My Sister’s Visit

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A fictional embellishment, spun off from the story “Accepting The Offer.”

= = = = = = = = = =

My dad was wrapping up a phone call as I walked into the kitchen.

“Who was that?” I asked as I opened the fridge for the milk.

“Your sister. She’s coming up to the house for a few days,” he replied, looking over the edge of his bifocals as he gathered his newspapers from the kitchen table.

“Oh,” I replied flatly, pouring myself a cup of coffee. “When’s she getting in?” I leaned against the counter, the coolness of the stone top sending a jolt through my bare ass as I brought the mug to my lips.

“She should be here later in the afternoon.” And with that, he adjourned outside to one of the pool chaises. Straddling the lounge, he set the paper between his legs and sat, his dark walnut skin a distinct contrast to the weathered white vinyl straps. He reclined to read, the newspaper obscuring his torso; all one could see were his legs and, between, his flaccid penis and relaxed, stretched scrotum.

“Fuck,” I muttered, disgruntled.

It’s not that I didn’t like my sister; it’s that I wasn’t particularly close to her. A product of my dad’s first marriage, my sister is 15 years older than I, so by the time I had any cognizance, she was already off at college followed by a move to another city to pursue her career. So Stephanie—like her brother George, who’s 2 years her junior—is more like a distant cousin that I saw at major holidays than a sibling. She is nice and we get along, but there was no denying that her visit would severely curb my ability to go nude around the house.

Still, I had the opportunity to enjoy the day nude, even if it was to do chores around the house and around the property for my dad. With the house up and in from the road and surrounded by tall foliage, we could enjoy much of the property naked. Wearing little more than sandals and sunscreen, I set out pruning and watering and tackling other to-dos.

Once the daily duties were completed, I treated myself to a dip in the pool. The cool water surrounding me, caressing every inch of my skin was invigorating. But the clock on the wall suggested that my sister would be arriving, so I retired to my room for a shower.

I lay on the bed nude, letting my room’s opened louvered windows and ceiling fan dry me, acutely aware of my cock and tesicles hanging between my wide spread thighs. The sun waning, I heard the faint crunch of tires on our driveway. Stephanie was here. With a perturbed exhale I rose and slipped on boardshorts and a t-shirt to greet her.

I joined my dad in the living room. I found it odd that he chose to stay naked, but I thought: his house, his daughter, his rules.

“Well, hello, Sweetie. So good. To see. You,” she punctuated her honey-spun drawl as she hugged me in the doorway. Transplanted to the South, she called everybody “Sweetie.”

“Daddy!” She called as she strode to our dad offering an equally sumptuous embrace.

I brought her bags from the car as the two of them caught up. I was pleasantly surprised that she picked up food; it saved me the trouble of having to either whip something up from the not-much in the pantry, or we’d all have to go out. I guess two men in a house on their own portends certain expectations.

We dined at the kitchen’s small glass table as the sun sank. I cleared while my dad and sister chatted, but as both smoke like chimneys, I soon excused myself, not only to escape the smoke, but to rid myself of my clothes and address my surging horniness.

My door had no sooner struck the jamb that I was stripping down. I retrieved the collection of magazines my dad gifted me from my bureau and settled on my bed. I could feel my cock lengthen and thicken with each pound of my heart that beat thunderously in my chest. I relished the sensation of it thickening as I watched it lurch forward as it was flooded with aroused blood. Though long familiar, I drank in the photos and lingered in the stories within the pages. My eyes widen as I feasted on the beautiful, seductively nude women splayed and displayed before me. My mouth went dry; I licked my lips. My cock dispelled its first bead of precum that crept teasingly down my cock to my scrotum; I felt my balls tighten as the cool serum rolled over the istanbul escort folds of my sac.

I glided my finger along the underside of my shaft, expelling more precum from the tip. I caught the essence on my fingertips and used it as an unguent as I caressed. I settled in on one of my favorite photo sets. My breathing shallowed. I felt the familiar roiling deep within my groin. My orgasm and ejaculation were urging. I rose on my haunches, thrusting my cock toward the erotic beauty on the page beneath. My cock, thick and heavy and solid, hovered above the model’s open, welcoming pussy and her taut nipples. My breath accelerated. I slid my left hand down my chest, sparking my nipple as it went, over my belly to ultimately cup my contracting scrotum as my right slid along my distended cock. I stopped a teased the bloated head of my cock, delaying the ecstasy that was charging toward its zenith.

