My New Mother-in-Law

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I had just remarried after a hasty elopement. I had yet to meet the new mother-in-law. I had heard she was absolutely furious with me for not going through the motions of a proper wedding. I had done it all before and my new wife, Esther, wasn’t keen on an elaborate one either.

The first meeting was therefore following our holiday after the registry office wedding. Esther’s parents were due to come to our new home in London at the weekend, so we decided to go the whole hog and treat them to a serious dinner.

Edith and Jason arrived promptly by car from their country home in Berkshire about 30 miles outside London. They were a little stiff with me and greeted Esther profusely with hugs and kisses. I had taken their coats. Edith wore a cotton dress with much jewellery about her. However what struck me was her body shape. She was like a diamond with the widest point at her hips. I was stunned by that shape. Her breasts were fairly full too as a nice cleavage gave the evidence. She noticed my eyes taking in her shape too as she quickly took me in but then deflected her gaze back to Esther.

I immediately recognized she would enter my head as a sexual being whom I could well be very preoccupied with. This did not augur well for my relationship with Esther which was very sexual but in a rather conventional manner. I had decided to push my kinks into the background in favour of a wonderful emotional relationship with her.

They both thawed as the evening progressed partly through the wine and conversation but also because they saw that I wasn’t just a bloke, but could cook very well and was dearly loved by Esther.

Edith did notice my occasional quick gazes at her cleavage. Did I notice her leaning forward sometimes to emphasise a point, giving me a gorgeous fill of her profuse tits? As the evening progressed I had numerous opportunities to view each of them in various leanings. Esther and Jason were delightfully unaware of my sexual scrutiny of those tits. Why did I refer to them as tits I wondered? Perhaps it was because she was raising the old Ian in me for really dirty sex again.

After dinner I followed her into the living room and scanned her backside. It was truly wide – hence the dark cotton dress to hide her sheer volume. However it brought out the horny in me. I just imagined going in there with a vengeance. My stiffy was pressing against my pants like the old times. With Esther I sat opposite Edith and Jason, wondering how she got such an archaic name like Edith but was fascinated by the site of her solidly wide thighs beneath that dress and with what appeared to be stockings rather than tights. Glorious. More dirty thoughts.

Esther held the stage with stories about our holiday. Edith must have seen my hasty glances. She crossed her legs. Yes definitely stockings.

Here was a woman in her late 50s giving me, I’m sure, the come on. But was I sure? I know she didn’t like swearing and I had sworn over dinner to her obvious distaste. Esther had warned me too. She was also politically very conservative and reactionary in her views so there were some topics I had just to avoid. She was in no way a modern woman. She had not worked since her twenties, preferring the lifestyle of the home bird. Yet she didn’t admonish me for my furtive views of her body.

She wasn’t too many men’s tastes either. That body shape was not a real come on to most men I was sure and she may have felt ‘over the hill’ as well. She didn’t hesitate to be critical too, suggesting at one point that perhaps I should go easy on the wine. Fortunately Esther intervened with a diplomatic reply that diverted attention from the critique. I could have launched into a withering response to that remark but for some reason held back. I didn’t want to alienate her for my own good filthy reasons. I would have to have her but had no idea just how I would go about it.

The other feature of the evening was how well Esther got on with her father. She hadn’t seen him for weeks and they were delighted to be in each other’s company again. An only child, she was daddy’s dearest. I was also surprised by how physically warm they were with each other. The contrast was obvious compared to how he was with Edith. I suddenly realised why they hadn’t noticed my furtive glances at Edith. They were too ensconced with each other. I decided to clock the thoughts I had and wait.

The evening finished with relationships improved and anger at me gone in the shared revelry of the evening. They were both pleased their daughter hadn’t been stolen from them and Edith was less hostile to me at least.

Esther congratulated me on the success of the evening. We celebrated by a very emotional fuck in our usual missionary position. I did note that as I was cuming I thought of my new sex object, Edith. I usually fingered Esther to her cum to coincide with mine by attending to her clit, which was very responsive. Rarely did we engage in oral sex either way. She didn’t really want to be that tactile with me.

A few elmadağ escort days later at work the operator put a call through to me that took me by complete surprise. It was Edith.

