My Girlfriend’s Best Friend

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We were at the movies with my girlfriend, Tina, and her best friend, Mary. My girlfriend didn’t know it, but I liked Mary. She was so pretty, with her tiny tits and her sweet looking ass.

That night when my girlfriend went to the bathroom, I started flirting with Mary. I started playing with her leg and then I moved on to play with her pussy. It excited her a lot, I could tell. Then after, she let me do almost anything I wanted to. I asked if she wanted to come to my house anytime soon. She said well of course, but I told her not that night because I was going to go to Tina’s house. She had been teasing me all day long.

When I went to Tina’s house that night, I broke her of being a tease alright, I fucked the hell out of her virgin pussy. It was so fucking tight, that it nearly broke my damn penis. The only reason I did that is because I, well I thought I loved her. But actually I didn’t at all, because of that promise I had made with Mary.

Around the next day (after all the love making), I called Mary to see if she wanted to do anything.

“Like what?” she asked.

“Let’s go mudding in my truck.” I suggested, hoping that she would say yes, and surprisingly she did.

The next day I went and picked her up at her house. She was dressed in a very short skirt and a tank top with no bra. She looked so fucking hot. I took her out Mud Lick and pretended to get stuck in a mud hole. We started talking about stuff for awhile, before she skidded over to me and said put out or get out. Then she started laughing. I didn’t think it was very funny, she didn’t have to tell me that I was ready any time she wanted to.

I took her hand. “Now I usually would have got out, but this time, I’m ready to put out. Only if you want to.”

She reached down and started playing with my penis. I’m sorry to say, but I wasn’t thinking of Tina at the time.

I first gave her a French kiss, then I took my hand, reached up under her shirt and started rubbing her luscious virgin breasts. She took off my shirt and told me to do the same, so I took hers off too. I started making out with her and then she showed me that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I took my face and started eating her nice perfect pussy out. I could tell that she loved it, and that this was her first time. I used my tongue on the inside of her and rubbed her tight lips together it made her so excited I loved it. I was thinking that she needed to get a little loosened up before I stuck my seven inch dick inside of her. After that, she was ready or at least I thought so, but she took my pants off and my boxers, and started sucking my dick. For a virgin, she knew what she was doing. She gave me the best blow job I ever had. She was sucking it and playing with my balls, it felt so damn good. After that little foreplay, we both were ready. I masaj porno lifted up her skirt and laid her down on the seat. She told me to wait.


“Do you have a condom?” she replied.

“In the glove compartment.” She had to reach around me to use both hands. She got one but it was to little so she had to get another one. This one fit pretty good she asked if she could put it on.

I told her “Yes.” She told me to take it slow but I wasn’t going to. I love to fuck them tight and hard. Instead of doing what she asked, I rammed my seven inch dick inside of her. She let out a very loud scream, almost like a dang cat when you step on its tail. Then, she dug her fingernails into my back, but I didn’t mind it, actually I kind of liked it. She was the tightest virgin I had ever been with. She started bleeding after the fourth time and she was concerned, but this wasn’t my first time and I knew that it was right for a virgin to bleed like that. She didn’t think that it was very natural though.

I pushed it in farther, breaking her fragile hymen. I pushed into her even farther and reached up for her tits. I squeezed both relentlessly, both tiny breasts. I began a steady rhythm and Mary followed that rhythm. She pushed her hips against my cock. I was getting harder and harder inside her, she could feel it I knew.

She grabbed a hold of the sides of the cab and squinched her eyes in pain. I didn’t notice. I pushed hard and deep and broke through her cervix into her open womb. Her cherry had been popped by me, a kid she didn’t even know that well. I thrusted harder each time until I had all of him inside of Mary. My cock was deep inside her womb. It finally cums , My cock hits the right spot, and she has such a gushing orgasm she shakes for over a minute as she screamed in pleasure. Her vaginal walls contracted and that was all I could take. I shot my sperm into the condom. She felt my cum piling up into her . I didn’t stop for thirty seconds; it felt marvelous. Mary’s cherry had been popped and she loved it.

After that night I thought to myself ‘That was almost as great as the night before.’ We started talking to each other about the future , and that’s when I found out that I really loved Tina. I know, it stunned me just as much as it did you. I got to thinking about her and I started thinking how was I going to tell her about that night. I rushed Mary home after telling her that I don’t know how long Tina and I were going to last, but if anything happened I would look her up.

After dropping Mary off at her house, I took off for Tina’s house to tell her what happened and that I’m very sorry. Yeah I know, it sounds like a stupid move but sometimes it’s smart to be honest.

