My MIL – My Wife: Part I

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My MIL – My Wife: Part IMy MIL – My Wife: Part I 2

my own story that I am living. Am 28, 6 ft tall and a lean physique not muscular and not flabby. Am married and I have a 1 year old k**. But this story is about a very special relationship that my MIL and I share. Mine was a love marriage and I married a very hot mallu girl. We were colleagues and I just fell in love with her. She had nice physique wonderful shape, those full lips most mallu woman have and those awesome assets. As a bonus she had this wonderfully thick long little curly jet black hair which I loved. I made my moves knew more about her and was gaining on her when one day I went to her home. It was the day I decided to marry her at any cost.

I had not proposed to her till then, but I did immediately the day after. At her home she introduced me to her mother and man was I blown. I always had a fancy for older woman and this was a jackpot and to add more her mom was separated. Her husband was in Gulf and never returned back, but used to send money and they kind of broke up, guess he settled for someone there. It was not easy my marriage, I had to convince my parents and it took 2 full years, it was very difficult especially with her mom separated and inter language and cultural. But I wanted this, it was any day better than any fantasies I ever had. I finally convinced my parents and married Sreeja.

But this story is not about Sreeja is it ? Its about my MIL Lakshmi. Now about Lakshmi, she was 46 when I met her. She had such sexiness. She oozed sex from her eyes, from her lips, her ways , her sways. She is 5.5 ft tall, about 60 kilos, very light flab on her belly, very firm ass, dark wheatish complexion. Her hair was till her mid back well-trimmed, thick and graceful. You might have noticed, am a little hair fetish, if you can call that. She was awesome her eyes had something, she had that fire, which still burns today. Lakshmi owned a beauty parlour and hence was always well groomed. She stayed with her brother after her husband left and she told me she never had any extra marital affairs.

So we were all happily married and from day 1, I had always wanted to have my MIL. I never hesitated and always made her feel special. I took me over a year and half to gain her confidence. We live here in the US and I insisted that Lakshmi comes and stays with us. My wife and me worked in the same state but her profile made her go on consultation trips very often and sometimes month long deployments. For a year we were together, and quite a lot of fun. She even got pregnant and delivered a beautiful boy. Things took a turn after the delivery. In this mean time I have always eyed my MIL, gave her looks and smiles. Appreciated her beauty. She would always shy off and give a very faint smile. After like 3 months after the delivery , Sreeja joined back at work and her new assignment meant she had to travel, over the week. With all this background this is what happened which led to me having my long desired MIL and enjoying almost every day now.

It was a day in October, one of the week days, I was back home and Mil was at home. Mine was a 2 bedroom house complete with a garden. I changed and sat on the couch and watched TV. It was around 8 and my MIL was busy preparing dinner, my house had a lounge type kitchen where in you can see the person cooking if you sit on the couch. I took my position as I always do and watched my MILS graceful moves. She was in her nighty, a white one, she had taken a head bath and was awesome that day. Her nighty would stick to her tight body and I could see her curves. Its been a while since I had sex and I was getting horny.

I wanted to lay her badly. I waited for a while then I went into the kitchen in the pretext of getting some water and stood there staring at her, she caught me and said, what ? I said aunty you look different today. May be 10 years younger. She blushed. I told her I will help her. I started doing something’s around and all the while ogling at her. She caught me and gave me smiles. I knew I was close. I planned to test and moved closer and in the pretext of moving around and reaching touched her ass with my hands. She looked stunned but never said anything. I then tried my luck and rubbed my growing hardness over her ass. She moved away but never said anything. I grew nervous. Now the dinner was almost over and we went to watch tv for a while.

She sat on the couch her legs folded as it was a little cold. I moved over and sat next at the other end of the couch and she wanted to put her legs down and I asked her not to. Told aunty please relax. To this she smiled. I was relived first smile after me rubbing my hardness. She mentioned it was a little chilly. I went in and got a nice quilt and gave t to her. She put it over her legs. The devil in me woke up again.After a while, I put up my legs on the couch and mentioned yeah it is little chilly aunty. To this she immediately responded by extending the quilt. Now both our feet where under the quilt some inches away. I kept shifting and inching towards her. Eventually I touched her feet with mine, and immediately apologized. After some time I started stretching and she said are you comfortable. I said yes aunty just that I need to stretch my legs. She immediately wanted to move to the side couch. I said no aunty it’s not needed, but she said am not comfortable. To this I just said, just let me starch my legs and sit and I starched it fully. Now my legs were behind her ass.

I knew I was close. I slowly made contact over her ass. No reaction from her. Asked her aunty you can lean back and sit am comfortable. To this she gave a very shy smile to my surprise leaned back, pressing her lower back against my legs. It was like waiting in grid in a F1 car and you see all green and my heart raced…go go go. I said aunty my legs feel good now and I asked are you warm aunty and touched her feet. She bent her head down. I started rubbing her feet. Told her she had lovely feet. I kept praising her and told her how young she looked and she kept denying but was getting into the act slowly for sure. I took courage and placed my feet in between her thighs, she shivered and uttered, son in law this is….i cut her off and said, aunty I married your daughter and it’s my responsibility to take care of you both. She started but…I cut her off again and moved closer, and put my arm around her shoulder. She wasn’t sure, she mentioned all reasons ans started questioning, but the bodily contact was making its magic, her resolve was melting. I said aunty you are such a stunning woman you need what you deserve. I told her I liked her a lot. She leaned. I just held her close and said aunty you are too sweet. O this she responded call me Lakshmi.I hugged Lakshmi very close. She leaned on my chest, her heavy breath pushing her breasts against my chest. I grabbed her by the hips and squeezed it and she left out a very sexy moan. I held her neck and slowly planted a kiss on her lips, there was no acceptance, and I slowly smooched, sucking the succulence of her lips. I was squeezing her boobs over her nighty all the time. She started to respond and when our lips parted she would whine a moan and It was such a turn on.

