My Lovers’ Fantasy Ch. 01

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…………..taking her by the hand I took her up the stairs to their bedroom carrying the wine that was relaxing her inhibitions.

My lovers’ wife had been looking a little unsure about going through with it but my lover and I had discussed it and planned everything down to the last detail. He had picked me up at the station and dropped me off at the house. He had done the shopping that we had needed for tonight and I had already prepared the food in the kitchen waiting for her to return from work. The plan was simple my lover would go off to the gym for an hour or so to give me some time with her, relax her and not overwhelm her with what we were going to be doing, he would return and should find us upstairs together.

I had already checked the bedroom over and put the goodies down the side of the bed, ready for later. Together we wanted this night to be about her pleasure, ours being a bonus. My lover and I had already fucked frantically when we got in the house, that being about our addition to each other and not wanting to give that away later on in the evening. Everything had been set, the new lingerie that we had picked out the previous week for both of us to wear for dinner, the satin sheets were on the bed and candles had been placed around the room to make it more romantic and sexy. She had no idea what was going to happen tonight, as my lover had been very vague to her about it all.

Walking into the bedroom she gasps at the room setting and the lingerie on the bed, hers in deepest red and mine in royal blue, turning she looks me in the eye. I slowly smile at her and take her through to the bathroom. The setting was the same in here, candles flickering a warm sensual glow about the room. I turn to her and gently place my hands on either side of her face, bringing my lips to hers. I feel the slightest hesitation in her, slowly I move my lips, sucking on her lower lip I feel her open her mouth slowly. Deepening the kiss I pull her closer, dipping my tongue in her mouth, tasting the wine on her breath. Slowly I feel her begin to relax as our kissing begins to increase in speed. Moving my hands down from her face I gently trail my fingers down her throat and place them gently Demetevler Escort over her covered breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze I feel a small sigh escape her, encouraged that she was really getting into it I start to unbutton her blouse.

Leaving her lips I start to trail kisses down her throat, over her delicate collarbone down to the top of the bra. I can hear her breath catch as I pull the material to one side and trail feather light kisses down to her erect nipple. Flicking it with my tongue I feel her jump and suddenly her hands are on my hair, holding my mouth exactly where I was. A deep throat moan escapes as I bite her nipple gently followed by swirling my tongue around the bitten area. Placing kisses on her skin I move to do the same to the other breast, deciding to pinch the other nipple with my fingers to keep it hard. I kiss my way back up her throat and kiss her deeply, undoing her skirt and pulling down her underwear. A sweet musky scent drifted up, giving me the telltale sign that she was turned on and enjoying the attention. I lightly moved my hand down her body, over her slim waist and moved it the he shaven pussy that I knew I would meet. My lover had told me that he had shaved her the night before so it was smooth and ready for all that would be inflicted on it tonight.

Pushing her thighs apart she moaned heavily as I moved my finger between her swollen lips, seeking out her clit. Rubbing it lightly I feel her begin to push against my hand, slipping a finger into her pussy found her extremely wet. Pushing another finger into her I start to circle her clit with my thumb. A sense of power coming over me, knowing that I was doing this to her and she was loving it. I began to get a rhythm going and trailed my lips back down to her nipples. Pulling my hand out of her pussy I move my fingers to her lips, pushing them into her mouth to lick clean. Looking me in the eyes she swallows my fingers gently moaning to the act as she sucks them cleaning. I move my hand back to her pussy and taking more juices I smear them on her nipples and looking her straight in the eyes I flick my tongue over them, tasting her Otele gelen escort sweet juices.

Letting her go I move to the shower and switch it on. Turning to her I strip off my clothes and take her hand, pulling her into the shower with me. Taking the perfumed body wash we had bought I slowly start rubbing the gel in, lathering the soap over her shoulders and down her back, rubbing myself up against her back, touching her everywhere, feeling her push back against me in liking what I am doing. Turning her around I start from her neck, circling my hands down her body, paying attention to her breasts and hard nipples. Moving my hands lower I circle over her hips and down between her thighs. Crouching down I move her legs apart, getting the quick smell of her wantonness before running my soapy hands over her lips.

I can now feel her legs shake with trying to stand still so I stand up and kiss her deeply, rubbing her body against mine. For the first time I feel her hands touch me, moving to my breasts. Cautiously she puts some soap in her hands and starts to repeat all that I have done to her. Carefully she moves behind me, touching me slowly, looking at my body as she does so. In comparison our bodies are very different. Hers is lithe, slim with slight curves and smallish breasts, mine is larger, curvier, much more fuller breasted. Watching her look at me turns me on even more, she stops at the tattoo on my shoulder, tracing over it with her fingers, admiring its beauty. Moving down my back she comes across my new tattoo I had done the week before, of five butterflies floating up my spine with gerbera daisies and my sons’ name at the bottom of it. Moving round to face me she brushes my nipples with her fingers, lifting my breasts up for examination, feeling the weight of them in her hands, looking at me she smiled. Washing down my body she comes to my pussy, I move my legs apart for her to touch me. Looking up at me, looking a little shy she moves her hand towards my clit, sticking out of my swollen lips. In all the pleasuring of her I had not pleasured myself yet.

Brushing her fingers so gently over my clit I moan loudly, Balgat Escort touching her hand and encouraging her to touch me. Feeling a little bolder she applies a little pressure on my sensitive nub, circling it like I had on hers. The sensations running through my body are amazing but tonight is not about me so I pull her back up and kiss her deeply, feeling her body, rubbing my hands up and down her back. Grabbing the showerhead I begin to rinse her off. Placing kisses over her body I pay full attention to her body, not missing an inch of it. Quickly washing myself off I turn the shower off and go to grab a towel. Stood in the bathroom is my lover, deep sated desire flowing in his eyes telling me that he’s been there a while watching the scene in the shower. Smiling at him I grab a towel and start to dry her off, flicking my tongue over her nipples again, not getting enough of them, then crouching down I part her legs, drying her and just because of being watched I dart my tongue at her clit. She has not noticed that her husband has been watching so i’m playing the game for him.

Its obvious how turned on he is from the hard cock in his hand. Watching his lover play and taste his wife has had the desired effect on him. Watching his mistress and wife together must be his dream come true and watching it first hand was going to test his will power! Playing up even more I stick 2 fingers back into her pussy as my tongue is swirling round her clit. She has moved her hands to the top of my head, keeping my head where it was, not wanting the pleasure to stop. Wanting her to cum for me I move in closer and dip my other fingers into her pussy to get them wet, moving them back to find her tight ring I gently start rubbing it, pushing one finger in. Her moaning getting louder told me she was nearing the end of the journey. Sticking another finger into her pussy I built up the speed even more, feeling her pussy and ring beginning to tighten around fingers telling me she was close. Applying more pressure with my tongue I tipped her over the edge, grabbing my hair she came hard, her juices gushing down my tongue, lapping it up as quickly as I could, feeling it run down my chin I pull my fingers out and move up her body. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of pure pleasure on her face, gently taking her face in my hands I kiss her, moving my tongue in and out of her mouth, letting her juices run into it. Motioning behind me my lover leaves the bathroom; it was for his eyes but not for her to know just yet that he had witnesses it all……………..

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