My Girlfriend’s Sister Pt. 02

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Female Ejaculation

A couple days have gone by since I witnessed Olivia utterly humiliate that guy. I tried to forget what I saw, but the whole scene kept replaying in my mind. I felt compelled to let Kirstin know, but how in the hell would I explain that? In an effort to save face, I kept it my secret. This was no easy feat, however. I especially remember one night Kirstin snuck in my room for a quick midnight “escapades”. I couldn’t get the image of her sister’s ripe ass out of my head.

To make things worse, Liv actively started socializing with me more. I found out that we had quite a bit in common. We had similar music tastes, we enjoyed each other’s sense of humor, and we were both huge nerds. She was a lot more confident than I was at her age so she took great pride in her appearance and interests. I felt like I was actually beginning to uncover her true personality after months of knowing her through her older sister. However, there was one strange part about all of this; She never mentioned the whole facesitting thing. My assumption was that she preferred if I just forgot, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the case today.

It was another day off and I was playing video games as usual when I heard Liv walking up the stairs. Nobody but us two were home so it was pretty quiet around the house. She stopped at the room I was in and playfully swung the door open. She was comfortably dressed in tight grey leggings and a form fitting band t-shirt. She looked good even when she wasn’t trying hard. Just what I needed, a distraction.

“Hiya kiddo, whatcha doin in here?”

“Uhhh, kiddo? Liv, I’m older than you you know.”

“Haha, yes but that’s what I’ve decided to call you so get used to it.”

“Pssh, if you say so weirdo. I’m just playing Mario Kart. What were you up to?”

“Meh, I was just watching a movie and now I’m bored. Hand me a controller!”

“Seriously? Uh okay. Have you played before?”

“Yeah, once or twice with some friends. Don’t judge me if I suck ass!

It turned out she was interested in gaming too (or just bored enough to try them). We started playing so she could get the hang of it. I won the first race no problem.

“Wow, go easy on me kiddo!”

“Well if you didn’t suck-“

“Oh really?! Haha let’s go again.” She pushed me in a playful way in response to my comment.

I didn’t expect much from the next game. This time, I took it a little easy on her, but not enough that she would see I was clearly sandbagging. She moved the controller like güngören escort a steering wheel while she turned her kart in a comical way and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You know you’re not actually driving a go kart right? Hahaha.”

“Oh shut it dude! I’m learning. You’re too good at this!”

We were on the final lap and she started getting a bit more playful with me as she saw I was going to win. She shoved me with her shoulders to make me mess up.

“Hey! Quit cheating. Don’t get salty just because you’re losing haha!”

“No! I’ve almost got you!”

Liv shoved me again. This time, I fell off the stage . It wasn’t a huge deal since she was still a ways behind me. I couldn’t believe I was actually getting competitive with her, but she made it fun with her antics. She stood up and leaned into the screen as I got closer to the finishing the race.

“Noooooo!” She yelled when she realized I was going to win. All of a sudden, she stood in front of me and paused the game.

“Yo! Are you serious?!”

Liv swiftly grabbed the back of my head and bent her ass over in front of my face.

“What are you doi-” My voice was muffled as she shoved my face between her ass plump ass cheeks. I dropped my controller and desperately tried to pry my face out of her butt when I felt her clench her cheeks around my face. The seal they formed through her leggings was incredibly tight and strong. My nose and mouth were planted firmly between her cushy ass cheeks. She looked back and smirked at me before she poked her ass out a little more and…


“Ahhhhhhhh ah-ha!! I screamed in a muted voice.

A rush of her stinky gas wafted over my face. She kept my face inside her butt for a moment while she shook her ass side to side in a taunting manner. The smell of her fart permeated my nostrils and stained them with the stench. My mouth also briefly opened as I yelled inside her butt. It tasted awful!

“Hahahahahahahaha take that stinky boy! Now let’s see you win.”

Liv un-paused the game and proceeded to play as I rolled on the floor in disgust. I couldn’t get the smell out of my nose. My mouth tasted like ass and I tried to gag and cough the taste out but to no avail. The smell also wafted through the air so I couldn’t escape it.

“Hah! Did I fart in your mouth?! How did it taste huh?! Ass muncher!”

By this time, Liv had long won the game. She was just mocking me now. The sight bağcılar escort of me struggling from the stink of her fart was clearly amusing to her. She laughed hysterically as I gagged and covered my nose to protect from the smell.

