My Gay Sauna Experience

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To satisfy my bisexual needs my wife suggested that I become a member, no pun intended, of an upmarket gay sauna. Understandably, I was rather nervous about this partly because I’d never been to one before and was unsure of the protocols and appropriate behaviour. But mainly I was nervous about my wife’s reaction and the possible effects on our relationship. Fantasies are by nature and name fantastic but the reality can of course be totally different.

I need not have worried. We picked out what looked like a well run, well organised classy Sauna Club judging by it’s web site. I went along, filled in the forms, paid my fee and was shown into the changing and locker room area. I was given clean, fluffy towels and told that if I required more to just ask at reception.

The locker room was very plush. Spacious lockers, mirrored walls, padded seats and grooming facilities. Condoms were provided at strategic points and the locker room was also equipped with various oil dispensers.

There were four guys already in the locker room. One was getting dressed, about to leave, one was putting on a sheer thong and the other two were standing in front of the mirrors oiling each other all over including their very impressive, very erect cocks.

I undressed very self consciously and went to shower. I returned to the locker room and put on a pair of see through, shorts type panties with pink lace side panels that my wife had bought for me especially. I then walked into the club proper for the first time. My mind was spinning. Will anybody fancy me? How do you approach someone? Will they approach me? Will anything happen at all.

Emerging from the first corridor I came across a huge sauna room to one side and two large jacuzzis on the other. The jacuzzi’s were empty and there were only two guys in the sauna. I continued down the corridor and emerged into a coffee bar and lounge area. There were perhaps a dozen guys in here watching TV, drinking coffee and just chatting and chilling. All had towels around their waist. I think I recieved a few admiring glances. I definitely recieved a few ‘hello’s’ and smiles.

Another corridor led off to the left and I followed it to the end. This brought me to a darkened room, a sort of communal area with padded stools around the outside. A huge flatscreen TV was on one wall showing some very horny gay porn. Three guys sat on the seats watching the movie and all were quite openly stroking their naked cocks. I couldn’t believe it. This was obviously where the action took place.

I sat on a stool, removed my towel and began to stroke my own cock through my panties. The other guys just stared at me and my cock. And that was the trigger. I was now in full exhibitionist mode. I stood up, my cock straining through my knickers and strolled past the other guys. The first guy stroked my ass as I walked by. I didn’t break step or even look at him. My heart was pounding fit to burst. I carried on in what I hoped was a nonchalant manner to continue my exploring.

The next room also had a large TV showing the same film. The seating was tiered and again padded but I only really noticed this after a few minutes. What really grabbed my attention was the young guy lying on his back feasting on a huge cock that was being fed to him by an older guy while another young guy who looked to be in his early 20’s was pounding his ass with his long thin but very hard cock. I sat on the seats next to them and began to stroke my cock again. The older guy was watching me as he fucked the horny bitches face. Without a word he reached over and grasped my cock hard and began to wank it furiously. God, I was in heaven and I could feel the slut in me creeping ever closer to the surface. I had to stop him as I didn’t want to come so quickly. I still hadn’t finished looking round.

This was a great start to my first visit. My self consciousnes had ebbed away to be replaced by my slutty exhibitionist self.

I moved out of that room and as I was leaving the guy who was fucking the young guys ass grabbed me by the wrist and held me there for a moment while he caressed my bottom through my panties. Then he bent over, kissed my bum and then spanked my left cheek once. He smiled and told me to come back later. My cock felt like it was going to burst.

I walked out into the larger room, through a door on my right and into a corridor. On the left hand side of the corridor were a series of rooms each with a small TV a padded bed and supplies of condoms and lubricant. I entered the first one and closed the door. On the back of the door was a small poster detailing the room etiquette. Apparently, if you left the door open it was an invitation for people to watch or join in as you wished. Closing the door meant you wanted some privacy. Becoming more sluttish by the minute, I peeled off my panties, lay Escort Sakarya down on the bed and began to stroke my cock whilst watching the porn movie. I left the door wide open.

