My Sister Gets These Urges Pt. 01

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

“Oh Lynn, that’s awful! How long will it take?” I was talking to my little sister, she’d showed up at my door a short time ago. It seems her apartment building was being tented for some sort of insect infestation.

“Oh Rachel, I can’t thank you enough,” Lynn said. “Since I’m pregnant my doctor thought an extra day away from the building couldn’t hurt, could I stay for… five days? I hate to impose on you and Brian.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said. “You’re my only sister! And you’re making me an aunt!” I gave her a big hug to reassure her. She was six months along and glowing. Shiny blonde hair to her shoulders, big blue eyes, swelling tits and a big belly, she looked fertile.

“Besides, Brian’s out of town until Friday, he’s got that conference in Philly. I could use the company.” The house was a touch big for the two of us, we were hoping for kids too, like Lynn. I got her set up in a spare bedroom down the hall from me, in case she needed anything in the night.

Well she needed something all right. I heard her for hours the first night, moaning and squealing and sighing, over and over. I knew those sounds well, we’d shared a bedroom growing up. My little sister was pleasuring herself. Listening to her started making me horny too, it took me forever to fall asleep.

In the morning she was bright eyed and energetic, I wondered how she did it. I dragged myself through my work day and came home to hear those same sounds in the living room. How in god’s name could she still be horny? I wondered.

I intentionally made some noise closing the front door and setting my purse down to give Lynn time to get herself together. When I got to the living room she was on the couch looking guilty. Her face was flushed and the room smelled of sex.

I sighed. “Lynn, we have to talk.” I wasn’t in a great mood, being tired from the night before, maybe I was a little too abrupt with her. She shrank into herself and her eyes got that puppy-dog look.

“Rachel, I know what you’re going to say, but you’ve never been pregnant before. I’m getting these… urges all the time now. My hormones are going crazy!” I had to give her that, while Brian and I had been trying for a while now Lynn forgot her pill once and now she’s preggers.

She was pretty sure who the father was, but she didn’t even bother asking, she was just going to raise it herself. We’d both always wanted kids, she just got there first. I admit I was a bit jealous

She went on, “At least you have Brian. Ever since I started showing I can’t seem to get laid. Most guys just don’t want sex with a pregnant woman.” Lynn had never been one to keep a guy too long.

I joined her on the couch, my feet were killing me. I sat on something and got up, startled. It was a big vibrator, I must have missed it in my exhaustion. I sighed and handed it to my sister. “Yours?”

She blushed again and quickly snatched it out of my hand, getting up and saying “You look tired, why don’t I order in tonight? Pizza okay? I’ll just go get my phone.” She hurried down the hall to her room.

I went to bed early and slept like a dead woman. I woke up in the middle of the night with my mouth tasting awful, I’d forgotten to brush my teeth. I got up and took care of that, then looked in on my sister.

She was sleeping naked like she always used to. Her tits looked magnificent, they were getting large and full. Another thing to be jealous over, Lynn had always had the better figure, in my mind at least. Her nipples were hard and between her thighs was all shiny and wet.

I thought about those soft cries I’d heard the other night, how arousing they had been at the time. I missed Brian, we made love almost every night. I never masturbated anymore, Brian always took care of my needs. şişli escort But smelling my sister’s heat in the air, seeing her nude and satisfied, it was getting to me.

I went back to my room and stripped off my panties. I lifted my sleep shirt up, exposing my breasts. Lying in bed I stroked my pussy, wishing for my husband’s cock. I ran delicate fingers up my thighs, teasing myself, getting closer and closer to my poor throbbing clit.

I pinched my nipples with one hand, wanting it to be Brian’s mouth on me. The other was busy between my thighs, keeping myself on the edge of cumming for as long as I could. Three bunched fingers were sliding in and out of my hungry cunny, wanting it to be his thick rod.

At last my orgasm hit and I tried to keep from crying out. One hand flew over my mouth as my body rocked, my back arched and I spasmed with bolts of ecstasy. I was grunting and moaning as softly as I could, Brian and I are usually noisy love-makers.

The release was incredible, I hadn’t realized how horny I’d been. I was glowing with total satisfaction. That’s when I looked up and saw my little sister in the doorway, watching me. She was mostly in shadow, her expression hard to read. But she was panting, clutching the door frame.

Before I could speak she left. I lay awake a long time. It was quiet at first but eventually I heard those soft cries. She was trying to be quiet too now but I was listening hard. for some reason hearing them comforted me, I fell asleep smiling.

