My Sister’s Keeper Ch. 10

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Note: All characters are over 18

“Mistress, are you absolutely sure you want this?” Sasha asked Kaitlyn once again. The two were dressed in the attire they had worn earlier, Sasha still in her catsuit and Kaitlyn still in her pajamas.

“Sasha, I love you so much but if you ask me again, I will force you to wear a muzzle gag,” Kaitlyn sighed. “I promise you I want this. I not only want to give you a chance to show your skills, I want to see how much you need to improve. I promise you I want this. I’ve wanted this for as long as we’ve been doing this.”

“But…” Sasha’s voice became quieter. “What if I hurt you again?”

Kaitlyn took her submissive into a close hug, kissing her on the cheek. She knew this would be an issue form the beginning, but she’d hoped they’d moved on from it.

“I promise you won’t,” She said, rubbing Sasha’s arm. “What you did then, you did with hatred in your heart. Right now, you’re doing it with lust and love in mind.”

Sasha felt a blush creep up her face; she knew she wanted this, but she still remembered vividly what she’d done to Kaitlyn when this all began. She wasn’t quite ready to forget about the terrible things she had done and wished upon her sister before she had become her submissive.

“Do you hate me?” Kaitlyn asked. Sasha shook her head vehemently.

“No, mistress!” She said loudly. “I don’t! Not anymore!”

“Then, you won’t hurt me,” Kaitlyn said. “Besides, I can take a little pain. There’s little you can do to me aside from choking me out that could seriously damage me. I’m not invincible, but I do know my way around ropes and can often get out if I need to.”

“Understood,” Sasha said. Kaitlyn nodded, standing up and picking up the corset she had shown Sasha earlier.

“Let’s get you dressed like a dominant,” She said. “That will help you feel more confident.”

“Y-Yes, mistress,” Sasha nodded, blushing as she stood up. Kaitlyn first felt Sasha’s stomach, wrapping her arms around it. Sasha felt her breath hitch as Kaitlyn opened the corset and pulled it around Sasha’s body very carefully. She carefully, but firmly pulled the laces tighter. Sasha felt her breathing become a little restricted, but not enough to cause her any problems. Kaitlyn finished, giving Sasha’s waist a little squeeze as she saw Sasha look down at her corset.

Kaitlyn then handed the shorter heeled pair of boots to her. Sasha simply looked at them, slowly beginning to slide her latex covered feet into them. She loved the feeling they gave of gliding over her feet. They hugged her legs almost as tightly as the catsuit, only being a minuscule amount looser so as to fit over the catsuit. She thoroughly loved the feeling. She wondered if she’d ever be able to take off the catsuit without a direct order from her mistress.

“You look like a true dominant now,” Kaitlyn smiled, kissing Sasha on the lips.

“Th-Thanks, mistress,” Sasha blushed a deep red as she looked at herself in the mirror. She did look a little more confident than before, maybe even dominant. She hoped she could pull this off in a way that would make Kaitlyn proud.

“Now, let’s set the ground rules.” Kaitlyn said.

“Ground rules?” Sasha asked.

“Of course,” Kaitlyn said. “You need to know what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. The first rule is no choking under any circumstances. Some doms and subs are into it, but I am not. It’s just a terrible accident and heartbreak waiting to happen. No asphyxiation either. All of my tools and all of your tools are safe for use and don’t restrict breathing in any way other than filling of the mouth. My mistress and Rebecca are against it as well, so don’t go asking her for safe advice.”

“Yes, mistress,” Sasha nodded.

“Good girl,” Kaitlyn kissed her cheek again. “The second rule is that you are to gag me only after you’ve finished tying me up.”

“Why?” Sasha asked.

“Because you don’t understand gag speak yet,” Kaitlyn said. “I’d rather you not hear me repeat myself several times before you finally get it. After you’ve done the tying, you can keep me gagged if you want to add accessories, since you know how to use those.”

“Yes, mistress,” Sasha nodded.

“The third rule is that in case of emergencies, you are to dial Rebecca. If it’s something serious, call Rebecca and then 911,” Kaitlyn said. “Basically, we want to bother the paramedics as little as possible.”

“You’re worried you’ll get hurt?” Sasha asked.

“I’m telling you what to do in case,” Kaitlyn said. “Accidents can happen, no matter how trained. Now… I think three times should be good for letting you experiment.”

“Three times, mistress?” Sasha asked.

“You’ll make me cum three times over the course of this,” Kaitlyn said. “After that, you’ll let me go and I’ll tell you how you did. Is that fair, sweet?”

“It is fair mistress,” Sasha said.

“Good,” Kaitlyn said. “I chose three this time because I wanted you to get fulya escort some sort of leeway in case you want to try some new things.