Several studs passed by and paused to watch. I stared them all in the eyes and continued to squeeze my hard cock and heavy balls. One by one they looked, watched for a minute or two, smiled and moved on. Then one guy returned, stood in the doorway staring at my cock and then asked if he could come in. Too right he could.

He jumped on the bed next to me and we started chatting. He was only a young guy, maybe 19 or 20. He had curly black hair, tastefully made up eyes and a completely hairless tanned body. He asked if he could hold my cock so I took his hand and placed it round my throbbing pole and he started to pump it tenderly. I reached out and pulled his towel away revealing a very long very hard but quite thin cock that was also completely hairless. I started stroking his cock in time with his movements on mine. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to lean in towards him and kiss him full on the mouth. He kissed me back passionately and I shifted around so that I could grab his ass.

But then I blew it by trying to blow it. As I moved down and placed my lips around his engorged prick he jumped away from me, apologised profusely, said he wasn’t quite ready and scurried out of the room.

Shit! I was really on the verge of exploding now. I slid off the bed and, totally naked now with my cock bouncing in front of me, carried on down to the door at the other end of the corridor. As soon as I walked through it I stopped in my tracks. This corridor or room was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing. I stood still until I could orientate myself and then moved sideways to my left until I found a wall. I then did the same thing to my right and was now confident that I was in yet another corridor.

This pissed me off a bit and the throbbing in my cock began to subside. I mean what good is darkened corridor to an exhibitionist slut?

As I found my bearings I began to shuffle down the corridor with my arms outstretched to each side, keeping contact with the walls. My cock although deflating was still sticking out in front of me like a personal mine detector. It was my cock antennae that made first contact with something warm. I stopped and stood still and immediately a pair of quite soft hands began feeling around my torso. The penny dropped from a great height with a large clang. This was what the darkened corridor was all about. Anonymous touching, groping, probing, kissing and every other kind of ‘ing’ I hoped. The exhibitionist in me was still sulking but that just left room for the slut to take centre stage.

I still had my arms out wide and I kept them there. I brazenly stood and let my hidden hunk feel me all over. His hands quickly descended to my throbbing cock which he gently kneaded. I began to slowly thrust my hips towards him. He reached under and cupped my shaven, smooth balls squeezing them tightly. His movements became more urgent now matching my thrusts. Suddenly he withdrew his hands and I waited arms and legs open wide. I heard some movement, a shuffling sound and then felt his hands on my feet. They swiftly moved up my legs to my thighs and then I could feel his face resting against my thigh, his breath on my balls. The next sensation almost made me cum when I felt the silky wetness of his tongue lick me all the way from my tight balls to the tip of my cock. He grabbed my cock and forced it into his mouth.

And then he spoke for the first time. He simply stated ‘Fuck my mouth you horny fucker’. Well that set me off. I grabbed the back of his head and forced my cock as far as it would go. He took it easily. It’s only 6.5″ but it’s quite thick. He didn’t flinch as I thrust it in and out of his hot mouth. He reached under and grabbed my balls roughly, pulling on my sack and rolling them in his hand. He was moaning now and breathing heavily and so was I. He kept urging me on, telling me how he wanted to taste my cum. My cock was covered in saliva.

Then I became distracted. I felt the unmistakeable shape of a hard cock prodding my buttocks from behind. I froze, unsure what to do. My cocksucking slut stopped and asked if I was okay and whether he had hurt me. I told him we had company and that he was rubbing his cock on my bottom. Cocksucker just groaned, called me a dirty bitch and went back to sucking my cock feverishly.

My new friend reached around me and began running his hands over my chest and stomach. He whispered in my ear ‘Hi, I’m Tim’ whilst rubbing his cock up and down my ass crack. The slut in me replied ‘Hi Tim. Are you going to fuck me’. Tim just groaned as he tongued my ear. Cocksucker then stood up and started rubbing his cock against mine as he kissed me Side escort roughly and deeply, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I could taste my own pre-cum like a good little slut.

