My Lesbian Sugar Mama Pt. 07

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My first year at State University was finally coming to an end, and quite successfully, I might add. I had easily passed all of my classes, finishing my freshman year with a 3.85 GPA (and actually making the Dean’s list!) And Mrs. Dallas Morgenstern, whom I describe in these stories as my ‘lesbian sugar mama,’ was very proud of me, and did exactly what she promised she’d do, booking the two of us on a two-week romantic cruise to the Caribbean! Our ship, called the ‘Emerald Bay,’ would be docking at Nassau in the Bahamas, along with stops at St. Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, and St. Lucia! I was very excited!

But first, perhaps I should explain who exactly I am for those of you who may not already know. My name is Kenzie Kittle, and I’m from Latrelle, Pennsylvania. I’m a 19-year old college coed with long blonde hair, a slender and youthful body, a pair of nicely-formed (and all-natural) breasts, very long (and shapely) legs, and (as I’ve often been told by others) an especially delicious butt! Seriously, a lot of my fellow students (guys and girls alike) have told me that they love my ass! And yes, Mrs. Morgenstern has a very high opinion of it, too! Speaking of whom, I first met her a little over a year ago, with the two of us very soon involved in a physical/emotional relationship with one another. Yes, I should probably add more precisely that ours could be classified as an older/younger, dominant/submissive sexual relationship, with her in the dominant older lesbian role (she’s fifty-something, by the way), with her teenaged lover (me) acting as her submissive ‘pet,’ although I dislike being called a ‘pet’ as it ‘objectifies’ me, making it sound as if I was little more than her pretty plaything (which isn’t entirely true!) I mean, I suppose it’s sort of true, but there’s got to be a better word out there to describe what we two have together.

My original summer plans were to go to work and make some money, but Mrs. Morgenstern convinced me that I’d earned a bit of playtime, and I found it quite flattering that she wanted to spend her own time (and money) on me, and so I readily agreed with her idea of a romantic cruise. I suspected that perhaps all she really wanted was an excuse to ‘show me off,’ but I’m okay with that as I truly enjoy being her ‘trophy girl.’ Of course, she immediately insisted that my travel wardrobe needed updating, and by that I mean she immediately took me swimsuit shopping so that she could buy me a couple of scandalously skimpy thong bikinis to wear aboard the ship. I mean, these things are tiny wisps of cloth that you could easily fit inside a thimble! Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely love showing off my body for her, but when total strangers also get to see me strutting about practically naked it makes me feel somewhat like a stripper performing on stage!

Of course, Mrs. Morgenstern doesn’t view it that way at all.

“If I had as beautiful a behind as you’ve got I’d want the entire world to take notice everytime they saw me coming,” she laughed, as we arrived back at the condo following our shopping spree. “Besides, you’ve worked very hard this past year at Lucille’s gym to make your butt look amazing, am I right?”

“Yeah, that’s certainly true,” I agreed, smiling at her. “But I did that for you… I knew you’d appreciate it!”

“And my treating you to this cruise is my way of saying thank you,” she smiled, while grabbing a wine cooler out of the fridge. “So why don’t you get out of those bluejeans for me right now so that I can get a closer look at what a marvelous job those aerobics classes have done?”

Of course, I knew she just wanted an excuse to ogle my legs and butt, but I saw no reason to deny her this simple pleasure. Mrs. Morgenstern sat down on the comfortable sofa exactly like a customer might do at a strip bar and began patiently waiting for me to begin undressing for her entertainment. After quickly discarding my sandals, I then turned on my stereo, activating Camile’s special ‘stripper-music’ playlist, which opened with an oldie from a guy named Edwyn Collins titled: “I Never Met A Girl Like You Before.” It’s a fun song to dance to, and definitely something that makes me want to sensually move my body to the music!

I began to slowly and seductively move my slender body with Mrs. Morgenstern intently watching as she made herself comfortable, sipping her wine cooler and licking her lips in anticipation as I began a sensual belly-dance of sorts. I initially faced away from her, unbuckling my bluejeans before beginning to slowly tug them down my legs, giving her an excellent view of my butt as I peeled out of them.

“Very nice,” she laughed. “I’ll never get tired of watching you disrobe for me!”

