My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 07

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I awake the next morning rejuvenated. I decided I can play her little game. I give her a little kiss on the back of the neck as I caress her hips. My dick is already starting to grow. It seems the longer she teases me and denies me a release the larger it gets. I get out of bed to go make coffee and my hard on is protruding from boxers.

Katie starts laughing as she sees me. “I can play your little game. Are you ready to cum? Do you want my tongue or my fingers, perhaps you would like hump my dick again? I am going to be oblivious to your teasing. I’m going to enjoy this vacation.”

“Really? You don’t think I can put you in more pain than you already are?”

“I doubt it. I don’t think my balls could get much fuller that they already are.”

“Hmmmm. Why don’t you sit down in that chair,” Katie instructs me pointing to an arm chair at the end of our bed..

I sit down in a chair wearing only my boxers as Katie reaches into her luggage and removes a small bag. She removes a pair of handcuffs. I didn’t expect this and I gulp hard, “What are you going to do with those?”

My wife walks over and handcuffs each wrist to the arm rests of the chair. I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have challenged her. This might not have been a good idea.

Katie slowly starts to undress in front of me as her pajamas fall to the floor. She grabs the remote for the television and turns on a music channel that plays dance music. My wife comes over and turns so her ass is facing me. Her thong looks very sexy as she slowly starts to rub it against my crotch. The rubbing turns harder as her lap dance continues. My balls ache at her touch. I had no idea my wife could do this. While turned away from me she continues to rub against my rock hard dick. I can feel her pussy against me. Her nipples are rock hard as she turns her head to look at me and gives me a sexy smile. She turns in the chair so she is facing me as she reaches down and pulls my boxers down exposing my engorged cock.

Katie drops to her knees and licks the purple head, “Does this feel good?”

“Oh fuck yes,” as I struggle against the restraints.

She stands up and sits on the edge of the bed which is only a few feet from me. She places each leg on the same arm rest as my shackled wrists. She leans over and grabs the bag that produced the handcuffs. I watch as she pulls out two dildos.

I can not believe my eyes, “Where did you get those?”

She doesn’t answer. One of the dildos is silver and skinny with a rounded top and the other is pink that is shaped like a penis complete with testicles hanging down.

Katie is sitting on the bed with her legs spread. “This is what I want to do to your cock?” as she licks the pink penis up and down.

Slowly she starts sliding it into her mouth and pulls it out with a pop. She holds it in front of her lips while her tongue extends slowly and flicks towards the tip.

Looking towards my crotch, “You like watching me suck a hard dick don’t you?” My cock is at full mast and precum is starting to erupt from the tip. I feel so helpless with my wrists handcuffed and my boxers at my ankles.

I just stare at her. I know what she’s talking about.

“It’s okay to answer. You like watching me suck a hard dick and let the cum shoot onto my cute little face,” as her tongue continues to glide around the dildo.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be your cock, does it honey?” as she rubs the dildo across her lips. She places it next to her lips and looks over at me as she strokes it faster and faster. She extends her tongue and closes her eyes as if she’s waiting for the cum to shoot out of it.

“No.” I reply. She looks over and smiles at me.

“I know you like to watch your wife suck a hard cock,” as she places it back into her mouth without breaking eye contact.

She was right; it turned me on watching her suck Joel off. The way she put him down her throat. The way she stroked him off onto her face. She was so hot, so sexy. I closed my eyes as I felt my balls expand. They needed to be released. It hurt so badly. I opened them as she picks up the silver dildo.

Katie applies sexual lubricant and rubs it down as she would my cock. Katie looks over and smiles at me as she positions it on her clit. She slowly starts working it around her lips and pushing it forward into her. It disappears as Katie pulls it out and adds more lubricant. She reinserts it and continues to go faster as her hips thrust towards the prosthetic penis. Soon Katie is humping the device and moaning.

“Oooooh God- this feels good,” as Katie works it in and out of her.

I can not take my eyes away. Katie starts to fuck herself with the toy. Her speed varies and shoves it into her, “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH”. Her breathing increases. “Do you like watching me fuck myself?”

I can only just nod my head. My wife looks so hot getting fucking herself with her toy. The old Katie would have never done something like this. She continues rubbing her clit and sliding it into her.

