My Mom Caught Me with Her Bra

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Today was a normal day after school for me. I came home from college classes to an empty house like always. My mother and father were both at work while my baby brother was in a day care. Dad is a big time executive and my mother is a famous redheaded actress named Christina. Continuing my normal routine after I came home, changed clothes, and ate lunch. Then I prepared for my daily masturbation session.

This is where I go into my parents bathroom where I am always at my most comfortable to jerk off. When I went into the bathroom I seen that it had not been cleaned up today yet. Walking towards the toilet where I would be stroking myself I seen one of my mother’s large bras laying on the floor. My dirty mind could not resist picking it up to assist my arousal while getting myself off.

With the big beige bra in hand, I sat down on the toilet seat after removing my shorts and boxers. Naked on the throne I started to stroke my still limp dick. It did not take long to work myself up with my mom’s underwear in hand. The material was soft to the touch and round like the breasts the filled them. There had been many times when I thought about my mother’s large breasts when I was horny without any porn.

Once my cock was hard I began to use the soft bra cups to stroke myself while imagining that it was my mother’s boobs. Looking down I read the tag that informed me that her boobs were 38DD now. Before their second child in her forties, my mom was only a 36DD. Knowing that her body had gotten bigger only made me hornier. My hard dick was sliding in and out of the cushioned cups quickly as I had taboo thoughts.

Since my mother was well endowed, I had caught myself glimpsing at her boobs in the past. Now it was different. Now I was trying to sexually please myself with her delicates. The thrill of being naughty in my mother’s bathroom with her bra was part of the fun. My mind was racing with thoughts of times I had seen my mom in a bikini, a towel, or even the rare occasions I seen her in underwear.

Stroking myself with the soft bra had taken all of my attention as I focused on keeping the cups held around my shaft. I was caught up in the moment of getting off to my mom’s boobs. Until my attention was brought back to reality by a loud yell from the entrance of the bathroom.

“Dommonic what in the hell are you doing!” My mother Christina yelled from the doorway.

Looking over I froze with my mouth open and the bra wrapped around my erect cock. I raced to come up with an explanation for the situation, but nothing came to mind to save me. She had caught me red handed with her underwear around my shaft.

My mom is a 45 year old redhead named Christina. She is a curvy milf standing at five foot seven inches without her typical heels on. For a middle aged woman with two kids, mom had a great body. Her huge white breasts hung from her chest well, matched by her thick butt that was normally squeezed into a skirt or dress.

“Well Dommonic, how are you going to explain yourself?” My mom asked me while looking angry and red in the face.

“I-I-I’m so sorry mom.” I stammered to get out as anything was better than silence.

“Why in the hell are you raping my underwear? You’re my son Dom.” She asked in honest confusion.

“Mom I am sorry.” I say again while pulling up my shorts. Leaving the other hand covering my boner with the bra.

“That is not going to be enough. This is seriously fucked up. I am your mother.” Mom tries to rationalize my actions.

“I know mom, I do not know what is wrong with me!” I say with a louder tone.

“Son this situation is wrong, but nothing is wrong with you.” Her voice says sounding less angry and more caring. “I am sorry I yelled at you baby. I just did not have much time to react.”

I get up to leave the bathroom walking towards her at the door. “Sorry mom. I will never do anything like this again.”

Mom stops me at the door. Placing her hands up on my shoulders as I try to pass. Her dark blue eyes stare into mine with her long red hair up in a professional style ponytail above. Holding me firmly in place before speaking.

“Dommonic we have to talk about what I witnessed you doing just now.” She said with a caring mother tone.

I try to push past her, wanting to avoid the whole situation. She holds me in place since I did not want to push her too hard. Trapped in the bathroom with a stiff dick after being caught jerking off with my mother’s bra, was not how I planned my afternoon to go.

“Listen, you are not in trouble. We can just not have this happening all the time Dom.” Mom told me to reassure my nerves.

“It will not happen again mom, you are right!” I said hoping that would be enough to be released from the conversation.

“Come sit down we need to talk.” She said while holding my wrist to bring me to her bedside. Mom sat me down on the edge before sitting down beside me. “Now first tell me why you was using my bra to masturbate.”