When I got to her house, I coasted into the drive because her parents were asleep. I öğretmen porno creeped up to her bedroom window, and pecked on it about five times. She moved the curtain to see who or what it was. She saw that it was me and opened the window to see what I wanted

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I really need to talk to you… may I come in?” I said.


I snuck inside her window so I wouldn’t wake up her parents. I’m so sorry, I did a very bad thing.”

“What did you do Ryan?”

“I found out that I love you like I love no other.”

“Now Ryan, that’s not a bad thing, actually that’s a good thing.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought too, but you don’t know how I found out.”

“How did you found out?

“Do you know your friend Mary?”

“Yes, what about her? What did you do?”

“Well, I invited her to go mudding with me.”

“Did anything happen between you two?”

“I could say no, but then I would be lying. Now wait before you get mad.”

“Ryan, why did you go and do that?!”

“I was wanting to see if I really loved you, to control my urges.”

“Well you couldn’t could you?”

“No, but know it wasn’t her fault, o.k.?”

“Now don’t you worry, I’m not mad at her.”

“I’m very sorry, when I figured out that I love you it was to late.”

“Yes Ryan, but that doesn’t make up for what you have done.”

“I know. Well, I at least I thought I should tell you myself.”

“Yes and I thank you for that, but still that doesn’t help much.”

“And if it helps any, Mary already called me and told me what happened.”

“What … I wouldn’t have thought that she would have done that, what did she say about it?”

“That you ate her out, and that she gave you a B.J., that you two made love together.”

“And what else?”

“She also said that it was as much as her fault that it was of yours.”

“She said that?”

“But then she said that she came on to you after you got stuck in a mud hole.”

“Wow she actually said that.”

“And you know that I’m still mad at you.”

“Yes, I know that you are but at least I found out that I really do love you.”

“That’s about the only thing that is good that came out of this.”

“But that still doesn’t erase the fact that I had sex with your best friend.”

“Yes and I think that is why you should leave.”

I didn’t talk to her in a couple of days and was starting to worry. But then I called up Mary to see what she was doing. She told me that she told Tina everything that happened that night. I thanked her. While we were talking, I got a beep. It was Tina. I answered it and said ‘yellow’ she kind of didn’t answer back. Then she said that she loved me but that we would have to break oral porno up, because of what I had done. I agreed with her, cause it was a very stupid thing that I did, but I am a guy.

About five minutes after we got off the phone, I called Mary to see what she was doing again and to see if she wanted to do any thing. But of course, she said that she would love to, but she didn’t want to hurt Tina’s feelings. So in other words, I got the FUCKING shaft with both of the girls. I was so damn screwed. I didn’t have anybody to do or to love.

Then when I was going to get so fucked up that I probably would have to go to the hospital, Tina calls and says that she couldn’t help it. I was the first guy that she cried about when we broke up. She asked me all of the questions like “If we ever, I mean ever go back out will you cheat on me?”

“No.” I replied. We went on talking like that for a couple of hours, and that’s when she told me that she still LOVED ME. That’s when everything got quiet and I asked her, so would you ever go back out with me. It took her awhile to answer back, but then she said maybe. So then I asked her back out, but before I did I told her that I really did love her. Surprisingly she said yes.

Almost when we were done talking I asked her if she wanted to go mudding with me. “Well it depends, what are we going to do if we get stuck?”

“I’ll show you a little something I picked up last time I got hung up in a mud hole.”

When I picked her up her mom told me that I had to have her back at her house by one o’clock. I told her that I would. After that I took her to Mud Lick and hit every big ass mud hole to try and get hung up , but I just couldn’t.

She told me to pull over. “Right there! That’s far enough.” So, like a dog I did what I was told. This time she came on to me like stank on shit.

She first told me that she wasn’t really mad at me to begin with, she was just a little pissed off that I would lie to her about it. Then that’s when I realized that she was the most coolest fucking girl that I ever dated.

Then we started to get our freak on. She came over to me and reached into her pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, and asked me for a light. I happen to have one cause I just did smoke some wacky weed. I lit it up and then she blew it in my face. That dumb bitch knew that I was trying to quit. So I tackled her inside of the truck and started ripping off her clothes, but before we got to far into it, I reached into the glove compartment to get a condom.

“You don’t need one of those.”


“‘Cause I’m on birth control you dumb ass.” She showed me the patch.

“You did this for me?”

“Well kind of, but my mom bought it for me.”

“I love your mom.”

“Yeah, I do too.”

Then I reached down for her pussy.


“Now what?”

“Let me do every thing.”


She threw me down on the seat and told me to just lay back and relax. I popped a Viagra and it gave me a huge boner. She gave it to me straight. “Damn, this is going to hurt in the morning.’

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