I smiled and did exactly what I knew she wanted, slowly wiggling my butt as I then kicked my jeans onto the floor. The panties I had on underneath were miniscule, satin, and dark blue in color, which provided a nice contrast with the pale flesh of my thighs and curvy rump. My hands slowly beylikdüzü escort caressed my behind as I looked back into her eyes, recognizing the growing desire in them.

“Yummy,” she purred. “Seriously, Kenzi, darling… your sexy, smooth little ass has never looked more appetizing!”

I playfully winked at her before then lifting off my sky blue tank top, up and over my head, before then tossing it onto the floor to rest beside my jeans. I wore a matching dark-blue satin bra that didn’t really cover me all that much, just enough to contain my firm breasts. All the while I continued sensually moving my body for her, in such a way as to further arouse my older female lover’s carnal passions. And again my efforts were quite successful. She slowly ran her tongue over her lips while continuing to ogle my scantily-clad young body’s seductive swaying. It was as fun for me to perform as it was for her to watch!

“Over here,” she murmured somewhat huskily, crooking her index finger at me. “Come to me.”

When I got within reach, she reached out both of her arms around my scantily-clad body and pulled me tightly to her, her face now pressed against my breasts, while her hands reached around my lower back to possessively grab at my ass. Her lips began kissing my breasts and the soft flesh beneath my miniscule bra.

“I’ll never get tired of making love to this beautiful body,” Mrs. Morgenstern whispered, as I reached around to unhooked my bra from behind, allowing it to fall to the floor. As my breasts were now bared, she paused briefly to admire them before then taking my nipples into her mouth, one after another.

“I’m here for your pleasure, mistress” I cried, and I meant it. “My body belongs to you… I am your slave!”

A little dramatic, perhaps, but I wanted her to know. I wanted her to own me, and sincerely desired being her submissive slavegirl! All the while her fingernails dug into the flesh of my ass as her mouth hungrily devoured my naked breasts.

“Turn around, pretty slavegirl,” she suddenly ordered. “I want to see your delicious little derriere!”

I instantly obeyed her, even bending over slightly to highlight my butt in the hope of further exciting her desires. I needn’t have bothered. She was already exceedingly turned on! One hand swiftly pulled down my miniscule blue panties, allowing them to join the rest of my clothing on the floor. The next thing I felt was her face pressed up tightly against my ass cheeks, kissing, licking, & ravenously nibbling at my bare behind as if she were a starving cannibal/lesbian, and my derriere was on her menu for the night. I cried out in ecstasy as her tongue found its way up my ass crack!

“So very fresh,” she hissed to herself as she began giving my rump a complete tongue bath, complete with increasing amounts of hungry kisses and a good deal of ass-biting. I cried out aloud as the older woman playfully sank her teeth into my behind, with her laughing out loud before then sharply slapping my ass and announcing: “mine… all mine!”

“Yes, yes,” I whimpered in my submissive little girl’s voice. “I’m all yours, mistress… my butt belongs entirely to you!”

“And now I’m going to fuck it,” she laughed in a somewhat evil tone of voice. Again she sharply slapped my rear end to hurry me along to the bedroom, with her following closely behind me, pausing only to retrieve her strap-on from the travel bag she’d left lying by the door. Meanwhile, I climbed completely nude atop the bed, positioning myself onto my elbows and knees, and facing the headboard to await her pleasure.

“Good girl,” I heard her murmur. “Such an obedient young slave!”

I glanced back over my shoulder to see her partially undressing before then donning her strap-on around her lower abdomen, her eyes now glued to my naked rump with a hungry expression on her face. I languidly arched my back to make my body appear even more appealing for her. I knew exactly what she wanted.

Mrs. Morgenstern very soon climbed up behind me, slowly positioning herself so as to take me doggy-style. I felt her hands caressing my butt as she then firmly mounted me, quietly sliding her strap-on dildo up into my awaiting pussy, causing me to involuntarily cry out. Her hands grasped at my naked hips as she then proceeded to vigorously fuck me in this dominant fashion. It was as much psychological as it was physical.

“Wiggle this gorgeous ass of yours while I fuck you,” she commanded, sensually and methodically beginning to spank my curvy bottom while continuing to joyously ride me. “I want to hear you scream!”