I sat quietly not answering the question. etiler ucuz escort There was no way I was going to try and explain that to my own mom. It was bad enough she caught me stroking myself with her bra.

“Dom if you are not going to talk then we will have to go see a therapist to talk about it.” She told me firmly. The threat of bringing other person in on my shameful kink was the last thing I wanted.

“Mom I do not know why I did that.” I blurted out to end the talk of a therapist. “It was just soft I guess.” That was the first lie I could think of.

“Well are you sure it was only because it was a soft material.” My mom asked curiously now.

“Yes I just felt the softness when I stepped on it and then decided to try it out.” I lied thinking I was nailing it.

“Dommonic do not lie to me. I am your mother after all, I can tell when you are lying.” Mom said calling my bluff. Then placed her hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes again.

“Mom I swear I just liked the feeling of the bra,” I was sticking with my blatant lie.

“Well then why is this not the first time I found my bras in your area?” She asked with a look that showed that she was not bluffing.

“What do you mean?” I asked frantically.

“I have found my bras in your room before, but never knew what you was doing with them. I figured you were just practicing how to unhook them or learning how they worked on girls.” She said telling the full story.

“But I was jus-” I started to lie again before she cut me off mid sentence.

“Dommonic no more lying! Tell me the truth or we are going to have to talk to someone else about this.” My mom was clearly done with my antics.

“Fine mom, I am sorry I lied. The reason I had the bra was because I think that big boobs are attractive.” Finally telling the truth, but leaving out that my kink made me attracted to her being my mother with big big breasts.

My mom leaned down and hugged me tightly to her chest. I did not know if she realized the torture the firm hug was for a boy who was just interrupted from masturbating. Her large chest pressed against mine as she tried to comfort me.

“Thank you for being honest, but you can not be doing this with your mother’s underwear.” She told me before releasing me from her grip. She looked back at me after the warm hug.

“I am sorry mom. Like I said it will never happen again.” I told her before getting up to leave the room. Hoping I would be able to exit now that I was honest.

“Dommonic sit back down.” Mom told me as she pulled my wrist back down towards the bed. When she sat be down I seen her looking down away from my face now.

I looked down to see what her eyes were seeing. That is when I seen that my cock was back to being fully erect in my shorts. Making a tent in the front of the stretchy athletic wear material. It stood tall like a tower from my crotch before I grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed to cover myself.

“Well I see that talking about the issue is not going to be enough to end this problem we are having.” She told me after looking back into my eyes.

Again I was left unable to speak while staring back at my mother. Now her face looked different. It was still a shade of red, but not the same angry look anymore. Mom’s face was now more flush around the cheeks instead.

“Mom I just need to go. I do not know what is going on with me.” Now I was pleading to just get out of the room to be alone.

“No Dom, we have to deal with this before the problem gets worse.” Mom always wanted to talk about everything and never let it go.

Getting up from the bed I tried to leave one last time. I figured it was my last chance to break away from the conversation before I dug myself deeper into the hole. Again I was dragged back down to sit on the bed.

“You are not leaving until we find a solution that works for the both of us.” She said now seeming to be trying to convince me. Her pale skin was still flush on her freckle covered face. My mom was a beautiful natural red head with big blue eyes that pierced to your soul.

“Whatever mom. I am telling you it is all handled.” I tried to convince her that we did not need to keep talking further.

“Clearly it is not or there would be no pillow on your lap.” She said trying to make me realize the severity of the problem.

“There is nothing we can do about it.” Feeling desperate I hoped that I would be able to use pity to get out of this situation. Unfortunately my mom was not one to fall for something like that.

Mom pulls the pillow from my lap quickly. Pointing out that if I could maintain an erection while being lectured by my mom, then there was a problem. She was right too. I knew that, but would never admit it to her face.

“Just stop now! Drop it mom it is over!” My face was red from embarrassment when I yelled out at her.

“There is no reason to get angry son. This is a natural occurrence in the world. You etiler üniversiteli escort can be attracted to your mother, but we have to deal with it now that it has come up.” She tried to reason with me.

