My Next Time With Mom

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A continuation of the story that began in “My First Time With Mom”

Part II

“Maybe I can put my trip on hold for a while…”

“I think I’d like that…..”

My mother and I held our embrace under the shower’s running water as we came to grips with what we had just done. I think we were both still in disbelief about what had happened. Could our relationship ever be the same after this?

The after sex come down and my buzz wearing off only heightened this sense of unease that had suddenly come over my mother and I as she turned off the water and we stood there dripping wet.

“Well, I guess that’s that,” Mom said sheepishly.

I laughed nervously. “Until next time?” I half stated, half asked.

Mom sighed. “This is a lot to process right now, hun,” she said.

“I agree.”

We dried off. It was late, so we said our goodnights and left to our rooms. I lay there, still not believing that I had just fucked my mom. I wondered what she was thinking about in her bedroom. I don’t think either of us were ready for the after effects of our passionate moment of lust. Would our family be the same keeping this a secret from my Dad? Speaking of Dad, I half groaned realizing he would be back from his business trip tomorrow. How would I keep my feelings and hands to myself until he was gone again? Or did Mom even want to continue this? She had said she’d like to while we were in the shower, but her expressions and actions after we had made love said more about her guilt than desire for it to continue. I guess time would tell.

I fitfully fell asleep, my mind racing. Up until now I was getting ready to move far away from here, my car packed and everything. Now suddenly I had been pulled back, my darkest fantasy coming true. What was in store for us now?

The next morning I awoke and went downstairs, wearing only my boxers. Mom was nowhere to be found, so I went out to the garage. There she was, slowly unpacking my car, still in her nightgown. I smiled.

“So I guess you really do want me to stay,” I said. Mom turned with a box in her hand and smiled. “Well your father is going away on business again in a couple weeks, and I think we would have plenty of time to….figure things out.”

“Figure things out?”

“Yes, sweetie. Last night was something else. I haven’t really felt that way in a long time, but it was oh so wrong. I love your father, and of course I love you as well, but I think I might need time to come to terms with all of this.”

I couldn’t hide my disappointment. I had given up on thinking how wrong this all was and accepted that it was what I wanted. My mom was who I wanted. But maybe she wasn’t so sure about me.

Mom noticed my look. “I just mean….maybe we can take things a bit slower for a little, that’s all.”

“Ok Mom.” I walked over to her, feeling confident. I leaned over for a kiss. Mom smiled, and quickly pecked my lips. I helped her to continue unpacking my car, as we both kept peeking glances at one another. After we finished, we went back inside to have some breakfast.

The phone rang. Mom picked it up.

“Oh hi, honey,” she said cheerily. It was my Dad. He said something on the other line, and Mom’s face became solemn. “Oh really? I thought you would be back today.”

My heart skipped a beat, thinking about what this could possibly mean.

“So you’ll be back a week from today instead then?” Mom asked as our eyes met. “Ok dear, love you. Be safe.” She hung up and breathed deeply, turning to me.

“Your father will be gone another week,” she said matter of factly.

“Guess it’s time to figure things out now,” I grunted. I had become emboldened after last night, and I think Mom noticed, and I wondered if she was turned on my this new found confidence.

“I guess so,” she said.

The tension in the air was palpable. A time that we had thought would be weeks away was suddenly here now. A whole week with just us in private, only a day after we had lost ourselves in a depraved act of lust. Those feelings still lingered, and nothing was in our way now.

I got up from my chair and walked over to Mom. She sucked her breath in as I gently took my hand and ran it through her hair. “Oh, hun,” she whispered. I went in for another kiss, and there was no peck this time. Mom wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. We stood there in a prolonged embrace, and our tongues started to dance in each other’s mouths. Mom moaned softly as I ran my hands down her back, caressing her as she did the same to me. I pulled away, and offered my hand. Mom took it, out of breath, and I led her into the living room to our couch. We fell down in a heap, and our lips met again, as Mom crawled up on top of me. “Oh, sweetie,” she moaned as I gently began kissing her neck, her weak spot. My hands ran down to the bottom of Mom’s nightgown and I lifted it up, exposing her panties. Her breath was hot in my ear as I caressed rize escort and squeezed her ass. I was in heaven, and Mom was too. Or so I thought.

Suddenly, Mom seemed to almost snap out of a trance and sat up, shaking her head. “Oh hun, what am I gonna do with you?” she laughed nervously as she pulled her nightgown back down.

