My Instant Sisters Ch. 03

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We rumbled along the night time streets. The humidity was so thick that each street lamp had a halo around it. My mind was busy doing damage control. I didn’t want to be thinking like that, after such a wonderful evening. My heart was singing. I’m overly romantic anyway. I knew even then, I’d just had the night of my life. Everyone has one. I believe God inserts these moments into our life just so that we do look forward to the next day, instead of greeting it with despair. Such a cruel trick it is to attach morals and complications to something so pure, so spontaneous and so loving.

Cheryl and I never professed our love to each other. But our time at the pond was indeed a moment of love. I wished I knew what my comely passenger was thinking. The way she hugged me as we rode along was making me smile. But then I had to start thinking of an explanation for our tardy return. I’d called the apartment from a pay phone at the Tenneco, but no one answered. Running out of gas is an old joke. About a block from the apartment, I reached down and unplugged one of the sparkplug caps, letting it stay on the plug loosely.

That worked out. Everyone was sitting out on the stoop, along with some of the neighbors. We came stuttering up on the bike, with it obviously not running right. Didn’t need to do much explaining. Roo gave Cheryl some long looks from time to time, but soon conversations resumed, and so passed just another evening. Cheryl flashed me a big smile when no one was looking. I’m sure she was as relieved as I was.

TV for Three

The next two days were sultry and very hot. The rains finally came during the late afternoon of the second day, it seems. I got home late and thoroughly soaked. I noticed Roo’s car was gone.

I came in the door to find the girls making a chef salad and pouring tea. Roo and her mom had gone to Uncle Scotts to give them a new stroller for the baby. Lisa told me they hadn’t been gone long. I thought about it, wondering what urgency there was in delivering a stroller in this weather. Were they going to go out promenading in this soup?

I went into the bedroom and stripped down and towelled off. In the mirror, I looked like a large rat. My reverie was interrupted as Cheryl came in and taking up the towel, and started drying my hair.

“What were you looking in the mirror for, didja lose something?” she teased.

I grinned and said, “No, I just think I look like a drowned rat right now.”

Cheryl kept up the head buffing, but she giggled and said,” I don’t know about any rat, but I do see a worm!”

I laughed and told her I needed to explain the differences beween snakes and worms. We both were laughing when Lisa came in.

She walked over to where we were by the dresser. “Is this the snake you’re referring to, Sir?” she inquired while reaching down and giving my member a tug. Her eyes gleamed mischeviously as she let her hand linger an extra beat.

Cheryl stared in amazement at our Miss Hussy. ” Lisa!” she exclaimed, “You’re not being forward or anything, are you?” We all cracked up and trouped into the kitchen after I found my shorts.

It was great, sitting there with a girl on each side of me on the couch. Dinner was finished. Roo had called to tell us they were staying until the rain let up. It was really coming down. I could hear the traffic shussing wetly down the street through the open window.

As I said, the girls had me bookended on the couch. Each of them had swung their legs over the arms at each end and my feet were on a pillow on the coffee table. We were watching the weather reports interspersed with a sitcom. Cheryl had on a light silk robe of Roo’s. Lise had on her usual large T-shirt, covering most of her down to the knees.

It was already dark outside. Normally, that wouldn’t be the case, but the rain and clouds made it a good night to be indoors. I had an arm casually around each of the sisters shoulders as we watched the shenanigans on the tube. Bored, I looked down at Cheryl’s pointed nipples poking through the thin fabric. Lazily, I slid my hand down to her breast and with just my fingertips began caressing her. Ever so lightly, I trailed my fingers up her tip and squeezed. Then back down her orb, gently scratching.

Cheryl looked around and up at me, flicking her eyes toward Lisa, clearly a question. I just grinned and shook my head, as if to say, “Just goofing around”.

She caught on, and resumed watching the set.

What she didn’t know was that my other hand was doing the same thing to her sister! Lisa never let on, she betrayed nothing. I cupped her small firm tits, tweaking her nubbins until they stood proud. For ten minutes perhaps, this continued. Cheryl squirmed a little bit, then took my hand to her mouth and gave me a little bite. I could feel her shoulders shake as she giggled silently.

It was then that my other hand got moved as well. Lise placed her small hand over mine and began moving south with it. Together, beşiktaş türbanlı escort we glided over her belly, smooth and flat. We paused, then the travels began anew.!!! No panty indention. The pressure on my hand eased when we reached her pubis. The top of my hand felt cool after the heat of her palm and I could feel her fur under the T-shirt.