I slept like a baby, woke up smiling too. Today I felt much more normal. Was I that used to cumming almost every night? Perhaps I’d been holding back, inhibited by Lynn’s presence. I thought about it on and off during the day.

Oddly enough I wasn’t bothered that much by Lynn watching me. I’d always been a bit of an exhibitionist, was that it? I was no closer to an answer when I arrived home. Lynn had made chicken pot pie for dinner, my favorite. I supposed partly as an apology.

We talked after dinner. Lynn really did strike me as sincere, she was trying to control herself but her body was making it impossible. I admitted I was still kind of a prude. After all, we’re both adults, why shouldn’t we be more open about sex with each other?

“I have to say Lynn, last night, what really got me horny was looking at you, sleeping naked and looking very satisfied.” I blushed as I confessed it to her, I’d never thought of another woman that way, until now.

My little sister was quiet for a long moment. She looked up at me, asking, “Can I tell you something? Don’t get all freaked out but… sometimes when I’m cumming I’m thinking of you and Brian. And me. The three of us, together.”

That thought rocked me some. She’d never indicated she thought my husband was especially sexy, and why was I in there too? I’d heard pregnant women have strange fantasies… But it didn’t bother me for some reason. Maybe because she was my sister, maybe because she included me, I don’t know.

“So, what kinds of things are we doing, in these fantasies of yours?” I asked. I felt beet red with embarrassment but I was really curious. I mean, I wanted to have kids too, would this happen to me as well some day?

Now it was Lynn’s turn to blush and look away. “Nothing weird, I mean, just normal sex stuff. No whips or chains.” Her hand was drifting up to her throat, she started playing with her hair.

“Like what? What’s normal for you, sis?” I asked. I was getting aroused, talking with her like this. We’d never been this open with each other before. It felt like this was an erotic dance, the music moving us wherever it wanted.

Lynn shifted on the couch. “Well the one that gets me going the most I guess is, picturing you eating me while Brian takes you from behind.” She licked her lips. “And Rachel, if we’re mecidiyeköy escort going to keep talking about this…”

I helped her up off the couch and we went into my bedroom. Our breathing was loud in my ears as we quietly undressed. Lynn was glowing, she looked fantastic, her belly a smooth, tan oval, her tits looking firmer and bigger than ever.

Lynn was looking at me as if she were starving and I was the last bite of steak. “God Rachel, I can see why Brian is after you every night, you look sexy, big sister.” Funny thing was seeing her look at me like that, hearing it in her voice, made me feel sexy as hell.

Oh god, we were going through with it! I was as nervous as Lynn appeared calm. “Relax, Rachel, come here and kiss me.” Lynn patted the sheets beside her and I sank down. I felt wide open, ready for anything.

She was lying down, more comfortable on her gravid belly. Her blonde hair spread around her like a halo. Her lips looked very tempting so I kissed them. It made my head spin, her tongue was flexing around mine, her breath was sweet and hot, intoxicating.

I’d never kissed a woman sexually before, I was amazed at how soft her lips were, how intense the experience was. Lynn moaned into my mouth and I moved down to her throat, licking and sucking.

“Oh Rachel, this is so… oh god, this is so wrong, I feel so, oh god I’m gonna cum!” I was sucking my little sister’s nipples now, I hadn’t touched her pussy yet. I’d slid my hand down her taut belly and she came just from that.

Lynn looked erotic as could be, full tits pointing to the ceiling, gripping the sheets with white knuckles. She was shivering like a horse with a fly, suddenly I smelled sex and the sheets under her darkened with her pussy juice.

Still trembling she looked at me in shock, her eyes huge, her mouth a perfect O. I cradled her shoulders as she finished cumming, holding her and whispering reassurances.

Inside I was reeling. I wanted my sister. Making her cum like that made me feel powerful and erotic, I wanted more. Suddenly all I could think about was licking Lynn’s pussy. I wanted to taste her, drive her crazy with my tongue.

I kissed her lips instead, showing her just how hungry I was for her. She melted into my arms, surrendering herself to me. I scrambled between her legs and held them apart, taking a big sniff of Lynn’s pussy. She was wet already, I dispensed with the foreplay and attacked her cunt with my mouth.

“Fuck, Rachel, oh god yes! Oh your tongue feels so good! Suck me, suck my pussy, oh god I wish I could see you!” Her big belly was in the way of course. “Yes, just like that, oh fuck, oh god, you’re gonna make me cum again, oh god Rachel!”

