My Niece’s Milk Pt. 04 – Mistake

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Part 4: The Mistake

A risky decision may lead to some very bad consequences.

This chapter has an unusually sad ending for a porn story but I assure you it’s just the last couple pages. We’ll be back to the nonsensical sex between a lactating niece with impossibly huge breasts and her loving uncle at the start of the next chapter.

I love feedback so let me know what everyone thinks. Part 5 is on its way soon.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

I woke to find my vision partially obscured by two pale pink orbs. Liquid or moisture of some kind continued to land on my chest as if it were raining indoors. My vision came into focus and I quickly realized that two massive breasts were dripping milk from their fat pink nipples onto my chest and now my face.

“Good morning, Uncle Peter!” came the familiar voice of my niece Naomi. She was straddling me, using her leaking breasts as an alarm. I groaned from sleepiness and turned to face my clock. 9:42 AM, kind of late but it was a weekend.

Wait, it’s the weekend!

A whole day to do nothing but spend time with my favorite woman in the world. I opened my mouth wide, hoping to catch some fresh droplets of her lactate. She rewarded me with several and I quickly swallowed my first milk of the day.

There would be a lot more milk coming.

My niece raised herself up straight, towering over my body as her nipples continued to drip intermittently. Her lively blue eyes looked down at me with nothing more or less than burning lust and an undying love for me. It was a look I’d never seen before but one I instinctively identified.

She leaned in for a quick good morning kiss on my lips. Then another. The second one lasted quite some time before we broke off. Then she straightened up again.

“Are you having another one of those morning wood episodes?” the naked girl pointed down at my crotch.

“No,” I said while yawning and stretching my arms wide.

“I think your dick says otherwise,” she smiled.

“Help yourself,” I welcomed her. I was only just now realizing how hard my dick was throbbing. Nowhere near last night… but it was beginning to ache.

Naomi scooted back a couple feet and bent over, her rear sticking up into the air. Her long blonde hair obscured her face as she grasped my dick and wrapped her lips around it.

“Unf,” I gasped.

Without a word, she began to suck my dick. She was very new at this but her fat, almost pouty lips felt just fine. As did her very active tongue, which licked the underside of my shaft as she raised her head up and down. Her heavy breasts rested on my legs and I felt a warm dampness begin to spread on them.

I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair, close to the scalp, and helped guide her head up and down. Faster, faster, faster. Fuck, her technique was nonexistent but it was the best I’d ever had.

She was slightly surprised when I came but eagerly swallowed it all. She released my dick from her lips and licked it up and down for any remaining semen. She finished with a kiss on the tip of the head and turned her eyes up to look into mine.

“How’d I do?” she asked.

“Best wake-up I’ve ever had,” I answered.

I finally stood up once my niece left the bed. My bathrobe was hanging on a hook near my closet. I put it on while Naomi went out to fish through her stuff. There was an entire breakfast already made and sitting at my small kitchen table.

“Oh my goodness, you-” I started.

“Give me a second and I’ll be right on over,” the girl interrupted.

I sat down at one chair and she soon took the other after sliding on a pair of panties and an old t-shirt. With no support, her breasts rested helplessly on the table in front of me. She cleared her throat and turned her attention to the generous meals before us. It looked delicious.

“It was a bitch to do this all while hung over but here it is,” she rubbed her forehead.

She’d made small cheese omelettes (and apologized for using cow cheese), sausage links, hash browns and several pieces of toast. For drinks, I had a cup of coffee. Next to that was orange juice. For herself she’d poured three glasses of water. Clearly dehydrated from the night before.

Then she pointed to a glass I’d missed.

“Freshly squeezed,” she added with a smirk. I turned to look at a tall glass of milk. Filled almost to the brim.

“No way, that’s just from this morning?” I sat wide-eyed.

“Yep. I stuck it in the freezer for a bit to get it cold.”

“How much do you make each day?” I asked bluntly.

“A lot,” she answered, just as she had before.

“Come on, how much?” I pleaded.

“You promise you won’t be grossed out?” she asked. I had no idea why she chose now of all moments to be self-conscious about her milk production.

“Have you not been with me these past few months?” I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, it’s just a big number to take in. So you know how I have a bunch of pumping sessions every day, right?”

“Right,” I nodded.