Glancing over her way, I could see her foot swinging in little circles off the arm of the couch, outwardly as unconcerned as could be. I could feel my pulse rise in time with my tumescence. On TV, the sitcom continued, although I’d totally lost the plot. Lisa had widened the gap in her legs and her long shirt was pooled near her hips.

It was a simple thing to pull that shirt just a bit further, loose as it was. Then just a brush against soft blonde pubes curling so sweetly in towards her cleft. In my growing excitement I pinched Cheryl’s nipple and heard her sudden intake of breath. Lisa’s nipples were at rigid attention as well, never mind the casually swinging foot. My shorts needed adjustment badly.

Lisa parted her thighs just a little more and I got my first whiff of her sex. I wondered immediately if Cheryl noticed. I had Lisa’s shirt front above her pubes now and I was lightly tracing her outer lips. I moved my other hand down to Cheryl’s mons to do the same act there. I could feel her wetness through the satin gown. Bunching it in my hand, I wadded it together until her sex was revealed. Than both sisters began recieving the same gentle caresses without the other’s knowlege.

Lisa impatiently pushed my hand against her pussy. Unfurling my fingers, I trolled them up her small slit, gently opening her and moistening my fingertips. By the second stroke, I was lubricated enough to cover her clit. The foot finally quit swinging. Her excitement was clear now. Her pussy had swollen into a perfect little circle with her clit standing upright and slick. I softly stroked her clit with my thumb and just entered her with my ring finger. Her thigh muscles tightened and so did her grasp on my finger. I heard her gasp softly and felt her tense.

My other hand was busy as well. Being left handed as I am, Cheryl had the clear benefit of sitting to that side of me. I had two fingers inside of her, teasing her G and rubbing her whole mound with my palm. I could feel her lips squishing wetly, her clit engorged and ready. Cheryl was nowhere as good at keeping her composure. Her hips were undulating and she was beginning to raise her pelvis against my hand as I stroked and rubbed.

I was in heaven but at the least, very uncomfotable. My shorts were tight around my balls, (now very full) and my cock was wedged against my leg and I’d oozed a spot the size of a quarter that plainly showed. Both my hands were occupied. There were three sets of eyes blindly watching the TV. They could have shown incessant commercials and we wouldn’t have noticed. The smell of arousal hung thick in the damp air. Obviously, neither girl could return favor to me, as they each thought they alone were the object of my attentions.

One can be literally saved by the bell. Cheryl was plainly writhing from my ministrations. Lisa kept pushing my other hand hard against her clit and her thighs were trembling. That’s when the phone rang.

Lisa jumped up and went to the kitchen to answer. Cheryl turned around to face me. ” Dammit,” she muttered softly, ” So close, I hate that phone!”

The call was for me. I went in the kitchen and Lise handed me the phone. Turns out Roo and her mom hadn’t left yet. A tree had fallen on a car at the entrance to Scott’s subdivision. So they were blocked in and were probably going to stay overnight. I understood that and said I was going on to bed, that I’d see her in the morning. It was hard to stay focused during the exchange. Lisa had unzipped me, finally letting my poor cock straighten out. She bent over from the waist and softly pulled me into her mouth while Roo was describing the scene at the subdivision. It was very strange listening to Roo while this tousled blond head bobbed up and down my length. I could feel my scrotum tightening with need. I pulled away from her to concentrate on the phone. I could see a ribbon of saliva reaching from my cock to her grinning mouth. Luckily Lisa straightened and zipped me back up.

After I hung up, I told the girls what Roo had said. Lisa promptly sat down at the dining table and began to roll one up. I went over to the window, noting that the rain had finally stopped. I could feel a cool breeze stirring and the curtains billowed slightly. I just needed a moment to regain my composure. The living room reeked of sex, although none had actually occured. Now it was obvious that Lisa had joined the fray. I didn’t know what Cheryl had revealed, but Lise was truly acting the wanton woman part. It made me wonder what the reaction of each would be were I to continue down the path before us.

Cheryl beşiktaş ucuz escort came up behind me and gave me a hug. “Ted, do you think it’s dry enough to go up on the roof? It would be nice to lay out up there where it’s cool, don’t you think?”

