My Little Piece of Heaven

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It had taken me many months to get all the details of this trip squared away. Even after all the necessary funds had been raised to purchase the three hundred acres of Brazilian rain forest, it was months before all the contracts were signed. I spent hours and hours on the phone with government officials and lawyers, but in the end I knew all my efforts would be worth the trouble.

For the last hundred years we have seen the rainforests of the world diminish in size with very little intervention to stop it. From covering fourteen percent of our planet to only six percent today, I only hope our efforts are not too little, too late. My father, John McConnell played a big role in elevating international support for preservation of Earth’s resources and its many threatened ecological balances. I knew early on in life I was to not only follow in my father’s footsteps, but hopefully pave the way in saving our dying planet from our own misuse of its resources.

While my charities focus on many environment works all over the world, it is the Brazilian rainforests that speak to me the most. I cringe at the thought of centuries of plant and animal life disappearing for the sake of a few dollars in the hands of a farmer or uninformed land owner.

My plan was to buy as much of the rainforest as possible and bring in scientists from around the world to study the plant and animal life that existed there in the hopes that a new discovery would be made. If the world could see the endless possibilities that lay among the remaining rain forests, perhaps more international support would be raised and deforestation would finally be put to an end.

The last leg of my flight was all but complete and I found my interpreter Lula waiting for me next to the small airstrip. My crew and I loaded our luggage and camera gear in the back of the jeep and headed off to our tiny bit of heaven, as we liked to call it. Two hours later we stopped just a few yards from a river and walked the remaining mile to our camp.

We spent the next two weeks sleeping in our tents at night and building a small canopy up in one of the trees as high as we could reach. It was a sort of large tree house supported by several trees high up near the highest branches. It was our plan to bring investors here to stay up in the canopy and let the view draw them in and compel them to join us in our endeavor. A few more weeks had past and our small cabin up in the sky was complete and my crew of volunteers prepared to head back home.

Lulu was my interpreter. We first met five years ago at a conference in Peru and while I was immediately attracted to her beautiful dark complexion and long lean body, it was her passion for her native home land that captivated my attention. She helped me find this piece of land near her hometown and if it were not for her mediation, I’m certain the owner would have never agreed to sell it to my group.

My favorite part of the day was our mornings together. She would wake up first and would start breakfast for us both. I would start each day with the smell of fresh coffee on the fire and the sound of her voice calling my name.

“So what are the plans for today Lulu,” I asked as we sat down across the small picnic table next to the fire pit. “Are we hiking north towards the river today?”

“Yes,” she answered with the usual confidence I was used to. “We’ll travel north for an hour or so and gather whatever native fruits and nuts we can find to bring back with us. We should be able to find plenty to choose from near the river.”

For the next few hours I followed my interpreter and guide through the dense forest admiring how fast and strong she moved through the vines and trees that surrounded us. I had to fight every minute just to keep up with her pace and I was soaked with sweat by the time we reached the stopping point.

“We can rest here,” Lulu finally let me know.

“Thank god,” I moaned as I threw my pack down. “I don’t think I could follow you any longer.”

“Was the view that bad that you couldn’t stay behind me?”

“The view was fine, but I was too exhausted to enjoy the forest…”

“I meant my ass silly,” she said as she handed me her canteen. “I meant was my ass that bad to stare at…it was a joke.”

I üvey kız kardeş porno could feel my face turn red as it slowly dawned on me what she was referring too and I tried to hide my embarrassment. I took a drink while trying to think of what to say next, but handed her the canteen back without saying a word.

We spent that afternoon collecting a good sample of different fruits and nuts before having a quick lunch and heading back to camp. The whole way back I couldn’t help but to stare at her ass.

“Nice view,” I joked with her as we arrived at our camp. “We should take walks like that more often.”

“Oh, now you enjoyed the view,” Lulu laughed as she bent over and shook her ass a little for me. “Glad you enjoyed it; now go get our water for our baths.”

I carried a few gallons of water from the nearby stream up to our camp and began heating it up on the fire. We had a makeshift shower made next to a tree at the edge of our camp where we would hang our water in a bag and let it slowly trickle over our bodies while we washed.

“You can go first tonight,” I said as I hung the water up for Lulu. “It should be nice and warm for you. I’ll get me more water when you are done. “

I sat by the fire and listened to the sound of Lulu bathing herself not realized she had not pulled the curtain shut around her. It wasn’t until I turned to ask her something that I saw her standing there completely naked covered in soap and water. I quietly stared at her taking in the sight of every inch of her body while her fingers, as if in slow motion, slid down over her chest and around her breasts. I could feel how excited I was getting and thought I should turn around.

