My Red Thong

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“So, how are you two boys doing?” I asked, walking into his room with a basket.

“We’re fine, Mom, and I can do my own laundry.”

“I know, Bruce, but I’m still your mom, and I’ll do it if I damn-well please,” I made clear, going to his hamper. “You don’t mind if my unmentionables touch yours, do you?” I asked, putting his clothes on mine in the basket

“Mom, seriously, you’re making Jim uncomfortable.”

I leaned up and glanced at him. “Is that true, Jimmy? Does your mom do your laundry?”

I looked him over as he casually checked me out for a moment.

‘Oh, I think I might be, but because I think Jim here wants something from me. I don’t think Bruce notices that, though. I do have my belly showing somewhat, so my thong is slightly out, and my bra straps are showing with my tank top,’ I thought before I viewed his eyes. ‘Wow, that was subtle, Jim, you just jerked your face away from me. You do want to fuck me, don’t you?’ I thought before I closed the gap. “So, what’s going on, Jim? I’m just your best friend’s mom, you can tell me.”

He couldn’t make his eyes come onto mine to save his life, and I had to laugh somewhat. That didn’t get a reaction from Bruce, and I just didn’t know what to make of Jim’s crush exactly. Nevertheless, I found myself intrigued.

“Well, his silence says it all, Mom. Let me do the laundry; I don’t need you to take care of me.”

“Does that mean you can start paying for your Twistys subscription, son?”

“Mom, damn it,” he griped, standing up. “Give me that, basket,” he said, yanking it. “I’ll do it when I’m ready,” he made clear, dropping it.

“Okay, Bruce,” I giggled before pecking his cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too, but Jim doesn’t need to know you pay for my porn sites.”

I set my eyes on him. “Jim, does your mom pay your porn sites?”

“No, Tara, she doesn’t, but you’re an even better mom than I thought.”

“Thank you, Jim. I like my unmentionables washed with fabric softener, Bruce.”

“Mom, enough!” he yelled, stomping his feet.

“Damn, you’re easy, son.”

“I’ll do it later, Mom,” he said before turning to Jim. “I’m gonna take a shower, and then we’ll head out, okay, dude?”

“Yes, Bruce.”

He left without saying a word, and I couldn’t help, but to cheese.

I peeked at Jim again, though. ‘Yes, just pretend you’re reading that magazine, but secretly check me out, it’s not a crime. I surely want to say something, but I don’t think Bruce would like it,’ I thought, covering my mouth. “I’ll be in my bedroom, though, if you need me, Jim.”

“Okay, Tara, thank you.”

I left the bedroom and went to mine. “Oh, he was checking me out, I know it. I’m his best friend’s mom, but still, in his sexual mind, I’m a hot chested MILF with brown hair. He wants to have sex with me, but can’t even say anything because of Bruce. Too bad,” I said before I lay down. “I’m sure he has a big dick, I couldn’t tell with his pants and boxers there, but I know it. If Bruce never found out, I’d suck your dick until you needed to cum, Jim. I’d let my tits out and allow you to submerge them. You’ve been my son’s best friend since junior high, and now you’re getting ready to go to college. We have a good relationship, and I like your mom too. Maybe because she’s a single mom too, but still, I’d let you fuck me too,” I muttered before my hand nonchalantly made it to my crotch. “Well, shit, even though my skirt and thong, I feel my snatch, because you made it rather wet.”

I rubbed my crotch a bit and shook too. I didn’t speak more, but inevitably found myself on the line, I guess.

“Damn, I can’t fantasize about Jim, it’s wrong. Hot, but wrong,” I groaned, moving my head to the side. “I clearly saw him checking me out, so do I just let it go completely?”

I didn’t get my answer, and I just lay there for a moment, thinking about it. Needless to say, my twat didn’t just stop leaking, and my motor kept running too. After only a few minutes, I felt to be in a sauna and hornier than ever at the thought of fucking Jim.

I still fought the urge even to relish the odd attraction I had to him. I also knew it came down to him wanting to fuck me as well, but yet, I couldn’t deny the desire to get with him, though.

“Oh, fuck it,” I muttered before I let my right hand into my thong. “Yes, just live with it, lady,” I moaned, rubbing my pussy.

I slathered my lips nonstop and did indeed just run with it. I certainly knew it was taboo, but it did seem to be rather hot to think of him in that way. I couldn’t help it, and once I started masturbating, I loved it.