The next sensation I could feel was something cold running down the crack of my ass and I realised it was lube. Tim bent me forward slightly and I rested against Cocksucker. Then for the first time during my visit, at last I was penetrated. Tim eased a finger deep into my tight hole and began to swirl it around. Then he added a second and began a scissor movement. My cock was rock hard, my balls were full and I could feel an exquisite pressure on my prostate. Tim withdrew his fingers and bent me over even further. I now had my hands on the wall for support. I felt his cock nudging the entrance of my fuck hole and I tried to relax. There was no need. He eased it in gently. The feeling was incredible. Hard yet soft. Warm, throbbing. I could feel his cock expand and retract as he stood motionless. Then he began to thrust. Gently at first withdrawing his beautiful cock all the way before plunging it back in. God, I was so turned on. I felt so sexy, so liberated, so sluttish.

To make my dreams come true, Cocksucker, without being invited as I was concentrating on Tims cock guided my mouth onto his cock and I sucked it like the greedy cum loving slut that I am. Tim picked up the pace and was slamming me forward onto the cock in front of me. My arm muscles were screaming with pain but I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop. Cocksucker asked me if I wanted to drink his cum. I didn’t answer. I simply sucked harder and hoped he got the message. He did. He took hold of my face and after a few more thrusts, I wasn’t counting, came into my mouth. A couple of jets of hot spicy cream. He then bent down and kissed me full on the mouth. I held onto him around the waist to relieve the tension in my arms and this also allowed me to thrust back at Tim. With a roar he came inside me protected by a condom. Although I couldn’t feel the cum splashing into my ass I could feel his cock pulsating and throbbing and twitching before he collapsed against my back to recover. He eased his semi erect prick from my ass and I turned and gave him a slow passionate kiss. The three of us embraced and then moved on.

Carrying on down the corridor I stumbled across two more sexy scenarios but apart from a little mutual fondling in passing I didn’t join in.

I needed to sit down and take the weight off my trembling legs and get some feeling back into my arms. I emerged from the darkened corridor into another well lit one. To the left took me past more individual rooms back to where I started but to the right was another unexplored area.

But first of all I needed to shower and chill out and give my tender gaping ass time to recover. I still hadn’t cum and I was hornier than ever.

My legs were like jelly and my arms were burning like I had just finished circuit training. I needed to rest but I also needed to shower. I made my way back through the coffee lounge to the sauna/jacuzzi area where there were also a row of five showers sectioned off by a clear glass screen so it was very public. There was one other guy there, an older slightly portly guy who was soaping up and who had his back to me.

I flicked on the shower and set the temperature and simply slumped against the wall, face upturned towards the water stream, eyes closed and let the hot water cacade over me trying to relax my aching limbs. The persistent throbbing of my man cunt was a constant reminder of my slutty behaviour and I found myself grinning to myself as the familiar twitch started up in my cock and balls once more.

I pushed myself away from the wall and opened my eyes to begin to wash. The older guy was looking straight at me and he too was smiling.

He said “You look like the cat whose just got the cream”. Laughing I replied “You could say that”. We then engaged in a bit of small talk about the club, the facilities etcetera while I squeezed out some shower gel and began to lather up. All this time I could not take my eyes of this guys cock. It was hard, erect up to his navel and was simply the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen in real life and close up. He stood there chatting to me and all the time he was lazily stroking his magnificent soap sudded meat. I smiled and turned round to rest one hand on the wall while I reached behind to thoroughly soap and clean my gaping hole. I inserted two fingers and began to give myself a good internal wash. The older guy said “Very nice. Let me help you with that”. He moved over behind me, removed the shower head from the wall and directed the jet at my hole. I bent right over to give him better access. The sensation of the warm water splashing inside my fuck hole was incredible. He then inserted two fingers and began to work them izmir escort bayan in and out and around and up and down and I was in ecstasy thrusting my firm ass back onto his fingers. With his other hand he reached around and started to pump my swollen cock. I could feel his coarse, hairy chest rubbing against my back and feel his increasingly laboured breath on the back of my neck. Suddenly he stopped and I could feel the massive head of his masive cock burgeoning against my stretched cunt. At first I dreamily wiggled my ass in anticipation. Then reality came crashing in. I stood up quickly almost losing my balance. I turned to face him and realised that we had an audience of four guys including one member of staff standing at the glass partition. Shit. Just what I wanted but I knew there was no way I could take his huge cock and I told him so. He reassured me that he would be gentle and that he knew exactly what he was doing, that he was experienced and that he would stop on my say so. I fondled his cock and looked longingly at it, wishing that there was some way that I could take it. I came to my decision. “I’m sorry” I told him, “I just can’t take it. Really I’d love to try but I know I can’t and it will just leave us both frustrated”. He looked disappointed but simply said “Okay, no problem babe”.