“You know John,” Lulu started just as I looked away. “We really should be washing together so we could save water. As a conservationist, wouldn’t you agree?”

I stood and slowly walked in her direction as she turned to face me. I could see a different look on her face that I had not seen on her before. I stood in front of the shower curtain we had rigged in one of the branches while she let her fingers run down her belly and down between her legs. Her dark curls of hair playing in the soapy bubbles between her fingers and she slowly massaged her pussy.

“How long are you gonna leave me in here all alone?”

She reached out and pulled me in under the water and pressed her lips against mine. The strong lean body I’d been staring at all day was now pulling me into her tighter while we kissed. Her hands ripped away at my shirt and pants while her warm tongue slid in and out while I kissed her back. The taste of the sweet fruits still on her lips made me crave her body more and more.

“Your lips taste so good,” I managed to whisper while her hands wrapped around my waist. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to kiss you.”

She smiled a sexy smile and gently pushed my head down over her breasts while my lips found her nipples growing hard between them. I couldn’t get over how smooth her skin felt beneath my fingertips while I got down on my knees in front over her. Her hands pressed against my head harder pushing me down further while she spread her legs wide for me letting me know what she was waiting for.

“Do I taste sweet?” she asked while I let my tongue slowly slide between her wet lips.

I could feel my hunger for her growing rapidly and couldn’t find the words to answer her. Instead, I held her leg up with one hand and spread her lips apart with the other while my tongue enjoyed her taste more. I could feel her hands pressing harder against my head as I picked up speed and licked her pussy faster and faster.

She slid her leg over my shoulder and let her hips move back and forth while she pushed my mouth tighter and tighter against we wet pussy. Both my hands slid around her body gently squeezing her ass while my tongue enjoyed her firm little clit faster and faster until her moaning deepened and grew louder.

“Make me cum,” she called out a few times, getting louder and louder each time. “That’s it John…harder…”

A few seconds later I felt her legs shake a little while her fingers squeezed tighter behind my head and with the sounds coming from deep within her body, xnxx porno I knew she was cumming. I pulled her in tighter and let my tongue taste her sweet warm juices while she quivered in my hands.

“Now I want to taste you,” Lulu whispered as she pulled me up in front of her and began to kneel down.

“Not yet. Not here. I know where we can go. Follow me.”

I held her hand and carefully made my way up the steep steps to the canopy we had built up high in the trees. I leaned against one of the outer walls and pulled her next to me enjoying the taste of her lips on mine again. Her left hand reached down between my legs and found me throbbing and waiting for her.

She knelt down and wrapped her hands around my ass and smiled up at me while moving her lips closer and closer to the head of my dick. I was dying to feel her go down on me, but enjoyed her gentle teasing with her tongue as she let it slide over the shaft of my dick a few times. She didn’t make me wait too much longer and soon I watched her wrap her lips around the end of my dick as she slowly took me in her mouth inch by inch.

I felt dizzy standing there but didn’t dare move from that position. It felt so good to have her tight warm mouth sliding faster and faster back and forth while she took more and more of me in her mouth. I could feel it rising inside me and growing stronger and stronger as I watched swallow every inch of me.

“I want to taste you while you cum,” Lulu moaned as she pulled me out and began stroking me faster and faster with her fingers. “Cum for me baby…I want it all.”

The sound of those words leaving her beautiful soft lips while she slid her fingers up and down my dick was more than I could take. A few seconds later I felt my dick finally cum for her while she opened her lips and slid me back in her mouth. It felt incredible to be so deep inside her while I came, knowing she was drinking me in and sucking me harder and harder.

She slowly slid her lips off of my wet hard dick and smiled up at me while her fingers continued stroking me. Her tongue licked warm slow circles around the head of my cock taking the last drop on her lips just before she stood up to kiss my lips.

“That was incredible,” I whispered to her after a minute or so. “You were incredible.”

“As were you,” she whispered back to me.

We spent the next hour or so laying on the floor looking up at the stars as one by one they made themselves known. This was a view you couldn’t get in the city. We finally went back down to the camp and had a quick dinner before retreating back up in our new favorite place. We lay a few blankets across the wooden floor and stood there holding each other for a few minutes enjoying each other’s kisses while we undressed each other.

With the light from the moon above and stars she seemed even more beautiful than before. I couldn’t wait to have her again, but we both took our time with each other letting our hands explore one another. She knew what I was thinking when I pulled her body up over my face and spread her legs around me. She eased her ass down over my lips and began slowly moving back and forth over my letting my tongue enjoy her taste again. My hands held her ass just over my face while I ate her sweet wet pussy and gently spread her cheeks apart.

