My Sarah Ann Ch. 06

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Sometimes I get down and out. Sometimes this funk settles into me and I feel listless and detached. I think we probably all have those days, but I’m an emotional person and my funks can be particularly intense. I don’t know what I would do without my beautiful Sarah Ann; she heals all of my wounds and nurtures all of my pain. She is my angel; I am forever in her debt.

Sarah was waiting for me as I slugged through the door. She could tell I was hurting badly, not physically, but just mentally. I get tired sometimes, really deeply tired. I saw the compassion in her eyes, she spread her arms wide and I fell into her loving embrace. There is so much warmth when my Sarah holds me; it makes all the hard cold realities of life just melt away.

“My poor sweetie,” her tone was sympathetic and sweet, “you look all stressed.” She stroked my back softly, soothing the tension settled deep into my tissues. I felt her soft breasts against me, they eased my tension even further. I held her close, feeling her breathing and her radiating warmth.

“Babe, I need you to make me feel better.” I looked into her eyes with need longing and need, she understood. She hugged me harder, then released me from her grip and looked straight into my eyes.

“Get to the bedroom babe, I’ll fix you up good.” She gave me a light push and headed into the bathroom. I didn’t know what she was up to but I was thrilled to know she had something in mind. I stripped off my clothes entirely, sitting on the edge of the bed and waiting to see what my angel had in store for me. She came into the room wearing a silky black nightgown that just barely reached down to her thighs. Her cleavage was magnificently full and on display, tempting me with its soft pale skin. I looked up into her smiling eyes and sighed relief. “So what do you want first?” Her eyes sparkled with wise mischief. She knew how to excite me and take me away from my worries.

I gestured before me; she took her cue and settled down onto her knees before me. Instantly my cock swelled with anticipation, she licked her full lips with teasing deliberation. I felt her soft hand wrap around my hard flesh, it was warm and immediately my body felt a rush of pleasure. She leaned in and barely licked the tip, snaking her tongue out to tease my sensitive head. I moaned in surprise, the sensation was wonderful. Her other hand cupped my balls lightly, I sighed again in delight. Her tongue began swirling around my cock, stimulating my already sensitized skin. She looked up with bright, seductive eyes as she squeezed my cock harder. I moaned in anticipation just before she engulfed my head in her warm, wet mouth.

“Oh babe. That’s so gooood.” I groaned out the last word, shuddering with ecstasy as my flesh was encased in warming fluid. She slid her mouth down, letting saliva drip down along my shaft. I pushed upwards lightly, indicating I wanted more. She took my entire cock into her mouth and sucked gently, my Sarah always knows just what to do. I started rocking my hips and she worked faster, knowing that my first climax would come quickly. bahis siteleri I cried out and moaned with each stroke of her tongue along the sensitive underside of my cock. She licked with expert nuance, sliding her wet mouth over every inch of my cock and coaxing out new and amazing feelings. I felt myself swell “babe, I’m close.”

Her smile was enough to set me off. She started pumping my shaft with her hand while she sucked on my head. I cried out with release as my cum started to spurt into her mouth. She moaned around my dick, sucking out each drop, swallowing easily while working to make me cum more. I almost screamed as my over sensitized cock slid inside her silken mouth. She coaxed the last few drops out, slowing her motions and leaving me shuddering and panting.

“I love you baby.” Her words were sweet and soft. She stood up and took me into her arms, kissing me deeply. I could taste my cum inside her mouth, the salty residue coating her tongue. I never wanted a woman to kiss me after she drank my cum before, but my Sarah excites me in new ways I can’t explain. I kissed back with enthusiasm, sucking the remains of my lust off of her lips and sharing in a moment of exquisite tenderness. Her hands slid over my body, relaxing me further and exciting me at the same time.

“Thank you sweetie..” She cut me off with one finger on my lips. Climbing into my lap, she settled her smooth pussy against my half-hard cock, still wet with semen and her saliva. Her body was incredibly warm; I loved the soft feel of her lips surrounding my cock. She just gently rocked her hips against me, working me back into a state of need and arousal. I pulled her body against me, desperate to feel her soft embrace. I kissed gently at her breasts, enjoying the smooth feel of her skin against my lips.

“Now, do you want to be inside me?” Her question was simple and honest. She wanted to give me whatever I wanted in that moment. I held her close for a few seconds, just relishing her warm body. We squirmed together, she knows the way I love the feel of her body. I felt her take one of my hands from her back with my own and lead it down to her luscious ass. “Go ahead and touch babe. I know you like to, touch wherever you like.” I moaned with joy and squeezed softly on her warm behind. Her flesh was soft and yielding, delightful to the touch.

“Yeah babe, I need it.” She reached under her, taking my hardness in her soft hand. She positioned my cock head between her lips and slid onto me with agonizing speed. I felt myself encased in her soft warmth, the wetness of her pussy surrounding me with an oily comfort. Her body slithered its sensuous dance of sexuality, I moaned as I churned inside her warmth. I moaned out her name, pushing up and gripping her ass harder with my hand. I kneaded her cheek in my palm, sinking my fingers into her skin. She pulled me close, knowing I was desperate to be deeper inside her.