“I will do my best, mistress,” Sasha nodded.

“I know you will,” Kaitlyn smiled. “I believe in you.”

Sasha blushed slightly. She looked at Kaitlyn and leaned on her.

“Let’s begin now,” Kaitlyn said. “You can do whatever you please so long as it fits within the guidelines.”

“Alright, mistress,” Sasha gave a small chuckle as she stood up. “Strip.”

“Yes, ‘mistress’,” Kaitlyn giggled like a child, taking off her clothes. Sasha couldn’t stop her eyes from roaming up and down her body, taking it all in. Kaitlyn stood naked in front of her, almost as if displaying herself.

“You like what you see, mistress?” She asked. Sasha couldn’t hide the blush from her face; even now, she was captivated by Kaitlyn’s body. Only Meredith’s body looked more attractive to her.

“I do,” She said once she’d found her voice again. “I will enjoy playing with it.”

“I’m all yours,” Kaitlyn gave a mischievous smile, holding her arms out as if inviting Sasha to play. Sasha stood up, enjoying the feel of her catsuit as she did so. She walked over to Kaitlyn, calling upon Kaitlyn’s sessions with her as well as various dialogue from some erotica she had read prior to the sessions for inspiration as to what she would say to her.

“I always loved your body,” Sasha said, standing behind her temporary submissive as she felt confidence begin to seep into her thanks to the belief of her mistress. “Even when I hated you, I always admitted that you had a nice body. I loved seeing it naked when I did things, even though it was wrong to do such things.”

“Your body is good too,” Kaitlyn said as Sasha began to run her hands up and down her older sister’s sides. “And, you’ve gotten into even better shape than before, so I’m sure you will look even better to yourself.”

“I love my new physique,” Sasha said. “But, I’ve definitely admired yours more.”

She gave Kaitlyn’s breasts a squeeze, causing her to moan in pleasure as they were played with.

“It seems we share this trait don’t we?” Sasha said, giggling a little at the reaction. She reacted almost the same way when Kaitlyn played with her breasts.

“Great minds think alike,” Kaitlyn said.

“They do,” Sasha said, loving the feeling of power she seemed to have, despite not even having tied Kaitlyn up. It was almost as if she was confident in herself for this. “Now, get on the floor.”

“Yes, mistress,” Kaitlyn knelt down on the floor.

“Put your arms behind your back,” Sasha said, Kaitlyn obeying. Sasha grabbed a length of rope from her new equipment, carefully looping it just as Kaitlyn had taught her. Kaitlyn’s arms were carefully tied behind her back, palms facing one another.

“Are you okay, mistress?” She asked Kaitlyn.

“I’m alright,” Kaitlyn said with a reassuring smile. “But, don’t call me mistress right now. You’re the one in charge, remember?”

Sasha coughed, blushing as she remembered. She continued her work, making the knots better.

Satisfied with her work, Sasha added another set of cords around Kaitlyn’s elbows, bringing them closer together. She then slipped her armbinder over Kaitlyn’s arms, carefully and smoothly buckling the straps, making sure to get in a couple of gropes to Kaitlyn’s chest. Kaitlyn moaned, her arousal beginning to show as Sasha continued her session.

“Good enough?” She asked.

“A little snug, but that’s how it’s supposed to be,” Kaitlyn said. “You’re doing great.”

“Okay,” Sasha nodded, giving a faint smile at the praise she was getting.

She fastened a cord around Kaitlyn’s legs, forcing them to stay in their bent position. It was a crude bondage, but it was her first time. She stepped back to admire her handiwork. She was a bit satisfying.

“Now, I want to gag you,” She said. “But, I went to the store after practice the other day to get some supplies that I would need for whenever I took the lead.”

“Okay,” Kaitlyn said. “Which store?”

“The toy store,” Sasha said. “Was… was there another store?”

“Oh good,” Kaitlyn said. “No, I was just wondering what you’d have gotten.”

“Now, I’ll make sure your bondage is enjoyable,” Sasha said. “Open wide.”

Kaitlyn obeyed, Sasha pushing a harness ball gag into her sister’s mouth, buckling it tightly behind Kaitlyn’s head. She made sure it was tight and moved her attention downward towards Kaitlyn’s crotch. She slipped a finger in, making gentle ministrations to her pussy. Kaitlyn moaned into her gag, feeling it, but not enough to reach climax.

Sasha then slipped in another finger, continuing to build her sister’s arousal. She continued this for a full ten minutes before she grabbed Kaitlyn’s vibrating wand, turning it on full power and holding it up to Kaitlyn’s pussy. Kaitlyn moaned and after fifteen minutes of being gebze escort exposed to the vibrations, Sasha stopped, confused and a little discouraged.

