My Next Door Lactating Lady Ch. 01

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My Next Door Lactating Lady

Chapter One

By Tawny T

My next-door friend is Brenda, a brand-new mother, as I am. Our children’s births came with just a few days’ difference between them. We had been good friends before, and now were bound by the new bond, Motherhood.

I had just put Chuck, my new son, down for his nap after breastfeeding him, a delightful experience, I thoroughly enjoyed. He had not emptied my breasts, they still felt full of milk. I guess he wasn’t thirsty this feeding. Our maid would watch over him while I took a nice walk. I needed that, as for some unknown reason, my son’s nursing at my breasts sent pleasurable feelings through my body. It was something I had heard of, but never experienced until now.

I had on shorts with a nursing bra that looked like just a normal well filled summer bra. My breasts had filled out nicely and were a full D size now. My husband doted on them, and I liked the looks of them too. A nursing Mom, I now had fully rounded breasts with dark bulging silver dollar-sized aureole and thrusting nipples that now stood very erect after the nursing. They tingled! Ooh nice!

I felt so damn sexy and even my pussy, still a little tender after the live birth, tingled just a little. It had been a rather easy delivery, thank God. My doctor even commented that she thought it was one of the easiest deliveries she had the pleasure of attending in a long time.

I turned down the sidewalk and as I came by Brenda’s home, I thought I’d drop by and see what the beautiful new mother was doing. The front door was open, and I could see through the screen door that Brenda was nursing her. I moved inside as she called out for me to come in.

“What a beautiful sight, the two of you so intimate.” I laughed and moved close to them. Brenda had on a filmy negligee that was open and gave her an ethereal look. Glenda’s mouth was on one nipple sucking, and the other breast was almost completely uncovered and was so damn beautiful it took my breath away, and the angelic look on her beatific face added to the scene.

I moved closer, bent and reached over, and kissed Brenda gently on her cheek, and for some unknown reason, I brushed my hand over the long flowing hair that hid part of her magnificent breast. The brush of my fingers over her smooth hot flesh did something to me. I didn’t know what! It was instant. I touched her soft breast. I think my heart missed a beat or two. I gasped!

“My God, you are so beautiful!” I was stunned by the beauty in front of me. “What magnificent breasts! Büyükesat Escort Brenda, you are truly a sex Goddess.”

I softly stroked the full hot flesh of her breast and my body thrilled at the touch. I touched the nipple with my finger and a drop of milk appeared on my finger as by magic. I took the white drop and put it to my tongue. My whole body shook. I could not believe I’d done this. I know I must have blushed from head to toe!

Brenda seemed nonplussed by my movements and smiled gently up at me, leaned forward, and to my amazement, kissed my lips softly, sliding her lips over mine. I froze for a moment, then her lips moved across mine again, and this time her lips parted, her tongue flicked out to taste my lips. She chuckled and slid her tongue between my lips as I let my tongue meet hers. It was an electric moment between us. Her beauty filled my eyes, her tongue set my body on fire. I closed my eyes as her tongue floated against mine making me moan with pleasure.

“You caught me at a most erotic moment Amy, nursing excites me sexually. You look so beautiful, your breasts are full and rounded, like mine. Does Chuck’s nursing give you pleasure? I’ll bet it does! I’ve heard of other nursing mothers say that it got them horny. True?” Her lips moved back against mine again. This time her hand came up and she cupped one covered breast and squeezed it firmly.

I stood up, and she moved back in the chair, took Glenda down from her breast, and laid her in her lap. She shrugged her shoulders and her gown slid down, uncovering her breasts, and I gazed at the beauty of her swollen breasts. Now fully erect nipples and brown aureole like mine swollen from nursing. Her hands moved to her breasts, slid under them, and lifted them up. She squeezed her breasts; a small stream of milk ran out of one taut nipple and down over her breast. She reached down and lifted the baby.

“Come!” She called softly, then turned and went down the hall to the baby’s bedroom, laid her in the crib, slid a sheet over her and kissed her softly. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom across the hall. As she moved into the room, she let her gown slide down, turned, and held her arms out to me.

She stood beautifully nude, her pubic mound bare from the delivery, and she let her thighs part and stood there looking at me. She moved close to me but, before I knew what was happening, her hands moved to my bra, unfastened it and uncovered my breasts.