“Well, etiler ucuz escort some days are different but I’ve usually got the session first thing when I wake up, then another around 11 or so, that’s the lunch one. Another mid afternoon, then around 5:00, 8:00, 10:00. Most nights I have to wake up around 1 or 2 to pump too.”

“That’s seven times a day,” I grinned.

“Yep. A few of those pumpings give more milk than others. Morning, the last one before bed, and the midnight one,” she explained.

“So how much per session?”

“I don’t think I’ve pumped myself dry and gotten less than 10 ounces in ages… probably 15 on the lower end, 25 on the upper, but it varies, she concluded.

“That’s… between a gallon and a gallon and a half. Every day,” my jaw dropped.

“So you’re not grossed out?” she asked.

“Grossed out? I’ve never heard a sexier thing in my life,” I assured the girl.

“Oh, thank goodness. I was worried. Even for people with a lactation fetish, over a gallon a day, that’s like, yikes! I don’t mind it one bit but I know there’s some people who would call me a cow,” she frowned.

“You are a cow,” I reminded her.

“Of course I am, but there’s two ways of saying it. There’s the bad way, and there’s the good way like you say it. The kind that makes me so happy,” she put her hand on mine.

We finally got around to eating breakfast. It was as delicious as expected. Naomi got her sexual thrill from watching me down the glass of girl-milk. I read the news on my phone afterward while she went to carve out her own space in the bedroom closet. We each selected our outfits for the day and hopped into the shower.

It was a tight fit, to say the least. A normal woman and a man wouldn’t have much room in here.

“Good thing you’re not any bigger,” I declared.

“You know I will be. They’ve never stopped growing. Slow but steady,” she assured me as she patted her naked breast. I started up the warm water.

Almost instantly, Naomi let down. Her nipples, less than an inch from my chest, sprayed me for no less than a minute and a half. Even after the flow subsided, they continued to dribble upon our feet as they often did. We were too distracted with finally getting ourselves cleaned up.

Having a long day of lazing about the house ahead of us, we both opted to wear comfortable clothes. My companion put on a striped pair of baggy pajama pants, nursing bra, and a red tank top that left little about her cleavage to the imagination. I wore sweatpants and a green t-shirt. She loved how easy it was to see and grope my dick in the sweatpants.

Apparently my downstairs neighbors were not home last night. I didn’t hear of a single noise complaint. Either we were more quiet than I’d remembered or we have some very deaf neighbors. Regardless, we were fortunate but would have to keep it down in the future.

Today, our project was to get my new roommate moved in. I put on some music off my spotify and we got to work identifying boxes in the living room. Almost all of it went into the bedroom, bathroom and closets. She did not yet leave much of a mark on the rest of the apartment.

“Where would you like your art studio?” I asked.

“In the living room, by that window there,” if that’s okay?” she pointed to the left of the TV. I set up her easel, stool and small supply cabinet after moving the coat rack aside. It worked well, and she had a nice view out the window as she painted.

“How about all of these?” I held up a couple of paintings and she stuck her head out the bedroom door to look. She was hard at work organizing her section of the closet.

“I don’t know, storage?” she suggested.

“No way, some of these are going up. Besides, I’ve still got plenty of wall space out here,” I contested.

“Alright, put up your favorites if it’s not inconvenient,” she relented.

I put up a couple of her landscape paintings in the living room and dining area. Three small portraits went into the hallway. Naomi snatched the hammer and a nail and went off with one of the paintings into the bedroom. I followed after out of curiosity.

It was that painting of the very busty woman from a few months back. The 19-year old giggled as she hung it up on the wall directly in front of our bed. She stepped back to ensure it was level. Then she flopped onto the bed to relax.

“Really?” I asked.

“It’s inspiration for both of us,” she winked. The woman in the painting did have considerably larger breasts than Naomi’s, hanging all the way to her knees. The girl may still be growing indefinitely, but this depiction was just the stuff of fantasy. There’s no way Naomi would ever get that big…


I looked at her as she began to hum, getting ready for a pump break. In her own little world. I went back out to finish up unpacking. There were only a few items we couldn’t find a place for, we’d have to figure something out for that. This left just her pumping equipment, which was quite extensive.