“I am just a creepy boy and I am a weirdo.” I told her hoping that she would feel bad and let me go.

“No you’re not Dommonic.” She said finally starting to sound like she was going to let it go.

“Nothing but a loser who can not get a girlfriend is all I am.” Laying it on thicker as I built up the pity from my mom.

“You are a handsome boy. Any girl would be lucky to have you.” My redheaded mom was now just trying to comfort me after seeing that I was breaking down.

“No they do not like me mom. That is why I am just jerking off with your bra. I am so sorry I disappoint you mom.” Letting it all out in the hopes that it would end it quicker.

Instead I was surprised by another silent hug. This time she rest her redhead on my shoulder while giving me an even longer warm hug. Again her huge breasts pressed against my chest.

“Listen son, nothing is wrong with you and you need to know that you are special.” She whispered gently into my ear while still holding me close.

The soft breath went into my ear with her message. The warmth sent a tingle through my body, which caused an uncontrollable twitch in my erection. That is when I noticed that the head of my cock was resting under my mother’s big boobs. The twitch of my boner caused it to poke up into the soft mound above.

“What the? Dommonic what was it now?” Mom asked confused by the increased arousal.

“What are you talking about mom?” I asked trying to pretend I did not feel my dick press into her big soft tit just now.

“You know what I am talking about and I am tired of dealing with this lying.” She was clearly annoyed again after my regression to being a liar.

“Sorry m-” I started before being cut off again.

“Enough with it Dom!” Mom said before telling me that she was going to handle this situation once and for all. She sounded demanding by the tone after hushing me.

My mom reached her arm across my mouth and covered it with her small hand. Telling me to shut up and listen for a moment to what she had in mind. “You are going to sit quietly and listen until I ask you a question. While I explain to you how we are going to handle your problem with your naughty mind.”

She went on to tell me all about my taboo thoughts and how we were going to get rid of them.

“First I want you to know that you are not in trouble, because this is an issue many boys have with their mother. That does not make it less serious. I just want you to know that I understand you did not choose to have these thoughts.” She said with the moisture building between my mouth and her hand.

I could only smell the lotion on her hand while listening to her lecture. Looking into her blue eyes intently listening to her go on.

“Now clearly talking about it was not enough son. So we will have to handle it physically to be sure it is dealt with properly.” She said calmly to me in a soft tone.

I used my eyes to show that I did not know what that meant fully, but my dirty mind had an idea.

“Yes Dommonic you heard me right, physically. Since you are attracted to the taboo of not being able to be with your mother sexually, then we have to break the taboo with the experience of the forbidden actions.” Mom seemed to be suggesting a sexual encounter also.

My mom finally released her hand from my now damp lips. Then asked me a question after telling me about the situation.

“Do you think that mommy letting you experience your taboo fantasy will stop these naughty thoughts of your own mother?” She asked in a serious, yet seductive tone.??Once again I was speechless. My brain could barely handle the thought of getting to have my mom sexually, but her offering it was almost too much.??”Well what do you think?” Her sweet voice asked again.

“I think it could help me out mom.” I said nervously to her.

“Just know that this is a one time treatment and that this will not be happening again. Do you understand me?” The sultry redhead asked me.

I shook my head to agree with my mother. Then she told me that we better get started with it before my father got home with my brother. Looking at the clock I seen that we had over an hour to deal with my little issue.

“So what is it about your mother that is so fascinating to you son?” She asked to me while standing up from the bed in front of me.

I could no resist checking her out for the first time that I was allowed. The sexy redheaded milf that was my mother had on a black skirt that hugged her curvy hips and thick ass. Covering the rest of her legs with dark black stockings that ran down to her shoeless feet. Her huge boobs from a recent pregnancy was squeezed into her tight white blouse. The buttons on the front had gaps from being barely able to cover fatih escort the large chest.

She must of seen my eyes locking onto her big boobs in the tight shirt, because she began to talk again. “You had my bra, that’s right. Mommy’s big breasts for nursing the baby must of gotten you all worked up.”