Of course I wasted no time in giving into her desires. While her ass-slapping certainly stung, it was in no ways causing me serious pain, and screaming came natural to me when being possessively fucked in this submissive position. Mrs. Morgenstern is an excellent lover, and she’s an expert at pleasing a young woman like myself who has obediently surrendered her young body to the older woman’s sexual desires avcılar escort and control.

As the gentle rocking motions of our lovemaking eventually began slowing down, Mrs. Morgenstern leaned down to begin kissing my shoulders and the back of my neck. As her strap-on then slowly slid its way from out of my body, she began softly kissing her way down my back, keeping me positioned face-down and ass-up while she licked and nibbled my smooth silky skin all the way down to my curvy rump, positioned just right for her to completely cover with hungry kisses. I whimpered aloud as I always do when her lips travel across my naked behind in this fashion. It’s an incredibly wonderful feeling being possessed in this way.

Later on, as we both continued lying there together in bed, me on my stomach with her face now resting comfortably on my silky-smooth derriere, we two continued our “pillow talk” while her mouth continued to lovingly smooch every inch of my now-lipstick-covered bare ass cheeks.

“Why do you love kissing my butt so much?” I playfully inquired. I already knew the answer, but I liked hearing her say why. She smiled and again affectionately pressed her entire face against my rear end before answering.

“What’s not to love?” she replied. “This delicious derriere of yours is just so perfect!”

“I’ll bet you’ve said that to lots of girls over the years!”

“Do you really want to know about my past loves, or are you just making idle chit-chat?”

“No, I really want to know what’s made you the kind of woman you are,” I responded, sincerely. “Tell me!”

“OK, I will…”


“I’ve always enjoyed looking at pretty girls, even before I got married. I guess you could say it’s the one thing that my husband and I always had in common. One Saturday night, while we were staying in Philadelphia with nothing better to do, we decided to check out one of those high-class strip clubs. Of course, I knew that he’d enjoy himself, but I discovered that I loved it, as well! All of these beautiful, scantily-clad young women willing to dance naked for us… and, of course, my husband thought it would be amusing to purchase a lap-dance for me, and he even offered to let me choose the girl I wanted. I remember picking this pretty young red-haired girl who had a gorgeous ass with freckles on it! She was wonderful!”

“What all did she do?”

“The usual… she took me back to a private booth, removed what little clothing she had on, and then danced for me!”

“Was she as pretty as me?”

“Nobody’s as pretty as you,” Mrs. Morgenstern laughed, again planting a kiss on my curvy rump. “But I do remember caressing her pretty butt with my fingertips while she danced… she didn’t stop me, either… I think she liked it!”

“How old were you at the time?” I had to ask.

“Probably in my mid-to-upper twenties… I don’t remember exactly. Anyway, after that night I was hooked. But I didn’t particularly want my husband along. And so it didn’t take long before I found a secluded strip-club not too far from where we lived, and began regularly frequenting the place. That’s where I first met Camile!”

“Oh, yeah,” I remembered. “Camile was a stripper back in those days, wasn’t she?”

“Yes, she was… and a good one. Camile was… how do I put it?… a real spark-plug… and it didn’t take long for me to discover that she and I shared a mutual desire to be with beautiful and more submissive young girls. One day, while we were talking together at the bar, she suggested we return to my place after work with a couple of her pretty co-workers. The other girls working there at the time would do anything for Camile. She told me to pick a pretty stripper for myself, and so I did! She selected another girl for herself, and the four of us ended up spending a wonderful evening at my place, sharing my huge bed. I remember that my husband was away in New York… he spent a lot of time on the road in those days. Anyway, Camile and I both enjoyed sexually dominating those two girls. That was also the first time I ever used a strap-on to fuck another woman!”

“You’ve gotten really good at it,” I noted, and she responded by affectionately squeezing my ass before continuing.

“The only problem with having sex with strippers is that, while they all have these gorgeous bodies, too many times that’s ALL they’ve got. Some are real airheads. And while a lot of them are comfortable being with women like myself and Camile, too many times they didn’t seem to know what to do. Some simply wanted to go down on me, or have me go down on them. I’d find myself losing interest. Camile felt the same way. Of course, these pretty girls were also her co-workers, so she knew a lot more about them than I did, including things like drug usage and abusive boyfriends. I realized at that time that my standards were increasing.”

“When did Camile begin working for you?” I asked.

