My Girlfriends fetish Part 1

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I had been dating this lovely women for about 4 months, a very mature women for her ge of 45 and very busty with a nice figure.
Always wearing tops that are tighter than you would normally wear and skirts and stockings. You get the picture?
One afternoon she text me to say she was off work and asked me to go round for some fun,So i jumped in my car and travelled the 20 miles from mine to hers when i hit some traffic..took me a while but when i got to hers it was already 3pm. We didnt have much time before her son and his friend came round for tea.

We hardly got started when the door opened and in walked her son of 18 and his friend from College. We was chatting and had a coffee and she said to me why dont you stop for tea and then when me son goes back out we can carry on.

So after tea i was waiting patiently for her son to go out and take his friend with him which I caught him on numerous occasions staring at his friends mothers tits. In my head i was sniggering when i caught sight of his raging hard on lol made me chuckle and my gf said what you laughing at? I said nothing its ok.

6pm soon became 9pm then 10pm and still they were still here. I went into the kitchen and she followed me in to apologise and I said no its fine and told her her sons friend had been staring at your tits..she said I know Ive caught him too,she said to be frank its a little turn on and I said I know which for her was a surprise I said no its actually fine.

She said thats nice to know because I think about taking him for a drive in my car to do naughty things with sometimes to get off..I was like oh I.

I said why dont you offer to take the lad home in your car and then have a bit of fun with him,she said no i couldnt do that,I said why not? she said its only a fantasy really,I said yeah yeah did you see the size of his raging hard on .she smiled and winked and said it made me wet.

Any making a coffee I suggested to her to ask him and if it was to happen ,wear a very short skirt and stockings and wear no bra. If things got heated in the car and you was to do something then video it on your phone for me to see later for our fun, She said really? I said yes that would really turn me on.

About 30 minutes later she asked her sons friend if he wanted a lift home, her son said cant he stay tonight to which she said no not on a week night. So her son’s friend said yeah ok i coud do with a lift then. She winked at me and went upstairs to get ready,when she came down I was like omg a little too revealing but damn sexy as hell..Auburn hair all down and a tight white shirt to which you could clearly see her nipples.

She gave me a peck on the cheek and said i wont be long hun,and with that they went to take him home.
An hour and 30 minutes later she returned with a huge smile on her face and her hair a little messy,as i would say “just fucked hair” . Her son had already gone to bed and i was really horny to see what she had done. With that we casually went to bed to see what she had done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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