I was taken aback. “Did I do something wrong?”

“No sweetie, it’s just that remember I said about taking things slow is all. That was a lovely start to my day, but I do have to go get some grocery shopping done.” She got up as I sat there, agitated.

“Don’t worry,” Mom said as she leaned down and kissed me again. “It’s going to be a lovely day today. How bout we go for a swim when I get back?”

“Ok,” I said bluntly.

Mom rolled her eyes and went upstairs. I heard the shower turn on and contemplated trying to join her, but I didn’t want to push my luck. I guess it only was the first day of a whole week alone with her, after all. I went to the bathroom for a quick piss, then went back to the living room for some TV.

Mom came down eventually, giving me another quick peck before leaving to go shop. My conflicted feelings resumed. Did Mom really want to continue this path we were on, or hadn’t she made up her mind yet? I sighed and ended up dozing back off.

I awoke to the sound of Mom coming through the door, grocery bags crinkling. “Hey, hun,” she called.

I stretched, yawned, and got up to help her put groceries away, still in my boxers. Mom laughed when she saw me. “I see you got a lot accomplished while I was gone,” she smirked.

I nodded sarcastically. “So, about that swim?”

Mom nodded. “Let me put these away and I’ll meet you outside.”

I went upstairs, slipped into my bathing suit, and headed out to the pool with the sun beaming down. I was thinking back to only yesterday when I had been laying out there with my mom, seeing her nipple accidentally as I pondered what lie ahead across the country. How things had changed in 24 hours.

After a few minutes, Mom emerged and closed the pool fence door behind her. She had on a sexy pink two piece bathing suit, and she didn’t bother being modest as she leaned over and kissed my cheek, her breasts swaying slightly. She followed my gaze.

“Guess I should be more careful today about covering up,” she laughed. “Although….to be honest, maybe I noticed I was exposed yesterday and didn’t want to cover up.”

I knew it! My instincts had been right. She had let herself be seen by me. I inquired further. “Kinda like how you posed for me in the bathroom when I accidentally walked in on you naked last night?”

Mom feigned innocence and winked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about….” She had become a lot more seductive and playful since her trip to the grocery store, and I noticed and took my chance.

“I think you should take that top off,” I said. “You don’t want your tan lines getting messed up.”

Mom smirked as she waded into the shallow end, seeming to look around for any sign of neighbors’ prying eyes. “Hmmm, maybe you’re right.” She turned to me as her hands went behind her back to her drawstring. I stared intently as she undid her bikini top and the straps fell below her shoulders. She stood there with her hands holding up the fabric, her breasts begging to come out.

“Is this what you wanna see?” she said teasingly. I nodded, my cock getting hard. She looked at my bulge and smiled, letting the bikini fall away, drifting into the water. There my mom stood, breasts out as she sprinkled water over them, her nipples erect. “You coming in or what?” she asked.

I was enjoying this side of Mom. She seemed to be a lot more clear minded about what she wanted than this morning. I quickly hopped in and swam up to her. We embraced. Then I felt Mom’s hand move underwater to my raging bulge, and she slowly took her hand and put it into my bathing suit and grabbed my cock.

“You like when I do this?” she whispered in my ear as she began to stroke me. Now she had taken command. I replied by slipping my shorts completely off, leaning down and taking Mom’s hard nipple in my mouth.

“Oooooohhh,” she cooed as I began to suck. Her hand moved faster, water splashing. Her other hand lightly grabbed my hair as i sucked.

“Hope the neighbors don’t see,” she whispered, even tho our fence blocked any view anyone could have. They probably would have been shocked if they could see what was happening, but we didn’t seem to care anymore.

I withdrew my mouth from Mom’s nipple and put it to her ear, moaning with pleasure as she jerked me. I could feel myself shaking as I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Yessss,” Mom hissed in my ear. “Cum for me.” I tried to keep my voice down and buried my mouth into Mom’s shoulder as I came hard and shot my load underwater, my legs shaking as I moaned. Mom gasped with pleasure seeing me cum escort rize for her. We both stood there a minute longer, as our breaths and heart rates slowed down. We locked into another sensual kiss, then went for a swim, my rope of cum making its way to the bottom of the pool.

