My Renaissance Ch. 17

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Chapter 17. Sharing Crystal with my housemate Brian

It was Wednesday and my friend Crystal and I were talking over lunch that we hadn’t gotten together for over a month now. Crystal said she had been single and was getting really horny for some cock as she hadn’t gotten laid since the last time we hooked up. I told her to swing by later in the evening and spend the night if she wished.

I knew there was no way in hell he was going to pass up that invitation.

She was there when I got home, having taken a taxi from her apartment. She had arrived maybe fifteen minutes before I showed up. Brian had let her in and said she was upstairs taking a shower. I decided to join her.

“Hey baby,” I said as I walked into the bathroom. I didn’t want her to scream by startling her inside the shower.

“Hey lover!” she replied cheerfully. “Are you coming in?”

“Yep. Are you decent?”

She laughed. “I’m naked!”

“Perfect!” I laughed.

She gave me a big hug and a kiss when I stepped in.

After the hug, she looked me up and down. “Damn, I’ve sure missed you!”

She was standing there, looking good. She was an attractive girl next door: long, curly brunette hair, thirty years old, 5′ 5″ tall and about 145 pounds. She had perky 36B boobs with big, dark areolas about the size of silver dollars. She was usually completely shaven, except for times like this when she’d let it grow for a week or two.

I looked at her pubic stubble.

“Hi sexy. I don’t think I’ve seen you with pubic hair before!”

“Don’t get used to it. I haven’t shaved yet. I told you I haven’t gotten laid for a while.” She was still soaping up and as candid as ever.

“Save me a little patch of hair just for grins, okay?”

“I’ll see what I can do. I’ll shave you too if you want!” She held up her razor.

“Eh, I’m a little squeamish about a razor on in that region,” I said.

“I’ll be careful!” she teased.

“Nope. No thank you.” I did need to shave my pubes with my electric razor. It had been about three weeks since my last trim.

I took the opportunity to lather up her boobs from behind while pressing my growing member into her ass.

“Don’t be getting any ideas. I haven’t shaved my legs yet either.”

Rebuffed, I finished my shower and got out and dried off, leaving Crystal in the shower shaving.

I put on some flannel PJs and went downstairs.

“You about ready for dinner?” Brian asked. He had cooked up a meatloaf and mashed potatoes. “It’ll be ready in about fifteen minutes.”

“Cool, thanks!” I said. I went back upstairs to give Crystal the good news.

Crystal joined us with wet hair and minimal makeup shortly after Brian served up dinner. She wore a pair of cotton pajama bottoms and a snug fleece top. She was still plenty cute without makeup and I liked the wet hair look.

We had a good dinner and Crystal cleaned up afterwards, even though I wanted to take her upstairs and ravage her right then.

Brian and I talked for about ten minutes in the living room until Crystal joined us. We told her about the attempted home invasion we’d had a couple of weeks before and she had plenty of questions about that. Of course, by now the storm doors had been replaced along with the back security door.

Brian told us that he had since filed suit against my cousin’s former boyfriend and the three other hoodlums. He wasn’t really expecting to get money back, and did it mostly to fuck with them. It was just shy of four thousand dollars in damages. Basically, the plan was to seize any assets they might have including their cars. That was news to me.

We talked a little longer then Crystal stood up and announced to Brian that she was going to take me upstairs and get her some.

Brian looked at me and I just grinned.

“Have fun,” Brian said. “You lucky dog you.”

True to her word, she took me by my hand upstairs.

“Man, I’ve wanted you all night!” I said as we were walking into my bedroom.

“All night? I’ve wanted you for a couple weeks now!” Crystal replied.

We began to make out in my bedroom. It was plainly obvious we both wanted it, badly.

I undressed her and was going to give her a nice message, but she was looking for something a lot sooner than that. “Get up here and either eat me or fuck me!”

“Damn,” I thought. I moved up and touched her inner thighs as she spread her legs for me.

“Oh yes,” she purred.

She had shaved and left me a narrow triangle of quarter-inch pubic hair stubble.

Her pussy looked great and tasted good. She moaned and squirmed as I ate her, cheering me on now and then.

“Oh, I like that,” she said.

“Ohh! Eat me!”

Eventually, she had her first orgasm and I knew the hard part florya escort was over. I kept up the tongue work and Crystal wiggled her hips with delight.

