My Mother Is My Lover

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I felt my heart began thumping. I began to feel that life is beautiful. I was in love.

I began missing my heart beats. Neither I could sleep nor could I eat properly. Reason for the mess was simple. The girl in whose love I was mad was none other than my own mother!

It all began when my father was away from home for few days. Life was never the same there after.

We were 5 brothers apart from Ma and Papa in our family. My name is Jainendra but every one calls me “Janu”. I was 18 and eldest. All my brothers were very young in comparison of my age. Ages of my brothers were 8, 6, 4 and 2.

At the age of 35 my mother was slim, beautiful and sexy. Even after 5 deliveries her breasts were firm and always erect. Many of my friends were fantasizing about my mother while masturbating.

My father was a skilled worker in the engineering company situated near highway. In the evening on Papa’s returning from work my Ma use to wash his feet with warm water. She would cook fresh hot rotis for him and serve him dinner. She would give him hukka to relax. After this ritual she would serve all of us dinner. She would go upstairs to make bed for Papa and would press his feet till he falls in sleep. Then she would come down and sleep with all of us. She would pull any of my younger brothers except me close to her breasts and sleep. Even I had a wish to sleep burying my head in her breasts but she would refuse. ‘Janu, you are a grown up boy now!’ she would push me away.

Dejected, I would fantasize sleeping with my naked mother.

This wild fantasy was made real by my own Ma when my father was away for few days. His company had sent him to Pune to repair some antique machine which only he could repair.

In the beginning she slept with some brother as usual for first two nights. On the third night I was awaken suddenly. I felt weight on my chest. It was my mothers hand on my chest.

Surprised, I said, ‘Ma!’

‘Quiet!’ she placed her hand on my mouth. ‘Some one might listen!’

I saw that every one was in deep sleep. ‘What time is it now?’ I asked her.

‘It’s middle of the night! Just go to sleep!’ She pulled my head in to her breasts. She unhooked top two buttons of her blouse and pressed my face in between her two lovely boobs. I kissed her naked breasts. She thrust one of her nipple in to my mouth and said, ‘Janu, suck!’

I began sucking. She placed my hand on her other breast and prompted me to fondle with it. Sucking and playing with her breasts I fall in sleep.


Next day when I returned from college in the afternoon, Ma was feeding Chhotu, my youngest brother. She served the food to me also. After lunch, I wanted to relax. I took out my bed and sprayed it in the living room only. Ma made Chhotu sleep beside me and went in kitchen to do dishes etc. Chhotu played with me little and went in to sleep. I was also feeling dizzy.

Suddenly I felt my mother beside me. She glue to my back and kissed my neck. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and placed her hand on my chest. She started feeling my nipples. It was very sensual experience. Slowly her hand travelled to the lower parts of my body. She caresses my naval area kurtuluş escort for some time and then she inserted her hand in my pajama. I was so frightened that I stooped her. ‘Ma, what are you up to?’ I asked her.

‘Relax, Janu!’ She said, ‘Your Mother will not harm you!’

Then what happened was unbelievable and shocking. She sat up and unbuttoned her blouse! She threw away her blouse and began rubbing her big breasts in front of me!

My eyes were transfixed on her naked top. There was a faint smile on her face. ‘Janu, do you like my boobs? Do you want to play with my boobs?’

I was so dumbfound by her action that I couldn’t utter a word. She lifted my hand and placed it on her breast. ‘Play!’ she said.

I began feeling her firm breasts. Even after 5 deliveries her breasts were tight and erect without support! How amazing! I pulled her close and kissed her on lips. She pushed me down in bed and mounted on me. She began rubbing her breasts vigorously on my chest.

Blood began running fast in my veins. She moved down under me and now she rubbed my head in between her breasts. Slowly she pulled my head down and down. I went on kissing her naked body. She slid her petticoat and panty both down at a time and exposed her body under waist. Her pink pussy was now naked for my benefit. I just stared at her beautiful love-hole. She pulled her legs close to her bottom and folded from knee and widened them. She held my head and began rubbing her pussy vigorously.

She rubbed and rubbed.

It went on for unending hours. A time came when she was breathless. She stopped. I was released from her firm grip. She turned her head away and went in to sleep immediately. I fastened myself to her back and caressed her naked body for a while. Holding her breasts in my hand, I thought I was blessed.


I was happy. That evening I took all my bothers to a good hotel and ordered ice-cream for them. We carried parcel for Ma.

In return my Ma also gave me a special treat. That night she took me to their bedroom upstairs. There was a table. A chair, big French window, a big double bed, a wardrobe and a ceiling fan in the room. She removed her blouse. I kissed her lips while fondling with her boobs. She pulled out my pajama. My penis stood in attention immediately. My mother was amused. She touched it and said, ‘Vow! Its lovely, isn’t it?’ she fondled it for a while and then she slid down between my legs. She planted many kisses on my cock. She placed it in her mouth and began sucking.

She increased her speed of sucking after some time and there was no bound for my joy! I was in heaven! It was a superb mind-boggling experience!

She sucked and sucked. It was painful for me but I would not stop her as I had some extra ordinary pleasant feeling. I held her hair in my hand and asked her to suck more and more.

A time came when I thought I would discharge. I stopped her. After few seconds it blasted. Fall never seems to stop and Ma was happy like never before! Her mouth was filled with white juice discharged from my penis.

We both were exhausted badly. We fall asleep.

I don’t know how much we levent escort had slept. It was my mother who broke my deep sleep suddenly.

‘Janu! Wake up! Your Papa is back!’

I didn’t understand a word.

