My Sexual Adventure Ch. 01

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Warning: The following is a work of fiction, no one in this story is real. I’ve loosely based some of the characters on my favorite porn stars, to give you a reference point. All characters are over 18. This is my first work, so I appreciate any kind of feedback on possible improvements.

Chapter 1: I learn how to have sex, from an expected source

Chapter 2: I start exploring my sex drive

Chapter 3: I decide to host a sex party

Chapter 4: The After-party

Chapter 5: What happens in an Orgy, MUST be repeated elsewhere!

Chapter 6: A long awaited ending!


My name is Chris Jones, and this is the story of how I lost my virginity and was introduced to the world of sexual pleasure! I’m 21 years old, I live at home, and go to a college downtown. I’m 5’10”, have a tanned, athletic body, and dirty blonde hair. I stay in very good shape, as does my mom, and we often work out together at the local gym. My mom is about a few inches taller than me, has C-cup breasts and a round ass. Like me, she has blonde hair, but hers is shoulder length and is a natural blonde.

My mom gave birth to me when she was 18. She and my dad were high school sweethearts, and while my mom stayed at home to raise me, my dad got a college education and got a job at a very successful law firm. He provided mom and my a life of relative comfort and luxury, buying us a 3 story house with an in-ground pool and a very high wall, providing us with absolute privacy. We lived the happy life until about five years ago when he passed away from a heart attack. Fortunately, his career left us with a lot of money, due to his investment plan, which he set up in my name, to be activated when I turned 18.

When the investment plan was released to me, I found out that he had invested in over ten companies, including a few of my favorite gaming corporations and clothing lines. The total amount was somewhere along the lines of $250,000 and was accumulating since I was five years old.

Mom and I agreed to withdraw the investment plan and split it among our two accounts. Over the next two years, I started college and joined a few sports teams, making a lot of friends in the process. I eventually began dating a young girl named Kelly. She was a very hot girl around my age, with brown hair, B-cup breasts, and a tight ass.

Since we had a pool, she started coming around and we began to swim over the course of the summer, she looked drop dead sexy in her bikini. I’ll admit that I got a few stiff erections just watching her ass shake while she did laps. About two weeks into June, we started to become more intimate.

We went from kissing to roaming around our bodies, both in the water and out of it. Eventually, on a particularly hot day, we were sitting by the pool, she was wearing a pale blue bikini with black lining, that really showed off her swimmer’s build, while I was sporting a pair of red Speedo volley trunks, that were cut halfway up my thighs.

Our feet were dangling in the water when she asked me a very unexpected question, “Have you ever had sex before?”

At first, I was completely stunned by her being forward, then I regained my composure told her that I hadn’t. She smiled and leaned in close, kissing me softly, while her hand went straight for my dick, which became hard instantly! We kissed for several seconds before my mom walked out onto the patio, holding a tray of lemonade. We quickly broke our kiss and Kelly moved her hand away from my crotch. We averted our gaze towards each other and I glanced at mom, and my eyes began to bulge! Mom was wearing a white bikini with light grey circles, leaving nothing to the imagination. She smiled at us, handing us both a glass of lemonade.

“I hope I’m not interrupting, am I?” She asked.

We both answered şişli üniversiteli escort no, and my mom gave us both a knowing look as she handed us each a glass of lemonade. Without a second glance, mom walked over to her lounge chair and began to apply suntan lotion to her body, which Kelly watched for a few minutes, then announced she was going to cool off and do laps in the pool. Without another word, she got up and dived in, splashing me in the process. I watched her for a few minutes, admiring her ass as it moved across the water, and then noticed I was getting hard. Knowing my mom was in range of my growing erection, I quickly jumped in too.

The water was cold, but at this point, I didn’t care. All I did care about was not wanting my mom to know that I was aroused. Soon after, Kelly finished her laps and swam over to me. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. We held it for several seconds before she broke the kiss and leaned in close to me.

“You’re mom is turning me on.” she said in a sultry tone, “Does it turn you on that I’m finding myself attracted to her?”

I gulped, unsure how to answer. Finally, I got up the courage and said, “Yeah, a little!”

She smiled and whispered back, “I know you’re hard for me. By the time I’m done here, you’re going to be hard for your mother too!” and with that, she got up out of the pool and walked over to my mom. As she walked over, she swayed her hips for me, which made me get even harder.

“You know Alison, may I call you Alison?” she asked carefully.

