My Mind’s Eye

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I snapped alert at the sound of my phone ringing to notify me of a new text message. My phone always seemed to startle me these days… One never truly feels secure when his lover is away. There’s a constant dread of the day you get the phone call, the moment when you know it’s over.

It was her! I hit the button to open the message, looking forward to reading what she had to say. My phone seemed to lurch for a moment, a not altogether uncommon action these days. As it snapped back to reality, a small but clear picture slid onto the screen.

Unable to quite resolve what it contained with my strained eyes, my finger shot across the phone, ordering it to save the image. I opened it in my gallery and could see much more clearly… Hold on, is that a wet spot? What the… Cripes it was hot.

Yeah, she had definitely broken me. Six months ago I never would’ve been turned on by the sight of wet panties, but in the time I had known her she had awoken my latent kink, driving me to do things I never would have considered with another…

But this? I could not contain myself. I paused my game, or movie… Whatever it is I was doing was unimportant. bostancı escort I could not stand this sudden throbbing, this intense pain emanating from my groin. I started to casually stroke it, catching myself after a minute or two. What would I do if someone walked in? I was in the living room! I almost ignored my concern, but my wiser half won. I quickly walked to the bathroom, quietly shutting the door and locking myself in.

I sat down on the edge of the counter and took up my still growing member, instantly missing the gentle carress of my lover’s soft hands… I looked up and saw the lotion, grabbing it and generously pouring it on my hands and almost painfully hard cock.

I began to gently rub it in, my mind recollecting every moment we had together… And creating new experiences. I saw a flash of my hands being tied above my head, my body exposed from head to toe… My lover standing over me, her creamy white skin shining beautifully in the moonlight.

She grabbed my short-cropped hair and jerked my head back, exposing my neck as she bared her teeth before biting down. As my mind brought these images to me, my head bostancı esmer escort rocked uncontrollably back, my entire body shivering. “Please…” I begged no one, “harder…”

I gripped my member harder, my hand furiously pumping as my lover lowered herself onto me in my mind, her breasts shifting with the movement as my hand matched time to my heart, pounding with every heartbeat. I could not hold it back any longer; a shudder ran through my entire body, my cock twitching with a small spurt of piss…

My lover smiled at me in my mind, that crooked little grin that I love so much… Before slamming herself down on me. “Fuck!” I cried, the mental stimulation almost too much. As she continued to smile, she looked down on me with a twinkle in her grey eyes. “Do you want it?” I could swear I heard her now, my mind so clouded with pleasure that reality and fantasy were nothing more than a blur.

“Want… What…” I forced out, barely able to form a coherent thought.

“Do you want me to piss on you, slave?” I was certain she was there, my body again convulsing as another hot jet of pee escaped my cock.

“I… bostancı olgun escort It… I can’t…” I struggled to speak, unable to comprehend my own thoughts… Let alone a question. “Please… Mistress…” I managed nothing more as my cock again throbbed, sending forth another jet of the golden fluid, my body relaxing as I rocked backwards against the wall.

My lover… My mistress ground her full hips on mine, my already tortured bladder screaming. She soon stopped and shuddered herself as she leaned back, her hot fluid cascading around my waist, over my groin… Covering me. My body was unable to contain itself, my cock screaming in need for release as I relaxed.

My member throbbed again, my bladder emptying as I came. “Luna… My love…” I panted, crying as I came; it happening with such force that I sprayed my entire front, sticky cum planting itself on my chest and stomach before running down over my hands and balls with the unstoppable was of piss.

My mind snapped back to reality just as my vision ended, my lover crying out in ecstasy as I filled her with my cum, my hands firm on her hips…

I looked down at the mess I had made, considering the shower as I distractedly rubbed the remaining cum into my chest. I managed a typical “Hot.” in response before I entered the shower, my head still pulsing from the force of my orgasm…

“Hey,” I thought to myself, “maybe I should send her something to show my thanks…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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