am. I walk around the bend. The park is not empty, but the people here at this time just want a break from work. They are not concerned with anyone but themselves. I am only concerned with one person. I know he is close. My heart skips again as I peer over the azalea bushes and he is there. Of course he is, he hasn’t disappointed me yet.

I walk around through the break in the bushes. He looks up from his book maltepe escort and smiles he runs his hand through his jet black hair. The sun is high this time of day and he has removed his shirt to catch some rays. I bite my lip as I notice his glistening tanned skin. My nipples instantly harden and brush against the silky fabric. I place my hands behind my back as I approach him, the fabric stretched tight across my breasts. His eyes never leave mine. What a gentleman, but he knows he will have what he wants soon enough.

He has brought a blanket today and pats his hand beside him tapping it masterfully, offering the empty space to me. I smile and ask if he has time for another lesson.

“Of course, I do. It is why I come here!” he replies. His French accent is a melody to my ears. I sit next to him and gently reach for the book he is holding, my hand covering his. I feel his hand; it is strong. I feel his skin; it is smooth. He releases the book to my control and drops his hand to my thigh.

I look at his chest as I reach down and slide his hand from my thigh to the area between my legs. He can’t tell through my jeans, but I am wet and my pussy is begging for him. He leans close, our shoulders touching and whispers “I thought you came here for a lesson.” I push my hair behind my ear as I whisper back “I did. Teach me whatever you think I need to know about French.”

His hand slides down my thigh slowly and then back up before squeezing my inner thigh. I continue to hold the book as he continues to softly whisper to me. I can’t understand the words, but the soft tone of his voice, the heat of his breath, and the touch of his hand totally absorbs me.

His hand moves up to caress my cheek before he runs his fingers through my thick red hair as he turns my head toward him. His hand runs the length of my neck; his thumb traces my bottom lip. I can taste the salt of his skin. I close my eyes, allowing the tingling sensation to overtake my senses. When I open my eyes he is smiling, the light dancing in his eyes. He stands and offers me his hand “Come with me” he commands in a very gentle voice. I obey. I didn’t come here to resist, how could I? As my hand meets his and he guide me off the blanket, our bodies meet. My hips against his, I am acutely aware of the bulge of his manhood, as he is no doubt aware of the heat my body is radiating for him. My chest swells as my breasts are pressed against his bare chest. The silky fabric of my blouse is the only thin barrier between us. His hand slides from the small of my back and down to tap my ass. He releases me as I catch my breath.

As he bends down to retrieve the book and blanket, I notice the muscles of his back – strong, smooth, and inviting. He grabs my hand and we walk. He tries to teach me how to count in French. I can’t quite get the words correct, but he watches the way my lips move as I try. By the time we reach the number eight, we are approaching a townhouse across from the park.

As he reaches in your pocket for the key, he pulls me close to his bare chest. I can feel his breath in my soul as my eyes close. “Do you want to come in?” he whispers thickly kartal escort in my ear. Between breaths, I manage to get the reply out “I could use a glass of water.” My heart is racing, my words catch in anticipation. He opens the door and I notice we are stepping into the kitchen. What lies beyond is intriguing to me, but exploring his world will have to wait.

I am immediately backed against the kitchen table and as he lifts me onto it; my hands instinctively go to his arms. There is hunger in his eyes and now I am HIS prey. He kisses my neck, my ears, and my shoulder while his hands become entangled in my wavy wild hair. My legs are around his waist as he grinds his throbbing cock against my pussy. He gently pulls my hair down my back to expose my throat as he feverishly kisses and whispers heavy into my ear. All of it French, all incomprehensible to me, but beautiful just the same. I am completely submissive to his lips, his tongue, and his breath against my skin.

He begins to slow his feast as he makes his way from the base of my neck to my earlobe, my cheek. Our lips meet for one long gentle closed mouth kiss before we can take it no more. The fever has taken over both of us as our tongues search deep and only close to taste the sweet nectar of each other. My legs are tight around him, my arms around his neck, my pussy aches for him to enter me.

Our hands fight for dominance as we both reach down to unbutton each other’s jeans. I slide off the table and stand before him as he pulls them free from my legs. Without a moment to cool down, we are back together, his arms pulling the camisole over my head. Our bare skin together is hot and smooth. My nipples against his skin are hard as he holds me tight, kissing passionately, forcefully, but with no resistance.

With a few steps I am backing him to the couch. As he sits, my knees are on the cushions, straddling, mounting him. I won’t let him enter me yet. He takes one breast in his hand as his lips encompass the nipple on the other; a small bite before he takes it into his mouth. I can feel his tongue swirl the nipple.

My hips are soft on his; his cock is pressed hard against my clit as I move my body up and down his smooth hard shaft. It’s so wet and we are so ready. He lifts me up to enter me — he can wait no longer. He penetrates me with a gentle force as I cry out with pleasure. I continue to ride him softly, but fully taking his cock completely in with each movement. I feel his balls harden with every thrust as he gets closer and closer to fulfillment. Our lips cannot be satiate as we continue to twist our tongues. My moans of delight become louder.

With one twist my back is now on the couch, my hands on his shoulders. He kisses the inside crease of my elbow as he thrusts faster, every thrust deeper. I begin to cum, my juices oozing freely between my legs, soaking his cock as my body rises to meet his cock with every thrust. My body shakes, my hands grab his back, as every entry feels deeper. He can feel me pulsing, feel the blood pumping, my pussy squeezing his cock, my soft moans take him to new heights. He takes my hard, sweet, nipple in his lips, and bites hard as he orgasm.

The passion and fervor of our bodies and our emotions completely satiated as we continue to kiss, our fingers dancing on the other’s skin, softly soaking in the moment, a memory for later, or the beginning of something more to come…

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