My Mom and our Neighbor Pt. 03

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The next day, Mom told me that she was going to go and help her cousin move into her new house. She said not to expect her home for dinner, and she might possibly stay overnight if it got too late and come home tomorrow morning.

Mom left early in the morning, and at Noon, I decided to see if I could hook up with my friends, and see if we could get that beach outing going again. Just before I could text them, the phone rang.


“Hello Audrey, this is your Mom’s neighbor, Miranda. You know me, the way you’ve been watching me and your Mom make sweet, delicious love.”

I gasped, my heart started to pound.

“I know that your Mom, my lover, is away for the day. Remember what I mouthed to you, ‘like mother like daughter?’ Considering that you kept watching, I am sure you want me, don’t you? I like the kinky nature, doing the Mom then doing the daughter.”

I felt my cunt warming up quickly, and I whispered, “Yes, oh yes.”

Her voice was a warm caress, as she purred, “And I also mouthed the word ‘soon,’ that time has arrived. Come next door, I’ll be waiting for you!”

I scurried next door, and a very aroused, very naked Miranda awaited me at the door. When I stepped inside, she quickly had me disrobed.

She paused, and purred, “Let me look.”

Her eyes moved all over my body, it was like a physical touch. She ran her eyes over my 5′ 8″ drinking in the rise of my 36C boobs, the swell of my hips, the curve of my waist, the slight swelling of my tummy.

“Mmmm, I love that tummy swell, so damn sexy!”

Her eyes went down, she smiled as she saw my totally waxed pussy, the tight pink slot visible.

Miranda cooed, “Mmmm, looks delicious, I like to see what’s I’m going to be eating.”

She went behind me, and her hands gently cupped my ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm, so nice and round, just the right amount of fullness.”

The feel of having my cheeks caressed drove my heat up. I felt the warmth, my nipples were erect and hard, my pussy escort london was getting seriously wet and hot.

Miranda stepped out from behind me, smiled, took my hand, and led the way to her bedroom.

At the bed, she purred, “On the bed, hands, and knees. Time to taste all your sweet holes.”

I was trembling from anticipation, I felt my cheeks being pulled apart, MMMMMM, Miranda’s hot wet tongue ran along the tight rim, I let out loud moans as her mouth started to work over my ass, her tongue pressing against my starfish.

Miranda was pleased to discover that I love analingus as much as she and my Mom did, and she ate my ass exquisitely, it felt so fucking amazing.

“Shove a finger up my ass, finger bang my tight pucker!” I gasped.

“Turn over sweetie, so I can lick your sweet cunt at the same time!”

I did so and saw the large mirror above us. My lust rocketed, seeing the mirror image of myself, the sex-hungry, wanton daughter, totally naked, legs spread wide, with Miranda, my Mom’s lover, just as naked, between my thighs, eagerly licking and lapping at my sweet pussy.

Miranda paused, just long enough to purr, “Mmmm, you taste so nice, as sweet as your Mom.”

Lowering her mouth back down, Miranda to work, I felt her finger worm into my tight asshole, and the sounds of hot licking and slurping rose. Cradling Miranda’s head against my pussy, I was letting out gasps and moans of pleasure, watching the mirror image of myself in heat.

The sounds of my groans and cries of pleasure increased, I knew that I was quickly approaching the brink. My breasts were heaving up and down, my body tensing up, reaching for my orgasm.

I gasped, “Oh fuck, gonna make me do it, you sexy cunt licker, yes, yes, EEEEEEEEE!”

My shriek filled the bedroom, and a rush of juices poured out, giving Miranda a hot juicy facial. After Miranda had licked the last spasm from my juicy heat, she slithered up my body, coming face to face, our mouths clung to each dubai escorts other, and I was getting a rich taste of my own pussy. We lay back, floating on the afterglow.

“Now let me show you how your Mom, my lezzie lover likes to let me use her. Pull your legs up and spread it wide.”

I felt Miranda’s hands grab my ass cheeks and pull them apart. The hot wet licking at the rim, oh fuck, that felt beyond fantastic. My moans, gasps, and cries of pleasure rose up as Miranda licked at my asshole, probing with her tongue and bringing a finger into play.

Watching the mirror reflection of Miranda working on me, and my facial expression of bliss, was insanely hot. Miranda lifted her face away, smiling as she reached for the stainless steel jewel butt plug. The jewel was a purple-colored heart, she nudged it against my asshole and started to slowly push.

“Let it in sweetie, open your ass to the plug.”

I relaxed as much as I was able, the filling of her asshole stretching wider, I felt the resistance, the maximum stretch, then one last push, my resistance turned to acceptance, I let out a loud gasp as the plug was buried to the base. I felt stretched out, stuffed but also felt incredibly turned on. My pussy was already getting juicy and wet again.

“Now that you are stuffed, I will join you, mmmm, I love getting plugged, then time for the rubdown.”

I watched in the mirror as Miranda took to her hands and knees, poising a buttplug against her ass, then her loud growl of pleasure as she drove it in with one hard thrust. I felt her hands roll me over, belly down on the rumpled sheets of her bed. Miranda then straddled her, placing a knee on each side of my legs, as she lowered herself down until her hips were pressing down against me, I felt the warmth of her sex against my ass. When Miranda pressed down a bit more, I could clearly feel the outline of her snatch against my ass cheeks. Just like myself, Miranda was free of pubic hair, there was nothing in the way Escort Dubai of that hot, sexy pressing.

With no hair to block the heat of Miranda’s hot cunt pressed against my naked ass, I could feel the hot, wet excitement of Miranda’s cunt, my lust powering back up as I shivered with excitement. I felt Miranda stretch out over me, the bare breasts, the stiff nipples digging into my back, as Miranda kept gripping my hips, molding my body tight against my back.

“Now, Just like you Mom does, play with your sweet cunt, make yourself cum while I rub my body all over your back!”

That sent a rush through me, seeing in my mind’s eyes, my Mom on her belly, while Miranda rubbed against her nude backside. I could feel Miranda start to move, rubbing her body all over my naked backside. The hot nude body pressed against me over and over, her soft, delicious cries of passion were like music to my ears. I buried my hand in my cunt, my fingers probing the wet heat, rubbing my juices all over my clit, trying my best to drag it out. I was imitating the undulations that Miranda was making, pushing up against the thrust of Miranda’s naked body to meet the thrusts with the arching of my back.

I could feel the juices of Miranda’s pussy dripping onto my ass, starting to flow like a river downwards. I could feel her breathing get choppy, hearing Miranda’s ah-ah-ah-ah sounds as her orgasm closed in. The rubbing of Miranda’s naked flesh against me, the dripping of her juices, they started to run down around my butt plug, my pussy lips, I was balanced on the edge, and when Miranda’s juices flowed over my throbbing clit, that took me.

I raised my head and let out a loud howl of orgasm as my body started to shake wildly, I could feel my asshole pulsing around the jewel butt plug, Miranda writhing against me, pressing down hard.

“Cum Miranda, cum hard, cum all over me!” I grunted.

Miranda let out a long, loud moan, squeezing the entire length of her back against me as she exploded, a fresh gush of her juices poured out over my ass, running down the channel to flood all over my clit. My cries of orgasm joined Miranda’s as I came again, her body writhing and squirming tightly against me, fuck that felt so amazing.

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