“Hey Sweetie?” I heard my sister’s voice outside my door. The erotic spell shattered.

“Yeah?” I called back, trying to steady the quaver in my voice.

“Can you help me for a minute?”

“Uh…yeah. Can you give me a couple of minutes?”

“Can you come now?”

“Ugh, not anymore,” I muttered in frustration under my breath. “Uh, yeah. OK. Hold on,” I called.

I released my cock. I took a deep breath to calm myself as I wiped the syrup of precum from my hand onto my hip. I stepped from the bed, my cock bouncing luridly from my groin, and donned the largest beach towel I could find. Able to wrap it around me twice, the fabric’s bulk did help to conceal my erection, but it constricted my walking.

I shuffled to the door. “Coming!” I said, the irony playing in my head.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Sweetie, but the lights in my room burnt out, and I don’t know where the bulbs are.”

I froze in my tracks when I opened the door: my sister was standing before me fully nude. It was hard to see her features in the dim glow of the courtyard lights, but there was no mistaking the fullness of her breasts capped by her delicate nipples, her subtle curves, and the unruly thicket of pubic hair that dressed her mound.

“Why are you naked?” I asked, gulping.

“Daddy said that when Anne”—my mom—”isn’t around, you two go naked at the house. And since that’s how I grew up too, I figured I could slip back to my old familiar ways,” she said, adding flare to her statement by raising her hands above her head and jutting her left hip out playfully. She paused. “I’m surprised you’re in a towel.”

“Yeah, well…,” I demurred. “Didn’t seem appropriate to come to the door…you know…”

“Ah! Well, you can get rid of it if you want. It’s just me,” she reassured, patting me on the arm.

“Uh, it’s ok. Let’s change your bulbs.”

Challenged by the wrap, I shambled along behind my sister to the kitchen. As we entered I stared at the rich, soft curves of her fulgent creme ass, and the slight contours of her waist. Though my sister, my cock couldn’t refrain from reacting to her, swelling and yearning against the towel’s tight wrap. Luckily she didn’t notice the bulge; precum drooled down my left thigh.

“How do you know it was the bulbs?”

“They both popped when I flicked on the switch,” she explained. I fought to look into her eyes, striving to project a quotidian nonchalance to her nudity, yet I thirsted, shamefully, to see as much of her body as I could. Her breasts, her areolae, her nipples, her belly, her lithe hips, her smooth skin, her robust bush.

Though my sister, she was a naked woman. And I was horny 18-year-old guy whose masturbation was interrupted and orgasm incinerated.

“Hup! Yeah, it’s the bulbs then.”

Gripping the towel tightly in my left hand, I retrieved two bulbs from the storage cabinet. Mummified in the towel, I followed her to the guest room, my eyes fixed on the sway of her hips and the jiggle of her ass. My cock battled against its containment; more precum drooled.

I flipped the switch a couple of times in the doorway. The lights in the overhead fan were definitely out.

I made my way to the bed. Like a sea lion trying to mount a rock, I flopped and squirmed my way onto the mattress and uneasily stood.

“Why don’t you just drop the towel?” kabataş escort My sister asked befuddled.

“Uh, no. It’s ok. I got it,” I said confidently.

I strove to unscrew the first dead bulb. The ceiling fan swayed. I lifted my left hand to steady it, but I felt the towel start to give way. I quickly grabbed it.

Exasperated, my sister said, “Oh, just drop the towel already,” and yanked it from me. My cock jutted from my body. I was far from fully hard, but perceptibly engorged enough to show signs of arousal.

“Oh!” My sister guffawed.

“What the fu—?!” I truncated the word as I realized that I had never cursed in front of my sister before. I tried to spin my inflamed cock out of view by rotating my hips.

