My Nudist Sister Ch. 04

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I was waiting for my sister when she got home from school that day. She smiled at the sight of me, sitting by the door.

Everything was different. Unlike the first day, she dragged it out. She undressed slowly – we both knew I’d seen what was under her outfit, but she decided to tease me, to make me want it even more.

She undid her blouse, button by button. Aside from the ticking of the clock, the room was completely silent, but she somehow used those ticks as a beat, a rhythm to a silent song. Ell moved her hips back and forth as she stripped, removing her blouse, sensuously taking off her bra.

To my surprise, she stopped there. Still wearing knee-socks, black shoes and her plaid skirt, she moved towards me, sitting on my lap and guiding my mouth to those perfect, up-turned nipples of hers.

I didn’t need a further invitation – I sucked and nibbled on her tits, unsurprised when she didn’t even gasp or groan in response. If my sister had been pregnant, I would have quickly had the milk flowing from her teats – I could feel her wiggling, writhing at my touch, clearly enjoying the attention from her older brother.

When the clock struck the hour, she got up off my lap, tilted her head to the side and smiled. Neither of us said a word as she undid her skirt and unceremoniously dropped it to the floor, before slowly undoing the laces of her shoes, removing her socks, and – finally – sliding her panties down and exposing that beautifully trimmed bush of hers.

I reached out and pulled fulya escort her towards me, sliding my exposed cock into her wet slit, fucking my sister harder than I’d ever fucked anyone, almost immediately cumming inside her, filling my naked sister with my spunk…


I blinked twice. In front of me was Ellora’s perfect ass, swaying from side to side as she walked into the kitchen to make herself a snack.

We hadn’t fucked. We could never fuck. No matter what else we did, that was a line we could never cross. After all, we were siblings.

I followed her into the kitchen. I wasn’t hungry; I just wanted to enjoy the view.


Mom got home well before Dad. As soon as she walked in, my sister’s head turned, like a dog who’d found a new scent. We’d been watching TV together, my attention roughly split between the events on the screen and her naked body, but she left halfway through the episode without saying so much as “Goodbye”.

I tried to tune back into the events of the episode, but I just couldn’t concentrate, and so after a few minutes, I walked down the hall to see where the women in my family had disappeared to.

They were in the master bedroom. Mom was naked, on the bed, on all fours, and Ellora was behind her, slowly penetrating her with a strap-on dildo.

My eyes widened in shock. Just like the night before, I knew that Elly could tell I was there, although she didn’t so much as glance in my direction.

“Please,” Mom was begging. gebze escort “Please…”

I couldn’t help but wonder if she was begging for her to stop…or for more.

Soon, Ell’s dildo was completely enveloped inside my mother. She paused for a moment for Mom to adjust, and then began pulling out slowly, and slamming back in fast.

“Please,” Mom panted, and Elly smiled at the request.

I stood there and watched as my baby sister fucked our mother. The strap-on was larger than I’d ever seen before, though I’ll freely admit that I don’t have much experience in that arena.

My mother’s orgasms are, unsurprisingly, unfamiliar to me – she could have been having many small ones, or just gasping with enjoyment, but before long Elly was pounding into our mother as hard and fast as she could, and that’s when I knew Mom was cumming.

As Mom came for at least the third time, she turned and her eyes met mine. Like deer in the headlights, we were both unable to move, and stared at each other in shock. Elly, however, was clearly skilled with her toy, and before long Mom was cumming again, even as she looked straight into my eyes.

My sister took that as her cue to stop, and as she slowly pulled out, Mom shuddered – I wasn’t sure whether it was whether in disgust at what she’d just done, or disappointment that the fun had ended – but Elly ran a hand up and down her back, before kissing her on the lips.

To my surprise, within a few seconds, Mom became the aggressor, gültepe escort taking her daughter’s head in her hands and moving it firmly to her exposed breasts. I could see where Ellora got her tits from – even at Mom’s age they were still pert and perky, and from the look on her face, she enjoyed Ellora’s attention as much as Ellora had enjoyed mine earlier that evening.

As Elly sucked on our mother’s tits (an echo of what she’d done as a babe, so many years ago) I took the opportunity to slip away. I sat in my room, perplexed and aroused by what I’d just seen. My cock was as hard as I could ever remember it being, but I didn’t want to jerk off.

Not yet.


Instead of waiting for my sister to come to me. I waited for the sound of Mom’s bedroom door closing, left my room, and met Ellora in the hall. Neither of us needed to say anything – at the hungry look in my eyes, she immediately dropped to her knees, and I pulled out my cock and started stroking.

I was so turned on that I expected to cum straight away, but to my surprise, it was almost ten minutes of tugging before I even felt my orgasm start to approach. Behind Elly, our parent’s bedroom door opened, and Mom gasped at the sight in front of her; her only two children, sexually engaged. My sister nodded, so subtly I barely even noticed, and I immediately felt my orgasm overcome me, more strongly than ever before.

Mom watched as my cock began to shoot, coating my teenaged sister’s face and tits with my cum. None of us said anything as Elly got up, turned around, and passionately kissed my wide-eyed mother, covering the fresh clothes she’d just changed into with her own son’s cum.

Somehow, I knew with complete certainty that she wouldn’t change again.

Ellora wouldn’t allow it.

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