“Ian we need to talk. When can you come to see me? Jason is away for a few days. It would be best here I think.”

I rapidly realised that this was not something I could share with Esther. This was confirmed by her suggesting I find time when I could otherwise be at work. I asked her if she could give me a headline as to what she wanted to talk to me about. No was her response. I told her I could be there tomorrow about 12 noon.

That evening Esther gave no sign that she was in on the phone call and I said nothing. In bed I wondered what it could be. My obvious fantasy I had to put aside in case it was not going to be the case. I also imagined she was still angry with me and was going to give me a dressing down.

Leaving the office about 1030 I drove out to Berkshire and the village they lived in. It was my first time there, a fact that I would have to deny in future. The house was detached in its own grounds, well established and at least one hundred years old. I parked and rang the bell.

Edith came to the door and very warmly welcomed me in and gave me a peck on the cheek. She was dressed in exactly the same outfit as the other evening, except one more button was undone at the front giving a bit more cleavage.

Coffee was ready as we sat in her lounge, me in an armchair and her on a lush sofa opposite. We exchanged polite pleasantries as if I was a visiting sales rep. I decided to cut the crap and asked what this was all about? What did she want to talk about?

“Ian, I noticed you looking at me the other night. It disturbed me. I am not used to being looked at like that.”

“How did it disturb you Edith?” I wanted to make her sweat this out.

“I felt you were being critical of how I looked Ian.”

“What do you mean by critical Edith?”

“Somehow my body offended you.”

“How could your body possibly offend me?”

“I don’t feel attractive and I felt you somehow didn’t like the way I look.”

“How do you feel about your body Edith?”

“I don’t feel attractive Ian.”


“I am fat and have curves in all the wrong places.”

“Would you like to be attractive to men?”

“It’s probably too late but yes I would.”

“And Jason?”

“Don’t go there Ian.”

“Would you like me to be attracted to you Edith?” She hesitated before replying.

“I can’t say.”

“I’ll be more specific. Would you like me to be sexually attracted to you Edith?”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Supposing that’s the reason why I was looking at you the other night?”

“Oh Ian I tried to think that might have been the reason but didn’t dare think it.”

“But you did dare to think it Edith. That’s why you phoned me isn’t it? I noticed her smiling and blushing beautifully.

“Did you dare to let yourself get excited about that idea Edith?”

“Yes Ian I did.”

“Have you been masturbating about it too?”

“Oh Ian I am not used to someone being so bold and coming out with such an idea.”


“Yes Ian I did.”


“What do you want Edith?”

“I want to know how you find me sexually attractive Ian.”

“Come here Edith.” She stood up and came toward me. She stood in front of me about three feet from my chair. Her arms dropped uncertainly by her sides. I tossed a cushion on the floor between my knees and invited her to kneel on it in front of me. She took the invitation and did just that ensuring that the hem of her dress didn’t get tucked under her knees. Her face was slightly below mine and very close. I felt like mauling her breasts. I placed my hands firmly across her breasts and held them, squeezing them to let her know I wanted them.

“You enjoyed showing your tits to me the other night with that dirty cleavage didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes.”

“Lift em out.” She undid the remaining buttons and exposed her bra’d tits to me as she pulled the upper part of her dress back. She waited for me. I waited. She then took the hint and lifted them from her bra, exposing her full tits to my gaze. I took hold of her hardened nipples between my fingers and tightened my hold till she visibly winced at the pressure I put on them. But no complaint emanated from her.

Using one hand I tilted her head back. She was unsure of me. Her mouth was open. I put my lips and tongue to hers and pushed into her mouth. She squirmed in delight as she responded with her tongue. This more than anything must have convinced her I was serious in my pursuit of her body. I continued squeezing her nipples as I held her head below me in a tight embrace, sharing our oral drool with each other.

I stopped and leaned back leaving her looking dishevelled but luscious in her releasing sexuality. She was hungry and wanting.

“Open my zipper Edith.”

Tentatively esenyurt escort but without any hesitation she leaned forward and sought my zipper, letting her hand brush against my stiff cock up against the trouser. Slowly she pulled it down. My pants pushed out.

“Get it out.” She couldn’t have expected me to be so forward but she didn’t demur in my demand on her. She released my stiffened hardon to view, just looking at it with some astonishment that we had gone this far so rapidly.