Ma was shaking me up. ‘Janu! Did you understand? Get out! Go downstairs immediately! Your Papa has returned!’

I regain my senses. I heard big knocks and Papa’s big shouts at the main door. I was frightened to death. ‘What now, Ma?’

‘Get your cloths and get out immediately!’ Ma said. She was putting on her petticoat. I picked up my pajama and began putting on. Ma stopped me.

‘There is no time! You just go down and sleep in your place! I shall open the door!’ I saw her putting on her blouse and rushing downstairs. I followed her naked with my cloths in hand. She made sure that I had covered my naked body under the bed sheet beside my youngest brother Chhotu. Adjusting her breasts in blouse which she could hardly button, she opened the main door.

‘What the hell!’ Papa stormed in and shouted, ‘How much time you need to open the door? Were you all dead drunk?’ he threw his beg aside.

Ma didn’t say a word. Papa grumbled for some time and became silent on his own. I didn’t take out my head at all and pretended to be in deep sleep. I learned later that it was three o’clock in the middle of the night. Papa took a bath with warm water and then went to sleep upstairs. Ma told me later that Papa fucked her thrice in a row till early morning.


On the following day Papa went to his work as usual and I went to college. I returned home in the afternoon. All brothers had gone to school except Chhotu. I made him sleep after lunch and waited for Ma to appear in my bed beside me. I had plans to have some fun with her.

Ma didn’t show up.

After waiting for a considerable time I got up and searched her. She was nowhere in the home! Finally I went upstairs just to take a chance.

There she was! Lying in the bed on her stomach! Her saree was spread on floor and her petticoat was pulled up to her knees. Her beautiful fair slim legs were on display for me. I thought of her being totally naked. How fantastic it would be!

I just wanted to lick all over her naked body. I went in and sit close to her. I placed my hand on her naked leg. ‘Ma! You are here! You should have called me directly!’

She pulled her leg away from me. ‘Why should I have called you, Janu?’

I was surprised. I inched towards her. I held her hand and said, ‘To have some fun, Ma!’ I made her sit in my lap. She didn’t say a word. Nor did she stop me. I kissed her on lips and inserted my hand in her blouse and fondled with her breasts.

She didn’t react. I rip off her blouse and squeezed her tits vigorously but there was absolutely no reaction from her! As if I was handling a dead body!

I was surprised and shocked. ‘Ma, what’s wrong with you?’ suddenly I realized that Papa was back. ‘Oh my God!’ I was horrified, ‘Did Papa found about us?’

‘No.’ Ma said calmly. ‘But I think all this is wrong. Janu, whatever we were doing for last two days is absolutely wrong. We can’t be lovers! Janu, I am your mother! maçka escort How can I allow you to explore the passage from where you have come out? How can I feed you sexually with my breasts by which I have feed you as a mother! You may not touch my feet as a son but kissing my love-hole between my legs? No-no! It’s a taboo! Sex between mother and son is not permitted in any society!’

‘Look Ma,’ I said, ‘I don’t understand all your talk. The thing is I like you and I want to make love to you!’

‘Janu beta,’ she protested, ‘This is incest!’

I was getting impatient. I unzipped my pajama. My long, swollen, thick penis came out like a spring. ‘Tell me Ma, what do I do with this now?’

Her gaze was fixed on my cock. She was looking at it without blinking her eyelids.

‘Well Janu,’ she took it in her hand and said, ‘This is supposed to be inside me!’

She herself came out of her petticoat and panty both at a time and stood totally naked. She pulled me beside her in bed and took my hand and placed it on her pussy. ‘Rub it. Make some juice so that I can welcome your cock in my pussy!’

I began rubbing her pussy. My Ma was smiling. After some time she pulled me on her top.


Ma taught me how to fuck a woman. Ma was happy with me. ‘Janu, you are a good lover. Actually, you are better than your father!’ She said, ‘Incest or no incest, I want you to fuck me whenever I demand!’

There after we made love whenever we got privacy. This went on uninterrupted.

Then one day Ma told me that she was pregnant. ‘Is it mine?’ I asked. ‘Yes, of course!’ Ma replied. ‘How are you so sure? It could be from father!’ ‘No!’ Ma said, ‘I was using protection with your father. This is your child!’ after nine months Ma delivered beautiful cute little baby girl. Ma named her “Joy”. My father never knows who the real father was.

I completed my studies and started working. My parents began receiving proposals from parents of girls for marriage. Though I was reluctant, Ma insisted that I should get marry. In a private meeting with the girl, I used to put one condition: ‘Say yes only if you are ready to share me with my lover.’ Hearing these words, girls would frown. After nearly a dozen girls, one girl smiled and said, ‘Same condition from me also! I shall be with my lover at least once a week!’ we agreed and got married.

We went for our honeymoon. She was very beautiful and sexy. I found her very innovative in bed. I just asked her, ‘Would you mind telling me who your lover is?’

She said, ‘You will have to disclose the identity of your lover also!’

I said, ‘Yes, of course!’

She said, ‘He is my father. We are having this relationship since I was 18. I had a big crush on him. I went in to his bedroom naked when my mother had gone on a pilgrimage.’

I said, ‘My mother is my lover. She seduced me when my father was sent away by his company. I was 19.’

We both continued our extra-marital affairs along with our marriage. It helped us to strengthen our marital ties. We lived happily ever after.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction by this writer. If any similarity is found in some living or dead person or in any of the acts described in the story; it is unintentional. Please do not copy the acts described in the story. Writer doesn’t advocate free sex or incest. If any one is encouraged to copy the events written in this story; seek medical/legal help urgently. Mail your feedback.

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