Her little hands rubbed down her sides from the side of her boobs down to her waist. Then she slowly started to unbutton her blouse. “Is this what you wanted from mommy?”

Still unable to believe what was going on, I only shook my head up and down.

Finally I was able to see that she was wearing a white bra underneath. The blouse was unbuttoned down to the middle. Those pale boobs were pushed out around the now open top.

“Here baby get a closer look like you have been wanting.” My mom said while leaning down to hug me again. This time the bare skin of her soft breasts pressed against my face. The huge white mounds surrounded my entire head until she released me from the cuddle.

“Wow!” It was the only thing that could leave my mouth afterwards.

My mom giggled at my innocent remark before speaking about it. “I think I know just what you need baby.”

I sat on the bed watching as she removed her white top. Then reached back to unclasp the hooks of her big white bra that was holding her boobs up nicely. When the hooks released, the big boobs dropped down on her chest. Hanging lower when freed.

“Mom your boobs are so big.” I said regretting it instantly.

“Thank you son, glad someone in this house appreciated them still.” She said with an odd tone.

“What do you mean mom?” I asked genuinely curious.

“Nothing, just sit back and don’t you worry.” Mom said to me back in her seductive sweet voice.

Her bra dropped to the floor exposing her large pink nipples in the center of the pasty colored breasts. They were even better than I had expected. I watched as her hands moved across the skin gently caressing the mounds.

“I hope they did not let you down.” Mom said shyly now.

“They are the best boobs I have ever seen before.” Words just continued to leave my mouth whenever they wanted.

My mom grabbed my hands, guiding them up to her exposed breasts. “Have you ever felt a woman’s breasts before son?” She asked me softly.

“You are the first girl that has let me.” Again just blurting out my thoughts.

She smiled at me with her cute freckled face. Before lowering her body down to her knees on the floor. Mom was now looking up at me while sitting between my open legs off the edge of the bed. Only wearing her black skirt and stockings with her natural red hair in a ponytail.

“Just this one time to cure your dirty mind, I am going to let you stroke yourself in between mommy’s soft boobs.” She said to me now sounding nervous herself.

“You mean that you are going to let me tit fuck you mom?” I said without control. Now I was worrying myself with the lack of control and the aggressiveness of my mouth with my own mother.

“Well I think that is what is needed to end this.” Mom said before asking me a final question. “Are you sure this is what you really want from your mother?”

With one quick nod of my head, my mother pressed her big breasts together. Squishing them into each other before looking up at me again.

“Pull out your dick from those shorts if you want to feel it between them.” My mother said now seeming like a slut.

I pulled my cock out from the shorts, letting them slide down to my feet. It was standing fully erect in front of me. Pointing directly into the face of my little mom down below on her knees.

“Well looks like you are good and ready at least.” She said before spitting down into her ample cleavage. The saliva ran down between her squishy tits. Then followed by another big glob of saliva from her mouth.

Her blue eyes motioned for me to bring my dick to them. So I took it as an invitation to finally move from my position like a soldier. Pressing my hips forward so that the fat crown pressed against her big nipple.

“Hold onto my shoulder and push it up in between them baby.” My mom guided me on how to do it properly.

“Ok mom.” I said while moving my hands to their ordered positions. Slowly pressing the tip of my cock up between her soft cleavage from below. I could feel the spit lubing up my erection while making it’s way to the top.

“Son you are much larger than your father is down there. You should be proud of your big cock.” She said while staring into my eyes when the slick cock emerged from the pale cleavage.

After making my length apparent by plunging all the way though the huge breasts, I started to thrust my hips back and forth. Forcing my cock to be stroked by her 38DD white tits.

“Uh-Oh!” My mom said when looking down to notice that her boobs were lactating from being massaged by my cock. The milk ran down her white breasts and across her chubby stomach. Being soaked up by the skirt still on her waist.

“That is so hot mom.” I said just giving up on trying to control myself anymore. Then I took my dick out from between the breasts and rubbed the tip into the milk of one nipple.

?”Woah you’re making a bit of a mess on mommy now.” She said when my cock pressed against the nipple and squirted out more of the creamy breast milk.

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