Katie continues Ataşehir Escort to fuck herself with the dildo while she grabs the pink one and stuffs it into her mouth. Her mouth engulfs the dildo as she moves the other in and out of her sopping wet pussy. Soon she is rubbing her clit in circles while she sucks on toy.

I can hear her moaning as her hips are bucking against her own movement. Soon Katie’s body is quivering as she brings herself to orgasm. She pops the dildo out of her mouth and uses both hands pushing the silver dildo deeper into her as her moaning increases. Slowly she subsides and pulls it out. She looks over to me and smiles. She looks so relaxed from the fucking she gave herself.

I stare at her as she moves her legs off the chair, “My god that was incredible.”

“Did you like watching me?”

“You are fucking incredible. When did you get those?” struggling against the handcuffs.

“I got them during on at my bachelorette party. Remember?”

“Not really. Have they been in the house the entire time?”

“Yeah…they’ve been collecting dust in my closet. I never thought I’d use them but,” looking down at my cock, “I thought you could use it on me since I knew you couldn’t use yours.”

Katie crawls over and grabs hold of my testicles.

“AARRGGHHH, stop it, that hurts!”

“What? I thought you could handle anything I did?”

“I didn’t expect that.” My cock twitches in the air as I remained confined to the chair. “Please baby. I’m sorry. It hurts please get me off”

Katie reaches up and unlocks one of the cuffs and then the other. I grab the back of Katie’s head and pull her to my crotch, “Please baby. Suck it.”

My wife pulls back and stands up, “We should go out and do something.” Katie bends over and cleans up her toys putting them back into her bag.

Standing up from the chair, “I think I’ll just watch TV”

“I don’t think so. You are on vacation with me and we are going to spend some quality time together. Now get dressed.”

“This isn’t quality time and I don’t feel like going out,” standing up from the chair.

“Oh do your balls hurt dear?” as she reaches over and tries to grab my balls.

“Fuck yes don’t touch them”

“You know the deal! We have one more day in Mexico. You’re going to have to buck up,” as Katie sits down on the edge of the bed.

“Baby, I’m in so much pain,” walking over to her so my cock is staring straight at her.

She reaches out and grabs a hold of my enlarged cock. She looks at it and admires it. The precum is flowing freely from the tip. Katie extends her tongue and licks it..

“MMMMMMmmmmm,” licking her lips, “I do like the taste of your cum baby.”

I can feel my cum ready to explode at the sight of Katie as my cock hovers in front of her, “Please?”

“Do you like my mouth around you?”

“Oh yeah baby. I want to cum on you so badly. Let me give you my cum. I’m sorry. Please,” I beg. “Please let me cum on you.”

“I do love the taste of your cum”, licking tip of my aching cock again.

“Please don’t stop,” thrusting towards her mouth.

Katie stops and looks up at.

“Please…let me cum…I’m begging. You are so sexy,” reaching out and rubbing her cheek with my hand.

Katie stops and looks up at me, “Get dressed and let’s go do something,” dropping my cock and standing up so she is facing me.

Please Katie…it hurts so bad. I can hardly walk…please let me cum. I’m begging you.”

“I’m sorry baby, I can’t let you…”

“But… You can’t keep teasing me like this!”

“Get dressed. I’m not going to let you cum,” as Katie walks by me.

It was again pointless to argue. She had control of me. I could just start whacking my cock and jizz on the floor but I to afraid she was serious when she said she wouldn’t suck my cock again. I couldn’t take that chance. I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed some clothes.

The day was rather fun and evening began to roll around. We go out and I make it a part to get her drunk. Perhaps she would feel more open to us having sex if her inhibitions were lowered. It was a fun evening of drinking and dancing. I make it a part to keep Katie on the dance floor and was always rubbing up against her. Feeling her ass or rubbing her legs, kissing the back of her neck. We stayed to the club closed and slowly walked back to the hotel enjoying the sounds of the ocean splashing up on the beach.

We get into our room and collapse onto the bed. I was sweating from the temperature outside and throw my shirt off. Katie lays her head on my bare chest and clicks on the television. “Do you want to watch a movie?”

“Sure. I think they have some newer movies on the pay per view.”

Katie starts scrolling through the pay per view channels when she clicks on the adult menu and starts looking at the titles.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to rent a movie for us to watch,” as she scrolls through the titles.

Katie highlights a title which is obviously a blowjob Anadolu Yakası Escort film.

