My Neighbor Ch. 03

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It’s a week later. I’m on the fence about going today.

I think about it all day; I’m almost obsessing over it. I loved and hated what happened. I didn’t know I could feel a need that strong. I’m worried I will never feel a need that strong again unless I go back. I’m also scared I can’t take it and am worried about what could happen if I get pushed much further.

I have to go back. I will never have another chance like this.

The time rolls around and I head over. When I get there, I head straight upstairs and ask for Peggy. She comes out in a few minutes and greets me with a huge smile.

“I’m so glad you came back. I was a little worried you might not. To be honest, I almost knocked on your door a few days ago to check on you but I chickened out. I was too worried.” She looks at me and adds, “Worried for nothing it seems.” She smiles again and leads me to the back.

“I’m ok” I reply. “Though it did take me a good part of the next day to feel normal again. It would have been nice if you stopped over; it would have made my decision today easier. Because, honestly, I wasn’t sure I was coming until just a little while ago. I’m worried I will never feel anything this intense again. But I’m scared that I’ll get pushed too far and I don’t know what that would mean.”

She stops us in the middle of the hall. She looks right at me. “I will never hurt you or put you in danger. That would devastate me if I did that. Also, if I hurt anyone, my study will be canceled and I’d lose my job or worse.”

I look at her but don’t reply.

“Are you ok?” she asks me looking concerned. “Please, don’t be worried. I don’t want to scare you and I don’t want you scared. I want you to enjoy what happens. And, I need to push the limits on sexual desire. Jeff, really, are you okay to do this? Would you like to skip today so you can think about it some more?”

“I’m okay though I’m a bit pensive.” I smile and add, “Though not pensive enough to leave”.

She smiles back. “It’s okay. I get it. These feelings are intense and are probably more than you’ve ever felt before. And you aren’t eh first person to feel this way.”

She must see the surprise on my face because she immediately follows that up with “The study has been going on for about 8 weeks. There’ve been a few others here going through the same thing as you. Most of them have felt the same way after the first session.”

“Did they all come back?” I ask.

“Some did, some didn’t. Though most came a few times” she says, chuckling at her bad pun. We walk into a different room from last time when she asks “ready to start?”

“Yeah, I’m ready.” I notice Karen getting things ready and say hi.

“Well then, go ahead and get ready. You can use the closet over there for your things.”

I blush a little at being told to get naked in such an informal way. But that doesn’t stop me from undressing. I put my stuff into the closet and walk naked to the bed. My dick knows what is coming and gets hard.

I lay down. Karen walks over and starts strapping me to the bed. I lift my legs so that Peggy can insert the sensor. They strap my legs to the bed..

Karen gets the box and puts it on the bed. Peggy says, “Seems like you are ready” as she puts the device on my very hard dick. Almost immediately it comes to life. They switch positions so that Peggy is near the box and Karen is watching me. Just like last time.

Really quickly, I’m ready to cum. I hear Karen say “2”.

“What happened to 1?” I manage to say as the sensations from the device weaken.

“We can skip that today” beşiktaş escort Karen tells me as she continues to watch. It’s not long before the device is ramping up the intensity and I moan, again, ready to cum. I hear “3” and everything stops, just like last time.

The sudden lack of stimulation causes me to moan in frustration. It doesn’t take long before the device is stimulating me again..

“Jeff, you are going to stay in this room today. We’ll be back in about 15 minutes. Until then, enjoy.” Peggy hits something on the box and the stimulation ramps up as they walk out the door.

The device feels different from last time, it feels like someone is sucking and stroking my cock at the same time. It’s also working pretty fast. As I get close to orgasm, the stimulation lessens just a little. When I’m almost there, the stroking stops but the sucking sensation continues at a gentle level. I feel like one good stroke and I would cum. But this infuriating machine won’t do that; it’s keeping me on the edge and making sure I don’t cum.

After way too long of that, the machine shuts down. It’s off for a short time before it starts again. The cycle starts with the high intensity ramping down until it is just the gentle sucking sensation. Just like last time. And even more frustrating than last time. And it keeps going like this.