“I love you babe. Just enjoy me, just touch and feel me and enjoy it all.” She wrapped her arms around me and I started to maul her body with rampant abandon. canlı bahis siteleri I mauled her soft ass, gripped her round hip and started to thrust up into her. She was working her entire body against me, trying hard to make me cum again. I could feel her twitching inside, my lustful groping raising her own level of excitement. She could feel my desperate need in my touch, hear my urgency in my moans. I sucked on her nipples hard, trying to satiate my sense of desperation.

“Oh Sarah. Cum with me.” My husky whisper set her off; she exploded around my cock and started to buck madly against me. I grabbed her ass with my hands, pressing her cheeks together and pulling her down onto my cock. I cried out in her ear and exploded, propelling hot seed upward into her tight pussy. We moaned and rocked together, rolling through waves of mutual pleasure and satisfaction. I could feel my cum dripping down over my cock, making my balls slippery. She ground herself down hard, clenching to draw out the last few drops from my pulsing dick. We stayed like that for a time, our breathing slowing to normal after a wild explosion of sexual release.

“My babe. What would you like now?” Her inquisitive smile was soothing to the extreme. I know I could ask anything of her in that moment and she would fill that need with love and delight. My mind whirled with possibilities, but for the moment I just needed to play.

“Can you lay on your tummy? Keep your legs together.” Sarah glowed and nodded at me. I was overjoyed with her compassion and her willingness to please. Sarah needs to please me as badly as I need to please her, it works well for both of us. She slipped up off me, hot cum spilling down over my cock, and first got on her knees. I gasped as she leaned in and began to clean me with her tongue. She licked the cum off my balls and worked her way up to my cock, sucking up the mixture of our fluids that clung to my skin. I groaned and writhed on the bed, letting her service me in this most intimate way. In a few quick moments she had taken all the residue off me and moved to the bed. She lie down on the bed, her thighs held tightly together. Her body was so full and luscious, curvy in all the right ways. I sighed as I looked at my beautiful Sarah lying on the bed, waiting for me to take what I needed of her.

“Take your time and enjoy it babe, whatever you need.” Her tone was so soothing and kind. I started to trail my fingers over her back. Her skin was so smooth and soft, flushed and warm from the power of her earlier climax. I slid my hands lower, taking her beautiful bottom into my hands and softly massaging it. I love the feel of Sarah’s ass; it’s so soft and full. I took my time, drinking in her beauty. I slipped a finger between her thighs, sliding it into her cum soaked pussy. I slid it back out and tasted the mixture of juices coating my skin, it was tangy and sweet at the same time, our love blended in a heady cocktail. I slid my hands all over her behind, just relishing in the soft feel of her buttocks. I straddled her legs and lay my cock along the cleft canlı bahis of her ass. The soft valley of flesh slid tantalizingly against my wet skin, I rocked slightly to enjoy the sensation.

“Pass me the oil babe.” She smiled and passed me a bottle of massage oil. I dripped it down onto my cock, the slippery liquid spreading out over her butt and slipping between her cheeks. I pressed my cock down, her cheeks surrounding my cock with slick warmth. I slid myself along in that valley of gorgeous white skin, her twitching asshole teased the underside of my throbbing length. She squeezed her cheeks on me and rocked her hips, lengthening my strokes against her. “Oh babe, that feels so nice.” I heard her sigh with the satisfaction of pleasuring me. She pressed up and I lay down on her smooth back. She rocked her hips gently, just languidly pleasuring me with her luscious behind.

“Do you like that babe?” She turned her head slightly; her eyes were soft with love. I nodded and she smiled wider, squeezing my cock in a loving embrace with her ample buttocks. I moaned and rocked harder against her, reveling in the soft feel of her body against my hard cock. My motions speeded slightly; it felt so good to use her body for my own pleasure like this. My Sarah is so good to me; she always lets me satisfy my needs. I was starting to get close again, I was tempted to slip back into her pussy, but I wanted to feel my cum spilling out between her soft cheeks. I knew she would make it good no matter what I wanted, rather than thinking any more I just pressed against her and sped myself towards orgasm. “Do you want to cum this way babe?” Her eyes glinted knowingly, she could tell I was enjoying myself.

“Yes babe, make me cum like this, please.” My voice was almost begging, it felt so good to have her pleasure me in this way. The pressure of trying to reciprocate was gone for the moment; she allowed me the freedom of my own needs in that moment when it was most important. I started groaning and grunting uncontrollably. My cock was sliding against her oil-slick flesh with wanton abandon, she squeezed and pushed against me, milking my cock with her strong butt muscles. I pressed the underside of my head against her hole with each stroke, relishing in the feel of her intimate flesh against my cock. I moaned and started to shudder as my explosion approached.

“Go ahead baby, cum on my ass. I want to feel your cum all over my ass.” Her words were seductive and also somewhat desperate. I could tell this was exciting her, my blatant self-interest and the approach of my orgasm. I pressed hard against her and felt my cum start to erupt. She pressed back against me and clenched tight, her ass cheeks milking my cock like her pussy. She rocked her hips hard and warm, slick cum spread between her soft cheeks. I cried out in release, collapsing on her back and twitching my cock against her ass. I was spent and sweaty, panting like a dog as the last few drops spilled out against her clenching pucker.

“Oh thank you love. Thank you so much.” I moaned out my statement, dizzy with endorphins.

“You’re more than welcome babe.” Sarah wiggled her hips, squishing my cock in the mess of cum coating her ass. I pressed against her and nuzzled her neck. My Sarah serves me so well, and I love her deeply for it.

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