My Roommate Ch. 02

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Lucy is lying next to me in my bed and she is taking a much needed nap, which I have allowed. Sleep has been avoiding me and I will just have to make do on whatever rest I have already gotten. Searching out my mind, I am trying to determine my feelings about what I have started. I can still taste her on my tongue and cannot find any hint of regret for taking her down this path to whatever the future may hold.

I look over and she is laying on her stomach with her legs slightly spread and she looks quite innocent this way. Lucy’s cheeks appear very tight and she has almost nothing there that should be appealing to anyone. Yet I am drawn to them like the rest of her body and I carefully move to position myself for a much better view. Her crack is just barely hidden and her pink is pressing through just enough for me to smile.

I place my hands softly on her cheeks and she stirs at my touch, but not by much and she remains fast asleep. The feeling of her ass in my hands is every bit as wonderful as when they held her tits just a short time ago. My dark hands stand out beautifully against her pale flesh and I want to burn this image into my mind along with so many others. Squeezing into the pale warmth softly, she elicits a soft sigh in her sleep and I can feel her bones pressing against some of the flesh.

The squeeze has caused her crack to become more visible and I like what I am seeing. I press my lips to one of her cheeks and start to kiss a part of the body that I had never thought my lips would ever touch. There is nothing about this that should be driving me crazy, but it does and I press my tongue to her smooth flesh. There is nothing to taste, but I am enjoying this all the same.

I pull my head back after taking my time with both of her oddly enticing cheeks and spread them a little more, without caring about her waking. She hisses out her discomfort and I know I have just awoken her, but I have no intention to stop myself. Lucy’s dark asshole becomes visible and I love the way the ridges look that encircle a very tight hole. The temptation to spread her cheeks a little further is there, but I can wait to return to what is calling out to my dark eyes.

I lie on my back next to her and my voice is pleasantly demanding. “Since your awake, Lucy, pleasure my tits.”

She turns her head towards mine and her small tits come into view as she starts to rise across my dark body. I have purposely felt what I want completely open to see what she will do and no it will be pleasant regardless of what actions she takes. Lucy straddles my body and places her hands on my tits, which sends tingles of pleasure up and down my spine. Her brown eyes move to mine and I smile at her compliant nature.

As she caresses my large tits with her pale hands and I love that I can see myself almost completely dry on her face. A soft sigh of pleasure releases from my lips at the wonderful sensation of her almost Büyükesat Escort magical touch. Lucy takes her time exploring every inch of what is before her, but has avoided my hard nipples that are aching for attention. Her body feels wonderful pressed against mine and there is something quite enjoyable about the control I have over her.

Her hands hold up one of my tits and her tongue presses down on my hard nipple, which sends more shivers across my spine. Had this been any other woman, there would be nothing erotic about this, but this wasn’t some other woman and my pussy is starting to moisten. Lucy’s lips part wider and she engulfs my nipple entirely.

After taking her time with one, which has been very thorough with her tongue, she moves to the other and my sighs are becoming louder. Every movement of her tongue and lips is sending waves through my body, which is truly incredible. I love the way her pale face looks against my black tits.

I grin with a new desire. “Turn your skinny ass around and eat my pussy.”

She releases my tit and turns slowly without a word, which gives me a chance to enjoy the view of her leg crossing over my face. My hands move up to caress her cheeks and my legs move over her head. I pull her lips against my pussy and her tongue starts to do its job. I moan at the pleasure I receive and know I have plenty of time to truly enjoy this moment. Lucy’s hair feels wonderful pressed against my legs and I press a little harder.

My hands start to squeeze her cheeks and she is unable to do anything to prevent me from taking a single action. I release her cheeks and move my fingers slowly down the warmth of her crack, which feels wonderful against my flesh. They come to a rest on opposite sides of her asshole and I can feel the pleasant ridges caress my skin.

My tongue moves to her hard clit and I pull her head a little harder with my legs. This view is the only reason she is on top and I love it. I spread her asshole open and she screams into my pussy, which feels as if her call is causing my entire body to vibrate. Her asshole is just barely open and I dig in to pull it further apart, which gives allows me to see a little inside the darkness and her muffled screams adds to what I am already feeling.

Her screams have died down and have been replaced by moans echoing against my flesh. Lucy’s clit remains pressed against my tongue as my fingers release her asshole. Pulling my head back, my fingers move to her lips and I slowly spread them apart. Her pink hole is open before me and she is very wet from what I am doing to her body. Lucy’s tongue is working very hard and I’m glad I am not close to having an orgasm. There are other things I want to do with her and lack the patience to wait.

I release her head with my legs and my voice is very demanding. “Get the fuck off me, Lucy.”