I’m a moaning, sweaty, frustrated mess, when Peggy returns. This was much more intense than last time. Especially if it’s only been fifteen minutes. Peggy sees me and smiles.

A cycle ends as I see Karen come in pulling a bed. An occupied bed. Occupied by a woman. She is covered so I can’t make out much but, from the sounds, it’s a safe bet she is getting edged just like me.

I find it harder to watch what’s going on when a new cycle starts. When I realize I’m being teased teased by machine while tied naked to a bed in a room where a woman, also bound, is also getting teased mercilessly, I almost cum. The device ramps down a lot as it must have sensed that I was ready to cum. That’s when the woman in the bed looks over at me. The device ramps down to the gentle sucking as I almost cum again.

“Wow” I hear her say followed immediately by a moan that must mean her machine is working on her.

“Jeff, Wendy is also a study participant. This is her fourth session and we do something different for women at that point that requires you. That is, we have you fuck her though we control the sensations. You do need to know that Wendy is going to cum first. Are you okay with that?”

I can’t talk, I just nod yes.

“Good. Also, while you’ve been getting teased for about 20 minutes, she’s been getting teased about 2 hours.”

The surprise at that statement is evident in my face. “Don’t worry, we won’t tease you that long. A pussy is made for that kind of teasing, a dick isn’t. So let us get Wendy ready and then we will get you ready.”

They turn off Wendy’s machine and uncover her. She looks fantastic, small, delicious boobs with hard nipples, wonderful legs, and what looks like a shaved pussy. And, it looks like he device is on her clit.

I’m surprised when I see them remove the bottom half of her bed and add stirrups. They get her legs into the stirrups and cuff her legs to the stirrup right below each knee. They remove a little more of the bed so that her butt is hanging off of it. They adjust the stirrups, spreading her legs pretty wide. I can now see her pussy which looks swollen and wet. And, it appears she also has a sensor in her ass.

I can’t believe that taksim escort this is happening. I can’t tear my eyes away but I find it incredibly hard to pay attention with the device keeping me so close to orgasm. I’m almost constantly moaning now.

“Ok, Karen let’s get them ready.” Karen fiddles with Wendy’s device settings. From Wendy’s reaction, I know her device has started back up. Peggy comes over to me and removes the device from my dick. Karen comes over and together, they unstrap me from the bed, leaving the sensor in my ass. Karen helps me up from the bed as Peggy cuffs my hands behind my back.

I look down and see my swollen dick. I’m ridiculously excited about this. They walk me to Wendy and position me between her legs. Karen adjusts Wendy’s bed so that her pussy is lined up with my hard dick. When I push forward, I slide right in. And it feels glorious. She is so wet and squeezing me so tight. And I feel a slight buzzing from her device. It feels great.

I start to slowly fuck her when Peggy tells me to stop. Straps are put across the top of my legs holding me tightly in Wendy. I can push a little to get some motion but very little. When they add another strap across my lower back, I lose most of the little bit of movement I had.

Peggy connects something to Wendy’s machine and adjusts it. I feel the effect instantly as her pussy starts pulsating much more strongly around my cock. A few seconds later, Wendy starts to moan as her pussy starts to contract around my cock.

Something gets my attention and I realize how bizarre this situation is. I’ve never had my cock in a bound woman. And I’ve never fucked a woman in front of other people. Now, I’ve got my cock trapped inside a woman and we are both bound. There are two people watching us. It is so weird.

I’m quickly brought back to what’s going on by Wendy’s pussy flexing tightly around my cock. Her pussy keeps grabbing me and pulsating. It’s a ridiculously unique feeling and it’s getting me close to cumming. It seems like as Wendy gets edged by her machine, her pussy does the same to me.

As I’m about to cum, the buzzing stops, Wendy lets out a cry and her pussy relaxes. I’m struggling to get friction between my dick and her pussy when the buzzing starts again. Pretty soon, Wendy’s pussy is again grabbing my cock and almost vibrating it. Like last time, as I’m ready to orgasm, the buzzing stops, Wendy lets out another cry and her pussy relaxes.

This repeats more than a few times. I’m desperately trying to get some friction so I can cum. But I can’t get enough motion to get there. In the ultimate irony, the sensation of feeling a pussy around my cock and seeing Wendy writhe in frustration adds to my frustration and increases my desire to cum.