Her dual etiler üniversiteli escort electric pump (which she was using right now), and four manual hand pumps. There was various extra tubing and some larger flange sizes. Clearly, she was planning ahead for her nipples to graduate to another size. Then various creams and lotions for everything from engorgement to chafed nipples.

Last but not least was the container collection. Dozens of bottles, clear or tinted either white or yellow. Some of them screwed onto her pumps while others were simply meant for storage. The largest was 24 ounces, the smallest 8. These I put up in one of the kitchen cabinets (how she did it back at her house) and the rest went into the hall closet.

Finally done. Naomi finished her pumping and came out to offer me the bottles. I declined so she put them in the refrigerator. We sat down at our couch and began to plan the weekend.

“I need to hit the gym for a couple hours today,” she announced. I would lead her down there later and show her the ropes.

“Pool and hot tub tonight?” I suggested.

“Of course,” my niece nodded.

“Alright, how about dinner, what should we do?”

“Pizza.” she concluded.

“You eat like a stoner,” I patted her knee.

“That’s another thing, I’ve never tried weed before…”

“Maybe sometime,” I just shook my head.

The gym was surprisingly deserted. I didn’t feel bad about leaving the girl down there as there were few places she loved as much as a gym. Weight lifting, bike machines… everything but treadmills. I read a book up in the room while awaiting her return.

After a couple hours, Naomi let herself into the apartment with the key I’d given her. She was exhausted and drenched in sweat. Collapsing on the couch next to me, her feminine musk was quite strong. I poured her a glass of water then sat back down and turned the TV on.

“I didn’t know you liked reading,” she eyed my book as she lifted her shirt and undid her bra.

“Sure I do,” I replied, settling my head in my niece’s lap to suckle her refilled breasts.

“I’d like to try writing stories someday… Mysteries and fantasy, maybe. Erotica too,” she pondered.

It was sufficient to say that my niece stuffed herself on pizza at dinner time. Our special variety of lactating sex seemed to drain a lot of energy out of her. She also had her intense workout earlier to help tire her out. After we let our food digest and the sun begin to set, we set out for the pool.

I wore a pair of my trunks and Naomi had the same one-piece from the lake trip. Of course, it was the only swimsuit she owned. We found the pool deserted which was a relief compared to its busy state earlier today. It may not have been Olympic-sized but it would do.

It felt quite cold when we first jumped in. Much like any other pool. Our bodies quickly adapted and soon we felt comfortable. We swam around, playing games like tag and talking about what we’d do tomorrow.

“Aren’t you gonna do your laps?” I asked.

“Too tired,” she groaned.

Long after night had fallen we decided to wrap things up in the hot tub then head to bed. The two of us stepped in up to our waists. I breathed out a sigh of contentment as I lowered myself into the bubbling water. My companion did the same until her breasts reached the waterline.

“Fuck!” the girl whispered sharply.

“What?” I asked.

“Letdown, bad one,” she hissed as she hastily climbed out of the tub. Milk spilled out the sides of her bathing suit and drizzled into the hot tub.

“At least I didn’t turn the whole thing into milk,” she sighed as her breasts continued to let down. Her cloudy milk was visible in the water but was soon diluted.

“That warm water really does a number on them,” I observed. We walked swiftly over to a drainage grate on the concrete patio. I kept watch while Naomi released her breasts from her swimsuit. She aimed her nozzles at the drain and let them finish their tantrum before we moved on.

“It was a nice idea. We had fun at least,” I patted her shoulder on our walk back to the apartment.

“That is why I like baths,” she explained. It made a lot of sense now. Her breasts were too unruly for any hot tub. Someday we needed a place with a Jacuzzi…

The next day went much the same as the previous. Minus unpacking. Naomi made us a rich breakfast, this time we ate it in bed. As I worked on my pancakes she tugged on my dick to relieve my morning wood.

We lazed about the apartment. My partner went down to the gym for another extensive workout and collapsed next to me so I could nurse from her. We visited the pool once more but skipped the hot tub.

We fucked once more, but it was gentle. Loving. Most of all it was quiet. I fell asleep with my mouth glued to my niece’s breast.

The weekend was officially over.

“Well, anything on your schedule this week?” I asked my niece.

“I’m very much unemployed… I guess fatih escort I’ll be milking myself, eating, and watching TV while I wait for you to get home?” she shrugged.

“You should try writing a story, maybe a short one,” I suggested.

“Not a bad idea.”

