My Friend Becky

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My wife and I were sitting in the parlor of the church when Becky came in, kissed me on the lips and asked my wife if she could borrow me for about ten minutes or so.

She explained she needed something done right now for her parents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary and her brother was busy with something else.

My wife agreed and off we went. We got as far as the hallway outside the parlor when she turned to me, grabbed my face again, and laid her lips on me with a long hard kiss. Then she pried open my mouth with her tongue and slipped it inside my mouth.

“You motherfucker.” she said. “I need to pee and I want you to play with my pussy. I’m horny as hell and I need some peter too. Now we’ll just slip into the ladies room and I can pee.” Becky said.

Becky found an isolated ladies room that was a long way from where all the activity was going on. We stepped inside and she turned on the light and locked the door. It was a nice clean restroom, but appeared to not be used very often.

Becky snuggled against me. She was wearing a sleeveless street length black dress and I could see her very pretty black bra through the arm holes. She amazed me because I always thought she only wore plain white lingerie. I could also see all of the large growth of hair in her armpit too.

Her stockings were light brown with a Manhattan heel and she wore brown leather one inch pumps. Since she was very tall she hardly ever wore two and a half inch shoes. She drew her skirt up to show me her eight strap black garter girdle and very sheer black panties.

“Now pull my panties down to my ankles so I can go pee.” she told me. I pulled them down and she stepped out of them and walked over to the toilet. She spread her legs apart so I could see the black forest between her legs and on her belly and proceeded to begin peeing.

“If you look closely at my panties you will see they are split crotch panties, so I really don’t have to slip them down when I want to pee. If you check out the top of my dress, your will see the top portion moves aside and exposed my bra and if you look closely at my bra, you will see it is a nursing bra.” she continued. “My bra looks like an ordinary everyday black bra, but it has small Velcro closures at the top that enable me to open it up for nursing purposes.”

“I’ve finished peeing, but I’m not putting my panties back on. Now slip your hand through my crotch and feel my wet pussy. Then I’m going to open my bra and let you nurse my teats for a few minutes. Then I need to get you back to your wife, so she doesn’t think I’ve abducted you.” Becky said.

I slipped my hand through her very wet forest a couple of times, then licked her excess pee off my hand. She pulled me close and placed a nipple in my mouth and told me to nurse her for a minute or two.

I did and I felt her shudder as she experienced a small orgasm.

“I need your big peter inside me, but not until after the festivities for my parents.” she said. “Then we’ll find a place either here or at my parents home where you can fuck me. I just want your peter in me so badly, I can hardly wait.. Now let’s get you back to Doris.”

“I love your bra, panties, and stockings. They are all so sexy and say “I need you to fuck me or pee on me.” I told her.

She simply reached up and gave me another French kiss as we reached the parlor.

“I brought him back to you Doris. I couldn’t reach what I needed for the party, so I needed his tall long arms. We’re all set now and the party should begin shortly.” Becky told her. She squeezed my hand and turned and left.

Doris simply smiled and said “She likes you, you know. You’re her boyfriend that she never had.”

“I wouldn’t say that dear.” I replied.

About ten minutes later Becky’s brother came into the parlor and announced that it was time to eat. Everyone got up and headed for the social hall where the buffet was set out. Herb and Emmy Lou went first followed by Becky then Christopher and his family. We were next and filled our plates and found a table, but Becky motioned for us to come and sit at the table she was at.

So Doris and I went to sit with her and I sat on her right with Doris on my right. A friend of ours sat next to Doris so she was engaged in conversation as she ate. Becky noticed this and quickly dropped her right hand to her lap, then suddenly moved it over so it rested on my trousers. She quickly found what she was feeling for and whispered to me “I think you’re getting an erection. I’m going to have to fuck you later today.”

She continued playing with my peter as she ate with her left hand and my peter got very hard very quickly.

“See. I knew I could make you get a hard on.” Becky told me. “You’re hot for me.”

“I’m thinking about those split crotch panties you’re wearing.” I told her. “I wouldn’t have to take them off of you in order to fuck you.”

“Did you see the stocking my mother is wearing today?” she asked. “If you haven’t you need to. They are absolutely cevizli escort sexy and she looks stunning wearing them. Of course she is wearing a ten strap garter girdle to hold them up. The reason I know is because I helped her fasten the garters. Now eat your lunch and we will get together later.”

