My Lovely Roommate

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Slamming her car door, Jessi storms into her duplex. It was a horrible day, everything that could go wrong did. First she wakes up two hours late for work. Next her car dies when she tries to leave work. And just ten minutes ago she was pulled over for doing 60mph in a 35mph zone. I should have just called in sick and slept this miserable day away, she thought.

Dropping her purse on to the coffee table by her couch, she walks to the bathroom. Stripping her clothes off as she walks down the hallway, she sighs as she steps into her bathroom at the end of the hall. The bathroom was done in black and white linoleum with accents of red around the trimming. Opening the glass door to her garden shower she quickly flips the knobs sending jets of steaming hot water down onto the ceramic floor. Adjusting the cold water so it doesn’t scold her skin, Jessi steps under the jets of water.

Why do days like this always happen to me? What did I ever do wrong? She asks herself as she runs the wet soapy loofa over her body. Quickly washing her hair she turns off the water and steps out of the shower. The room was filled with steam from just a few minutes of the hot shower. Opening the linen closet she pulls out two towels and wraps her hair and her body in them. She would normally walk to her room naked but it was about time for her roommate, Clarissa, to come home from her job and she probably wouldn’t appreciate her being naked about the house.

Opening her bed room door and quickly shutting it she let the towel covering her body to slide to the ground. Walking to her closet, she passes her big vanity mirror towering four feet over her dresser. Pausing to look at her reflection she studies her body. It wasn’t bad for a 23 year old waitress. She was 5’8″ with black hair that reached to her hips. There was a sense of innocence in her slender oval face with her wide green eyes peaking out through her long eyelashes. Running her hand over her body she stops at her breast. They were a perfect 36C, perky with areolas the size of quarters and nipples the seemed to always be erect. Sliding her hands down her body over her flat stomach they rested on the small triangle of dark curls that glistened with water at the junction of her legs. It was perfectly trimmed do to well upkeep on that area of her body. Moving her hands to her proportionate hips she turned around to admire her ass. It rose high and tight with all the right curves to fit into her jeans. Cupping her ass, she gave it a quick massage and than moved towards the bed.

That is what I need. If I cum I will definitely be in a better mood, she smiled to herself as she slid onto her satin sheets belly first. Yes, cumming sounds great! Moving onto her back she raises her knees up and opens her legs wide. Grasping her breast in her hands she squeezes them gently, rolling the nipples between her thumb and her forefinger. Raising her right hand to her mouth she wet her fore- and middle finger and moved them down to her warm, wet pussy. Slipping her wet fingers over her clit she slowly rolled the bud of her desire between her fingers. Moaning softly she used her other hand and pinched her left nipple hard causing the cream between her legs to spread. Slipping down to the end of her bed, she propped her feet on the footboard for leverage. Moving her fingers over her clit a little harder she let her other hand spread the lips of her sex and sneak a finger into her wetness. Finding herself more than wet she slid two fingers into her wet pussy as far as she could while her other hand worked its magic on her clit. Biting her lower lip to keep the moans down she began to pump her to fingers into her cunt faster wanting to cum so bad.

Her pussy tightening around her fingers she could feel her orgasm coming onto her. Moaning louder she increases the fingers in her pussy to the point she is ramming them into her. And just as she was about to send her self into orgasm heaven she heard the back door slam. The interruption caused her to lose her concentration and the orgasm that she was about to have slipped from her fingers into nothing. DAMNIT! All I want to do is cum, is that too much to ask! Raising herself up from her position on the bed, she rose out of her bed and grabbed the towel angrily from the floor and wrapped around her naked body.

Taking a deep breath and a quick look in the mirror she opened her bedroom door and peaked her head out. There was Clarissa slamming things down in the living room, looking livid. “Hey babe! What’s wrong” Jessi ventured to ask.

Clarissa Gaziantep Gecelik Escort turning her blonde head towards her roommate she snapped, “My goddamn boss. All he thinks about is the store and never about the lives of the people who work for him.” Her piercing blue eyes shining with a rage Jessi had never seen in her gentle good natured roommate. Clarissa was just barely 21 but looked to be all of 12. Her heart shaped face held a very youthful glow and with those very blue eyes you would have guessed her for a child. It didn’t help that she was barely five foot tall and very small bodied. A well toned body from yoga and her daily runs but still a small fragile looking body. “He wants me to give up my days off and work the closing shift at the shop! How dare he! I have been at that store for four years and he wants to give me the job that the newbies get!” She growled as she kicked the back over their couch.

Stepping all the way out of her bedroom, Jessi walked slowly into the living room. Her pussy juice slowly sliding down her leg she readjusted the towel and casually brushed it off her thigh. She may be horny as hell and extremely frustrated but now was not the time to think about that. Sitting down on the couch that Clarissa had just kicked she patted the seat next to her. “Sit down, babe. Take a deep breath and tell me what happened.”

