My Sexual Awakening – Mom – Ch. 08

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My Sexual Awakening – Mom Chapter 7

FANTASY is so much better than REALITY!

My mind was in a haze as I walked home. What had I just done? What did I just admit? OH GOD! As I walked in the door, I was jolted by my dad’s out of control laughter. He was literally jumping up and down in the living room, drunk, the football game on TV. Mom looked at me, rolled her eyes, “He won the construction football pool. Over 500 bucks.” She smiled at me and then at my dad.


“No thanks mom, I ate at Burnie’s.” I lied, but I knew I couldn’t eat.

She came over and gave me a hug. Said softly to me, “Missed you.” Gave me a kiss on the cheek, as she held me with her arm around my shoulder. She then, pulled back, looked at me quizzingly, “Is that a girl’s perfume all over you? Who is she?”

My mind swirled. FUCK! Jenny’s perfume! Stammering I said, “It’s Jenny’s. Burnie spritzed it on me, thinking he was being funny.”

“Oh. Boys.” She shrugged and let me go.

I looked at her, “I’m going to shower to take a hot bath and relax. Then I got some homework to do.”

“Use one of my bath balms, get that smell off you.”

“Okay mom.”

I went upstairs hearing my dad laughing loudly into his iPhone talking to one of his buddies, “I won!”

I went into my room and took my clothes off, grabbed my robe, first went through my parents’ bedroom to the master bath to pick up a bath balm from my moms’ drawer. Then went back to the hallway bath, turned on the water, let it get really hot, threw in the balm and just sat on the toilet seat cover staring at the tub fill-up. My mind re-playing images of the weekend. JESUS! WHAT DID I LET BURNIE DO TO ME! Then the words came back, “I’m a sissified, cocksucking, ass-fucked, faggot.”

The tub filled up to the top drain. I stepped in, GOD IT’S HOT! I put my other foot in and slowly lowered my ass into the water. I grimaced when my ball sack and tenderized ass-hole hit the water. I was holding on to the side of the tub and eased into the water letting it cover my hips and then I slid in up to my neck. My thoughts concentrating on the temperature of the water, relieving my mind of what I was.

The gentle strawberry fragrance of the balm filled the room and reminded me of my mom! I sighed, thinking of her sweet lips on my dick, my mouth on her pussy, and I TOLD BURNIE! SHIT!

I spent the rest of my time just soaking and sulking, trying not to think, just relax.

The water got tepid, I pulled out the plug and stepped out and dried myself off, put on my robe and went back to my room. Put on a pair of boxers and a PJ top and caught up on my homework which I hadn’t touched. A trig problem mercifully proved to keep me focused for almost and half hour. I tucked myself under the cover and with my iPad to catch up on some reading assignments. I heard some commotion the hallway, mom and dad laughing and stumbling. Then silence. I went back to reading.

I got to the end of the chapter, turned off the iPad, the room went dark. I turned on to my back and stared at the ceiling. As soon as my thoughts drifted to my weekend’s submissions to Burnie, my bedroom door opened.

There stood my mom, her slender frame silhouetted by the light from the hall. She leaned against the door frame, her elbow on the door, her hand on her head. Her other hand on her hip. All she was wearing a short very shear nightie, that hung just a few inches below her hips. With the light shining through I could make out her lovely, curved shape. The sides of her breast as she leaned against the door. Her waist tapered in. Her hips rounding out. Her thighs moved slightly apart as she moved the foot closest to the door over the other. I gazed up her shapely calves and thighs, then settled on the whiff of her pussy hair between her upper inner thighs, perfectly exposed by the hallway’s illumination.

She leaned against the door frame for what seemed like hours. As if knowing the effect of the light behind her made her look stunning. It, to this day, is the most erotic, sensual, loveliest, intoxicating, romantic vision I have ever seen. Etched permanently in my mind. At that moment my mom became a GODDESS to me. The perfect picture of what a woman should be.

She then straightened up. Took a few steps into the room. Turned, closed the door. The room again went dark. I heard the “click” of the doorknob and then a flick” as she locked the door.