“Wow,” Sasha said, removing the gag so she could speak. “You’re lasting a long time. How are you still not cumming yet?”

“I’ve been doing this for years,” Kaitlyn said, panting with the edging arousal. “I’ve built up a sort of tolerance to it. But, remember, the goal isn’t to do all three right away. It’s to make it memorable and enticing as well as worthwhile.”

“Oh… r-right,” She said. “Sorry, mistress. Can… Can I try again?”

Kaitlyn nodded, clearly enthused as Sasha buckled the gag back onto her. This then set the gears in Sasha’s head turning for two separate trails of thought.

“Why didn’t you make me do this to you while you bound me?” Sasha asked. “Was it because you didn’t want to force me?”

Kaitlyn gave a nod to confirm Sasha’s idea. Sasha nodded in understanding. She knew that Kaitlyn was looking out for her no matter what. It gave her such a warm feeling inside. But, she couldn’t think about that now; she needed to dominate her sister.

“Well, I suppose you’re wondering what I’m going to do next.” Sasha said, trying to add some seductiveness to her voice, but it came out as inquisitive.

Kaitlyn nodded, fully wondering what Sasha’s mind would come up with to bring her to orgasm. Sasha ran her fingers through Kaitlyn’s hair, smiling. She began to untie Kaitlyn’s legs, causing Kaitlyn to become further intrigued.

“Stand up,” Sasha tried to sound commanding. Kaitlyn stood up, looking at her sister.

“I did a little research after we went to the theater,” Sasha said. “I was pretty interested in learning new ways we could have fun with each other. I found a lot of interesting things though.

She unbuckled the armbinder from Kaitlyn’s arms and let it fall to the ground. She then untied Kaitlyn’s arms and let them stay like that. Kaitlyn, still being obedient to Sasha, didn’t move her arms form their position.

“Put this on,” Sasha walked into Kaitlyn’s room and retrieved one of her catsuits, a red colored variant. She squeezed the bottle of lube into her hands, rubbing them together as she began to oil Kaitlyn’s body. Kaitlyn was loving this, inwardly ecstatic that her submissive was getting so kinky on the first time as dominant. It made her even more aroused than before.

As Kaitlyn slipped on her catsuit, Sasha couldn’t help but stare at her body. She wanted it so badly, but she was going to wait. An idea formulated in her mind, one she hoped Kaitlyn hadn’t noticed.

“That looks so good on you,” Sasha said, her eyes drinking in Kaitlyn’s frame hugged sexily by the latex catsuit. She was now debating inwardly on which she liked more, naked or catsuit. She would decide later; right now, she had a submissive to play with.

She noted the slight differences between her catsuit and Kaitlyn’s. Kaitlyn’s particular variant of catsuit had divided toe portions, which gave an impression as if she was a latex being with the way it hugged her. Sasha was never a fan of wearing something like that; to her, it was too strange to not be able to feel her toes. But, she supposed she had a few new options of testing out her rope skills.

Her eyes drifted down to the zipper on Kaitlyn’s suit, a red color to match the catsuit. Sasha felt the zipper of her own, almost masturbating on instinct. She walked over to Kaitlyn and began feeling up her body. She was quite enjoying the feel of Kaitlyn’s gorgeous body covered in latex. Gripping the rear of her older sister, Sasha was surprised she was being so forward, so dominant. She didn’t hate the feeling, but she was surprised that she was going this far with Kaitlyn on only her first attempt at being a dominant.

After she’d had a good feel of Kaitlyn’s latex covered body, Sasha walked over to Kaitlyn’s closet and led her in there.

“I figured we’d spend some time in your room since your stuff is what will be used on you,” Sasha said, feeling the rush of confidence. “But, there’s something I was curious about.”

Kaitlyn tilted her head as Sasha picked up a hood from a box in the closet. It looked like a face, sporting minor detail in it. Sasha removed Kaitlyn’s gag, pointing to it.

“I saw this when you displayed your stuff for me, but I could never figure out what they were for,” Sasha said.

“Those are for an idea Rebecca had involving some hidden bondage,” Kaitlyn explained. “She had the crazy idea that sometimes we could do what is essentially cosplay. It’s really stupid, but when you’re a little wasted and you’re kinky bitches like we are, you come up with some pretty stupid ideas.”

“Isn’t there a better way for that?” Sasha asked.

“Well, it’s to make it seem like you’re a normal person when in reality you’re gagged underneath,” Kaitlyn explained.

“I see,” Sasha said. “Well, I don’t need to use that. gültepe escort I’ll come up with my own ideas.”

“Sick masks work if you only use tape,” Kaitlyn shrugged. “I’m sure your creativity will help you come up with something.”