When the buzzing starts up again, it feels different. Wendy is making lot more noise and is holding my cock a little looser until, suddenly, Wendy sucks in a large breath and her pussy clamps down. She has started to cum.

The feeling is incredible. Her pussy is almost grabbing and milking my cock. I’m rocking back and forth to add what little movement I can. Every time I push into her, her moan changes pitch. But the sensation, incredible as it is, isn’t enough to make me cum.

This continues for what must be thirty seconds. Finally, her pussy loosens on my dick and she starts to breath normally. I’m still trying to fuck her so that I can cum. Then the buzzing stops.

“Jeff, it’s time to stop” Karen says to me.

So I stop. It’s made easier to stop by the knowledge that etiler escort it won’t be enough to make me cum. Karen unplugs me from Wendy’s machine and removes the bonds from my lower back and legs, leaving my arms cuffed behind me. I am tempted to fuck her since I would cum quickly. But I don’t want to jeopardize this thing I’ve got so I pull out.

Now I’m naked in front of three women, one of whom is naked, bound and who I kind of fucked. My cock is swollen, purple, covered with pussy juice, and ready to cum. This whole thing just keeps getting stranger.

Karen comes to me letting me know she is going to clean me up a little. She starts running a wet, warm washcloth over my hard, sensitive, and swollen cock. It takes her 15 seconds or so and I’m disappointed when I realize that she isn’t going to let me cum.

When she’s done, I notice that Wendy is sitting up and watching me. And I start wondering when it will be my turn to cum. While my cock is nowhere near soft, my extreme need to cum is waning. Before my need to cum disappears, Karen walks me over to a chair.

She has stand in front of the chair like I’m going to sit down. She spreads my legs apart and cuffs each ankle to a chair leg. She attaches a rope from the floor to each of my wrist cuffs. She disconnects my wrists and pushes a button on the wall that makes the ropes pull my wrists down and hold them down. As she helps me sit, the ropes keep pulling down. Once I’m seated, I test my hands and can’t move them up at all. Between this and the ankle cuffs, I can barely move.

Peggy brings the machine over but, instead of the usual attachment for my cock, they put what looks like a small ring over the base of my cock and that’s it. She connects the sensor and turns it on.

The feeling is different from the other device. This is a vibration instead of the stroking and sucking from the other device. It feels good. It feels really good.

The vibrations get stronger quickly. Wendy has put on a robe and the three of them are watching me.

As I get close to my orgasm, the vibrations change frequency and duration. This keeps me close but doesn’t let me cum. As I get closer, I do feel the vibrations slowing down.

“Wow” I hear Wendy say. I can’t help but think the same thing. I need to cum so bad. I’m able to see my cock this time and it is more swollen and purple then I’ve ever seen it.

The vibrator keeps teasing me. Unlike the other device, the vibrator never stops. It just changes it’s vibration patterns. And I discover that is a very effective deterrent to orgasm.

This keeps going for a while. Once again, I turn into a sweaty, quivering, moaning mess who would give anything to cum. I start begging though it comes out funny because I can’t talk right and I can’t think straight enough to put a coherent sentence together.

Everything about me is focused on my cock and my need to cum. I’m sure two strokes is all it would take to make me shoot. But the vibrator doesn’t listen and keeps teasing me. The patterns are almost constantly changing. And all these changes are not giving me enough sensation to cum.

The vibrations slow down but get more regular. Then the intensity starts ramping up. My orgasm gets closer; something I didn’t think was possible. I’m expecting the vibrations to keep the tease going but they don’t.

And I cum. It must shoot five feet. I keep shooting. Three women are watching me cum.

When I’m done, the vibrations stop. Karen disconnects me from the machine and frees me. As I stand up, Wendy comes over and gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She whispers in my ear, “Thank you.” I smile back as she moves away but don’t say anything.

Karen takes Wendy to another room, Peggy stays with me as I get dressed.

“Same time next week?” Peggy asks me once I’m fully dressed.

“Yes” I reply not knowing if I can take it but knowing that I have to try.

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