I could hear her move across the room to my bedside. I felt her hand touch the side of the bed and then she sat down on the edge. Her sweet fresh fragrance filled the room. I could tell she had just showered. queenbet yeni giriş She ran her hand over my chest, to my neck. I felt both of her slender fingers on the either side of my face. She bent down, her warm minty breath caressing my face and entering between my open lips as she kissed me softly. Both of us sighing quietly together.

As I lips parted I asked softly, “Mom, what about dad?”

“Don’t worry about him. He’s sound asleep and with all the beer he’s drank, he’ll have a hell of a time getting to work in the morning.”

She then lowered her head and kissed me a little more forcibly this time. One of her hands left my face, while the other played with my hair. Her hand moved under the covers and down my chest, unbuttoning my PJ top. She slid her hand over my chest, playing with my nipples.

She kept moving her hand over my stomach, then sliding her fingers under the waistband of my boxer PJ’s. She felt the top of my penis with her fingers and moved them down over my stiffing cock as she reached for my ball sac. The palm of my mom’s hand was pressing and moving against my cock as she gently manipulated my balls. She massaged me for a moment then stopped and began to move her fingers around my ball sac and then on either side of my stiff dick. She then removed her hand out of my boxers. She stood, reached over and turned on my night stand lamp, then in one motion, pulled the covers off me. Looking down, she told me take my shorts off. I pulled them down and off and laid there completely exposed. My hands at my sides.

“Your pubic hair.” The glancing over me slim frame, “All your hair. You shaved your hair off? Why.”

I panicked, do I confess that I was now Burnie’s; “sissified, cocksucking, ass-fucked, faggot”.

I gained enough sanity to remember seeing a couple jocks in the shower after gym, that had shaved their chest hairs saying how much their girlfriends liked it, so I stammered, “All the guys at school are doing it, mom. They say girls like it.”

My mom looked at me and then eyed my smooth skinless body. She smiled, “MMMM, you look like a little boy. My sweet little naked, hairless little Jimmy.”

She then sat down on the bed, running her fingers from my thighs, over my balls and semi-firm dick, up my stomach and chest and down again several times. She then kissed me on the mouth again, this time deeply. She moved down my neck, sucking and licking me every inch of the lay. My cock growing firmer as her mouth traveled over me.

She positioned herself between my legs and with her hands, she pushed my thighs apart as she moved up between them. My breathing getting heavy as I watched her take her hand and move my stiff dick straight up, then her lips reach the top of my penis. HER SON’S PENIS! My mom sucked the head of my now hard dick passed her lips. I was engulfed in the wetness of my mother’s mouth. She sucked me all the way down to the base of my dick, then I felt her tongue washing my balls.


My cock and balls are being washed by my mother’s mouth! I raised up on my elbows to watch her face as she engulfed my cock! Her eyes were closed and then she opened them up seeing me staring down at her. Her face seemed to light up with a smile as sucked my cock and licked my balls. She stopped licking my balls and started to concentrate on sucking my cock. Her lips tightened their grip on my dick. She put her hands on my thighs holding me in place so I couldn’t fuck her face as I had done before. She wanted to control what she was doing to me. She wanted to suck my cock to her own enjoyment. I laid back and I rested my hands on either side of her head feeling her silky-smooth hair with my fingers letting my mother’s mouth have her way with me. The pressure in my cock started to build, I then realized I hadn’t cum all day. Burnie had never let me. I was about to EXPLODE a full load of my cum in my mothers mouth! She sensed my pending orgasm and concentrated her sucking to the helmet of my cock. Still holding me with her hands firmly in place.

MY COCK ERUPTED, SPEWING JETS OF CUM INTO MY MOTHERS MOUTH! I raised myself up with my elbows and was looking down at my mom. I could see her throat GULPING down each spurt of my load. She kept sucking the tip of my dick, like she was sucking on a straw trying to get the last drop of the liquid that remained. Her eyes closed as she was concentrating on what she was doing and a look of satisfaction on her face at what she had done. As my cock twitched its last drops into her queenbet giriş mouth and my cock became limp, my mother let my spent dick slip out of her mouth giving it a final kiss as it feel onto me.

