My Sis, The Incest Princess Ch. 03

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During the night, we each stayed on our side of the bed. My sister showed no signs of wanting to cuddle.

I awoke around nine a.m to the sound of the running sink. I got out of bed and looked into the bathroom. Stacey was brushing her teeth, and smiled at me through the mirror. She had changed into a pair of green panties and a grey sports bra, and from the looks of her hair it was apparent that she had taken a shower.

“How’d you sleep?” I asked.

Stacey took the toothbrush from her mouth.

“You know, for someone who was…in a mental debate over her own actions…I slept pretty good.” She answered. “I guess there’s no point in worrying about it now. We did it. And like I said before…we can’t take it back.”

“And I told you, just know that I’m not going to see you any differently.” I told her.

She turned from the mirror to look at me.

“Yeah.” She started sarcastically. “How can you have sex with your sister, and say you don’t see her at least a little differently afterward? That’s got to be impossible.

“OK, but even so, it wouldn’t be anything bad.”

“It’s not a big deal, it’s just a new thing.” Stacey said, spitting into the sink and rinsing her toothbrush. “I’m not gonna lie, it was awesome. Fucked up, maybe. But awesome. So was it…like…how you thought it would be? Because I assume you’d thought about it long before it happened.”

“It was about as good as anything could be. Total fantasy come true.” I replied.

My sister smiled.

“Nice. I’ve always wanted to be a princess.” Stacey stated. As she turned to walk out of the bathroom, she made the sound of a whip. “Whapish!” She made the whipping motion with her hand.

“Haha what?” I asked.

“That’s right. Sister says, brother does. Or I can just hold my little kitten hostage.” Stacey answered with a big sneer. “If I’m not letting you have it, you’re not getting any sister.”

I just looked at her, and she giggled.

“Uh huh.” Stacey added.

“Oh well, it’s worth it.” I said to her.

“Well…this is gonna be fuuunn…” Stacey stated, throwing both hands around the back of my neck. I put my hands on her hips, and she stood on her tip toes and kissed me. “Now you can either come hang out with me for the day, or meet me back here, whichever. Doesn’t matter to me.”

I went home for the day, and she was all I could think about. It had only been a couple hours, when Stacey texted me.

“Hey. Are you sure you want to get together again tonight? I don’t want us to be doing that stuff too much.”

To which I replied;

“You should already know I’m not worried about it. I don’t even feel different at all.” And that wasn’t truthful. I did feel different, but I wasn’t having any doubts like the ones I knew she was having.

“Yeah, I guess it’s too late anyway, huh? Might as well enjoy it. I’ll see ya tonight!” Stacey texted back. I acknowledged her back, and continued to do what I was doing, which at this point, was just waiting to get with her again.

I took a shower, before heading back to the hotel room at about seven thirty. Stacey was already there, wearing a pair of black yoga pants, and a grey tank top.

“So Mom and Dad will know I’m in town tomorrow night, so this will be the last night for now.” She stated. “Because I don’t want to do anything right before we all get together. It’s just too weird.”

“Yeah, I figured that much.” I responded. “That’s totally fine, we’ll just have to make this one count.”

“Oh is that right?” Stacey said back in playful tone, wrapping her arms around my neck, and kissing me gently. I put my hands around her waist under her shirt, and kissed her back more intensely.

“Well someone just can’t wait, geez.” She commented.

“You blame me? This is it for awhile.” I mentioned.

“I know.” She replied, setting her stuff on the floor. I sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her into my lap.

“Tomorrow we’re going to have to be brother and sister. So right now we’re going to be-“

“Brother and sister still.” I interrupted.

Stacey threw her head forward, quickly flipping her hair.

“It should be pangaltı escort so disgusting.” She noted. “Why are we immune to this?”

“Who cares? I’m having fun.”

“Yeah, me too. I just hate admitting it.”

“You can always stop me.” I proposed as I slid both hands up her smooth stomach under her shirt.

“Oh can I?” Stacey replied softly and more serious, laying her head on my shoulder, looking up at me. She kissed me from the side as she started rotating her hips slowly, digging her ass into me. “You could stop me, too.”

“Nah.” I quipped. I slowly slid my hand down between her legs, and gently rubbed through her thin pants. She let out a few heavy breaths as she continued to slide around in my lap. After about a minute, I pulled my hand up and slid in down into her pants. The material stretched easily, and I worked my way under her panties. I felt her smooth slit with my finger, gently caressing it as we made out. My sister made little noises of pleasure under her breath as I used my other hand to grip one of her tits. She put her arm behind her and placed her hand on the back of my head, and I worked her moist twat softly with my finger as our cheeks pressed together. She continued moving her round butt in a circle, rubbing it into my lap.

“You’ve always killed me with that ass, but now…” I said to her. She grinned widely, slightly biting her tongue.

