My Friend’s Dad

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A good friend of mine who I had not seen in a long time asked me to come to her house to catch up, relax by the pool and maybe sleep over if I wanted.

Her and I have been friends for many many years, and I’ve met her family a couple of times. Me and the other girls of the group always thought her dad was quite attractive, it was our little secret. Probably in his late 40s or early 50s now, he is a dark, tall handsome man, with a devilish smile that makes the young girls melt, and, as claimed by one of my friends, a pretty big package down there ;). An attractive mature doctor who married a beautiful business woman, now in her late forties.

We were enjoying ourselves that summer evening, he said her family was gonna come the next day from a trip so we had all the privacy. We were both in our thong bikinis around 6.30 or something when we heard the noise from the doors opening. I immediately rushed to tie my bikini top, as I was laying on my chest trying not to have tanning lines on my back, and put on my shorts quickly.

For those who haven’t seen my pics, I’m a 5,9 brunette with a curvy figure. I dont like to brag about my body, but I will admit that my big breasts (DDs), slim waist and round and firm ass make turn quite a few heads, especially with summer clothes on.

He came over to the garden saying to his daughter that he had to drive his wife for an urgent meeting in the office, and she would join us later for dinner. He saw me and greeted me. After all, he had not seen me in a few years, but I could notice the desire on his look by the way he stared at me as I walked closer to say hi. He kissed me in the cheek like he used to when we were little girls, he held my waist and accidentally my boobs bounced on his chest while he was leaning on me. “Look at you! You are now grown up attractive woman! Last time I saw you, you weren’t even 18!” said without keeping the eyes off my body.

He said he was going to take a nap and told us that we could continue there and get comfortable again, that last thing while he looked at me with a smile. I started to felt a bit excited…an attractive married man that is also my friends dad…was it wrong to feel turned on? Was it forbidden?

He left and we came back to the garden to get the last rays.. I got in my small güvenilir bahis bikini again, not worried about any eyes on us, and for that last hour I even did some sensual poses apparently not on purpose, thinking he might be spying from the window of his bedroom.

My friend’s mum arrived soon after. He kept the flirting less obvious while she was there, but he gave me some innocent compliments in front of her, and I caught her staring at my cleavage a couple of times. While we were tidying the table, he was getting out of the kitchen at the same time I got it, and for 3 seconds my back brushed him, noticing a big bulge pressing against my ass.. If I wasn’t excited enough, this was exactly what I needed. However, not much happened that night until we all went to bed.

I did not bring any sleeping clothes, and my friend lend me a black sleeping gown of her mum, which was a couple of sizes smaller than mine, as she is shorter and quite slim. Her mum saw me trying it on, and joked about how tight it was, and said: I hope my husband does not see you like that or he might confuse his bedroom tonight. I found that a bit too odd, especially in the presence of her daughter, but I simply laughed. The gown was kind of loose with a lace to tie up in the front, but it barely covered my butt cheeks and was just tight enough in my breasts that left plenty of cleavage at sight. That, and a little black thong were my pj’s for the night.

After 1 hour in bed, I could not sleep at all. It was a hot summer night, and I could not stop having thoughts about his dad looking at me and how it felt having his package pressed against me.

I was sleeping in the guests room downstairs, and decided to go to have some water, maybe that could relax me a bit.

I got to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water, while I heard a sound coming from the living room. I literally froze in that moment, and heard a masculine voice on my back saying: Oh, you cant sleep either?

I suddenly realised that my *** was almost uncovered, and immediately turned around and tried to covered myself nervously. He was there smiling and told me: Don’t worry, I have already seen you at the pool before, and winked at me. He invited me to join him for a glass of wine in the living room, which I accepted and türkçe bahis I walked very excited towards the sofa, knowing he would be seeing half of my butt.

I was feeling both shocked and excited at the same time. We went to the living room and began chatting. The lights in the kitchen made it more intimate, and I had not realised he was just wearing some sport shorts that outlined a delicious package. He told me that this gown looked much better on me than on his wife. We were joking innocently, and I could see he was very skilled at making a girl relaxed and comfortable, but I was very excited at the danger of being caught. We sat next to each other, me with my legs crossed which he looked at several times.

He started asking if I had a boyfriend and my life in general, and then slowly spicing the conversation up. He said that being a doctor, he got to meet many attractive young women like myself. I laughed and said that he already has a beautiful young woman at home. He replied that there is nothing like a young toned body, and sometimes wished he was younger and free again. I could see his bulge was slightly bigger and I could not stare and laugh nervously. He noticed and said…”well, i apologise if me wearing this makes you uncomfortable, but it’s a hot summer night, and I have to admit you have the curves that make every man go crazy, I am sure they do not leave you alone any second.”

We kept flirting for a while, and he was having a hard time to avoid staring at my cleavage. Of course, I had to play my cards, and every now and then I teased him a little by arching my back, lean over slowly while drinking, or opening my gown a little bit with the excuse that it was very warm, so he could see a little bit more of my breasts. I wanted to take things a bit further, so I said seductively that I have trouble lately to sleep due to some pain on my neck. He said: well I know a thing or two about medicine and body pains, maybe I can help you with that…He made me sit in the border of the sofa, and he placed himself behind me. My heart was pumping faster now. He whispered in my ear: “relax and close your eyes” and started rubbing and massaging my neck.

His skilled strong hands were working my neck and upper back, and I was feeling very relaxed, closing my eyes and enjoying güvenilir bahis siteleri the moment, not thinking of my friend and her mum at all. He said that my shoulders felt a bit stiff and tense, and whispered that it could be a bit difficult to work them being covered by the gown. I nodded with my eyes closed, smiled, untied the lace and revealed my upper back and shoulders so he could have full access. My breasts were now almost completely exposed. He asked me how was it feeling, and I said: I can tell experience is a grade. He laughed and whispered in my ear: “You are right, and not only giving massages”. His hands were exploring my back, and the gown was slowly going down.

At that point I was breathing heavier, completely loose in his hands and enjoying this forbidden pleasure. His legs embraced mine and I felt his pelvis pressing against mine, and his no longer flaccid manhood brushed against my lower back. In a few seconds, I saw myself slowly straddling against him while holding his legs with my hands.

His cock* felt really big, thick and hard as a rock. I removed my gown completely and he started rubbing my thighs, stomach, and finally cupped my breasts with his hands, making me moan softly as I pressed myself harder and started moving my hips in circles. One hand reached for my inner thighs, who were more than wet already, and he kissed my neck and whispered how much he wanted to fuck me since he saw me by the pool.

I wasn’t even paying attention, but he suddenly stopped and quickly got off the sofa, mumbling something like “ wife awake”, “gotta go”. He left me there alone in the dark. I felt so aroused and confused at the same time, maybe it was all a mistake that could have ruined a friendship of many years, and a marriage at the same time.

I came back to my room, still unable to sleep, when after 30 minutes I started to hear my friend’s mum moaning softly. I couldn’t stop my hands and started pleasuring myself as I heard the noises louder and louder, imagining it was me who was being pounded by him, and had one of the most intense orgasm in my life.

The next day, I woke up quite late, and there was only my friend in the house. I acted quite nervous scared that they might heard us last night, and when she drove me back to my house, I found a note inside my bag saying: “I have not forgotten what we started, and sooner than you think we will have the complete session. What you heard upstairs last night after my massage is nothing compared to what I am gonna give to you.

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