“We’ve never watched porn together, well except the video you made of me of course. This should be fun!”

Katie presses purchase on the title and grabs a bottle of wine from the bar. She pops the bottle open and pours two glasses. She hands me mine. My wife sits hers down on the nightstand and removes her clothes except for her bra and underwear.

Before long a very attractive brunette is sucking the life out of a porn star. I find myself become aroused at the TV as Katie wraps her legs around mine. I can feel her pressing up against my leg grinding herself.

Katie is staring intently at the TV, “Is this turning you on?”

My wife shakes her head up and down as she intently watches the screen.

I reach down and start rubbing her leg as she watches the scene unfold. The star is taking the cock deeper into her mouth. Katie’s breathing has increased as I can feel her grinding against me. I’m so turned on by watching the video with her. She was right; we hadn’t watched porn together. I think I was more turned on by her enjoyment of the scene that I was of watching it. I start rubbing her legs harder as she releases her grip around me and spreads her legs. I slowly start rubbing her clitoris with my index finger.

The guy is getting close to cumming as his female companion releases his cock from her mouth and starts stroking it inches from her face. Katie’s own breathing is increasing as I continue to flick my fingers across her and shooting in and out of her wet pussy. Soon the guy starts shooting his cum over her face at the same time I pull Katie’s panties down as I lean down and lick her bald pussy. I look up as she is watching the porn. My tongue is racing across her clitoris as she is thrusting against my mouth. I love the way it feels with no pubic hair as I shoot my fingers into her vagina while playfully biting her clit. Her hand grabs the back of my head as the wave or her orgasm hits her. She rocks back and forth while moaning and watching the scene on the TV. I slowly lick to clean her juices and kiss her back to her face.

“Oh baby, that was awesome,” she happily announces.

Katie reaches down feels my raging hard on, “Ooooh you poor baby.”

She slowly strokes my cock very nonchalantly as she watches another scene unfold. It’s just like the first with a lady performing oral sex on her male friend. While her hands are wrapped around me, “She doesn’t seem to enjoying it.”

“I suppose some women don’t like it.”

“But she’s a porn star…she should at least act like she enjoying it. It kind of takes away from the scene.”

After the third scene, Katie is reviewing each girl’s performance and has dropped my cock. My dick lays quivering as she ignores my advances to get her to continue to stroke my engorged dick.

I look over at her, “You’re really getting into this aren’t you?”

“It’s hot to watch. It’s hot to watch the cum spray on their faces. To see the girl’s reaction and to hear a man moan I think is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. To watch the cum drip down her face and on her mouth just makes me soaked.”

The scene concludes and she rolls over on top of my chest. Katie’s face is staring into mine. The movie continues with another scene. “Why do you like cumming on my face?”

Katie looks back and watches the scene unfold on the television.

“I don’t know. It just turns me on. I can’t really explain it. You look hot with my cum dripping off. It was fantasy of mine. When I first came on your face it turned me on so much. I couldn’t believe you let me do that to you.”

“Do you really like it? Or do you do it to just appease me?”

Katie turns and stares into my eyes, “The first time in front of the computer it was to just because you asked me but then I realized it turned me on. The feel of your cum on my face excites me.”

She turns back to watch a little more of the girl deep throating the cock and turns back to me, “the smell, the taste, the texture…it makes me feel so…horny.”

Katie could hear the guy getting ready to ejaculate and turns back towards the show. He erupts on her face. Her breathing has increased again as she kisses my stomach and reaches out and wraps her fingers around my cock. She turns back towards me, “the warmth of each spurt…The feel of that hot sticky cum erupting on me… there’s nothing hotter than having your cum drip down my face and then have it moisten my lips as I lick it off with my tongue. I love your cum,” laughing, “its like crack. I can’t get enough of it.”

Katie and I stare at the movie as it unfolds. The porn star is forcing his cock down his victim’s throat. She is gagging but still taking it all and enjoying it. It was very reminiscent of what Joel did to my wife.

“Why did it turn you on when I sucked off Joel?” without breaking eye contact from the movie.

“What do you mean?”

Katie turns to me, “I saw you when you Kartal Escort came into the bathroom. You were dick was rock hard.”

Clearing my throat, “It was like watching a porno.” I confessed, “It was hot watching you suck him off.”

“I think it turned you on sucking his dick as much as it did me. It looked like you were in to it.”