Intent on taking care of me while I ate her pussy, Lulu leaned down over me and wrapped her hands around my balls and gave a gentle squeeze. Her warm lips soon wrapped around my dick again and slowly moved down while my fingers moved closer to her tight little ass. My eyes feasted on the sight of her tight hole squeezing my fingers as I slowly began to slide on finger inside her ass, while my lips feasted on her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each second.

She resisted me for a minute, but soon I felt her body relax as she let my finger slide inside her ass while she moaned in approval. I could feel my hips moving up and down in perfect rhythm with my finger slowly fucking her ass. I was dying to feel her tight ass sucking my dick but wanted to taste her cum in my mouth again. My tongue took turns fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit faster and faster while my finger slid inside her ass deeper and deeper.

Finally I heard zenci porno those sounds again I’d heard earlier in the shower and I quickened my pace. Two fingers pressed against her ass and quickly slid inside her as she moved faster and faster on top of me. Her mouth now pressed against my balls with her tongue licking me while her breathing grew deeper and deeper. Her fingers tightened around the base of my cock squeezing tighter and tighter the closer she was to cumming until finally I felt her grip relax. I slid my fingers out and held her ass tightly against my face while I enjoyed her warm sweet taste dripping on my lips.

“You want to fuck me now?” she asked as she moved next to me on her hands and knees. “Get behind me.”

I moved in behind her as she turned back to me and smiled. I pushed the head of my dick between her legs and felt her pussy take me. She pushed back fast and hard while my hands grabbed her sweet naked ass and spread her cheeks again. I could see my thick hard dick glistening with her juices as it slid all the way in and back out again. My fingers soon found her ass again, loving how hot and tight she felt around my fingers.

I pulled my dick out and let it slide over her ass a few times wondering if she would take me in. She lay her chest down on the blankets and reached around with both her hands and spread her ass wider for me.

“Be careful,” she whispered as watched my dick spread her tight ass around the end. “Go slow.”

I moved back and forth slowly, one inch at a time for a few minutes enjoying how incredible it felt to have her squeezing down on me like this inside her ass. I really felt dizzy at this point and felt as if I had to hold on to her ass or I’d fall over.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned over and over again as I began moving faster inside her. “Your too big…don’t stop though…keep going.”

I couldn’t restrain myself any longer and leaned over her body further and pushed down on her faster and harder. The sounds of her moaning and calling out my name louder and louder made me want to fuck her ass faster and harder. Two seconds later, I gave one last hard thrust inside her feeling my cum shoot out in her ass.

I pulled my dick out while watching it glide easily out from inside her tight ass only to push it between her legs again and slide it inside her pussy. I slide my dick in and out slowly as she sat up a little and pushed back further.

“Your dick is done for a while I think,” she said as she moved off of me and pulled me down between her legs. “Maybe your tongue can pick up where your cock left off.”

She spread her long sexy legs while her hands reached down and spread her wet lips for me. Her pink wet lips lay ready for me as I pressed my lips against them and let my tongue slide deep inside her. Her fingers rubbed her clit faster and faster while I slid two fingers inside her pussy and slowly fucked her tight little pussy. Her hands soon moved up to her breasts and rolled her hard nipples between then while my tongue moved over her clit knowing exactly what to do to make her cum.

I didn’t stop or even slow down with my tongue or fingers, but instead picked up speed and force while she lay beneath me naked and waiting for it. She wanted it as badly as I did and I could see it on her face as she grew closer and closer to cumming. My fingers held her pussy tight while they rubbed that perfect little spot inside her while her hips pushed harder against my mouth. A few seconds later I felt her lips squeeze down on me and her hands push my head down on her pussy hard while her body shook beneath me. My mouth wrapped around her pussy and sucked on her lips and clit hard a few times more while her body slowly began to relax.

“You know Lulu,” I began the following morning. “We built this canopy up in the trees to show our investors what a beautiful place this was. We wanted them to come here and want to do anything they could to help us preserve more of this natural landscape. After last night, I think we can take this a step further.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I think we make it a little more comfortable up here and bring in couples for a night or two for a small fee. Not only will every cent go towards buying more land and elevating the awareness of what is going on out here, but it will provide couples with endless memories that can not be found anywhere else in the world.”

“I’m sure it would do with others what it has done with us…though I don’t think your father had this in mind forty years ago, I’m sure he would approve.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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