Lunch concluded and Herb and Emmy Lou cut a cake celebrating their fifty years of marriage. Those that wanted cake were served by the buffet staff. Conversation began flowing among the guests, so you knew most were finished eating.

Emmy Lou got up and came over to our table and whispered in Becky’s right ear loud enough for me to hear.

“I need to go pee right now and you need to come with me to help. Bring John too.” Emmy told her.

I told Doris that Emmy Lou needed me to help her do something and would be right back. She just nodded that it was alright.

Becky told her mother to follow her and we would go to this out of the way ladies room where no one would find us. As I followed Emmy Lou I got a good look at her nylon stockings that were a light chocolate brown with a black outline heel pattern. With her being so tall I wondered how far up her thighs they went.

It didn’t take long to find out. Becky opened the door to the ladies room and we went inside, turned the light on, and locked the door.

“I want you to see my brand new nylons John.” Emmy Lou said. She pulled her dress up and said “Don’t you think they are not only very pretty, but also very sexy? Becky got them for me to wear today.”

They were not only pretty and sexy, but very long coming to about within an inch of her cunt lips and held up by ten garter straps attached to a gold garter girdle. Emmy Lou had no panties or Directoire Knickers on, so I also saw her very abundant growth of salt and pepper pubic hair.

“Would you like to catch my piss as I pee?” she asked. “If so, put you hand under my cunt and play with me while I piss.”

She sat down on the toilet with her legs spread wide apart and as I slipped my hand between them, she began pissing. It dribbled at first, but then a steady stream began with the always present hissing sound. Her pee was very warm. She peed for about a minute, then told me to wipe my hand through her wet cunt.

She stood up without wiping her cunt and told me to get my face down on it and lick it for her. As I licked her wet pussy, I also ran my hand up and down her right leg, feeling the sheerness of her new stockings.

“Do you like my nylons John? Not only did Becky buy them for me, she also bought my new gold garter girdle I’m wearing for our fiftieth anniversary party today. Herb hasn’t seen it yet, but will shoot his baby batter all over the place when he does. He’s pretty horny today.”

Becky said she needed to pee so she pulled her dress up. She spread her legs apart as she sat down and I I put my hand under her cunt and played with her as she peed. When she finished, she stood up, pulled my face toward her cunt and told me to wipe it with my tongue. I licked on it again as I had before and she finally dropped her dress.

“Mother. Show John your new bra I also bought you for today.’ Becky told Emmy Lou.

Emmy Lou unbuttoned the top three buttons of her dress, pulled it open, and showed me her amazing size 38C teats held up by an open cut bra also in gold. The nipples were quite erect and looked like they needed to be suckled at once.

“Would you like to suck them John?” she asked.

“I surely would.” I said and moved so my mouth was enveloping her right nipple.

“Suck it gently.” she said. Herb nursed me this morning and they are both a little touchy, but it still feels good when you suckle.”

“We need to return to the party Mother.” Becky said. “Let us go first, then you follow in a minute or so John. No suspicion aroused that way.” Becky said.

Emmy Lou buttoned her dress, straightened it up, and they left the ladies room. I waited for about a minute and went back to the party and they were already seated again. Doris wanted to know what took me so long and I told her I had needed to take a good shit for myself and it took a few minutes.

We made plans to get together the following day as Herb would be going out of town for two days and Doris was going to visit her sister for a day or two. Emmy Lou and Becky would come to my home and could spend the night if they so desired. Emmy would call me to let me know Herb had left and I would call Becky and Emmy Lou when Doris had left.

Emmy Lou called me about nine o’clock just after we had eaten breakfast. Doris was walking out the door as the phone rang. She never even stopped to see if it was for her. Emmy Lou told me Herb was gone and for me to pack a little bag and go to Becky’s condo. I was to be sure and bring my lingerie.

I dressed slipping on my eight strap black garter girdle, sheer full fashioned stockings, sheer black Directoire Knickers, two inch brown erenköy escort pumps, a half slip, and topping it off with a slim dress. I packed two more garter girdles, two cut out bras, four pair of sheer nylons, four pair of sheer nylon panties, and another pair of heels.