The days went by and we began to settle into a routine. I nursed her before work, she sent me to the office with a bottle, and she fed me first thing when I got home. In the evenings we watched shows or played games before one last breastfeeding. The poor girl was growing bored as she had little to occupy her day.

“I’ve only got a mammogram coming up… those are always interesting, but it’s not for another month,” my busty niece sighed one morning.

“We’ve got to figure out some way to keep you occupied here while I’m gone,” I replied.

“How about I go with you?” she proposed.

“For real?” I grinned.

“Isn’t it ‘Take Your Slutty Niece to Work Day’ today?” she joked.

“Of course, how could I forget?”

Naomi dressed up semi-presentably in an oversized button-down blouse and pair of slacks. They were the nicest clothes she had but anything would fly in an IT office. She signed in at the front desk as my girlfriend and received a visitor’s badge. Nobody would care enough to check on us. Following my directions to the letter, she soon knocked at my door.

I opened it and welcomed the girl inside. It was sparse but I did have two comfortable seats. There wasn’t much work for me to do right now so I turned my focus to my guest. My arms wrapped around her in a treat hug as I shut the door.

“Nice place, but it could use some paintings,” she winked.

“You’re very right,” I nodded as I sunk into my chair.

“Are you busy right now?”

“Of course not,” I looked around.

“Want to help me with a big problem then?” she teased.

“I noticed you haven’t got your pumps with you, you’re ticking time bomb.”

She appreciated the description.

“I’ve got some milk for my big strong uncle,” the girl stepped toward me. Her breasts loomed over my face.

I unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open. Today she had on a white nursing bra which I promptly opened. Naomi sat on my lap facing me while I latched onto a breast and began to suckle. It was so warm, so fresh, so intoxicating.

My plan was to drain both breasts halfway. I was gonna have some fun with the rest. Once I finally achieved my goal, I motioned for her to stand up. Just as I was about to propose my idea she presented her own.

“You know how we talked about you bending me over… and milking me like a cow onto your desk?” she bit her lip.

“And licking it up?” I added.

“Let’s do that,” she grinned.

It was a very good idea. I grabbed her ass and hips from in front and turned her around until her slack-covered sheeks were in front of me. She unzipped her pants in the front and I pulled them down over her ass. It was a tight squeeze but eventually they cleared and dropped to the floor.

I gave my niece a rough but playful shove in the small of her back. She bent over and placed her palms on the middle of my empty desk to support herself. Her toned ass was presented proudly to me. The kind a volleyball player had. I felt almost bad that her breasts overshadowed it so much, but that made it more of a hidden treasure.

My fingers searched for her pussy. Upon locating it, I rubbed and then parted her lips. I unzipped my pants and put on a condom I’d brought in my pocket. We guided my dick in carefully before I began to slowly thrust.

“Fuck me harder,” she groaned.

I began thrusting more rapidly and with more energy. Every time my hips touched her cheeks there was a faint but audible slapping sound. My arms crept around her torso and grabbed onto her nipples like handles and I leaned over her. With growing skill I kneaded milk toward her nipples and out onto the tabletop.

“It’s just the best when you milk me from behind,” she panted.

Naomi turned her head to face me and puckered her lips. I stopped thrusting for a moment to give her a kiss while milking her. Her lips trembled with lust. She turned her head back down to watch her milk splatter the desk while I continued to rail her.

Soon there was a solid puddle of milk, about two feet in diameter. The girl’s melons were finally running out of steam as we both came, my right hand yanking on her hair. I pulled out and she walked around to the other side of my desk to kneel. The blonde began to lap up her own milk that was coating my workstation.

She downed just about every drop of milk while I cleaned myself up. I shook my head in awe at my freaky niece. To think, even just a year ago I was deathly afraid of her. I wanted her then, I just wasn’t brave enough to have her yet. We were growing so close to each other now.

We spent the rest of the day chatting and feeding. Naomi only had to hide beneath my desk once. I made a point of rubbing my feet up against her ass as she hid. Once we got home we fucked again.

I got a comfortable recliner to put next to the couch at home. It barely fit but provided a nice and comfortable place to pump. We rented a storage unit and put Naomi’s extra art as well as her bed in there for now. Despite these small projects and a few more visits to my office, the monotony was beginning to catch up to us.

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