“Would you like this MILF to suck your cock, or let it into her slit? You may put it in my twat, Jim, I don’t mind. Stick it in there deep and let out your white stuff too. Just risk getting a MILF knocked up, and give me a thrill. We don’t need to tell Bruce about it; we can both keep a secret. I’m letting my juice out frequently thinking about you sticking it to me, Jim. I saw you checking me out, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but Şişli escort bayan I am a horny MILF, and I do need a cock inside me from time to time. Oh, shit, I’m vibrating now. I’m getting some jollies off the thought, and shit, I just have to know how big you are. I don’t even know if you’ve had sex before because not everyone gets laid in high school. I know my son has, but I’m not positive about you, Jim. Maybe it doesn’t actually matter because I just want to fuck you, regardless if you’ve done it once or fifty times. I want to see it and feel it too. Maybe with my hands first, and then my lips. Soon after that, my tits, which I’m sure you’d love to feel with any part of your body. If you came to me, I’d have no choice, but to act on my attraction, just like you, stud. If we both came to each other, then maybe we’d fuck, but if one of us is worried about it, we probably won’t,” I explained before opening my eyes. “Yet, Bruce is in the shower, and my snatch is as wet as a monsoon, so let’s see what happens,” I said before I got up.

I calmly made my way out of my room and saw the bathroom door still shut.

I didn’t speak and viewed Bruce’s bedroom door. ‘What the hell? His door is shut, but I know Bruce isn’t in there. Are you having some private time, Jim?’ I thought before he got to his door.

I pressed my ear on it.

“Oh, yes, Tara, you’re hot,” I heard him moan.

I grinned, backed my head away, and covered my mouth. ‘Oh, this is interesting, Jim. You’re masturbating thinking about me, in Bruce’s bedroom? You must be horny to put that, and I must be too,” I said, grabbing the doorknob. “Especially if I’m going to do this,” I whispered, cracking the door. “You perv, you dug into the laundry and fished out one of my thongs, my red thong. Now, you’re rubbing it on your wood. Such a sight should repulse me, but because I’m a hot to trot woman in need to be fucked, I find this flattering. I can see your face, but your eyes are closed, and you’re not giving me the best look at your prick either with my thong in the way. I can still see the head every moment, though, and I like that. I surely loved that, considering that is my favorite thong too,” I muttered before letting my hand back into my thong.

I pleasured myself just roughly ten feet away as he gratified himself with my red thong. This time, I allowed my fingers up into my slit, which made me jiggle around even more. I grabbed onto the doorknob for leverage, and it kept me upright.

As I scanned his body going up and down numerous times, I felt tingles going throughout my body, and it made me love the situation all that much more. I couldn’t be sure how long he’d be going at it, but I knew I wouldn’t part my eyes until he stopped, or the shower suddenly ceased.

Until then, I vowed to keep pleasuring myself, even if I came ten times while eyeballing him. I couldn’t help it because whether I thought it was right or wrong, I still loved the whole situation and couldn’t stop it.

“Oh yes, use that thong, you dirty young man. Forever stain it with your seed, I don’t mind. I might not even wash it now, so soak it with all that cum, Jimmy. Do it for your best friend’s mom’s thong,” I moaned before a gap. “I see you’re going nuts now; you’re getting ready to cum now?”

He angled his head back all the way, so I was sure of the answer. Needless to say, that made me lose it, so to speak. I kept a lid on myself as I saw the effects come upon him, but I pushed the door open by mistake.

“Shit,” I groaned, yanking my hand out.

“Oh, crap, Tara, I’m sorry,” he apologized, covering his face with one hand. “It’s not what it looks it.”

I giggled and closed the door.

I didn’t speak until I closed the gap and gently grabbed his arms. “It’s alright, I’m not upset won’t tell Bruce, but I need you not to tell him about something.”


I snatched the thong and yanked it towards my face. “That’s a lot of cum, Jim, so it wasn’t just me, you want to fuck me?”

“Yes, I guess, but please don’t tell Bruce about this, he won’t like it.”

“Don’t worry yourself, I can keep a secret,” I whispered, bringing my hands towards his dick. “May I?”


I smiled again as I wrapped both hands around it. “Oh, that’s stiff, Jim, I feel that’s a compliment to me, is it?”

“I guess.”

I calmly got down on my knees and stroked his pecker. “What were you thinking about, Jim? Having me give you a blow job? You may tell me; I won’t judge you.”

“Tara, Bruce could come back at any moment, we can’t do this. Maybe I’m attracted to you, but you’re my best friend’s mom.”

“I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’, yet,” I added, rising with him. “You were fantasizing about me?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Kiss me, and I’ll accept your apology.”