“Oh, that esenyurt escort came after my husband and I divorced. He was simply too involved in his publishing business to have time for a wife and home. We split amicably enough. I got the house in Latrelle along with a very generous alimony settlement that includes this condo you’re living in right now!”

“I love it here,” I added. “So what about Camile?”

“I was getting to her. By the time of my divorce, Camile was approaching thirty years old and really didn’t want to be a stripper anymore. She was seeking a less hectic life, so I hired her to be my maid. We two continued picking up girls together, as that’s also around the time I realized I was 100-percent lesbian, finding myself especially attracted to those beautiful young women in possession of delicious butts like this one of yours!”

Here, she affectionately kissed my ass, before then emphasizing her point by lovingly massaging derriere as she continued her reminiscing.

“We’d occasionally still drop in on strip clubs together, nearly always bringing home a girl or two to play with, as the women working there always seemed ready to bond with Camile. We’d also occasionally pick up young girls we’d find hitchhiking, as that just seemed to us to be something incredibly dangerous for any girl to be doing. We’d bring them back here, giving them a bath and a hot meal, and if we liked them enough we’d take them to bed. But I never really found what I considered to be the ‘right girl’ until I met you!”

“Seriously?” I felt quite complimented. “Me?”

“Yes, you! You were just so fresh and innocent, with this perfect slender young body not covered with piercings or tattoos. And I especially found your naturally happy and submissive nature especially alluring… along with the joy I always get exploring this delicious figure of yours at my leisure!”

“When you say ‘figure’ you really mean my butt, don’t you?”

“Yes, ESPECIALLY this butt,” she admitted, again affectionately kissing my upturned ass to further emphasize the point she was making. “You instinctively understand my desires, Kenzi… and I love the way we both seemingly enjoy the same things!”

“You mean that you love fucking me, while I love being fucked?”

“That’s putting it a bit crudely,” she laughed. “But I suppose it’s essentially true… I don’t even have to tell you what position to get in… it’s like you already know how I desire you… and that I worship everything there is about your delectable, luscious little butt!”

Again, she began planting warm, wet kisses all over my curvy derriere.

“Mmmmmm,” I purred, enjoying every second of it. “I love your lips on my ass… I really do… and I so dearly WANT to remain your possession, now and forever!”

“And you will,” she responded. “You’ll always be my beautiful slavegirl!”


Word soon got around among my close girlfriends about Mrs. Morgenstern’s promise to take me on a Caribbean cruise after school ended, and they were all quite excited for me. Interestingly enough, the friend most interested in my summer plans was pretty Autumn, a cute freshman girl with light brown hair who had won a sexy nightie contest at a party I’d hosted back in the fall (I wrote all about it in chapter two).

I’d sort of lost contact with Autumn after she’d begun dating a frat guy, as I wasn’t interested in being around him or any of his fraternity brothers whom I’d learned had been asking her about me. I made it very clear to Autumn that I had zero interest in dating any of her boyfriend’s frat brothers. We two didn’t talk for several weeks after that. Later, I’d learned that Autumn had dumped the frat guy and was now seen hanging with a player on State’s men’s soccer team. And it wasn’t too long after that I’d learned that she was now rumored to be having an affair with her physics’ professor, which shocked me because he was a married man.

Anyway, I was certainly surprised to get a call from her, asking if she could come over. Of course, I told her she could. As I’ve already mentioned, Autumn is an attractive freshman girl with shoulder-length brown hair, flawless skin, soft grey-green eyes, and a beautiful body (she also works out regularly at Lucille’s gym!) We sat down at my kitchen table, and I poured an iced-tea for each of us before we got to conversing.

“So, tell me more about this cruise you’re going on,” she asked right away. “Mrs. Morgenstern is doing this for you, right?”

I was happy to fill her in on the details, and she appeared increasingly interested. When I asked why, she surprised me by saying that she wanted to come along!

“What exactly are you asking?” I inquired incredulously. “Do you want to crash our romantic cruise?”

“No… and not just me,” she laughed. “I wouldn’t think of doing something like that! But I’m now seeing an older woman of my own… an older lady who has money… no, you don’t know her… but she says she’d like to take me on a cruise, and I’m quite sure she could get the four of us a luxury suite on the ‘Emerald Bay’ if you and Mrs. Morgenstern are interested!”

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