“Speaking of creativity,” Sasha said, walking over to Kaitlyn’s closet and picking out a skirt and a sweater vest. “I’ve decided that I want to try hidden bondage with you… if that’s okay with you.”

“You’re the mistress right now,” Kaitlyn said. “So, where are we going to go? But, I would recommend we do it later. For right now, show me your normal things.”

“Yes, mistress. But, I do have a destination in mind,” Sasha said. “But, first, I’m going to give you your orgasm.”

She retrieved one of Kaitlyn’s vibrating wands and unzipped the zipper covering Kaitlyn’s crotch. She placed the vibrating wand against Kaitlyn’s pussy, turning it on and watching as Kaitlyn moaned and got on her knees so she wouldn’t hurt herself.

“You’re quite loud,” Sasha said. “I’m glad we live alone here. Please be quieter so the neighbors don’t come knocking. Or worse, tell mother.”

“Yes, mistress,” Kaitlyn said, leaning onto Sasha. Sasha quite liked the sound of being called ‘mistress’. She hoped that someday, she could have someone else call her that.

“You know,” Kaitlyn said, leaning against Sasha. “I have this client who wants to bring in a third person for a session or two. Perhaps you’d like to accompany me? I would ask Rebecca, but she isn’t a good choice for the first time someone requests three. She’s much better when you’ve known her for a bit in terms of domination. You’d be okay if you follow the lessons I’ve taught you. It might be good for her to have a less experienced dominant because she’d get to learn and grow with you.”

“I… I would like that, mistress,” Sasha smiled, kissing Kaitlyn’s cheek as Kaitlyn had done to her several times prior. “Now, let me get you ready.”

“I’m all yours,” Kaitlyn said. Sasha blushed slightly, preparing to begin the next phase of her domination.

Sasha walked over to her and began to fold Kaitlyn’s arms into a box tie, making sure that it was restrictive. She finished her knots and then tied Kaitlyn’s legs together, cinching the ropes in the middle. She tied her knees, cinching that rope as well before following suit with her ankles. To further the bondage, she tied Kaitlyn’s big toes together.

“It took Rebecca three times before she decided to do that,” Kaitlyn said with a small laugh. “You’re learning.”

“I want you as still as possible,” Sasha said, trying to make her voice seductive. She then groped Kaitlyn’s ass, walking over to her closet. She retrieved the item she was looking for, a seductive smirk crossing her lips. She walked back over to Kaitlyn, the item behind her back.

“I’m curious as to how you’re going to get me to orgasm this time,” Kaitlyn said. “I mean, the first two were pretty lackluster. Though, your bondage ties are definitely improving.”

“I figured I’d draw it out as long as possible,” Sasha said, revealing the item: the chastity belt. “I mean, if you don’t orgasm, I can still be dominant, right? I mean, right, mistress?”

“Clever girl,” Kaitlyn smirked. “I was wondering if you’d figure it out. That’s why I said three. But, I want to know what you wish to do to me.”

“Well, I’ll just give you the first orgasm and then make you work for the other two,” Sasha said. “That’s what you taught me, mistress.”

“Well, just use that wand vibrator on high and a couple on my nipples and then it should work,” Kaitlyn shrugged. “That’s how Rebecca and I usually do it.”

“For just the first one?” Sasha asked.

“Yeah,” Kaitlyn said. “Just do that and we’ll have fun with the next ones.”

“Yes, mistress,” Sasha nodded, holding up the ball gag. “Open wide, please.”

Kaitlyn opened wide, allowing Sasha to gag her once again. The current dominant buckled the gag behind her head, using some rope to tape the vibrator to Kaitlyn’s legs after unzipping the zipper on the catsuit and some tape to tape the small pill shaped vibrators to Kaitlyn’s nipples. She turned them up as high as they would go, as Kaitlyn began to squirm with the vibrations. Sasha held her, feeling the vibrations herself as she felt her sister’s orgasm approach closer and closer.

After about ten minutes, Kaitlyn was squirming intensely, reaching the throes of her orgasm. Sasha held her still as she spasmed after the orgasm rushed into her. Her cum exploded over the vibrator and dripped onto the floor as she leaned against Sasha in a complete daze as her senses were still being assaulted by the vibrators.

Sasha held Kaitlyn, enjoying the feeling of having brought her to orgasm. Her own mind was a rush as she felt strange feelings she never expected to have. She looked at Kaitlyn, who looked peaceful, despite being a bit dazed. She looked up at Sasha with a smile behind the gag.

“Thnksh, mrshtrsh,” She said, leaning onto Sasha. Sasha smiled, putting her mind to work as to how to bring her temporary submissive to a second orgasm.

Note: So, I decided to split up the orgasms so I could spend more time making each one unique. Next chapter is the second orgasm.

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