Sitting next to her roommate, Clarissa sighed. “Three of the new girls quit because they couldn’t have the day shift. So Rob thought by putting me on nights he could keep some of the help. After all I have been with him the longest. How dare he! I busted my ass off in that store for more than three years to get days and now he is taking them away from me. Four years at that hole in the wall clothing store and this is what I get!” To express her anger at that point she hit the cushions on the couch with enough force to make Jessi jump. “So I told that horrible little fat man that I quit.” Letting the rest of her breath out she slouched back in the couch.

Jessi couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Her meek little roommate going on a tirade. Stroking her hand down the side of Clarissa’s face, she spoke slowly. “If that is what you want babe then it is okay. Being happy in your job is an important part of staying there. Besides you have been threatening to quit for quite some time.”

Sighing, Clarissa leaned into her roommates hand. “Yeah but I don’t want to put us on a tight budget. Not that I don’t have money saved away…”

“Don’t even think about that. You will get another job. Any place will hire you. Your staying power is enormous. Besides you practically ran that store the last two years.” Her hands stroking the soft, short blonde hair. She continued to stroke her hair as she slid down and laid her head in Jessi’s bare lap.

Looking up at Jessi from her lap, Clarissa smiled. “Your right. You always are.” Tilting her head sideways she kissed her thigh. Pausing for a second she licked her lips. There was a strange smell and taste to Jessi’s thigh almost like…Oh my god I interrupted her while she was masturbating and the evidence is on her thigh and on my lips. Raising quickly she stuttered. “Um…I…I think I am going to go take a shower while I cool down.” And almost in a run she got to the bathroom and shut the door.

All Jessi could do was stare after her. When Clarissa had kissed her thigh all her insides had tightened in anticipation and she had felt a new rush of cream to the apex of her legs. She wasn’t attracted to females. She never had been before, but that little kiss had sent her to the edge of where she had been when she was masturbating. No I can’t attracted to Clarissa. It was just a kiss and I am just so frustrated. Yeah besides it was just a friendly gesture. But why was she getting so wet over a friendly gesture. Rising from the couch she slowly walked back to her room to change.

Turning on the water, Clarissa stepped under the spray. I can’t be attracted to Jessi. It just can’t be. But even under the water she couldn’t stop licking her lips trying to get another taste of what could only be pussy juice from her roommate. And her whole body was humming with rush of need. The need to taste her roommate more. Soaping up her body she let her loofa down between her legs she used pressure enough to press against her now wet pussy. Dropping the loofa she replaced with her hand and began to work on her hard little clit. Moaning softly she leaned back against the wall of the shower and closed her eyes. There in her fantasy was her roommate touching herself, licking her lips beaconing her to take a taste from her wet dripping cunt. “Yes. Yes.” She moaned as her fingers increased their speed pushing her toward the orgasm that she needed.

Humping her hand she slid a finger into her pussy and began ramming it in and working at her clit. Wanting to cum. Needing to cum. Her head fell back onto the wall of the shower with a bang not stopping her from the assault on her pussy. And then just when the small quakes of an orgasm hit she heard a knock at the door. “Hey, Rissa are you okay?” And with that little comment her orgasm was lost.

Taking a deep breath she turned off the shower, no longer interested in it. “Yeah Jess I am fine. Just hit my head.” She said through the door.

“Um…Can I come in?” Was the answer through the door.

Picking up a towel out of the linen closet and wrapping it around her wet frustrated body she opened the door without a comment.

Jessi was now wearing a pair of very short red shorts and a tiny white tank top without a bra. Showing off all her curves and making Clarissa’s pussy start to tighten again. “I was wondering if you just wanted to stay home tonight and watch some movies?” Jessi biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

Maybe it wasn’t the idea she was wanting from Jessi but it would make her night a little better. “Yeah that would definitely make my night. Just let me get dressed and we can go to Blockbuster and get some movies.”

After watching four movies and finishing off a liter of vodka the girls were giggling rolling on the floor. Each were wearing tank tops and shorts being as relaxed as they could. Flipping through the channels Jessi stopped at the Pay-per-View channels that they got illegally. Porn. A woman moaning as a man fucking her like a rabbit, fast and hard. This cause a flood in her pants that could only be described as embarrassing.

Looking nervously at Clarissa, she didn’t change the channel. “Um…is this okay or do you want me to change it?”

Gazing at Jessi, whose eyes were beginning to glaze over with desire, making her stomach to clench in excitement. This might be the moment of truth. A step that could make or break their friendship. “Sure. Why not. It isn’t like we haven’t seen it before. Or done it for that matter.”

Laughing at her, Jessi smiled for Clarissa. Sliding across the floor to lean against the couch she straightened out her legs and crossed them at her feet and patted the floor space next to her. “Well then lets get comfy.”

After watching the continuous meaningless fucking for a half an hour Clarissa glanced at Jessi who was fidgeting where she set. Now was her chance to make her move. “Hey you look tense. Would you like me to give you a back rub?”

“Hell yeah!” Jessi quickly laid down on the floor face down with her arms raised above her head.

Rising to her feet she quickly reached for the lotion that set on their end table. “No babe. Take off your shirt. We are going to do this right.” Looking intensely at her gorgeous roommate sprawled out on the floor.