“Absolutely stunning! I knew they would Elvankent Escort be beautiful. I’ve wanted to do this to you ever since we met.” She moved close, her nude body pressing against mine. Her full, hot swollen breasts slid against mine as we pressed close. Taut, thrusting nipples raked our breasts as we moved our swollen breasts together, just feeling the joy of the erect nipples passing over our smooth flesh.

She bent forward her lips moved to my nipple and her hand squeezed a stream of milk that shot out over her body. I reached out and squeezed her breast, her milk shot up against me, warm and so erotic. She leaned down opened her mouth, squeezed my breast, and shot a stream of juice from her nipple. She groaned in ecstasy and did it again, and again then closed her lips, and moved up to my mouth. Kissing my lips, she thrust her tongue inside my mouth and let my milk flow into my mouth. Rich, erotic, like nothing else on earth.

I was not to be outdone, and took her full incredible breast between my hands, put my lips against her nipple, squeezed and pulled while moving my hands toward my mouth. I was rewarded by a jet of hot delicious milk spurted into my mouth, I milked her breast again and again then moved up to kiss her. She let me slip her rich milk into her mouth and swallowed part of it, then kissed me back and let her milk flow back inside my mouth and let me swallow it. A jolt of erotic pleasure shot through my whole body. I had never felt anything so erotic.

She took me into the bathroom with its fancy multiple shower heads, soft lamps placed all around and flipped a switch and the instantly warm streams of waters shot out all over us. We moved close, pressing closer, hands moving against our partner’s breasts milking each other with streams of white liquid. I slid my shorts off quickly, leaving us wonderfully nude and pressed together. Fingers gently slid down to part our pussies and oh so gently found our partner’s swollen clit and stroked it over and over. We sucked and swallowed our partner’s milk, making jets of white fluid spurt over us. Our fingers probed ever so gently into our pussies and then slid to the back and probed the back passages till we both were spent with pleasure. Our cries of ecstasy echoed through the house. An orgy of lust for both of us.

We gently, lovingly dried each other off. I helped dress Brenda stroking her body and magnificent breasts, lifting her nursing bra around her, and helping her slip into her wicked, almost Beşevler Escort not their panties with a playful tickle here and there. She helped me with my shorts and bra. We sat in the den kissing, stroking, and drinking frozen strawberry daiquiris, laughing about what we had done so quickly and easily.

“I am guessing you have a real affinity for your lady Friends. I have only been with a couple of lady friends in college but today was a real eye-opener. You took over as I quickly surrendered to your lusts. Does Jack know about your Lesbian leanings?” I asked a little hesitantly.

“To be frank, he adores them! I made that plain when we were dating. I even took a couple of my girlfriends with us on a weekend-long beach date and Jack loved to watch and enjoy my lovemaking with them. He is a man among men who is safe with his manhood and sees no problem with a wife who loves other women. And yours?” She grinned wickedly.

“It has never come up. He has never asked about my sexual past. I have never told him about my college girlfriends/lovers. We have watched some of his porn videos from time to time to spice up our lovemaking. He does have several Lesbian videos that always seem to make him a little hornier than the usual hetero porn. Now that intercourse is off the menu for a few weeks. This might be a good time to have him play a Lesbian video while I give him some much-needed “head!”

“Under those conditions and a few drinks, he might be more willing to give me his opinion of a wife who loves him but also has inklings for another outstanding neighbor lady friend. He has the ‘hots’ or you, my Beautiful Lady! I tease him good naturally now and then. He lusts for you! Hell, he’s male and they have lusts just like we do!

“Today was a total surprise to me. I will admit, you are one very damn sexy lady, particularly in this stage of motherhood. Today was a total complete surprise, and I loved every minute of it. I just hope it doesn’t come to an end. I really think you are one fantastic lover and I’d like to go on as your lover, or — – one of them.” I think I blushed as I said that. Yes! I was smitten with this beautiful lady.

We sat and sipped our daiquiris and talked about our relationship. She promised to be open with me and to bring some girlfriends to a private party just between us “girls! I kissed her passionately then went on with my walk. My whole body was filled with joy and yearning for another sex session with my beautiful neighbor.

As I strolled, I wondered how my husband would react after a few drinks when I was giving him a much-needed “head” while watching Lesbian porn. If I subtly asked the right questions at the right moment? His suppressed lust for Brenda, and I’m sure she would help with any plan I came up with, and that might bring a new style in the two close neighbors’ lives.

The End

My Next Door Lactating Lady

Chapter One

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