“Would you like to play with it Edith? I took her hand and curled it around my cock. She held it very lightly, as if it were porcelain. I let her just get used to it.

“How long is it since you touched a new cock?”

“Years Ian.”

“Then take your time and enjoy. We aren’t in a hurry are we?”

She took both hands and caressed the soft flesh covering my stiffened member. I was relishing this. I didn’t need to be rushed nor did she.

She explored down the shaft until she reached my balls and ran her hands round them and up again with more confidence. She looked into my eyes for reassurance and found it. She just glowed, beginning to realise that what she had been almost frightened to imagine was actually happening to her in her late 50s. She was like a child with a new toy.

“Oh Ian it’s wonderful to have a hard cock in my hand to be able to play with, that’s it’s hard because of me maybe.”

“No maybe Edith. This erection is because of you and the effect you are having on me.” She radiated a smile I had not seen before. Her face had lost that distant hardness she came with the other evening.

“Would you like put your lips round it?”

She lowered her head as I watched her open mouth descend to my cut cock. Sticking her tongue out she licked the head slowly curling it round my most sensitive part. This was not something she was doing out of obligation, an ‘ought.’ This was a woman who had been starved of sexual contact who was finding, for perhaps the first time that she could actually enjoy it and relish in it. Instinctively she was picking up my relish for mutual sex and loving it.

I had to stop her I didn’t want to cum in her mouth which I wanted and knew I would do. So I got her to pause.

“Is this what you imagined sex might be like with me?”

“It’s so long since anyone has come on to me that I was too scared even to think what it would be like.”

“I have an idea. As we aren’t in a rush I would like you to go back to the sofa and talk dirty with me.” She hesitated but acquiesced and returned to the sofa.

“Leave your lovely tits on display, yes just like that above your bra.”

“Oh Ian please play with yourself I love to watch you masturbating. I can tell you I didn’t really want to leave it alone.”

“How did you like your tongue round my prick Edith?”

“I haven’t done that since I was a teenager in the back of a car and it wasn’t nice I can tell you. He forced me, but I want it with you.”

“Edith open your thighs so your feet are well apart. Good that’s lovely. Now slowly lift up your dress for me, slowly up your thighs. Gorgeous what magnificent powerful thighs. Oh I just love those stockings and the belt you’ve got on. Wider now. Fuck that’s fantastic. Now tease me Edith.”

Slowly she let her hands stroke her stockings above her knees enjoying this exhibitionism. She looked as if it was a novel experience for her and she was tentative but beginning to relish it. She continued smoothing her hands over her thighs above the stockings. I was rubbing myself. She didn’t take her eyes of mine and my prick.

Then a moment I hadn’t expected. She lifted the dress gradually above her thighs. She kept the dress in the middle between her thighs. Revealed was the start of her very wide hips. She must be wearing a g-string or narrow panty.

Then she removed the rest of the dress up completely. I was being gifted a sight I could not have anticipated. Before I arrived she had decided not to wear any panties. Now I had the view of her cunt completely open to my view with a magnificent hairy bush surrounding but not covering her thick lips that drooped a good inch or so below her cunt. I raised my gaze to her face. She had uncertainty and caution written all over her.

“Edith you are a delicious dirty woman with the most beautiful hairy cunt. I just love it and want to get in amongst those wonderful long lips with my mouth.”

“Ian I was so excited and scared this morning when I decided to leave off my panties. I so wanted to give myself to you but was frightened you wouldn’t want me. I still can’t really believe it.”

“Your cunt is soaking too. Show me your clit. That’s it wider now. Oh fuck I just love it. Edith you are fucking gorgeous and I am a very lucky guy to have clocked such a hidden gem. I am going to be really dirty now. Run your finger along your cunt and up to your clit. So wet, so wet. Lick your finger Edith.”

She took her finger and put it very firmly etiler anal yapan escort in her mouth to suck the juices she had collected.

“You’re a natural Edith. Now lift your legs up on the sofa and open them wide. Fuck. Hold open your cheeks for me. God a beautiful dark hole that I shall want to kiss.”

“Oh Ian I’m not sure I can take all this at once. You’ve hardly touched me and yet you’re telling me things I couldn’t put into words myself let alone think about.”