Underneath the quilt I started raising her nighty. I left my hand feel the warmth between her thighs. I made my way up. She had a thin panty, and I rubbed my fingers over her pussy. It was getting wet already. I placed her hand over my shorts and asked her to feel my hardness. She started rubbing my harness over my shorts. I sucked her lips hard. I slid my fingers inside her panties and felt her pussy. I rubbed my fingers over her clit. She was getting very hot.

She was getting restless, so I removed my shorts and removed her nighty over her head. I removed the claw clip and let her hair loose. She looked wonderful in her bra and panty. Wheatish glowing skin, lovely thick free hair, deep eyes all filled with wild lust, heavy 38 boobs going up and down with heavy breath, a slight belly that was sexy more than anything and a very thin white panty. She wanted to go into the bedroom and I obliged. I held her hands and led her to the bed room, feeling her firm butt all the way. Once in the bedroom I hugged her tight from behind, and started planting wild kisses on her neck, started giving her hickies. In the mean time I slid my right hand into her panty and with the left was cupping her left boobs over her bra. To my surprise, she was neatly trimmed and I started rubbing her just above her pussy, slowly reaching for her clit. I moved her wild free her over her left shoulders and started biting on her right shoulders. Her skin and her hair had a wonderful fresh smell. All this while I was pressing my hard on against her butt crack. With every kiss and bite she was enjoying, she had thrown her head back and had her arms around my neck.

I withdrew the hand from her panty and started cupping and squeezing both her boobs, it was firm for her age and had a lovely shape. It was a little saggy but that sag was simply too good, it only was even sexier. I removed her bra and felt the nacked boobs and started nibbling her tits, piched and turned them like radio nobs and she all the time was moaning, ufffffffffffff……hmmmmm mmmmmm….aiyoooooooo…hmmmmmm kind of. I started kissing her naked back and went down slowly and dug my face deep in her butt over her panty. Again she had a very firm butt, I love butts. I love doggy. I removed her panty and started wildly biting her butt and in the meantime started rubbing her clit vigorously, she shivered and she was beginning to get wet. I inserted my finger into her pussy and started finger fuckin her. It wasn’t very comfortable as her legs where close. I lifted her leg and put it on the edge of the bed, and started fingering her wildly, she was enjoying it. I turned her around and started licking her. I open up her pussy and gave her a deep massive lick. Her juices were erotic. She smelled and tasted good.

At this point I wanted her to suck me but I wasn’t sure if she was used to it, so I thought at the back of my mind may be later.I laid her on the bed and climbed over her and started kissing her on her lips sucking it in, then her ears and she felt my dick with her hands and was stroking it, she must have got hungry for it. She needed It in I guess. She said “son in law” come get into me. I don’t know what went through me that time but those words gave me a rush of blood which I had never before experienced, my dick jerked, it wanted to tear my MIL, my slutty mother in law who was naked below me, wanting to get fucked by her daughters husband. It aroused me like hell, it unleashed the a****l instincts. I showed my cock in and she was nice and tightand as I slide in I could already feel her spasms, she was jerking and gyrating wildly. I thrust deep into her, every inch(6 inches) and every centimeter I had and once in , I never withdrew and I simply started pushing deeper and deeper. She spread her arms wide like an eagle and started clutching the bed sheet.She left out a huge argggggggggggggggghhhhh…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..hmmmmmmmmmm.

I withdrew till the tip of my head and thrust once more very slowly, I liked her grip around my dick. And then I withdrew for a second time and now I pushed in harder and faster , she jumped up a little bit and I started thrusting her harder, harder evenly paced at first. She was responding moving her hips all the while whining and moaning. I found her very noisy and I love it, she turned me on like crazy, she kept calling son in law and I pumped like w wild dog. After about 10 mins of hard fucking, I cummed deep into her. I never asked if it was safe, she never bothered. Only after Cumming did is ask if it was ok, she said it was as she had done vasectomy . I was still not fully limp and I turned her around and her ass and her s**ttered hair over her back was awesome. I was a great site and I immediately climbed over her and started kissing her and biting into her flesh. I rubbed my dick between her butt cracks and was sucking on her flesh. I smooched her and kissed her wildly for full 10 mins and she was aroused and so was I.

This time I needed a doggy. I wanted her to kneel and she didn’t get into position easily so I had to adjust her and finally there she was kneeling like a dog, her pussy expecting my hot cock, she was twitching with expectation. I spread her ass wide and gave her a through lick from her puss to her hip over her asshole. She was stunned. She said don’t lick the asshole it would not be clean, I said Lakshmi it is clean enough for me. I rubbed my head cock over her asshole and teased her. I could feel her tension; she did not want me to fuck her ass. But I knew this mother in law of mine had a long way and her journey into slut hood had just begun. I would turn her into one nasty wild slut, but just my own slut. I slid my hard dick deep into her pussy and clutched her hips and started pumping her again and her tight butt would bounce off with every thud. She moved her hips back and fro and we settled into a rhythm and her moans also where rhythmic now. She went into repetition of hmmm hmmm …hmmmm….hmmmm…hmmm…ahhhhh…

I cupped her bouncing boobs and squeezed it. I climbed on top of her. Held her hair and starting thrusting harder, I rode her like a horse. she breathed heavily and she was cumming already and I fucked her for good 15 mins and I finally came into her. Both of us where tired and I just fell over her. I said Lakshmi you are awesome, she bent her head with shyness. I pulled her on top me and smooched feasting on her body. I was happy I had lived my fantasy.

That day we fucked 2 more times after dinner and I went on to fuck her for 2 full days. But that’s in the next part.

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