Mom looked up at her, and nodded, “Sure, Kelly. I don’t mind!”

“It’s going to get way hotter out here today,” Kelly added, “I checked the forecast earlier and it’s going to be at least 86 degrees out. You should probably come and cool off in the pool!”

Mom looked at her, considering what she said, then smiled, got to her feet, and dived into the pool! I glanced over at my mom as she came up for air, and my eyes bulged even more when I saw that her bikini was now completely transparent, and I could see her tits in full view. I quickly looked away and noticed my bulge was getting harder as a result.

Kelly smiled and knelt down next to me and whispered, “Told you I’d get you hard for your mom!” she then got to her full height and waltzed over to the lemonade, took mom’s glass, and gulped down every last drop. She then took her glass, and repeated the process until all three of our glasses were finished. When my mom got out of the pool and saw what Kelly did, she decided to head back inside to make more, but Kelly stopped her, and turned to me, “Chris, can you go get us some more lemonade?” she asked in a very sultry voice. I couldn’t figure out what she was up to, but I quickly got out of the pool, dried off, took the three glasses in my hand and went inside to the kitchen.

I found the pitcher of lemonade that my mom had made and realized that she used up the last of it for the three glasses. Sighing to myself, I got out some ingredients and made more. Shortly after the new batch was made and I refilled the three glasses, I glanced out the window at my mom and Kelly, and was noticed that Kelly was applying more suntan lotion to mom’s back. I figured that mom could use more lotion since the lotion on her body was removed when she hit the water. Kelly finished up quickly, then had mom turn over in order to do her front, which mom did quite compliantly.

Kelly lathered up her hands and spread them over mom’s front, paying special attention to her stomach, thighs, and breasts. It was like she was teasing me through the window, and about a minute and a half later, mom was completely covered in a new coating of suntan lotion. Then, to my surprise, and apparent delight, Kelly and mom switched places, and mom started applying lotion to Kelly’s body, starting with taksim anal yapan escort her back, and thighs, then when Kelly turned on her front, mom repeated the process, but this time, when she touched Kelly’s breasts, Kelly grabbed my mom by her arm and pulled her close, taking my mom into a deep passionate kiss!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, and was unable to stop staring as my mom didn’t even try to resist Kelly’s advance. She did in fact moan and press forward, like she was enjoying the kiss and wanted more! Kelly then sat up and moved her hands behind my mom, pulling at the string to her bikini.

With one swift move, Kelly removed mom’s top, letting her tits come into full view. She then moved her hands backwards and unclasped her own bikini top, and I saw her B-cups for the first time ever. She had fantastic tits, but they paled in comparison to my mom’s, which had hard nipples, indicating mom was very aroused.

They continued to kiss for the next few minutes, and both their hands began to roam each other, grazing each other’s tits and moving across bare skin in a sensual manner. I was so hard, I couldn’t think straight, so I put the lemonade on the counter, dropped my swim shorts and pulled out my 7 inch dick, which was extremely hard, and began jerking it for all it was worth. Everything they were doing was extremely hot, and I didn’t want them to stop.

Suddenly, Kelly lifted herself and forced my mom to break the kiss. She whispered something in mom’s ear, then smiled and walked towards the door. Thinking fast, I put my dick, which was still hard, back in my swim shorts and washed my hands quickly. I then turned 180 degrees around and picked up the lemonade glasses, just as Kelly walked in, still topless,

“Did you like what you saw?” she asked.

I was once again stunned, and tried to play ignorant, “What are you talking about?” I asked, trying to sound innocent as I was averting my eyes from her bare tits. She gave me a sly grin, walked over to me, and grabbed me by the neck and shoved her tongue down my throat. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, then she left my mouth and asked again.

“I know you were watching us. Did you enjoy it?”

Breathing heavily, and completely lost for words, I gulped and simply nodded. She smiled, and placed a hand on my crotch, feeling my erection through the fabric. She then took my hand and led me outside to the patio, where mom was sitting and watching us. She had removed her bikini bottoms, and I could see her shaved pussy. I was completely stunned, and looked at Kelly for support.

She smiled and said, “I told your mom that you were a virgin, so she agreed to help you have sex for the first time!”