Soon enough, daylight started to fade as evening rolled around. I had put my bathing suit back on, as had Mom, even tho we had continued to fool around secretly in the water all afternoon, me groping Mom’s breasts and playing with her nipples through her suit, and her brushing her ass up against my cock too many times to be a coincidence.

The nervous vibe seemed to be gone now, and we both stared at each other with lust as we dried off and headed back into the house. I knew Mom was still in the mood, and she couldn’t hide it from me as she went into the fridge to start dinner. She clumsily looked around for something to cook, as she distractedly kept glancing at me.

“So…uh…what would you like for dinner sweetie?” she asked. Even tho I had cum a few hours ago, I could feel myself getting excited again as Mom continued to run her eyes down me. She held a frozen pizza in her hand. “How bout this?” she stammered.

It was time to take control back again. I smirked and walked up to Mom. I took the pizza, threw it back in the freezer, and leaned up to her ear. “I’m hungry for something else,” I hissed.

Mom let a small moan escape her. “Hunny….I….ooooohhh fuck it,” she said, losing her self-discipline again and burying her mouth on mine in another passionate kiss. “Take that off,” I whispered, pointing to her top, and Mom quickly obliged, freeing her breasts for the second time. I reached down and grabbed Mom’s wet swimsuit bottoms, picking her up and slamming her down onto the counter as we continued sloppily kissing. She cried out in pleasure. “Fuck….you make it… too hard to resist,” she got out in between kisses.

The sexual energy was at a new level as we made out hungrily. Now it was my turn to get Mom off. I grabbed her swimsuit bottoms and started to yank them off. Mom quickly grabbed onto them, looking sternly at me, not allowing me to take them off. I wasn’t in the mood for her indecision anymore.

“Take your fucking hands off,” I commanded, and Mom moaned again and obliged. I peeled her wet bottoms off and threw them to the side, exposing Mom’s bush and pussy. She lay there naked on the counter breathing heavily, looking at me to make the next move. “Oh, sweetie, I don’t know if—” she stammered as I bent down below the counter and spread Mom’s legs wide. She let out a whimper as I slowly brought my mouth to her pussy and glided my tongue over her clit.

She cried in ecstasy as I went to work, caressing her clit with my tongue and slipping it in and out of her hole. I slurped Mom’s juices as my hands clenched down on her thighs so she wouldn’t squirm away. Mom gripped my hair with both her hands and began thrusting her hips into me as I tongued fucked her. The counter top squeaked as we got lost in the moment yet again.

“Oh, fuck baby,” she cooed as she moaned and grunted. “How do you know just the right way to touch me?”

I grunted with approval as I continued sucking, licking and nibbling her clit. Now the tables were turned as I withdrew my tongue and moved up to Mom’s ear. “Cum for me,” I whispered as I slipped 2 fingers into her drenched pussy, quickly stroking my middle finger over her G spot.

Mom’s eyes rolled back with pleasure as she started shaking, yanking on my hair, clawing my back. “I’m gonna……ooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!” Mom’s body shook uncontrollably as her orgasm hit, and she latched onto me even tighter. “Yesssss,” I whispered as I held onto her. It was magical. We stayed in that embrace for what seemed like forever, our hearts racing, all inhibitions gone now.

Eventually, Mom came back down from her euphoria. She shook her head, smiling. “This has been the craziest 2 days of my life,” she said. I nodded in agreement, and turned to walk into the living room.

“Wait, where are you going mister?” Mom said. I turned back in puzzlement. “I still didn’t get to eat yet.” Mom glanced down at my shorts as my eyes widened and my cock sprang up. Mom looked incensed as she jumped down from the counter and dropped to her knees.

“Oh, fuck,” I murmured as Mom yanked my bathing suit off and my cock sprang out. “Oh God, Mom.”

Mom’s lips wrapped around my cock as she effortlessly started deep throating me. Her hands made their way around my hips and gripped onto my ass. She slobbered all over my cock as I moaned in pleasure, looking down at her as she gazed up at me. I reached out and grabbed Mom’s hair and clenched my fist as she worked my shaft like a pro. “Mmmmm fuck baby,” she garbled in approval as i became rough with her, thrusting my hips forward as she gagged. The insanity of these last 2 days caught up with rize escort bayan me all at once as I felt myself about to cum.