At this point, mindful of our watching audience, I dropped to my knees and began to lick all over his enormous cock head, tonguing the crown and the piss hole feverishly. I grabbed his heavy, hairy balls and squeezed them hard making him jerk and thrust his cock towards my mouth. I looked around him at our voyeurs and two of them had dropped their towels and were openly wanking and the other two were wanking each other. With a groan of pleasure I turned back to the monster cock and tried to force it into my mouth. I could only fit the head in and began to suck that as hard as I could, scraping my teeth over the livid purple flesh. The guy was becoming more forceful, trying to ram more of his cock into my slutty mouth and making me gag. He was repeating “Suck it bitch, you dirty fucking horny slut” like a mantra as he held onto my head and fucked my mouth. I held onto his shaft with one hand and moved my other away from his balls, through between his legs and inserted first one and then two fingers into his ass. This really got him going. He spread his legs a bit wider and I immediately pressed down onto his prostate and began to massage it. I was glad I had taken hold of his shaft otherwise he would have thrust his big powerful cock clean out the back of my head. As it was I still only had his cock head fully in my mouth. The hot water was bouncing off my shoulders and my jaw was aching but I was determined to make him cum.

He asked me if I would drink his cum, he told me he wanted to cum now. I moaned and nodded and increased the pace of my mouth on his cock and my fingers in his ass. With a roar that made me jump he grabbed my head and the first jet of hot spicy cum hit the roof of my mouth. I was staring at our audience and quickly removed his cock and pointed it at my face. The second jet hit me in the nose, the third on the forehead and the fourth on my cheek and mouth. The guy was bucking like a rodeo horse and I continued to work his prostate. I bent my head and rubbed his cock on the top of my head. The fifth and final huge splash cannoned onto my shaven head and began to run down my face and back of my neck. I was covered in his hot cum and it was beautiful. I looked up at him and put my tongue out to catch his seed dribbling down my face. I removed my fingers from his ass and looking at our audience placed them in my mouth, sucking them clean. Then the guy helped to me to my feet and kissed me deeply, running his hands over my head and face, rubbing his cum all over me. I reached down and cupped his ass cheeks giving them a squeeze and then gave his cock a stroke and a squeeze. He kissed me once more, patted my bum, said thank you and, after a quick rinse off, left the shower.

I put my head under the shower and cleaned up. As I left the shower I noticed there were only three guys left watching. As I passed they all commented on how good that was, asked me how long I’d been member, said they hoped I’d visit frequently and they all gave me a light kiss, thanked me for letting them watch and patted and squeezed my bottom. I thanked them in return and made my way to the locker/changing room to get fresh towels, a splash of aftershave and a change of panties.

I sat on the bench in the changing room and couldn’t believe how wild this place was and how wild I’d been. I opened my locker and looked through my bag for a change of panties. I knew straight away which ones I’d wear as I had already made a sub conscious decision that for the last hour I was really going to go for it. I might not get another chance and I wanted to experience my wildest, most sluttish fantasies. I selected the panties that I thought would send out the right ‘come and fuck me, come and use me message’. I selected my tight latex panties.

But first of all I really needed that cup of tea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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