She looked up at me and then she took both her hand and reached under my knees. She forced my ass to rise as she kept pushing my knees back toward my hips and then held them to my sides. She was looking directly down at my asshole and my ball sac. She glanced up at me and smiled. Lowering her mouth onto my ASSHOLE! The feeling was ELECTRICFING! I had never felt such an overwhelming pleasurable sensation before! OH GOD, THIS IS WHAT IT FELT TO GET YOUR ASS LICKED. My mom moved her tongue up and down my ass crack then rested it on the hole. She placed her mouth over my ass opening and started to suck and use her tongue to probe my ass hole. THE FEELING WAS SO INTENSE, MY BODY ACTUALLY STARTED TO SHAKE. I felt my spent dick already springing back to life. I looked up. My MOM had an intense look on her face and her eyes were fixed on mine. She kept manipulating my asshole with her mouth. She then raised her head off it. Lowered my knees a bit to reveal my revived firm cock.

She smiled. “That’s why I love little young boys. They recuperate so fast.”

With that she let go of my knees and let them fall to the bed.

She raised herself up onto her knees. I was looking at her beautiful breasts under her flimsy nighty as they swayed with her movement. She put on of her knees on the outside of my thigh, moving my leg to her other thigh, then she put her other knee outside my other legs and with her knees moved my thighs together. She then moved herself and her pussy directly over my erect cock. She looked down between her thighs, reached down and with her fingers wrapped around my stiff upright dick she lowered herself onto it. My cock slid easily in, surrounded by her pussy’s warmth and wetness. I moaned and she sighed as my whole cock was now embedded in her pussy. I could already feel her juices flowing out of her, around and over my balls.

She then started to move her hips, grinding her clit into my pelvic bone. She reached down and took both my wrists in her hands and moved them up to her tits. “Squeeze them, Jimmy. Squeeze your mommy’s tits while I ride your cock.”

I did as I was told. I held my mothers’ tits in my hands and started to massage my fingers into her soft flesh. I loved the feel of them in my hands and pulled gently on each tit, enjoying the moment. Looking up at my mother, her eyes closed as she wiggled her hips.

“HARDER!” She demanded.

I looked up at her as I tightened my grip on her softness. Her hands then went above and behind her head. Her hairless underarms exposed. Her moaning and body scent filling the room.

“HARDER! PINCH MY NIPPLES, TUG ON THEM, PULL THEM, HURT ME!” Her voice pleading and begging as she continued to grind her pussy into my pelvic bone.

I squeezed my fingers into her tits. I used my thumb and forefinger to pinch her nipples. They seem to grow and harden with my manipulations. My mom whole body shuddered.

“YES, like that you little bastard, HARDER, GOD PLEASE, HURT ME!”

I gripped her tits and pulled and twisted with my thumbs and forefingers, looking up at my mothers’ face, a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“OH GOD! YES! OH GOD! OH GOD!” Her clinched hands behind her head. Her back arching backward. Her tits and nipples in my firm grasp.

Her voice was so loud I was sure my dad would hear and come storming into the room.

Then she clamped her thighs tightly around my hips as she ground her clit hard into my pelvic bone and her thighs began to shudder, twitching. Her mouth opened slightly, her eyes closed, her face pointed up at the ceiling, her hands reaching straight up into the air, as her orgasm took control of her being. I could tell she was in a state of bliss. Enjoying riding her son’s young dick as his hands tortured her tits.

Her shaking started to subside. She took her hands from the back of her head to my hands, which still on holding on to her tits and moved them away.

She sighed out loud and looked down at me. She had a tense look on her face, like she wasn’t done with me yet. She got up on her knees, as my still rock-hard cock slid easily out of her pussy. She again reached down, and with her fingers, pointing my cock straight up. She scooted a little forward and placed the tip of my dick against her asshole! The head of my cock was pushing against her sphincter! It just seemed to open as she lowered herself impaling her ass on my cock! I was entering my mother’s queenbet güvenilirmi ASS! I was FUCKING MY MOTHER’S ASS!

She didn’t move. She held herself still and moaned, “God, that feels so good. You’re the perfect size to take my ass! Yes Jimmy. Oh yes. Your father is too big, but your cock is perfect!”