“Whew, that does smell bad doesn’t it kiddo?! Now you know what that dude went through the other day huh?”

I looked up at her in shock. She actually brought it up. I was now seeing how she liked to “play”. Being on the receiving end of her farts was less than ideal, but there was a part of me that found it amusing as well. I wasn’t sure why at the moment, but it didn’t bother me as much coming from her.

“Yeah, I *Cough cough* saw that. He got it a lot worse than I just did. You’re gross Liv!” I still saw this as a type of game with a friend.

“Oh, I’m gross am I?” Liv’s eyebrows raised at my remark. “Let’s see how you like kissing my ass!”

Liv turned her ass toward me and laid a nice firm smack on her ass cheek as she said that.

“You wouldn’t dare!”


She rushed over to me on the floor and pounced on top of me. She swiftly pinned my arms and struggled with me until I gave into her weight on top of me. She wasn’t particularly heavy, but she was putting a lot of effort in to sedate me.

“Liv, get off me! Please don’t!”

“Mmmmm heh heh heh.”

I desperately tried to push her off, but she wrestled with me every step of the way. I used my full strength to try to push her off and she lifted a bit, but maintained control of my arms and legs. My body began to weaken as she used her full weight to hold me down. She pressed her breast down onto mine and let go of my arms. Her boobs were not too big, but I could feel them through her shirt. The were soft and supple against my chest as she wiggled herself in top of me to tire me out.

With her arms free, she pulled down her leggings to reveal her thonged ass. Her pussy was right above my crotch so I began to feel a bit uncomfortable and I knew she noticed. A warm sensation flushed over my face. All of a sudden, I turned to jelly. I felt myself waiver in mental fortitude. Does she not feel the same way about this I wondered? I mean, what would Kirstin think if she saw this?

She smirked again as I noticeably eased up on my struggles. She sat up on my chest and looked down at me amusedly. The image of her smug face didn’t last long. She scooted forward up my body so her pussy was basically on my merter escort chin.

“Taste this you ass munch!”

With that, she moved forward and her soft, olive skinned ass cheeks plopped on my face. She leaned forward so that just her ass smothered my face. Her thong was black and her ass all but swallowed it up along with my face. I briefly saw her puckered asshole behind her thin panties before it essentially kissed my face. Her ass cheeks smelled like a fruity lotion, but it barely masked the smell of her stinky butthole.

She grinded and rubbed her butt all over my vulnerable face. I barely had any fight left in me left to push her off so I was forced to take her punishment. She smeared her peachy ass up and down and shook it side to side in a rhythmic dance. At one point, she purposely aimed her thong covered asshole on my lips to make me kiss it. My lips sloppily glazed over barely protected asshole while she playfully shook her ass cheeks.

“Hahaha, you okay down there. You’re lucky I don’t have to fart again.”

Her buttcrack was sweaty and stinky. I couldn’t believe I was being forced to smell her like this. It was utterly humiliating. I knew my face was thoroughly stained with the scent of her butt. One part fragrant, one part rancid. It was as if she was marking me with her scent. At this point, I was trapped under her for about 30 seconds.

I started to push on her ass cheeks as I was running out of air. This must’ve signaled to her that I had enough so she finally lifted her ass off my face with a burst of laughter. I took a deep breath of air as her butt released the grasp on my face.

“Hahahaha oh my god kiddo! I think you better wash your face. You look like a mess. Can’t have Kirstin smelling my ass when she kisses you!”

I moaned and groaned while my chest puffed in and out. I wiped my hand over my face and sniffed. Yup, my face smelled like Liv’s ass.

“Ughhhh, that was so nasty. Is this your idea of fun?”

“Ummmm, yeah pretty much. Haha, you’re my personal ass kisser now.”

“Yeah, you wish. Ughh.”

I slowly wobbled to my feet as Liv left the room still laughing like a crazy woman. I was completely humiliated by her. My face was stained with the smell of her juicy ass and I couldn’t do a thing about it but wash it off.

As I stood up, I looked down and noticed that I had pitched a full tent. My face turned flush again as so many questions ran through my mind.

Did she see my boner?

Was I actually turned on by this?

Were we just friends?

I tried to convince myself that this was just playful fighting, but Liv wasn’t naive. There was something about this that she enjoyed. I apparently liked it too, but I wasn’t ready to admit it. For now, I had to clean my face so there wasn’t any smell left.

To be continued…Part 3 soon

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