Frowning Jessi looked up at the golden beauty holding the bottle of lotion looking at her like she could eat her. No she doesn’t want me like that. Sitting up onto her knees she slipped out of her tank top leaving only the shorts there were increasingly getting wetter. Laying back down she smiled up at her roommate. “Do your worst.”

Straddling Jessi right below her tight beautiful ass, Clarissa slowly began to drop globs of lotion onto the bare tan back. Every time one hit Jessi would flinch and push against her pussy causing her cream to pool in between her thighs. Deciding there was more then enough lotion on her back, Clarissa began to rub it in. Starting at the shoulders she slowly began to work the lotion in. Working her slippery hands over the naked flesh, she moved her hands down her back. Sliding her hands outward she grazed Jessi’s breast and heard her roommate gasp. “Sorry.” She said with a giggle. Moving her hands back to work she began to hear low moans of pleasure coming from Jessi as she moved her ass slowly. She is mine. All I have to do is take her.

Moving to her lower back, Clarissa sighed. “It seems I got entirely too much lotion on your back babe. I need you to take off your shorts so I can continue downward to get rid of it.” Even as she said this her fingers were dipping into the waistband of her shorts.

Jessi knew she should stop. It wasn’t right. But she couldn’t help herself. It felt so good to have them wet, slippery hands rubbing her body getting it all hot and bothered. And as if her hips had a mind of their own she lifted them so that the shorts would slide off easier. As Clarissa rose to drag them down, Jessi kicked them the rest of the way off.

Smiling, Clarissa continued her assault on Jessi’s hard tone body. Sliding her hands down to cup that firm ass she began to massage it, rubbing the extra lotion into the soft skin. A loud moan escaped Jessi’s lips and Clarissa took that as a good sign. tentatively she “accidentally” let her thumbs spread her ass cheeks to run them over that puckered little asshole. Feeling and seeing Jessi push back against her hands she proceeded to slip her right hand down to cup that wet cunt that she was craving, finding it hot, wet and wanting.

All Jessi could do was moan and push against her hand caught between her legs. This is what she wanted. This is what she needed. Sliding her legs apart so that the hand had more access she moan a little more and pushed back at the fingers that were eagerly searching out her dripping wet cunt. Then one finger found the hole and sunk in as far as it would go. Then another joined it. Pushing in and out slowly, stroking the fire building in her pussy. Then the other hand found her clit and began rubbing it in a circular motion with what seemed to be the perfect amount of pressure. Not being able to handle it any longer she began to moan loudly. “Yes, Rissa, just like that.”

Then the fingers stopped and she felt Clarissa’s body glide up her naked body til her mouth was at her ear. “Do you want me?” She breathed heavily into her ear giving away how hot she was getting.

Moaning and pushing her ass against her legs trying to rub her needy pussy against something. “Oh yes. Please. I need this.” Then a tongue was in her ear, against her lobe. And then a nibble along the edge. “Rissa, PLEASE.”

That was all Clarissa needed. Climbing off her roommate, she flipped her over and dove at the glistening curls. Spreading her legs to wear she could fit her head between them she pulled the wet pussy apart with her thumbs and began to slide her tongue up and down the wet slit. The taste was salty but not bad. And had a musky scent that filled her nostrils and made her hotter for the taste. Flattening her tongue she began to rub the little hard clit that stood out. It was hard because Jessi began to squirm and moan like a bitch in heat. Rubbing the clit harder she removed on hand and slipped two fingers into the pussy she was feasting on. Slipping them in and turning them as she pulled them out she began working that pussy like a pro.

“YES! Rissa right there! Fuck my hot wet little pussy! Its all for you!” Jessi screamed as she began to grind her cunt into her roommates face. With each lick of that precious tongue and thrust of them glorious fingers she got closer to them edge. Then stars burst in her head and spread to her toes making them curl. The quakes were unlike anything she had experienced before, sweeping through her body over and over again.

Cream began to pour out of her hot pussy all over Clarissa’s tongue. It was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Removing her fingers from it not wanting to waste a drop she began to lick every drop up as it came out in a flood. Her tongue finding it as it dripped over Jessi’s asshole and licking it up faster. And then another flood. She couldn’t keep up and couldn’t stop. She eat her fill and more.

As two more orgasms rocked Jessi’s body she began to cry in ecstasy. It was too much. And it had to stop. Grasping that short blonde beautiful hair she moan. “No more. I can’t take it.” And she pulled her roommate up her sweat drenched orgasm shaking body.

Clarissa left that warm wet delicious pussy and slid into the quaking arms of her new lover. Looking into them big green eyes she smiled softly and kissed them beautiful lips wanting her to taste herself, to know why she loved it.

As their tongues mated, stroking each other eagerly their hands wandering slowly over each others bodies, one naked, one clothed. As the quakes stopped Jessi pulled away from the lover’s kiss having fully tasted herself and loving it. Gazing into them sky blue eyes she smiled shyly. “Thank you.”

Stoking Jessi’s raven black hair, Clarissa smiled. “It is what I wanted.”

Feeling the urge to return the favor and make her feel like she had just felt, Jessi flipped that tight, toned beautiful body underneath her. “And now it is my turn to take what I want.”Looking at her with the hunger in her eyes.

To be continued…

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