She then started to move her hips up and down. Each time she moved up, she clinched my cock with her ass muscles, each time she sat back down she eased their grip. I put my hands on her hips, just going with her motion. Her hands were again gripped behind her head, her hair flaying back and forth, her eyes closed, her back arched, her chest jutting out! SHE LOOKED SO BEAUTIFUL!

I couldn’t hold out much longer. Each time she raised up; it was as if she was trying to milk the cum out of my cock! I started to moan; my cock started to swell inside her ass. MY MOTHERS ASS!

“YES” she sighed, “YES”

I OBEYED. My cock erupted into my mom’s butt. I could feel the wetness of my cum filling her ass, surrounding my cock which as now firmly inserted in her butt as she pressed down on me! Her ass muscles with a firm grip on my dick. Tightening then loosening, milking me dry.

I let myself be drained. My hands now near my head, eyes wide open looking at my mother above me. Using me. Then, MY GOD, her thighs again began to shake as another orgasm swept over her! MY MOTHER WAS CUMMING AGAIN, THIS TIME WITH MY COCK, HER SONS COCK, EMBEDDED IN HER ASS!

She put her hands on my chest and leaned forward, breathing heavily. She moved up to kiss me, and my dick slipped out of her asshole. As it did, she gasped and then smiled at me as her tongue licked my lips and then enter my mouth as we kissed.

She pushed herself back up with her hands at the side of my head. She then started to move her pussy up my body. Over my stomach, my chest, and them she raised up her hips and positioned her pussy above my face and lowered her sopping wet pussy against my mouth. Her knees pinning my arms up by my head. I focused on her cunt as it pressed into my face.

I heard her moan softly, “Eat me, Jimmy, suck my pussy.” I did as I was told. I pressed my tongue up into my mom’s wet moist pussy. Her juices flowing into my mouth and over my cheeks and chin. She then started to ride my face. Pushing her gushing pussy up over my nose and then pressing her ass hole into my mouth. I tasted my mother’s ass and my own cum as it came oozing out of her. I slid my tongue over her ass and sucked as it glided over my mouth. Licking and sucking her asscrack, asshole, pussy as she continued to grate and rub herself all over my face. I felt my cock start to come alive again. The scent of her pussy, ass and my cum making me want more. My mom, sitting on my face held me captive. I was my mom’s ass sucking, pussy licking, mother fucking son.

Pressing down harder and grinding her sex into my face, my mom started to moan loudly. Her hips to shake, her thighs gripped my head tighter. My mom pressed herself down harder on my head. I could feel the first shudder of her orgasm take control of her. I COULDN’T BREATHE! But I kept licking and sucking, trying to please her.

Wave after wave of her orgasm made my mom shiver and shake on my trapped head. She moved just enough for me to catch my breath and then clamped herself back onto me. I DIDN’T CARE! I WAS PLEASING MY MOM! MAKING HER HAPPY! MAKING HER CUM!

The tremors started to ease and she lifted herself off me. I took a deep breath of air, but the sweet smell still remained, seemingly filling the room. I gasped softly and looked up at my mom’s ass as it lifted off of me. She took her knees of my arms and slid off the bed. She stood looking down at me. Running her eyes over my naked, hairless frame. She looked at my face and smiled.

She then lowered her head and kissed me on the lips, running her tongue along them, tasting herself and my cum that had come out of her ass. My mom raised up, bent down again and kissed the head of my semi-hard cock. Raised up again.

“Night Jimmy.” She turned and started to walk out the room. Her flimsy nighty only barely covering her ass. As she walked away, I could see the wetness of her inner thighs from both her own juices mixing with that of my cum leaking out of her ass. She didn’t seem to care that it was coating her inner thighs as she walked away. She opened my bedroom door and again the light of the hallway silhouetted her body. She turned and looked back into the room. The light from my room showing mischievous, smiling look on her face.

She closed the door behind her, leaving me alone, with my thoughts and the smell of our juices still smeared together all over my face.

I took a deep satisfying breath. And then, the words surged over me, wakening me, panicking me. Burnie’s oath, “I promise I won’t tell anyone that doesn’t already know.” “THAT DOESN’T ALREADY KNOW!”

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