She remains frustratingly Elvankent Escort silent as she moves her body from mine and I don’t care to know the reason behind her tight lips. What matters is her willingness to do as she is told and the words will come soon enough. I lose the wonderful view above me, but will soon have another that should be far more enjoyable. Getting off the bed, I see that she is on her knees and the eager anticipation she has can be seen on her pale face.

I grin and there is nothing warm about my voice. “Have you ever been fucked doggie style?”

Red caresses her pale cheeks and her voice sounds defeated. “Yes, Ebony.”

My grin widens as my voice stiffens. “Good. Get your ass up and tits down.” I wait until she is in perfect position and staring at her asshole with her legs spread wide. “Reach back and spread your asshole for me.”

Her hands move without a single word in response and her hole is spread just a little for me. That will do for now, since I don’t need it any wider for what I plan to do next. Staring at both of her holes makes me want to do all sorts of wonderful things to her, but I can only do one thing at a time and my mind has already set everything in motion.

My voice is perfect as I command Lucy. “Don’t move a fucking muscle.”

I turn away and head towards the drawer where I keep my special toys and bottles of lube. I’m going for the one I have never used and soon hold the black toy in my hand. The buttplug I received as a gag gift some time ago is finally going to get some use and I smile at the thought of introducing this to Lucy. It’s a good thing the anal lube was included with the plug, since I know it is needed for what I have planned.

The black toy isn’t particularly long, but it does taper off to a much wider base. I lube up everything with more than enough and like the view of it glistening in the light. There should be nothing pleasant with the sensation of a buttplug in my hand, but I can’t keep myself from grinning. Turning back towards Lucy, I see her waiting in place and know she has no idea about what I am planning for her. Not that it really matters to me, since she will do whatever I want and we both know this to be true.

I reach her quickly and place the edge of the plug against her asshole, which causes her to jerk just a little. It tightens before my eyes and she calls out at the touch against her dark hole. Lucy’s hands remain in place as I slowly start to place pressure on the black toy and love everything about this. Her asshole takes the tip and I hold it in place as she cries out, but her fingers do not move away. The ridges have barely moved for me, but that will soon change.

I start to press it further inside and her fingers grip tightly into her flesh. Her ridges are starting to spread apart for me as I increase the depth and know the base is Beşevler Escort the equivalent of an average dick. Lucy is crying out, but will not tell me to stop and I have no intention of doing taking any other action.

I reach the indented part and her asshole closes tight, which means it will not come out easily. Lucy’s fingers are moved by my hands and I admire my work. Unfortunately, the ridges are hidden completely from my view, but it still makes me very wet to see her like this.

Her hands may not be close to her asshole, but they are still on her cheeks. “Get your fucking hands down.”

Her hands lower without a word and I am getting tired of her quiet response. My hand comes down hard on her cheek and the slap echoes loudly through the room. She screams out from the contact and I love that I can see my hand imprinted in red. Knowing that one cheek will not do, I slap the other with the same force and there is another echo to greet my ears. She cries out from the second slap and I enjoy the view a great deal.

My voice is firm as I stare at the red marks. “Call me Mistress Ebony.”

Her teeth are gritted as she responds. “Yes, Mistress Ebony.”

I slowly pull the plug back and see her asshole grip as it tries to force the foreign object out far quicker than I will allow. Her ridges become visible quickly and they look phenomenal with the red I have left behind. Temptation grips my body to ram it back inside of her with all the force I can muster, but I hold off as I pull it completely out. Lucy’s asshole closes tightly and the ridges are no longer wonderfully stretched out.

I enjoy the control I have over Lucy. “Get on your fucking knees.”

She cries out. “Yes, Mistress Ebony.”

Her small tits come into view and tears are streaming down her pale cheeks. “Open your mouth.”

Lucy’s eyes fall on the buttplug and she shakes her head. “Please don’t.”

My fingers reach down to her dark nipple and I squeeze tightly. She screams out and I force the plug into her mouth and ignore the gagging it causes. It is not nearly long enough to choke her, but it is wide enough to cause her lips to stretch. I squeeze the other nipple with more force and her scream is muffled. Her face is wracked with pain, but her eyes cannot hide the truth.

I release the plug and she keeps it firmly in her mouth, which does look quite lovely. Both of my fingers reach for her nipples and I watch her eyes as I start to squeeze tightly. Despite the tears flowing, I can see the pleasure building from within and there is something quite seductive about everything.

I try to twist, but the lube causes my fingers to slip and I am left with only the pleasure of squeezing tight. “That was not a proper answer, you worthless twat.”

She gives a muffled reply, but I know what she says. “Yes, Mistress Ebony.”

I have no idea what it takes to become a true mistress, but I will learn all that is needed. My hand slaps her face and the impact echoes throughout the room, which makes me glad that we are alone out here. A lovely red mark is left over the white and my hand hurts like hell. There is no doubt in my mind that I will take out all of my aggressions on my newfound slave and the pleasure in her eyes will increase.

The End

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