Off I went to Becky’s condo and upon arriving got out with my overnight case and went into the vestibule. I rang the bell and less than ten seconds later Emmy Lou answered the door.She was wearing only light chocolate brown full fashioned stocking held up with roll garters that went clear to her gray haired cunt lips. Her 38C cup teats were hanging down on her chest and her nipples were nice and fat. Just right for being nursed. Her forest of gray pubic hair was also growing down her thighs as I could see it under her nylons.

“Oh John. I am so glad to see you. You look absolutely stunning.” she purred. With that she grabbed my face, put her lips on mine and kissed me fervently. Seconds later she was thrusting her tongue in my mouth in a French kiss all the while reaching under my dress and slip to find my cock.

She dropped to her knees, pulled my DK’s down to my knees and slipped my soft cock into her mouth. “You big motherfucker. I’ve been waiting to get my mouth on your cock since last night.” she said. “Now I’m going to suck on it and let you cream my mouth with your love juice.”

About that time Becky entered the foyer wearing only a navy blue garter belt with eight straps, full fashioned stockings that nearly came up to her cunt, and extremely sheer white DK’s. Her thick forest of black pubic hair was in full view and as she raised her arms to kiss me, I also saw her abundant growth of pit hair.

“Mother. Don’t suck his cock off of him.” she said. “He’s going to be here for a day or two and we are going to party, party, party.” Becky said. “Besides that. I want some of his big cock. too.”

“I’m not going to swallow his peter dear. Just giving it a good welcoming to your home. Here now. You greet him and play with his peter.” Emmy Lou said.

Becky grabbed my face, kissed me, then slipped her tongue inside my mouth and proceeded to give me a French kiss pulling my dress and slip up at the same time with her free hand. I reached down and slipped me hands in the waist band of her knickers and pushed them down around her thighs. Then I reached between her legs and fondled her bushy cunt, finding it all wet as I did so.

“Did you just pee?” I asked her. “You cunt is soaking wet.”.

“No darling. I’m wet because I have been waiting for you to get here so I can play with your peter. I need you fucking me and soon.” she replied.

“We both need some of your peter John.” Emmy Lou said.

“I need to pee.” Emmy Lou said. “Would you enjoy helping me John?”

“I think I’d like to put my hand under your cunt while your piss is flowing.” I replied.

“I’m going out on the little patio and pee. You can play with me out there.” Emmy Lou said.

We went outside and Emmy Lou just stood still and the pee came gushing out from between her hairy cunt lips. It ran down both of her stockings all the way from her thighs to her ankles, soaking her stockings.

“Oh fuck.” she said. “I just put these on an hour ago and now I’ll need to take them off and slip another pair on my legs. Some of Herb’s semen must have gotten on my pee hole and dried. That must be what caused my pee to run down my legs.”

She finished peeing in about a minute when Becky asked her a question.

“Did daddy fuck you good this morning mother? Did you actually let him shoot his pollen in your cunt? Becky asked.

“Yes. He wouldn’t let me wipe my pussy either, so I just slipped on a pair of panties and let it leak into the crotch of them. He must have out done himself because the crotch really got quite wet.”Emmy Lou said.

I looked at the patio and there was a huge wet spot where Emmy Lou’ss pee had fallen.

“You must have really needed to piss.” I said.

“I did. I’ve been holding it since eight o’clock this morning and it’s been three hours. So my bladder was quite full.” she replied.

“Now I have to pee too and since you aren’t wearing any clothes except your wet stockings, I think I’ll pee all over you Emmy.” I said. With that, she simply squatted down, opened her mouth and I began peeing on her teats, belly, gray pubic hair, legs, and finally her wide open mouth. Then I quickly turned my peter toward Becky and drenched her belly and legs.

“Oh John. That was wonderful. You pissed all over me.” Emmy Lou said.

“I just put this garter belt and these stockings on you motherfucker. Now I’ve got to change.” Becky complained.

“You’ve got all kinds of both, so don’t bitch about it. Besides, you know you like it when I give you a golden shower you little whore.” I told her. “I probably should give you a spanking for being naughty to me.”

Still squatting down, Emmy reached for my esenyurt escort cock and slipped it in her mouth again. She pulled my foreskin back so she could get the helmet of it and then began to suck it pretty hard. My cock got erect very quickly and I told her I was going to blow my nuts off in her mouth if she didn’t slow down.

“Then blow your nuts off in my mouth.” she said. “I want to taste your creme and swallow it. I simply love the taste of your pollen, so go ahead and shoot.”