He bit down on his bottom lip for a few seconds, but I felt his member going insane.

“You’re crazy, Tara.”

“I know, now kiss me.”

He swiftly pushed his lips on mine, but his arms remained down, though. As his Escort Sultangazi lips got on mine, he indeed showed that he liked it, so he didn’t part his lips from mine.

Although, mine did drift off his after a moment. “So, you liked kissing me and how I’m giving you a mean handjob?”


“Good, now before Bruce comes out of the shower, will you promise me not to tell him about any of this?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Good, because I’m a horny MILF that needs some wood to chew on now and then,” I whispered before lowering myself to my knees. “So, don’t tell him about this,” I warned him before taking his dick into mouth.

“Oh, I definitely won’t, Tara,” he moaned, placing his palms on both sides of his face. “Wow, this is so much better than just thinking about it happening. Damn, you’re the MILF queen.”

I watched him as I let my lips thrust ever so slowly on his wood, but he couldn’t look at me, which thrilled me because I knew he loved the pleasure I was giving him. I had my palms on the base of his wood and held it somewhat tight.

I already had sweat going down all over my body, but he turned up the heat mentally anyway, which made me feel hot as hell. As I watched him deal with the luxury of having a MILF blow him, I vibrated and felt like every muscle in my body was being worked.

I didn’t push him too far, too fast, but I surely wooed nearly immediately because he wanted me. I didn’t know how far I might get with him, but at that moment, actually sucking his cock, I cherished my time with him to make me see the sexual light standing in front of me for so long.

“Holy shit,” he moaned, caressing my head my neck. “I can’t commend you enough, your lips feel amazing on my schlong, and that you’re actually doing this, I can’t feel too bad for Bruce. I’d want him to enjoy the pleasure if my mom wanted to give it to him. You’re giving it to me for some reason, but I don’t care why. You’re dynamite, every single inch of you. It’d be cliché to say it was your mouth or tits, but your brown hair and eyes are the real killers,” he let out, letting strands of my hair go through his fingers.

I calmly let his member out, though. “I disagree, Jim. I think it’s more cliché to pick my eyes and hair because at least with my sexual body parts, it’s easy to understand, but not so much with those other parts, don’t you think?”

“Maybe, I guess, you’re making me cum like a fire hydrant.”

“Just with my mouth.”

“Your whole persona, Tara.”

“How about sweetening the pot,” I offered, taking off my top. “Would you like to see my breasts?” I asked before I just took off my bra as well. “Go ahead, soak them in for a moment as I rubbed them softly. Yes, open that mouth widely, and in a moment, I’m going to suck your cock again, don’t you think my jugs would be a good place to shoot?”

He nodded, and I grabbed the thong. “Hold this while I please, horndog.”

He took it, and I went back to his member. I placed both hands at the base and inserted his wood back into my mouth too. Needless to say, I let my lips thrust a bit faster, and I pushed them on it even harder too.

“Fuck me, that’s good, Tara. Wow, you’re crazy, I swear it. You’re just that in every sense of the word, and now you’ve shown me your melons too? Those are beyond wonderful, even though I only saw them for a moment and didn’t get to feel them. You’ll let me feel them, right?”

I nodded and even bit down on his cock, just a tad. I let him know I was a wild card, and quite dirty too. His hands came back onto my head, and he had to pull my hair somewhat. I surely didn’t mind due to the circumstances.

I tasted his pecker with all of its not-so-good texture and everything else, but of course, it was about the sexy emotions that came flowing out. I wasn’t a huge dicksucking fan, but I surely knew he was picturing me giving him one hell of a blow job when he was jacking off.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say, but I love you, Tara, you’re breathtaking, and I love this thing too. I’ve seen it coming out of your shorts or skirt a million times before, and I can’t envision anyone wearing it better. I’ll be sure to wash this for you; we don’t need Bruce getting suspicious when my seed is all over it.”

I let it out yet again. “No,” I mentioned, rising with Jim. “I want you to keep it; we can’t see each other because of Bruce. Your friendship with him means a lot more to mean than my attraction to you, but I want you to keep a memento of this,” I told him before kissing him. “I love you too, in son’s best friend kind of way,” I added before dropping back to knees. “I’m going to suck your dick so well, you have to unleash a river on my boobs,” I let him know before reinserted his member.

“Oh, I will, Tara. I’ll cum all over your jugs, even if you are Bruce’s mom. You’re a dazzling mom indeed, and I can’t imagine it going better even if this only happens once. You could be the worst cocksucker in the world, and I’d still melt. You’re wonderful, Taksim escort and I can’t think of any other of friend’s moms or step-moms that I’d have down on their knees in front of me than you.”