Hearing my little sister scream my name as she came was hot as hell, I slid a hand down to my own sopping pussy and started stroking. I was devouring her cunt, one of her legs was trying to crush me while I held the other open for my questing tongue.

Suddenly I was there, my fingers pinched my clit and I went off. I rolled away from Lynn, curled into myself as waves of pleasure crashed through me. My thighs were crushed together, I was shaking and moaning myself now.

Soon enough we were both satisfied for the moment. I lay down next to my sister and we talked while we looked at the ceiling.

I went first. “Lynn, that was incredible. I won’t deny it, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before. Brian’s going to be home tomorrow, and I don’t know what he’ll think about all this, but…”

Her voice brightened. “Really? You’ll talk to him about it?” She seemed amazed. “I’m not sure if I’d share my husband, but if you’re willing, okay! Let’s do it!” She gave me a quick kiss.

“I’m not promising anything, but we’ll all talk about it,” I said. “He’s pretty open minded in the bedroom.” There had istanbul escort been one time, years ago, when we were first dating, that he’d mentioned he found Lynn ‘cute’, but that was it. If he was hot for her he’d never showed it to me, smart man that he is.

“In the meantime,” I said, “why not sleep in here tonight?” I smiled at Lynn and tweaked her nose like I did when we were kids. We were both pretty wiped out, soon we were both sleeping together for the first time since we were kids.

I heard Lynn masturbating once more during the night but I went right back to sleep, thank goodness. When I woke up I decided to call in, take a personal day, spend it with my sister.

We drove into the city, had a nice lunch and did some shopping. Lynn managed to control herself for the most part, I had to stand guard at one point outside a dressing room while Lynn fingered herself, she couldn’t wait any longer. After that we decided to head home.

We’d talked strategy for discussing things with Brian. Even though I was sure he’d agree to join us it never hurt to make sure. Lynn had no lingerie that fit her now, we found some totally hot outfits for mothers-to-be. We’d gotten our hair done as well, we looked and felt sexy as hell.

Thursday night, Brian would be home tomorrow before lunch. I made us a light dinner and we tried watching a movie for a while, but pretty soon Lynn’s nipples started tightening under her shirt and I knew. Without a word I clicked off the TV and we both went into the bedroom.

We shed our clothes, went to each other, kissing as we stood next to the bed. Holding my sister in my arms like a lover still made my head spin. Her belly pressed into me, warm and smooth. Her lips were all over me, we fell to the bed, moaning.

“I want to eat you this time,” Lynn whispered. My heart throbbed in my chest at the thought, I felt myself unfurl and moisten. My nipples sprang up and Lynn sucked one into her mouth, it felt wonderful and made my pussy even hotter.

I lay on my back at one corner of the mattress and Lynn squatted in front of me, her hot breath on my cunt felt delicious. I gripped the sheets as my sister’s tongue touched my vulva for the first time. She kept teasing me, chewing my pussy-lips, fucking me with her tongue when I wanted, needed her to touch my aching clit.

She finally relented and sucked my clit into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue. I went off like dynamite, she’d kept me on the edge for what seemed an eternity. Waves of bliss pulsed through me, my nipples and ass were throbbing along with my cunt, it was heavenly!

“Oh Lynn, oh fuck that’s good, so good oh my GOD!” For a long moment everything was pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, I grabbed my tits hard enough to make them hurt so good. My thighs were trying to close on poor Lynn’s head, my pussy was gushing into my little sister’s mouth.

At last I looked up at the ceiling in wonder. Was this lesbian sex, or incest, or both or what, and why did it make me cum like fucking gangbusters every time? Lynn had crawled back into bed and I scooted up so I could kiss her, the kiss of a woman who’s just been rescued from some awful fate.

“Holy shit, Lynn, this sex is amazing. Is this, have you ever, I mean, oh I don’t know what I mean!” My head was still spinning but now in a different way. One thing I did know, anything that made two people feel that good without hurting either of them could not be wrong.

Lynn was just as confused as I was, she said she’d never had any experience with women either. “But now Rachel, I look at those magnificent legs of yours, and your hips, god you have sexy hips!” She was actually getting horny again, just looking at me. It might just be the hormones talking, still a nice ego boost!

“Lynn, I’m kinda wiped out, and Brian’s coming tomorrow, if I give you some new batteries or a charger or something for your toys will you go play quietly so I can sleep?” I smiled to take away any offense.

“Sure thing sis,” Lynn said. She gave me a goodnight kiss and I was asleep almost instantly.

End Part One

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