My Lesbian Fantasy

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So there I was with a knot in the pit of my stomach. My heart was pounding. I was so nervous and scared, I felt like running away. But I knew I wouldn’t. I have waited too long for this. I have fantasized about this moment for years, now my fantasy was about to become a reality…

We met on the internet, in a bi-curious chat room. We seemed to hit it off instantly and began chatting friendly and informal. We went private and began talking of our mutual fantasies. We shared sexy e-mails for weeks. Then we decided to talk on the phone and ended up masturbating together. It was so hot, I can still hear you moan “I’m cumming”. Then you asked me to meet you. Me the inexperienced one and you, the kind gentle experienced woman that I have grown to call friend. I had to, I just absolutly had to meet you, breathlessly I said yes…..

The day came and we were to meet at a nightclub in town. I was so scared. I arrived early hoping to have a couple of drinks to calm my shaking hands. I had barely sat down when I saw you walk through the door. I gasped to myself. You were even more beautiful than your picture. You looked around, eyes adjusting to the darkness, then you spotted me and I saw a wonderful smile appear on your face. You sat down and ordered us each a drink, I gulped mine down and ordered another. We made idle chit chat then… You grabbed my hand, pulled it up to your lips and kissed it. Then you looked me deep in the eyes and said “Lisa you are so beautiful, I want Gaziantep Saatlik Escort to make love to you, I need to make love to you” All I could do was moan. You asked me if I was ready. I finished my drink, took a deep breath and said “yes”…

The next thing I knew I was in a stylish hotel room, we were standing face to face. You reached out and put your arms around my neck and began to pull me close, your scent was intoxicating, then your lips gently brushed across mine. I felt a jolt of excitement. You kissed me again, only a little harder this time, I felt your lips part and your tongue push into my mouth. I surrendered to you at that moment. My arms flew around you as I mashed my lips into yours. Our tongues wrestling and exploring each others mouth. God you tasted wonderful. The next thing I know I’m naked sitting on the edge of the bed. You were naked, laying on your side on the bed behind me. I turned my head and just stared at your body. It was perfect. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, lovely tits, slender waist, long slender legs. God you are beautiful.

I turned on the bed so we were laying face to face, I began to run my fingertip up and down your arm while looking into your eyes. This was incredible. I was so hot that it was all I could do to breathe. You looked up into my eyes and said “kiss me, please kiss me” Our lips met once again, our tongues driving into each others mouth. I pushed you over on to your back and laid my body on top of yours with my legs stradling your thighs and I began kissing your neck. I could feel your hard nipples pressing into my chest. I could feel your lovely soft trimmed pubic hairs rubbing against the soft slight pooch of my feminine tummy. I began to kiss down your chest. I heard a low groan escape your mouth as my lips locked on to your tit. I began to swirl my tongue around your nipple. It was so hard and taunt. I heard you panting “oh god, oh yeah baby, sooo good” I quickley manuverd my mouth to your other breast, lavishing all the love I could upon it.

Then I felt your hands on top of my head, pushing down, ever so gently. I heard you suck your breath in as I began to trace a line down your belly with my tongue. I stopped and placed small kisses around your belly button. I could feel you squirming underneath me, pushing your hips up, grinding your pussy into my tits. You began to push my head again, not forcefully just gently pursuading. I heard you whisper “ohh baby please, ohh please” I kept moving lower until my face was hovering over your pussy. I could smell the sweet musky aroma of your excitement, I could see the glistening of your nectar on your nether lips. I stared for a moment. I was mesmerized by the beauty of your cunt. I could see your hips undulating, pushing up off the bed, trying to bring your pussy to my face. I felt your hands at the back of my head, pulling me down. Then you groaned “ohh please baby, please taste me”

I stuck my tongue out and gave a tenitive lick to to the juice that had overflowed from your cunt. It tasted wonderful. Sweet nectar. I took a longer lick this time and you groaned. You reached down between your legs and spread your pussy lips apart. I was looking directly into your molten core. I could see the juices gathering at your hole. “Please Lisa, please eat me” Thats all I needed. I french kissed your pussy, driving my tongue as far into your hole as I could, sucking the juices from your cunt trying to quench this unquenchable thirst I had for you. I could hear you moaning and grunting with every pass of my tongue. I began to lick your pussy up and down, keeping my tongue flat and firm and nodding my head up and down. My nose was rubbing your hard clit while I continued my tongue attack on your cunt. I moved up and sucked your engorged clit into my mouth. You bucked your hips and moaned. I began alternetly rolling my tongue around your clit and sucking it. “Ohh god, Ohh Lisa, I’m gonna cum” I sank two fingers deep into your pussy and pushed up… Your whole body went stiff, your back arched, you pressed your cunt hard into my face… Ohhh Unghhh Ahhhh… Cumming…. Ohhh Lisa…. I’m Cumming…. Ohhh… I could see your hands clutching the sheets, I could feel your pussy convulsing around my fingers, my face was being soaked buy your honey. I continued gently licking at your pussy, soft little kisses as you gradualy began to relax.

You pulled me up next to on the bed, kissed me deep as you rolled me over on to my back. You whispered into my ear. Now Lisa baby, Its my turn……

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