About ten minutes later, my cock was hard as ever and my tongue was fatigued.

I sat up and ran my boner up and down her slit before easing it inside her. Crystal purred as I sank all the way in. I leaned forward and began to slowly make love to her. We kissed and caressed one another as I slowly worked myself in and out. It felt heavenly to me.

“God, I’ve missed you, Joe,” Crystal said. “We need to do this more often!”

“I would have to agree.” Sex with Crystal did feel very nice.

I picked up the pace, sensing Crystal was getting closer.

“Oh yeah, fuck me Joe.” She was breathing pretty good and seemed to be tensing up.

I railed her a little harder and then reached under her to grope her ass as I pumped her.

“Oh, Joe!” Crystal cried out. “Yeah, I’m going to come!” she shouted.

I kept fucking her good and she was just whimpering loudly as she climaxed.

I paused when it was over to kiss her again.

“You’re so sexy, Crystal.”

“Thanks. How do you want me?”

We kissed and I resumed my thrusting.

“Just like this will work just fine for me,” I told her.

I fucked her for a few more minutes.

“Oh, yeah, Joe. Fuck me! Fuck my little pussy!” she cried out loudly.

I kept fucking her then I felt my balls tighten up.

“Oh Crystal, I’m getting close,” I warned her so she could get an orgasm with me if it was possible.

“Oh yeah.” I shouted as I felt my cock squirting inside Crystal.

Crystal just had her eyes closed, enjoying her own climax.

Soon, it was over and I just looked down at Crystal’s pretty face. She looked back at me. We just started laughing.

I sat up and pulled out and Crystal just remained there, her reddened vulva’s gaping little slit looking back at me as milky spunk gently ran out.

Just for grins, I went down on Crystal and ate her pussy pie.

“Mmm. Salty!” I said, chuckling a couple times.

Crystal pushed more of it out as she laughed at my wisecrack. I ate her pussy and she got off again pretty quickly. She seemed very hot and I helped her to a couple more climaxes after I stuck my fingers inside her and played with her g-spot while licking her clitoris.

We took a break after a while.

We both went to the bathroom to clean up a bit and take a leak.

We walked back into the bedroom, got dressed and went downstairs to get a drink.

Brian was still downstairs, reading a book.

We joined Brian in the living room with some hot chocolate.

Crystal was perky as hell, feeling her oats after some great sex.

“Hi Brian!” she said, grinning.

“Hi Crystal,” Brian said. “You two make it hard to concentrate on my book. And it’s a good book, too.”

“I’m sorry. Were we too loud?” She was just giggling.

“You made me horny!”

“Did we?” she asked.

Crystal got up and walked over to Brian’s chair and sat on his lap.

She rocked her hips a couple of times and smiled. She looked back at Brian. “Ooh! We have made him horny!”

Brian reached around Crystal with his hands, putting them up her shirt. He groped her bare breasts under there.

“You like?” she asked.

“You’ve got nice boobs,” Brian said.

Crystal was rocking her hips on his cock through his pants in a sexy couch-dance of sorts.

“Damn Crystal!” I commented. I was enjoying the show.

She turned around and sat back down on Brian, now facing him. She was still grinding on him.

He was playing with her ass and she pulled up her shirt and leaned in so he could suck on her tits.

“Oh, you are a naughty boy!” she said.

“Crystal, are you gonna give him some?” I asked Crystal, seeing her excitement.

“I don’t know,” Crystal said, looking over at me.

Crystal stood up and knelt in front of the chair and began to unbuckle Brian’s pants. She got them open and Brian’s cock was rigid.

“Wow!” Crystal said after looking Brian’s cock over while holding it “Nice cock, Brian!” It was about six and a half inches long and a good bit thicker than mine. Crystal liked larger cocks and this was certainly a large cock for a white guy anyway.

She began to kiss it then she wrapped her lips around the head and began to suck it very gently.

Crystal worked her magic for a couple of more minutes before I suggested we move upstairs to someplace more comfortable.

They stood up and Brian pulled up his pants.

We walked upstairs to my bedroom. Crystal helped Brian out of his clothes and worked his cock for a bit longer. I helped Crystal out of her pants while göztepe escort she sucked Brian’s dick then I slid my cock inside her doggy style, slowly and deliberately fucking her. She was plenty wet inside and moaned as I fucked her.