“Mom, I-I-I’m gonna cum,” I managed. “Mmmmmhmmmm,” Mom hummed as she sucked and saliva and precum dripped from her mouth. It took me over the edge. I let out a huge moan and thrust my cock deep down Mom’s throat as I burst cum into her. Mom kept sucking like a ravenous animal, as the pleasure continued to sweep over me. “Ooooooouuuhhhhhhhhh.” I was seeing stars. I was on another planet. I hadn’t cum like this ever before.

Finally my cock eased down and went limp, and Mom withdrew her mouth, smirking and wiping away excess cum from the corners. She swallowed and stuck out her tongue. “All gone!” she laughed.

I just stood there goofily, unsure of what to say. Mom turned and grabbed her swimsuit off the floor. “Shower?” she asked. I nodded. We went upstairs and got in, embracing and slowly kissing again. It was hard to believe this was only the first day in a week of privacy for us. Even tho we had done so much, I still yearned to be inside Mom again, but I didn’t want to overstep my bounds.

After our shower, I got out and checked my phone. My friend had texted me, inviting me over to a party at his house. “Cool if I go?” I asked Mom.

“Of course, sweetie,” she replied, slowly putting a new bra and panties on, making sure to take her time in front of me.

“Will you still be up later?” I asked, gazing at her breasts one last time before the bra covered them.

“Mhm,” she replied, seeming distant all of a sudden.

“Well ok then, see you later tonight,” I said, and left.

A full moon shown brightly in the sky as I drove over to my friend’s house, trying to focus on the party and the girls that were there, but only one was on my mind. I had a few drinks and had some fun dancing, but kept checking my phone for the time. Around midnight, I decided to text Mom to see if she was up.

“Yes, sweetie,” she replied, and I said I’d be back soon. None of these people here compared to what was waiting for me behind closed doors at home. I said goodbye, made sure I was ok to drive, and headed back home.

When I arrived back at the house, my heart started to pound with excitement of what could be next. However, my mood changed as I came inside and noticed all the lights were off. The moon shown brightly through the windows, illuminating my mom on the living room couch. She was softly crying.

“Mom? What is it?” I said, concerned, and sat next to her.

Mom wiped her tears and gave me a hug. “Oh hun, it’s just been the most confusing couple days for me. You’ve made me feel so alive, sweetie, but it’s so wrong what we’ve been doing, and I love your father. I just don’t know what it will do to this family if we continue this….” She trailed off, and my unease came back again, but I understood her. It was crazy what had happened these last 2 days. I still wanted it to continue, but I also had questions about where all this would lead eventually.

“I understand Mom, and it’s totally up to you,” I said. “This has been a whirlwind for me as well, and I understand the dangerous road we could be heading down. I’ve been so caught up in everything that I haven’t cared. Either way I love you.”

Mom kissed my cheek. “Thank you sweetie. It sure is a lot to think about.”

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and left Mom on the couch. A lot raced through my mind as I took a piss. Maybe it was better to drop this now after all. We could keep the secret and the memories of these 2 days of passion forever. It probably would be for the best.

I finished and came back out of the bathroom. “Hey Mom I think I’ll go watch some-” My voice trailed off as I glanced on the kitchen floor. A pair of shorts were laying there. Mom’s shorts. I looked ahead and saw Mom’s shirt. Butterflies swirled in me as I slowly walked back toward the living room, noticing Mom’s bra and panties on the floor in front of me.

“Mom?” I walked into the living room and stopped dead in my tracks. The moonlight shown through the window, illuminating Mom’s naked body as she stood there gazing at me.

“D-Does this mean…..” I trailed off.

Mom smiled. “Sweetie, I can’t keep lying to myself. These last couple days have been unbelievable. I wanted you inside me last night, and I want you inside me tonight, and the night after that, and the night after that….”

I began to sweat with excitement at the possibilities of tonight, and beyond. Even tho the ramifications for our family could be dire, it seemed that we had both accepted whatever consequences could lie ahead for our forbidden love.

Mom turned and began walking up the stairs toward her bedroom, her ass swaying back and forth. I glanced outside and gazed at the full moon for a minute, wondering what the future could hold for us.

“You coming?” Mom said softly, as she stood at the top of the stairs. I slowly took off all my clothes in response.

“Let’s have some fun,” she whispered, and disappeared into her room. I slowly climbed the stairs and followed my mom into the darkness, shutting her door behind me.

We wouldn’t be sleeping in separate rooms tonight.

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