“And I didn’t even know it.” She replied. I pulled my hand out of her pants, and gripped her waist, gently standing her up in front of me. She looked down over her shoulder at me as I began pulling her yoga pants down. I kissed her lower back, and continued kissing her ass cheeks as they became exposed. When they were off, she turned around. I kissed her on the outside of her panties, gently rubbing it with my fingers. She put her hand on my head as I pulled her panties down to her ankles. She was now in front of me wearing nothing but her grey tank top. I leaned back on the bed on my elbows.

“Annnd my sister is fucking adorable.” I commented. Stacey smiled, her face turning slightly red. She leaned over and picked up her underwear, playfully throwing them at me. I laughed and threw them to the side. I leaned forward, throwing my hands behind her thighs, and pulling her onto the bed next to me. I kissed her, sliding my hand back down between her legs. I slid my finger around her moist pussy as she gripped my dick through my shorts. She tugged at the waistband after a few moments, signaling for me to take them off. I did, and she continued caressing my dick as I fingered her pussy.

After a little more than a minute, Stacey slid off the bed near my feet. She pulled on my legs to get me to sit at the edge of the bed. She sat back on her legs, and swept her long hair to the side with her hand. She gently gripped my dick with her fingers, her other hand on my leg. She kissed my cock , glancing up at me before gently dragging her soft lips up the shaft. She pressed it into her lips with her hand, kissing it several more times. She then pressed her tongue against the bottom, sliding it with force all the way up the length. She kept her tongue out as she repositioned to the bottom and did it again, this time wrapping her lips over the head and sliding it into her mouth. I breathed heavily as she slid up and down slowly. She pulled it from her mouth, kissing it sloppily several times before running her tongue over it again.

This was the third blowjob I’d gotten from my sister, and she seemed to be getting more aggressive each time. Perhaps she was getting more comfortable, and the nervousness was starting to go away.

She held it straight up off to the side of her lips, pressing it to the corner of her mouth. She stuck her tongue out to the side, and drug it up my cock slowly as she looked at me. I growled softly as she did it again. Stacey dipped my cock back into her mouth, and worked her way up and down over and over, occasionally stopping at the top to lick the tip. She wrpped her hand around my shaft, putting each of her elbows on my legs. She slid her hand up and down my wet dick, licking it near the top as she did. Just then, pendik escort her phone vibrated from the floor. She peered over my leg at it, and quickly turned to me.

“Oh my god, it’s mom!” She exclaimed. “Hold on. And shut up.” She picked up her phone and swiped her finger across it.

“Hey.” She answered. I could hear a muffled voice coming from the other end.

“Yep, I sure am.” She said. Stacey still gripped my cock in her hand, and softly tugged it while the voice on the other end spoke.

“Yeah, we can do that.” She stated into the phone. A grin spread across her face as she listened into the phone. Stacey leaned over, and licked my dick with her phone still to her ear. I mouthed the words I hate you silently. She gave an evil grin and did it again.

“Yeah it should land at about two.” Stacey slid her lips over my cock, holding it in her mouth while she listened into the phone. Then she quickly pulled it out.

“Yeah I’ll have a rental waiting at the airport.” She answered, before hanging her tongue out of her mouth, pressing my dick into it with her hand. She looked off to the side, listening into the phone almost as if she forgot my dick was there.

“Well, yeah I can just return it early if I can use Dad’s car on friday.”

Stacey was talking onto my cock. She took her hand away and put it on the floor, and letting my cock rest against her lips as she listened to our mom. She batted it around with her tongue playfully as she listened.

“OK cool. That’ll save some money at least.” She said before swatting at my cock with her tongue again.

“Mmm Hmm.” She answered some unknown question before sliding my dick back into her mouth. She pulled it out again.

“Alright thanks. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” She said with another big lick.

“Alright bye.”

Stacey finally hung up, holding her finger up as if to stop me from something.

“Gotta make sure it’s off.” She said softly. “OK…there.”

“Ohh my god.” I said aloud as Stacey laughed.

“Yeah…wow.” She replied. “That was interesting.”

“I kinda liked that shit.” I said back.

“I know…and the fact that she was completely clueless…like, wow.” Stacey replied.

“Well that was awesome, so kudos to you for thinking of that.” I told her.

“Mmm hmm and what do I get?” She asked.

“Whatever you want. What do you want to do. Whatever it is…” Stacey pushed me back onto the bed before I could finish. She climbed over me, and threw one leg over my head as she faced the other way. She lowered her pussy onto my lips. I cooperated and began digging my tongue into her as she laid forward on her elbows, her head right above my dick. I felt it sink into her war, wet mouth as I licked her slit. She whimpered softly on my cock as I licked. I wiggled my tongue around rapidly for a few moments before gently kissing her pussy. I backed off for a second, looking at my sister’s beautiful pussy before giving it a big long lick. When I did that, Stacey did the same thing to my dick. I did it again, and so did she. I gave it a kiss, and she did the same. So I began licking it repeatedly. We spent about two minutes aggressively licking each other before I dug my tongue into her cunt, and she slid my cock into her mouth. After a few moments I lifted her leg off of me.