I lit a smoke, breathing it in deep before replying. I knew what I really wanted to do right then and there, to hell with the consequences. My cock was still throbbing, all I wanted to do is bury it deep in either one, I didn’t care. When I finally could trust myself to speak, I turned, facing the auburn haired beauty. I said, “That sounds good to me. I really need to cool down, it might be just the ticket, whew!”

Cheryl gave me her Chesire cat grin, then lowered her gaze to my shorts. Her smile faded, as she came back to meet my eyes. Quietly, confidingly, she spoke low. “I need some time alone with you, OK?” She took a deep breath and glanced over her shoulder towards the kitchen. She raised her robe and her finger disappeared briefly. “Open”, she commanded and thrust the finger into my mouth. I sucked it dry as she watched. She made a silent O shape with her mouth.

The spell was broken when we heard Lisa scrape her chair back from the table. Her project completed, we gathered up a tarp, the girls bedrolls and some ice water. Thus encumbered, we went outside to the stairs and climbed to the roof.

Let’s watch the Helicopter

Topside, we found a dry spot on the graveled flat roof near the front parapet. The oak tree that stood at the front of the building overhung the area we selected. The late night breeze rustled through the branches and the moon started making quick cameo appearances between the fast scudding clouds. Some crickets chirped along the walls and the occasional car hissed by three stories below.

We spread out the tarp and the bedrolls. I watched, amused as the girls night clothes fluttered in the breeze. We sat crosslegged, comfortable in our nest, and lit the joint. We got to talking about John Travolta for some reason and about discos. We just chattered as the pot took effect and watched the moon.

Suddenly a helicopter thundered by, low, just to the south of us. The girls were astounded. two pairs of round eyes listened as I explained how the APD flew at night, fighting crime. It would swoop and dive around the city, turning on it’s searchlight, probing dark alleys. I don’t know how much good it did, nor did I like all the noise. But with our bird’s eye view, we saw the chopper wheel and dip over in the industrial areas, then on to Techwood homes and so on. finally, it headed out over Bankhead Hwy, the sound fading.

We had stood up to watch the show, passing the joint while we spectated. When the helicopter disappeared, I laid down and looked up at the moon. The girls followed suit, just laying down silently next to me. They were both off to my left and they were whispering to each other.

I asked lazily what the big secret was. Lisa sat up and gulped some water. “The secret, as you call it kind sir, is about to be revealed.” She giggled then. ” I think you were playing with us both on the couch down there, and that’s VERY naughty!”

We all cracked up. We were stoned, we were happy, we were relieved. The quandary was no longer. Lisa rolled over on top of me. I could see her head silhouetted in the moonlight, and behind her Cheryl was grinning.

“I’m not too heavy on you am I?” Lise inquired with straight face. We all laughed again. Lisa weighed maybe ninety pounds, soaked and was not quite five feet tall. Of course, dope magnifies hilarity and we were actually stifling ourselves to keep from awakening the residents below us.

As we caught our breath finally, Lisa kissed me. I felt her tongue probe my lips gently, then entered as I opened. Her hair drooped into my face as we began kissing more deeply. I felt the effects of our kiss stirring my maleness anew. Lisa shifted to my side and held my head in both her hands as she explored my mouth. I felt other hands undoing my shorts and tugging. I raised my self and in a flash I was naked under the moon.

Cheryl said in a soft sing-song voice, “I see somebody’s horny here, it cannot be denied.”

I groaned into Lisa’s mouth and cupped her little bottom with my hand. She wiggled a little bit and I was able to touch her inner thighs and felt her wetness. She shivered, and whispered,”Can you reach me? I want you to FEEL it, oh yes, right there. Play with me, touch it. Put your finger in. Yeah, like that. Go deeper, yeah baby!” She gyrated gently, and then murmured almost so I couldn’t hear, “Baby, would you suck on me would you do that I wanna be kissed down there, want you to taste it can you do it?”

I replied, “Oh yes” and beckoned her up.

Thighs on each side of my head. Sparse, curly pubes tickling my nose. Her T-shirt tenting around the act, making it so private. My soft lick into her dampness, exploring, resisting the temptation beşiktaş üniversiteli escort to take all of her in my mouth. Licking the hood back from her clit, probing, tongue washing. Fresh juices of excitement bathing my cheeks. Her hips twitching, mushing her little girl puss against my mouth. Then she was gone, her lips back on mine kissing me deeply, and again.

I felt Cheryl’s fingernails just barely scraping my inner thighs. She said, “This is really sexy. Are you two as horny as me?”

