My Sister Ruth

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As Ruth Bradley lay asleep in her bed little did she know that her brother Jerry had sneaked into her bedroom and was knelt by her beside her with his cock in his hand as he sneaked looks at his eighteen year old sister as she lay naked under her covers. Ruth had been out partying and had got home drunk around 2am and stripped off from the front door right up to her bedroom door and then fallen into bed and pulled her covers over her and drifted off to sleep.

Ruth had long dark hair with brown eyes and stood five foot eight in her stocking feet and had lovely long legs which rose to a very tight ass. They had a home gym down in the basement and Ruth used it every day before she went to work. Unbeknown to Ruth her eighteen year old brother would perv on her every chance he got. He would always try to catch glimpses of her when she went for a shower or was changing in her bedroom.

Tonight being a Friday night Ruth had been out partying. And as she walked or should I say staggered up the stairs to her bed he got to see every little bit of Ruth after she had slammed the front door a little too loudly and woke him up. As Jerry came out his bedroom to see what the noise was he spied his older sister coming up the stairs and she was now dressed in only her bra and panties. To his amazement she undid her bra etiler bdsm escort and dropped it at her feet and then her panties soon followed and landed right beside her bra on the carpet.

Jerry had never had any luck with girls. The furthest he had ever gotten with a girl was a little tongue action and the feel of a boob over her clothes. But now here was his sister naked under her covers after he had watched her strip off as she came up the stairs and went in her room and into bed. As he pulled the covers down a little with one hand he jerked his cock with his other hand after dropping his pj shorts at his feet. Ruth more drunk than she had ever been tonight and Jerry knew it so he took the chance to get a look at what he had wanted to see for so long, his sister naked.

As he pulled the covers down over her boobs he could see her nipples were hard and about an inch long. He so wanted to take them one at a time in his mouth and suck on them and that was what he did. He couldn’t help himself he just bent his head down and took one hard nipple in his mouth and sucked on it like he was trying to milk his sister’s tit dry. As he sucked Ruth began to moan as if dreaming some hunk was sucking on her tit. She grabbed his head and pulled it hard against her boobs.

“Suck etiler elit escort my nipples hard.” Ruth whispered while dreaming about one of the hunks she had been with earlier that night.

Jerry obeyed her whisper and sucked hard on her nipple while nibbling and pulling on it with his teeth. Ruth’s moans became a little louder and Jerry feared she would wake up so he pulled her hands from his head then pulled his head from her tits.

“No don’t stop, please I want my nipples sucked.” Ruth moaned out a little louder this time.

Jerry was a little confused now, should he suck her nipples like she asked and end up getting caught or should he be satisfied with what he had already seen and done? His heart said leave but his head (and I mean cock head) said different. Just as Jerry lent forward again to take her lovely soft big boobs in his face again Ruth turned onto her back and kicked the cover off her naked body altogether. Jerry just stood there not moving for fear he had been caught out. But then Ruth let out a snore and then Jerry felt more at ease.

He again latched on to his sister’s nipples and sucked on then as he let his hand roam over her body. As soon as he reached her pussy he found it to be hairless which put a big smile on his face. He slid etiler escort his hand down and onto her pussy which felt a little damp to him. Ruth parted her thighs a little which gave Jerry a little more room to get to know her pussy with his fingers. The more he rubbed at her clit then more she moaned and the more she got wet. As he slipped two fingers inside her wet pussy Ruth clamped down on his fingers like a vice grip and held on tight to his fingers almost breaking them he felt.

Ruth was now moaning out a lot louder now and beginning to buck her pussy against her brother’s two fingers that were not buried deep in her pussy as he sucked on her enlarged nipples. The more he sawed his fingers in and out of her the more she bucked up against them. As Jerry slipped onto the bed beside his sister she arched her back and grabbed his fingers so tight she actually saw stars as she came with a squirt all over them, down her arsehole and onto the bed.

Jerry then moved himself between his sister’s legs and was soon nudging his bard hard throbbing cock up against her warm wet pussy. He lent over his sister again and gave her boobs another suck for luck as he began to push his cock as far inside her as he could trying not to waken her until he was right inside her as he knew he would never get a chance like this in a month of Sundays. Jerry pushed his cock in inch by inch until all seven inches were deep in her pussy. As he began to thrust in and out of her bedroom light came flashing on and a voice from behind his shouted out.

“Jerry Mason what the fuck do you think you are doing?” He heard from behind him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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