Brian pulled Crystal up to her feet then began to kiss on her. He worked his way down to her pussy then put her on the bed. He began eating her pussy.

“Joe came in you earlier, didn’t he?”

Crystal just laughed. “Yes he did!”

“I can taste it,” Brian said.

He continued eating Crystal and quickly brought her to her first orgasm as he ate her. He inserted a finger and was playing with her G-spot and netted a couple of more climaxes before he sat up and eased himself inside Crystal.

“Oh wow, Crystal. That’s so nice!” he said as he sank all the way inside her.

“Uh!” was all Crystal could muster.

It was pretty fucking hot watching her take Brian’s cock. I was standing right beside her looking down as Brian worked his cock back and forth.

“Oh yes!” she said several times as he fucked her.

Crystal was enjoying Brian’s big cock and I was watching the show.

“It’s so fucking big,” she said.

They kissed as he pumped his cock into her tight little pussy. It must have been hot because he was looking like he was enjoying it immensely. His breathing was ragged and he was moaning.

“Should I pull out?” Brian asked. I guess he really was getting close. I could tell by his body language. Crystal was breathing hard as well.

“No, it’s okay. You can come in me,” she said.

“Oh, I’m almost there,” Brian grunted.

Her voice strained, Crystal replied, “Me too!”

“Oh, here it is!” Brian said right before he began grunting loudly like a caveman.

“Uh yeah!” he cried out.

“Give it to me!” Crystal said, pulling his hips against hers with her legs wrapped around him and her hands on his waist.

“Oh. Keep it coming. I can feel it!”

“Damn,” Brian said after his climax.

They sat there for a moment, coupled together still.

I punched Brian in the shoulder softly. “Dude, you just came in my date!” I said.

Brian looked at me. “But she felt so good, man!”

Crystal giggled. “It’s running down my butt!”

Brian eased himself out and I saw more of his milky baby batter slide out of Crystal’s gaping love hole.

“Damn,” Brian said as he fell back on the bed. “Can I do that again in an little while?”

Crystal laughed. “You’ll have to talk with my date on that one.” Crystal looked down at my hard-on with a mischievous look about her. “Sloppy seconds?”

“Sure, baby.” I moved to between her spread knees and put my cock at the entrance of her sloppy, gooey vagina. I was fully erect and it easily slipped all the way inside.

“Ooh, it’s gooey in there!” I laughed.

She laughed too. “But it feels good!”

“Yes it does,” I said. I liked the feeling of the uber-lubricated Crystal. It felt good slipping and sliding around inside her.

I pinned her legs back and began fucking her. I couldn’t go too deeply her but I fucked her well. Pretty soon, she was moaning again like a good little whore. She climaxed after a few minutes.

“I love your cock, Joe!” Crystal smiled.

“I love your pussy, darling!”

I reached under her and began playing with her ass as I drilled her. Brian’s semen was a nice lubricant and my middle finger easily pierced her sphincter. Crystal gasped then moaned as my finger settled into her butt.

She rattled off a pair of orgasms not far apart while I played my finger inside her asshole while fucking that sweet pussy. The feelings of pleasure were intense for both of us. She was panting in my ear as I was kissing on her neck.

“Here I come,” I said.

I grunted and bucked a couple of times as I climaxed. My finger was still deep inside Crystal’s ass. It was nice.

I caught my breath then sat up, still coupled with Crystal.

“So, was it good for you?” she asked grinning at me.

“What do you think?” I asked sarcastically.

Brian tossed me a washcloth. I put the washcloth under my cock and pulled out. It caught most of the creampie as it ran out of Crystal, saving the sheets another big wet spot.

Crystal went to the bathroom, holding the washcloth against her pussy, leaving Brian and I sitting on the bed.

“Well, whatcha think?” I asked Brian.

“Damn. She’s a lot of fun. I guess I owe you one.”

I laughed. “Maybe. She is a sweetheart.”

Brian’s cock was hard and he was stroking it. “May I have another round?”

“That’s up to her, sir. Let me go see what she’s up to.”

I went to the bathroom to take out my contacts. I was getting tired and knew I had a date the halkalı escort next night with Tracy so I decided to hit the hay early.