Lise and I broke for air and said “Un- huh” at the same time. We all laughed and Lisa climbed up on top of me, pulling her shirt off. When the laughter faded, she looked over at Cheryl and said simply, “Kiss him!”

Cheryl complied, moving over to meet my lips. Just before her head covered my view, I got a glimpse of Lisa lowering herself onto my cock. She had this deep look of concentration on her face. I felt her small hand grasp me and guide. Cheryl’s warm soft tongue entered my mouth and at the same time I felt myself slowly enveloped by a wet tight sheath. I groaned at the sensation. Cheryl pulled back slightly and whispered, ” This is for you, baby. Enjoy.”

Lisa continued riding down my shaft, her tiny pussy stretching, accomodating.

Finally, she was sitting on my length. I heard Lisa say,”Oh God, he’s all the way in. I can feel him so good!”

Now, I’m not a horse by any means, just average. Lisa was just so small that it made me feel huge, the way I filled her. It felt like I was being held tightly in someone’s wet velvet glove. Lisa started to move up and down, just a little. I could’ve come right then.

Cheryl sat up and scooted back a little bit towards Lisa. She reached underneath her sister’s bobbing ass and started squeezing and fondling my balls. Lisa was looking down at me, eyes big, as she slowly rode me. She mumbled something to Cheryl, who handed her the water. She never lost her tempo as she drank. I began cupping and squeezing Lisa’s firm little tits and pulling her nipples gently. She threw her head back and started riding me harder, roughly rubbing her gash against me with each stroke.

Her tightness didn’t diminish. She got wetter and as she hunched harder and harder on me, I could feel my tip contacting her cervix. The feeling was utterly delicious, especially with my balls being caressed as well. No mortal man could endure for long having his cock so thoroughly milked. Cheryl, watching my face, said,”Lise, he’s cumming, you better hurry!”

Lise, gasping, muttered, “No, no, not yet Ted, hold out, PLEASE!”

Through clenched teeth, I said, “Stop or I’m gone!”

Lisa did stop, with me only halfway in her. She reached back, to hold on to my legs, just below the knees. Cheryl withdrew her hand from my balls to give Lisa some room.

Arched backwards on her knees now, Lise slowly gyrated her hips. I could feel her rough patch inside rubbing the corona of my cock. She rubbed herself thus, up and down, maybe an inch each way. We were both trembling from need, both so close to release! I raised my head and looked at the erotic view before me. I could see my cock halfway buried in her tiny pussy, her lips stretched wide around the circumference, her clit jutting, engorged, shining with slickness.

Lisa’s thighs were trembling. In a small voice, she whimpered, “Oooh, I’m so close, so close, please, oh please!” She shook her hair out of eyes and looked straight up at the night sky. I could feel her shivers, her contractions and felt my balls tighten, out of my control now. My need was too great to be denied much longer. Lisa’s nipples were in my fingers, swollen and distended. With each little pinch, I could feel her jump and her impossibly tight pussy contract.

It was then that Cheryl did a most sisterly thing. She had been steadfastly gazing at us both, watching my face, then her sister’s. Suddenly, her hand disappeared under her robe, only to reappear wet with her own juices. She leaned over and began rubbing Lisa’s clit in little circular motions.

Lisa gasped, “Oh yes, just like that, don’t….change….a thing, yes,yes, there, THERE..OH GAWD, YEEEEEESSSSSS!” She erupted, feeling me flooding her insides at the same time, small hips jerking rapidly, frenzied and finally popping me out in our abandon.

I had begun my orgasm the very moment Cheryl touched Lisa. The clamping of that little pussy, and the tremors resulting from Cheryl’s touch was just to much to bear. I arched my back and plowed in to the hilt, my seed already spewing before the main sensation hit. I could hear Lise exclaiming and trying to ride me as I bucked. I opened my eyes at one point and locked on to Cheryls face. Her face was almost slack and her eyes seemed unseeing. Then, the next wave hit me and all went black for a moment.

I could hear the crickets again and a cicada started it’s buzz in the oak tree. A truck blew it’s horn out on the Connector. A light breeze blew over my nakedness. Lisa was laying beside me, a hand under her head. A light brush of a kiss on my lips. Cheryl’s eye’s, luminous in the moonlight as she raised back from me, smiling, running her fingernails gently up and down my chest.

“That’s something she’ll alway’s remember,” she said, nodding towards the tousled waif at my side. “You were good to her, Ted”.

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