I nodded again, but then I closed my eyes and focused on blowing him. I pressed my lips hard on his organ, so they started to hurt a bit, but nevertheless, just like I was watching him, I wasn’t about to stop unless Bruce intervened.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, I feel you working your magic even more now. I love that, and I’m walking on air now,” he moaned, moving his body back and forth.

I followed him well and kept my mouth busy. By then, I had his rod, so lubricated, that I barely had to move my lips. All my saliva did the work for me, which had a more potent effect ion him, as I heard him moan numerous times and jerk around as well.

Even with all those things happening, he didn’t give out his seed so easily. I could only guess that it was because he shot his load not too long ago, but it just made me want to make him shoot that much more.

I tightened my grip on him as he became slightly harder to control, so I knew he’d be a tough nut to crack most definitely. With that in mind, I pulled out my ‘A’ game the most I could. I held my breath the most I could and concentrated all my energy on making his white come bursting out.

He played with my hair and also pressed his hands on my head too. So, he put up a defense by doing different things to keep himself from just giving in to the pleasure, rather than letting me win him over without a fight.

‘I relish the fact that you want to fight me tooth and nail not to cum because it does, in fact, mean you’re a man, more than just legally speaking. You want to please the woman you’re with, and that’s commendable. I’ve sucked your cock for over five minutes, well, with brief breaks, but of course, you’re not going down, but remember: I’m a MILF, and I’m a giant sexual anchor ready to weigh you down the most I can. I don’t think Bruce is open-minded enough to be okay with his forty-year-old mom having regular sex with his BFF, too bad because I could have a lot of fun with this stud.’

“Oh, you’re almost there now, Tara, keep going and make cum all over those tits. Once I do, they might look less sexy, but you’ll; still be rocking a fantastic set of jugs. Holy shit, you’re sparkling. Out of any MILF in the world, I’m sure you’d be the top I’d love to get into bed with most definitely. I’d fuck you hard and make sure you’d be satisfied in every sense of the word too. A MILF like you doesn’t come along every day, and I’ll have to superglue my lips shut if I have to keep from bragging about you. You’re something else entirely; I never met a woman quite like you,” he rambled, fondling my head.

I nodded yet again and let our eyes stay together for the most intimate moment ever. I kept my lips moving still, but they slowed down quite a bit. That way, he knew I meant business as well, so it was the equivalent of him spewing out so much praise.

As we did look at each other, I certainly saw the spark flying as he called me, so to speak. I surely wanted to suck his dick forever, but I knew he needed to shoot sooner or later. I knew that deep down, he was a romantic somewhat, so the intimacy was better than the physical pleasure I gave him.

His hands kept moving as he pulled my hair and pushed my head too. With every passing second, I saw him losing it a bit more, so I knew his last defense was coming. Even with that in mind, I wasn’t about to go easy on him.

I wanted his seed, and I definitely felt it’d create a more reliable memory to get it out nice and quietly than just making him need to cum as soon as possible. That way, I felt he would be Bruce’s best friend forever because he certainly wouldn’t want ever to lose me from his life.

If I sucked the life out of his cock with my son showering just on the other side of the wall, I knew it crafted the best blow job he could envision coming from me. It was clear as day that he had a crush on me, but as he finally had his fantasy come to life, nothing else mattered to him, except for Bruce.

He surely proved that, but the look in his eye showed how much he loved having me suck his cock. I sucked it for over ten minutes, including my small breaks, but he managed not to cum. I loved and hated that, but just from one second to the next, I felt that twitch.

“Oh, yes, Tara, I have to shoot now,” he moaned, gently pushing my mouth off his rod.

“Then shoot these MILF jugs, Jim,” I implored him, lifting them.

He took his member and stroked it right them as we both exchanged eye contact yet again. We didn’t utter a word, and I didn’t peek down as I felt his hot and sticky load attacked my melons like the fire hydrant he described.

It all hit me rather hot, but of course, it cooled down rather quickly. I loved that and surely wooed me even more. It felt so good that it hurt just a little bit every time he hit me with another stream.

“Holy shit, Jim, I knew you had a thing for me, but shit,” I giggled, rubbing it all into them.

“That was amazing, Tara.”

“Thank you,” I said, rising with him. “You’re not so bad yourself,” I added, wrapping my arms around him. “Don’t worry; I won’t let your cum touch you,” I mentioned before I kissed him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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