“OK no more.” I stated. “I can’t take twenty minutes of that.”

Stacey giggled as my cock slid out of her mouth. She spun around and straddled me.

“Are you sure you want to do this with me? You know I’m your big sister, right?” Stacey said jokingly.

“Making brother and sister comments isn’t gonna help me last longer.” I replied with a smile as she positioned herself over my cock with her hand. I put my hand on her smooth stomach as her wet pussy slid down my dick. Stacey scrunched her eyebrows and let out a sigh of pleasure. She began sliding up and down on me, her hands on my chest. She flipped her hair to the side as she began to speed up, her whimpering becoming more audible. I gripped one of her tits with my hand as I pushed up into her repeatedly. I watched as my cock continuously disappear into my rus escort sister’s tight pussy, shining from her wetness. She leaned forward to kiss me, her boobs resting against my chest through her tank top as I kept thrusting into her. She put her head nest to mine, moaning into my ear with every push. I kissed her neck with my hand on the back of her head. I ran my tongue up the length of her neck under her chin as she leaned her head back. I grunted noisily as her motions ran my cock in and out of her wet cunt. Then she kissed me aggressively, biting my lower lip as she bounced on me. We were now both slightly sweaty, our lips touching as we humped each other.

I gripped her shoulder, rolling her onto her back, my dick sliding from her pussy as I did. She laid back against the pillow, her face glistening, and her hair messy, partially covering her face. I put my feet on the floor as I leaned over the bed, and over her. I used my hand to bring my cock to my sister’s twat. We looked at each other as I pushed it back in, my hand once again on her smooth belly. I lifted on leg with the other hand as I slid all the way in. Stacey tightened her lips as I pushed it deep into her before sliding it back out. She let out a long moan as I did it again. I made low growls from the feeling of my sister’s twat squeezing my cock as it ran in and out again. I steadily thrusted into her over and over, turning her low whimper into a still quiet, but high pitched wail.

“Ahh, fuck.” I grunted as her pussy took my cock in over and over. Stacey bit the shoulder strap on her tank top as her body was steadily and continuously jolted into the pillow. I pushed my dick into her slowly a few times, really feeling the inside of her pussy slide down my entire cock. She would let out a long whimper as my dick sank into her cunt, the shoulder strap of her tank top still being clenched by her teeth.

I gently gripped her neck as I fucked her. As I sped up, she would jolt randomly. She started letting out louder noises as she let go of her shirt with her teeth. She gripped her hair with one hand, and the pillow with the other as she arched her back. I didn’t stop pushing into her repeatedly, and her moans became synchronized with my thrusts. She began jolting, her warm pussy tightening on my cock.

“Ohhhhhh…” My sister let out a long wail as she jerked. I kept sliding my cock in and out of her while she jolted, gripping the pillow and her hair tightly. Her hand quickly shot down and gripped the sheet, making it stretch as she clenched it tighter.

“Mmmmmhhh.” She purred with her eyes squeezed shut. After a few more moments her body relaxed.

And it was just in time, too. My cock stiffened even harder inside sister’s tight twat, and that familiar intense pleasure ran through me as I started erupting into her. I slid deep into her as hot cum blasted from my cock. I gripped her waist tightly, and my cock throbbed with pleasure as load after load was emptied into her pussy. I could feel it pulsing inside her wet cunt as the cum blasted out for several seconds, before slowing down. I contracted it a couple times, forcing the last of my cum into her twat, before slowly sliding out. My dick began softening slowly as Stacey let out a long sigh. She stood up, and went to the bathroom.

I put my clothes back on, and my sister soon came out of the bathroom to do the same.

“You should probably be at home tonight, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” She said with a smile. “And remember, nothing weird. I don’t want them to think anything, and I don’t want to think they’re thinking anything.” Stacey said to me.

“They won’t. And nothing weird, I promise.” I replied.

“Good, I already had to get a rental car just to get them not to pick me up from the airport. And it can’t sound like I just saw you.”

“It’ll be fine.” I reassured her.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.” My sister told me. We said goodbye and I left, preparing to spend a normal weekend with her, as a normal sister.


Thank you for reading chapter 3! I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions regarding what you want to see in future chapters, let me know! (I will NOT be getting any other family members involved though, this is strictly a brother/sister thing.) Remember though that she is a real person, and I won’t do anything that is far from her character in real life. Again, thanks for reading, and feel free to let me know what you think!

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