My Incest Dream

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I had a revealing dream that I’ve come to realize would be my ideal life. It was so vivid, I woke up confused, but so happy and fulfilled. Sometimes the subconscious just knows what you want before you do, I guess.

In my dream I was as I am now. I’m 20 years old, a 5’5″ brunette, perfectly average build. I was so nervous, because it was my wedding day. I paced back and forth thinking. Wasn’t I young to be getting married? What did my parents REALLY think of the marriage? It was fairly sudden, after all. My mom entered the room, my spitting image. She grabbed both my hands, holding them tight, and gave me a small smile. I could tell she wasn’t thrilled, but she had accepted my choices. She led me in my fluffy white dress to a set of large wooden doors, and I heard the music drifting through. The doors opened and I took a deep breath and looked to the alter at my future husband.

He was 22, 6’0″, with red hair and light stubble. Strong, muscular, and beautiful. He’s my brother. In the moment our eyes met across the aisle I saw the same swirl of emotions that I felt in him. Fear at the huge commitment we were about to make. Guilt at the taboo nature of it. But most importantly, love and excitement. As I met him at the alter he flashed me his gorgeous crooked grin, the one I’ve watched girls fall for my whole life, and my stomach flipped. That smile was mine now, for the rest of my life!

The ceremony was quick, the vows were said. I grinned against his lips as with a kiss my married life began. I felt so much love and excitement in that moment, I was overcome with it. We were no beşiktaş masöz escort longer just Family, we were Husband and Wife! We had committed our lives to each other, we belonged to each other now.

The reception was lovely, and I was finally able to kiss the man I loved whenever I wanted. However, I was far too impatient for the night to end. Finally it was time to go and we bid everyone goodnight. We entered the elevator and an awkward nervousness was tangible in the air. I looked up at my brother, no, husband, and as we looked at each other we burst into giggles. We were so overwhelmed but god we were so content.

The giggles slowed as we reached our door and he paused with the door ajar. It hit me then what was about to happen. It was my wedding night and I was spending it with my big brother. We’d never slept together before and suddenly that seemed like the worst tragedy in the world. I stepped into his space, slid my hands under his jacket to rest on his chest.

He kissed me sweetly, one of our first kisses as man and wife. We had remained chaste at the reception, determined to prove to our family that despite the taboo nature of the relationship we were just a couple deeply in love.

The kiss deepened and I remember the flavor of his tongue, sweet from the cake. Our hands started to roam as the kiss gained an edge. He lead me into the room, till the backs of my knees hit the bed. He paused, looking me up and down. For a second I was scared that he was getting cold feet, but as he met my eyes all I could see was love and lust, beşiktaş otele gelen escort his pupils blown wide. The thought of my brother wanting me that bad made me shiver. He turned me around, kissing my neck as he carefully undid my lovely dress.

Beneath I had no bra and a pair of white satin panties which I was soaking through by now. As the dress fell, his hands skated up to cup my breasts. He teased my nipples, pinching and rolling, and I felt myself melting against him. I rolled my hips back, and groaned at the hardness against my ass. One of his hands came down to grip my hip, and I took the opportunity to turn to him. I proudly let him admire my body as I slid off his tux jacket and tie. He looked so handsome it was almost a shame to take it off. He was as built as I remember, the strong muscles of a rugby player finally free to admire as I pulled off the last of his layers.

My hands skated down to his waistband and our eyes met as I flicked his pants open, sliding down the zipper and reaching inside. I’m sure he could see on my face how badly I needed him. I started to gently stroke along him and he groaned, his hand grabbing my wrist to still my ministrations. He grabbed me, lifting me on to the bed, clearly feeling the same urgency as me. He pulled his pants and underwear off and my mouth watered at the sight of him, naked in front of me. He was utterly breathtaking.

I reached for him again, stroking him gently as he stood in front of me. He kissed me, wet and hard and desperate as he pushed me back onto beşiktaş rus escort the mattress. He pulled away, kissing his way down my body, stopping briefly to suck my nipples to peaks. I was gasping as he reached the edge of my panties. My hips twitched as he placed a light kiss over my panties, grinning as I squirmed. He hooked a finger in them and pulled them to the side as he finally placed a firm lick to my clit. He groaned, enjoying my taste. His tongue continued to taste me as he pushed his long fingers into me, working me right up to the edge before he pulled his fingers out. He only left me empty for a moment as I felt him enter me.

I was letting out broken little moans of his name, absolute putty underneath him. His face above me was full of so much adoration as he began to move, rocking into and out of me. His pace picked up until he was truly fucking me, turning me into a moaning, shouting mess on the verge again. I dragged my nails over the sheets, over his arms as I climbed higher and higher. One muscular arm found it’s way up, his hand burying itself in my hair, his face in my neck as he began to approach his peak.

His strokes became desperate, and after a few more seconds he was gone. I fell right over the peak as I felt him fill me with his seed, claiming me.

He fell to the bed next to me, face buried in my shoulder as we recovered. I had never in my life felt so complete as I did with my brother and spouse holding me, having consummated our life together. I knew that despite the taboo nature of our commitment, the unease of our parents, and the potential resistance to our new union, we had declared our love.

I woke up wet and confused at being alone before I realized it had all been a dream. Since then I have realized how in love with my own brother I am. He is my perfect man, my protector, my soulmate, and I will forever hope that we will someday end up together.

Truly the man of my dreams.

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