Crystal was still sitting on the toilet.

“You were incredible, girl,” I told her as I began taking my contacts out.

“Thanks. You are pretty awesome yourself. Brian too,” she said. She wiped and stood up, flushing the toilet.

“You are so sexy,” I said, looking her up and down.

She walked up to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss and I returned both.

“Brian wants another round with you. I’m going to bed. I told him it was up to you, not me.”

“I’ll take him down to his bedroom then, if you don’t mind. I’m still horny.”

“You are such a nympho Crystal!”

She gave me another kiss. “I’d rather have another round with you, my love,” she whispered in my ear before she walked out.

She had Brian by the hand a moment later and they walked down to his bedroom.

I turned off the light and got into bed, leaving the blankets turned down on the near side for Crystal when she finished fucking Brian. I heard the sounds of her moans before I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up at six the next morning when the alarm went off. I turned the bedside lamp on low and looked over at Crystal. She was so beautiful and peaceful sleeping. I noticed that she had dried semen in her hair and a couple places on her face. I remember thinking it hard to imagine that such an angelic and peaceful sleeping girl could be such a freaky slut when she wanted to.

I woke her up with gentle kisses on her lips and soft caresses of her breasts.

She just smiled.

“What a great way to wake up,” she said softly.

“You are so angelic looking when you’re sleeping.”

“Mmm. Thanks. I’m feeling sinful this morning though.” She reached over and found my cock and at her touch, it began to swell.

I reached down between her legs. Crystal spread her legs for me and I found it very wet between her lips.

I started to get on top of her when she stopped me.

“Let me go pee first, okay?” she said.

“I’ll go with you.”

We went to the bathroom. Crystal peed while I brushed my teeth then we traded places.

We got back under the covers and after a very brief blowing from Crystal I got on top. I managed to get my cock inside her very wet pussy without any assistance.

“Look, ma. No hands!” I thought to myself.

The pleasure from that initial penetration rolled over my body and left me with shivers.

“Oh, that’s heavenly!” I said softly.

Crystal just smiled. “I agree.”

I began to slowly make love to Crystal. We had left the door open and Brian stopped long enough to whistle at us as he walked by to start the coffee I guess. We were mostly under the covers but I’m sure he could see my ass going up and down as I fucked her.

“So, tell me what happened after I went to bed. I heard you moaning before I fell asleep.”

“Well, Brian went down on me again. He did a really nice job before he fucked me again. He fucked me missionary for a while then he did me bent over the bed doggy style. He came in me and then we took a break. I checked on you but you were out like a light. I went back down and Brian and I talked for a while and then we did it some more. It was nice. The second time he pulled out and gave me a facial.”

“Cool. You said it was good. I take it he got you off…”

“Oh yeah. He’s a good lover like you. Now fuck me!”

“Yes ma’am.”

I did as she instructed and put some vigor into it. I was thrusting so the head of my cock was raking the roof of her vagina, trying to stimulate her g-spot. A couple of minutes later, I think I found the sweet spot because Crystal looked as though she was going to cry. She was drunk with passion as she had her sweet release. I enjoyed how she squeezed down on my cock as she came, moaning and squirming around. I kept up the pace and it wasn’t terribly long before she reached another climax as I made love to her. We kept going.

“Okay, you can go ahead and come when you’re ready,” Crystal said softly. “I got mine!”

Never one to leave a girl hanging, I kept fucking her sweet pussy. “I’m close,” I told her.

I continued railing her and she came again. Her pussy quivered with her orgasm, and I promptly joined her.

“Oh yeah!” I grunted. “Oh yeah, baby!”

I stayed deep within her as I ejaculated. Damn, it felt so good.

I was spent afterwards. I rolled back onto the bed and Crystal woke me a few minutes later.

“Wake up, Joe. We’ve got to get ready for work! C’mon honey!”


“Wake up, lover boy. You weren’t supposed to fall back asleep!”

She rousted me out of bed and we took a shower together. Brian made breakfast for us. He said he owed Crystal a lot of breakfasts after last night and she just laughed.

I told him he owed me a bunch of breakfasts too for letting him mess around with her after I went to bed.

We had a great time over the breakfast table and Brian even got a hug and a kiss before Crystal and I left for work.

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