Katie turns back to the TV, intently watch the porn. “Yes, but in a different way.”


“I like the way he made me do what he wanted. I liked the way he made me suck his dick. I liked the way he demanded me to do things. The way he forced his cock down my throat was a turn on. You can tell me what to do. I’ll do anything you ask.”

“I didn’t know you wanted me to demand things from you. I didn’t want you to think I didn’t respect you.”

“You are respecting me. You’re just fulfilling your needs,” turning to face me, “and mine.”

“I didn’t know,” reaching out and caressing her legs, “I don’t suppose I could demand that you suck me off right now?”

“Our deal’s not done yet! You still have another day in Mexico and then we’ll see if I can find a way to forgive you.”

Katie watched the porn intently her eyes glancing over at my penis. Slowly she pushed her hand onto my thigh. I felt her rubbing as it worked her way back to my cock,

She leaned into me, “I can’t wait to taste your cum”

“Stop it. You just are trying to tease me again.”

“I want to feel your spunk on my face”

Katie watches the flick as she strokes my dick, “I can give a better blowjob than that. I think I’m hotter than she is. “Don’t you think?”

“I wouldn’t know anymore,” pushing her head towards my cock. I can feel her muscles tense up in her back as she resists my efforts.

“I can be a better at that…and they get paid,” as she strokes me harder and faster.

“Baby please…it hurts,” as I push harder to get her mouth around me cock, “let me cum.”

She looks back at me, “are you close? Are you sorry for what you have done?”

“Yes … I’m so sorry,” I plead. “Please…please let me cum.”

I start moaning and thrusting my hips against her fist that is clenched around my cock.

“Yes baby,” as Katie slowly strokes my cock with her closed fist, “I can see the precum.”

Katie bends down and kisses my neck and glides her tongue to my nipple. “Oh yeah…oh yeah….I’m going to cum,” as I start humping her hand.

Suddenly Katie stops as my cock twitches in the air.

She sits up, “Don’t cum…Don’t fucking cum,” she demands.

I’m shivering in the bed, my breathing has increased…I can feel the cum boiling in my groin. I feel my cock is getting ready to explode.

“Don’t cum!” Katie demands

“Katie,” I cry out. “Please. I need to cum so bad. It hurts.”

“Not tonight baby!”

Katie turns off the TV and reaches over and turns out the light.

“Please Katie…”

“Let’s go to bed. The vacation is almost over. Maybe you’ll get to cum tomorrow.”

We awoke the next morning and had breakfast. I couldn’t even concentrate on having any type of conversation with my wife. I had a really bad headache. After eating Katie wanted to check her email so we made our way to the internet cafe at the hotel. They had multiple computers set up to surf the internet. Katie was checking her email while she glanced over at mine. “What are all those emails?” Pointing to multiple responses with a subject line of “You’ve received feedback on your video.”

I confessed they were feedback from the video of her I had uploaded that I hadn’t deleted.

“What?! You told me you had deleted the video,” Katie yells out, scooting closer to my computer.

“I did, it appears many people are upset that it was taken off.” Katie leans in and grabs the mouse and clicks on the first one which read: “Please post more of her, you are the luckiest bastard in the world.”

She kept clicking on the emails, another read: “Please reup your video. She is the hottest thing on the internet.” She continued and read the responses aloud:

“My wife and I think this is the best video ever. Do you have a website?”

“You’re wife looks so hot with cum on her face. Please put post more.”

“Do you have any videos of her fucking you?”

“Wow!” Katie exclaims, “We’re pretty popular! Which video won the contest?”

I grab the mouse and look around the room. We are the only ones using the computer. I click on a few pages and soon a video of a busty blonde getting drilled by her husband flashes across the screen. She is a screamer and for a homemade video, it’s very hot.

Katie stares at the screen and once the video ends, “I think ours was better.”

Looking over and laughing, “Yes I think so. It doesn’t matter though,” as I get ready to close the browser.

“Wait! Show me where our video was. I want to make sure it’s deleted,” my wife instructs.

I click on a few pages and soon a blank screen appears that was titled “Wife begs for cum.” The only thing remaining was comments that were posted from the viewers. Katie grabs the mouse and scrolls down and begins to read the comments regarding our video.

“Are you okay?” She doesn’t answer, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, sorry, I was just reading these. This one calls me a whore and a slut?!?!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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