I looked from Kelly to mom, and while I was dumbstruck, Kelly moved her hands to my waistband and tugged my shorts down. My hard on bounced as soon as it was released from the confines of my suit. Mom sat up and tugged on my arm, bringing me towards her. She smiled and said, “We’re going to teach you a lot of wonderful things, honey, but first….” she then leaned forwards and took my dick in her mouth, sucking it.

The sensation was amazing! She moved her head up and down, bobbing on my dick, as her tongue moved back and forth, sucking and caressing the entire thing. Kelly, meanwhile, dropped to her knees and decided to take my balls into her mouth, sucking them similar to what mom was doing. I was in absolute heaven. I had never felt anything like this before! It was like my entire member was a conduit to my entire body, that whatever it felt, my body felt it ten times better!

After what seemed like an hour, Kelly and my mom stopped sucking on my cock and balls, and mom laid back in her chair. Kelly moved in behind me and whispered in my ear and said it was time to fuck. Grabbing my shoulders, she taksim bdsm escort pushed me onto my knees and guided me towards my mom’s pussy. I leaned in slowly, and mom held out a hand and, grabbing my hard dick, pulled it inside her and gasped. I groaned in response, the feeling was incredible.

Never before had I felt something compressing into my dick. It was like being in a tube of toothpaste, only hot and sexy! I moved forwards, driving my dick until my balls hit my mom, then I slowly pulled out until my top was still inside. Mom groaned and Kelly smiled, and all I could think of was ‘I hope I don’t cum too soon!’. I began to thrust, slowly at first, getting used to the sensation, then I began to pick up the pace after a few minutes. For what seemed like an eternity, I started going faster, and faster, until I was like a blur! For the next few minutes, all I could hear was a slurping sound resonating from mom’s pussy, and a constant moaning sound coming from mom. Soon, I felt like my balls were tightening, and I knew from watching porn and masturbating myself, that this was the moment of truth, that I was about to cum. I didn’t know whether to slow down, warn my mom, or just go ahead and blast.

Before I could do anything, Kelly whispered in the my ear, “Cum inside her, and I’ll show you the best girl on girl action you’ve ever seen!”

That thought alone made up my mind, so I sped up and in the span of a few seconds, I felt my dick erupt and spray hot liquid into my mom’s cunt! She howled like a banshee and gave me a look of enriched passion. My cum shot three times into her pussy before I pulled out. I felt exhausted, so I laid back into my own lounge chair and took a long deep breath.

In the meantime, Kelly had stripped her bikini bottoms off and climbed onto my mother, her ass facing mom’s face, and knelt down to her pussy. As she lowered her mouth to lick at my mom’s cum ridden orifice, she let out a sudden gasp, as my mom appeared to have regained her strength and was now clutching Kelly’s ass and sucking on her pussy lips as well. God it was hot to watch, as Kelly drank up my cum and mom’s pussy juices. The show lasted for ten minutes, by that time, my cock had grown back to its fully erect state again. Kelly eyed it sexily, then got up and walked over to my lounge and mounted me, putting my hard on in her wet pussy.

She clamped down hard and began riding it like a bucking bronco, all the while looking at me with that sly grin on her face, and in hushed breaths, urged me to fuck her hard and fast. And that’s exactly what I did! I grabbed her legs, she grabbed my neck in response, and I hoisted her up and spun around, dropping her onto the lounge, while my cock was still buried inside her, and thrust with all my might.

At a full, unending speed, I lasted half as long, but came twice as hard.It was practically sunset by the time I came inside her pussy, all the while Kelly screamed at the top of her lunges. As soon as I pulled out, she grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth, licking up both my cum and the collective juices of my mom and herself.

After she was finished, she got to her feet, grabbed my face and shoved her tongue into my mouth, sharing our collective juices together in a single powerful kiss. Our tongues danced for a few seconds before she pulled away and said out loud, “I’ll see you tomorrow, love!” and with that, she grabbed her bikini, and strut out of my backyard, her ass swinging with every step. I watched her leave, and had an instant hard on while staring at that beautiful ass.

When she was gone, I turned to mom, who had been watching us fuck and was masturbating herself. I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss without a second thought and afterwards, told me she was tired. We then got our bathing suits and walked into the house completely nude, and went up to our separate rooms. I got into bed, not bothering to put on pajamas, and admired my rock hard dick, then started to rub it, thinking of what had happened. In the past few hours, I had gone from an ignorant virgin to a sexually charged young adult, with a sexy girlfriend and an insane MILF of a mother.

My life had become fucking awesome!

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