Becky reached for my nuts and that was the final straw. I cut loose with six or seven spurts of baby batter in Emmy’s mouth while she continued sucking my cock. It began running out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Becky quickly reached down and scooped some on her fingers and put them in her mouth. Emmy continued sucking my cock as my final dribbles came out my slit.

Becky reached down and got some more semen on her fingers and said “Oh John. That tastes so good. I’ll need a mouthful later when you can get another erection.”

“I thought you wanted me to fuck you Becky.” I said. “Now you seem to want to suck my cock.”

“I do want you to fuck me darling. In fact, I’m going to want you to fuck me several times the next couple of days. No rubbers. Just good old plain cock shooting your baby batter inside my hairy pussy.” she replied.

“We need to get you undressed.” Becky said. “I want to see your prick, not just feel it. Then we’ll shower and have some wine and lunch, the perhaps play a game or some cards and have more wine. that will make me have to go pee frequently.”

With that she unzipped my dress and took it off. Pulled my slip and DK’s down so I was left standing in my bra, garter belt, stockings, and pumps. My cock was now just hanging down on my thigh when Emmy Lou grabbed it and began playing with it again.

“I’m a horny bitch today John.I sucked Herb’s cock this morning then let him fuck me and he filled my cunt full of pollen. Now I’ve had your cock in my mouth and you shot your pollen in it, but I’m going to need more. Do you like seeing my fat teats hanging down on my chest dear?” Emmy asked.

“I love seeing your teats with the large nipples that need to be suckled. I think nursing a woman makes them horny and ready to fuck.” I replied.

“I love it when you suck my teats too John. It feels so good when you are nuzzling on them. I get all wet inside and can’t wait to get your hard peter in me.” Becky said. “Now let’s go shower and get some different lingerie on.”

Becky undressed along with me and the three of us headed for the shower. I was a large shower with several shower heads attached to the ceiling and five or six flexible movable shower heads on the wall. We stepped inside and almost at once Emmy Lou began pissing again.

I took a long hosed shower and turned the warm water on. When she finished I told her to spread her legs and I would drown her hairy pussy with warm water. Then I noticed a bidet toilet and asked her in she wanted the inside of her cunt washed. She nodded her head ‘Yes’ and sat down on it.

I told her to spread her cunt lips and turned the warm water on, gently at first. Then, as the nozzle began spraying warm water, I told her to let the nozzle slide gently inside her cunt walls. As she did so, she began Oooohhhing and Aaaahhhing and let Becky and I both know it felt good to her.

“That will wash all of Herb’s creme out of your hairy cunt.” I told her. “Then I can stick my tongue inside of it and make you climax a few times.”

When Emmy Lou decided she was finished Becky immediately wanted to have the nozzle inserted in her hairy cunt. So she sat down and I turned the water on again and as it warmed again, Becky inserted the nozzle in her cunt.

“That feels so good.” she said. “I’ve never used it before, but I will in the future. Makes the walls of my cunt nice and warm. Do you ever hold your foreskin tight when you piss, then let go of it?”

“Sure I do. When I let go it just splatters all over the place.” I replied.

“Do you need to piss now?” she asked.

“I will in a few minutes. Then I’ll splatter you with my piss.” I told her. “Would you like me to splatter you too Becky?”

“I think I’d love to have your warm pee splatter all over me. Then I can suck your fucking cock.” Becky said. “But right now I need to pee, so if you want a golden shower, then kneel down on the floor and I’ll piss all over you.”

I knelt down on the floor, Becky stood in front of me, pulled her cunt lips open and the pee flowed out of her pee hole like a fountain. I was saturated in ten seconds. When she finished she simply stepped in front of my face, spread her legs further apart and said “Lick my wet pussy dry you motherfucker.”

I put my face in her black haired forest and began licking and sucking the excess drops of pee off of it. Then I let my tongue wander through the hairy bush until I found her pee hole and clit. When I was wiping her pee hole with my tongue, Becky decided to give me a bonus and dribbled a few drops of pee on my tongue.

Finally, she decided I had done a good enough job and backed away. No sooner had she backed off than Emmy Lou thrust her gray haired cunt at my mouth and her pee began flowing right in my mouth. It was hot and salty tasting and she almost flooded me and made me choke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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