My Mother Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: An explanation from Mom

After the first day that I spent with My Mother and her friend Jane, things around the house only got better.

I got to meet the other two bi-sexual friends of Mom’s. Wendy about 39, who was a tall blonde lady who measured about 38C-26-36; and Gina, about 40 and was about 40–36-38. Gina was married with 2 daughters who will join in the fun at a later date.

As stated earlier, I had so wanted to become intimate with my Mom for so long, I used to picture her standing in her bra and panties, and often nude. I got so hard just thinking about her.

Gradually, I noticed that Mom started doing things that she had never done before, such as, after her bath in the mornings, she would walk from the bathroom to her bedroom covered only with a small towel. This made her large breast stand out and I could see her nipples growing hard; which then gave me a cock standing out and tenting my boxers, and wanting just to race up and grab her and make love to her all over again.

One morning she smiled at me as I walked out of the shower still sporting a hard-on. “I think you need to take care of that.”

I just slipped on my boxers and went downstairs to where she was fixing breakfast. She was dressed in a short brunch coat with just a pair of panties showing at the hem. I stood kağıthane escort behind her and grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against me, kissing her on the neck and down the side of her face. I could feel her pushing back on my hard cock as it rubbed against her ass. I felt my way up to her breasts and rolled the nipples around between my thumb and forefinger. Mom turned to me and kissed me and I parted my lips to allow entry of her tongue . We played like this for a few moments but I was getting very turned on and I think Mom was feeling the same.

At that moment Mom pulled away and said that I have something to tell you later, but for now can we just have breakfast.

I imagined all sorts of things like Mom saying that we couldn’t do this any more because she was my Mom, but Mom insisted that we eat breakfast and then get to talking.

We finished breakfast and Mom took me by the hand and sat with me on the couch.

“There are some things I have to tell you……”

“Mom ………,” I started to say.

She put her finger to my lips saying, “Let me say this first…OK.”

“”I have not been with a man since your father left me. That is not because I didn’t like men, but because I felt I couldn’t trust men. I got friendly with a woman at work and we became kartal escort real close. One day Maya, that was her name, asked if I wanted to go out for a meal. As you were at a friends place for the evening I decided to go. After dinner she asked me back to her place for a couple of drinks and asked me if I would like to stay overnight. As I had you I was doubtful but she suggested that I call your friends place and see if you could stay over for the night. I did that and you stayed there.”

“We sat down in front of the TV with a couple of drinks. Maya sat close to me on the lounge and I could feel her body heat emanating from the closeness. She then put her arm around my shoulders, pulling me nearer and kissing me lightly on the lips. I had never kissed another woman in that way before but it felt strange but good. After she had kissed me a few times I started to feel turned on. I had not had sex for some time and even though I did masturbate when I felt hot and horny, it was not the same.”

Maya suggested that we go to the bedroom and continue. She assured me that she wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t want. So we went to her bedroom and Maya asked if she could strip me. This she did, firstly slowly unbuttoning my blouse and slipping it off my shoulders and arms, then caressing my breasts küçükçekmece escort through my bras before undoing it and taking it off. She then proceeded to unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. She knelt in front of me, gently massaging my breasts and grabbing the nipples with her finger and thumb and rolling them until they hardened. She then worked her way down to my mons area where she slipped a finger into my cunt and mouthed my labia lips and tongued my clit. I was in heaven, I had not felt so good in such a long time and I knew it would not be too long before I climaxed.

“Maya, oh my God, I’m gonna cum baby …….”

“Cum in my mouth darling, I want to taste you so bad.”

I stood there for seconds trembling, my legs going weak at the knees and hardly able to think straight. I had just had one of the biggest orgasms in my life and had not even been fucked.

We ended up in bed that night and Maya gradually introduced me to all the toys and ways that female can satisfy each other. Unfortunately, Maya left the company about 6 months later but by that time, I was fully hooked into F/F and bi-sex.””

From then on, Mom looked for bi-sexual women and eventually employed three. Jane, Wendy and Gina. That was the start of some awesome sexual times for them all.

After that full length confession from Mom, I took her in my arms and told her that I didn’t really care where she got her sex from, as long as I could be in the mix too. Then I guided her up to the bedroom and there made love to her as only a son can do. With gentleness and love.

More to come with Wendy and Gina.

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