“You’re not embarrassed though are you Edith?”

“Ian it’s just new to me that’s all. Don’t change Ian. Take me with you I fuck-ing love it. Oh god I don’t usually swear either. I’ve been such a straight laced bitch but this is so exciting and dirty. I want you to be as dirty as you like with me Ian.

“Stand up Edith. Good now let’s get rid of your dress. Keep on the rest of your clothes except I think we’ll take of bra and free up your tits.”

She stood there in her heels, stockings and garters looking radiant yet shy. I held her head in my hands and slowly kissed her lips and pressed my tongue into her mouth. Her own tongue responded as if she was a rampant teenager having been starved of sexual affection. She hugged me tightly almost unwilling to believe this was happening. I turned her round to view her hips and arse from the rear. This is what had convinced me of how sexual I felt about her when I first met her. She wanted me to be dirty so I was going to now. I gently pushed her over the sofa so that her huge bum was revealed in its superb expanse. She really was the diamond I had first observed that night. She was now bent over with her arse sticking out and her knees on the cushions and wide too. I bent down. I still had my clothes on and wanted them off. But this was too tempting.

I now had a complete panorama of her open arse with a very clean fissure of wrinkled tight brown skin that was the entrance to her delicious rectum. I took a risk. As I bent down I held her firm but voluminous cheeks open and placed my tongue right on the centre of her hole at its tightest.

I then licked and pierced just a little to let her know how dirty I could be on our first outing.

“Oh Ian how can your kiss and lick me there? No one has ever done that to me. Thank god I cleaned myself just before you arrived. Oh it’s so lovely. More Ian, I want more of this, please.”

I lifted myself up and turned her head toward me and kissed her again on her lips, pushing my tongue in her mouth. She was stunned by my action but responded with verve too.

“Oh and I wouldn’t have complained if you weren’t so clean there either.”

She smiled rather quizzically at that remark.

We collapsed together on the sofa, hugging and holding each other. She started to pull my clothes off me taking in my body as she explored. I wanted to take her now but with my mouth.

Lie back Edith with your thighs over the edge of the sofa. Naked I knelt down in front of her and opened her thighs as I pulled her nearer the edge. Fingering her cunt opening I stroked her outside on those elongated lips that distended below her. I slipped a finger inside her cunt. Her reaction was to sigh and coo as if it was new to her. I would get her to open up later as to how she looked after herself.

Bending down I swept my fingers along her sloppy groove relishing in the sheer wetness before me. I could see her eyes on me wondering what I was going to do next. I leaned down further and slipped my tongue along one of her lengthy lips, then drew it into my mouth to swirl it around my mouth. She sighed and held my head tight.

Moving across to the other one I took a little bite. She yelped but didn’t tell me to desist. I continued slurping my mouth around her cunt entrance, sweeping me tongue up her entrance.

I then concentrated on her clit, slipping the tip of my tongue indirectly round the edge, circling the quite pronounced hardness. She was incredibly responsive. As I increased the pace, I slipped my other hand toward her other hole under her hips. She lifted slightly to make access easier. She was learning fast. I placed my index finger just near the entrance to her rectum at the sphincter and held it there so as not to distract her.

“Oh Ian you are fucking wonderful. This is so good. I never thought you would be like this. Don’t stop will you? Yes I’m nearly there don’t stop. Oh yes give it to me yes oh yes, I’m there Ian fantastic yes, yes. Yes.”

She went right over and lifted her arse completely off the sofa as she came on my tongue pressing with some force now on her clit. She had to stop me it became so intense. I slipped back a bit, still fingering her rear hole steadily.

Slowly she calmed down. She pulled my up to her mouth to kiss me with a passion I would not have anticipated. She must have bruised my lips in her intensity.

My finger was still in her arse hole.

“Do you want to go there Ian?”

“Where do want me to cum Edith?”

“As long as I can have you often Ian anywhere you like. My mouth? My cunt? Where you are now? Yes I know Ian. Do it fuck me there. I am a virgin. No one’s even tried me there. I’m scared but I trust you.”

“Edith I will fuck you wherever you wish me to and I do want all your holes. But yes I do want you there. Now.”

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