Annoyed and embarrassed, I replaced the first bulb. It sparked to life, bathing us in unapologetic light. What was muted in the ambient light from the closet and bathroom was now in sharp focus. I looked as she did at my beleaguered cock, pulsing with the beat of my heart in frustrated shades of red and purple. A crystalline strand of precum linked the tip of my cock to my thigh. I was mortified. I hurriedly sought the bulbs on the mattress, hoping that squatting would shield my imprudent appendage behind my thighs.

“I’m sorry, Sweetie,” my sister intoned. “I had no idea. Were you…when I knocked?”

I rose silently, quieted by a powerful concoction of fear, embarrassment, shame, anger. I was at a loss for words. What do I say? ‘Yeah, sis, I was jerking off and just about to cum’? I glared bitterly.

“I’m so sorry,” she continued.

“It’s OK. Don’t worry about it. Forget it,” I reassured curtly, trying to get out of this awkward conversation. I stretched in the operation of replacing the second bulb. Elongating my body I’m certain only made my cock jut further, amplifying my predicament.

“I’m sorry,” she continued. She reached out and caressed my hip. I’m certain she intended her touch to soothe, but as raw as I was, her soft stroke triggered something in me. Electricity shot through my body. My cock jolted sharply, then quivered.

“Whoops!” I heard her say as I screwed in the second bulb. I froze.


“You’re dribblin’, Sweetie.” I looked down. My sister grabbed the towel and cupped it beneath the tip of cock. My body belched forth a sludge of thick white semen that pooled pitifully but obviously on the dark blue terry. Ice coursed through my veins. I felt queasy.

“WHA’?! Oh my gaw! I, uh,” I sputtered and turned away. I hopped off the far side of the bed. My cock whipped a strand of cum onto my right thigh as I landed.

“Ok, you’re set.” I blurted as I scurried. I just wanted to get out of there.

“Hey!” My sister barked. “Calm down. Come here,” she called me over.

Putting her hands on my shoulders, she looked into my eyes. “You’ve nothing to be embarrassed about,” she reassured me.

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, uh huh, OK.” I looked everywhere but at her.

“I’m serious. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. OK?”

I settled and looked in her eyes.

“If anyone should be apologizing, it’s me. When you said you needed a minute, it should have occurred to me. I did grow up with a younger brother, after all,” she said, graciously. We both chuckled uncomfortably, but it defused the tension.

“Ha! Yeah, well…,” was all I could think to say.

“Bad timing?” My sister sought.

“What’s that phrase my mom likes – ‘in the short strokes?'”

“Oh-wuh!” She said, striving to sympathize with my plight. “OK, well that explains it.”

I dropped my shoulders uncomfortably, adding a sarcastic, “Thanks.”

“Hey. Stop. I’m not upset so I don’t know why you are,” my sister added. I could feel my eyes well. “So you dribbled a little. So what? You can’t control that.”

“Yeah, but still…” ‘Why is she belaboring this?’ I thought to myself.

“Oh, ‘but still’ what?” she confronted me.

“But still, I just dribbled cum in front of my sister. That’s super embarrassing and weird,” I protested.

“It’s only weird and embarrassing because you’re letting it be. It doesn’t bother me, so don’t let it freak you out, OK?” I nodded with a heavy reluctance. “I should let you get back to bed. But make kadıköy escort me one promise.”

“Uh, OK,” I hemmed.

“Don’t feel you can’t go nude around me. I want you to feel comfortable in your own house. Daddy told me how much you seem to enjoy it, and I don’t want to cause you to change, so don’t let me stop you, OK?”


“And,” she continued, sliding her hands down my arms, grasping me just above the elbows, “stop being freaked out. It’s natural. And it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it. It’s just your body doin’ what it does. Positively nothing to be ashamed of. OK?”


“I guess that’s two promises, isn’t it?” She said with a sparkle in her eye. We chuckled lightly. My spirit lightened. I saw my sister in a new light. But the new perspective unleashed a flood of adrenaline. I caught my sister’s full breasts in my periphery, her rich areolae and the dainty jut of her nipples. She was naked. I was naked. I felt her touch on my arms, and my body reacted accordingly. Despite my disquiet, my erection surged.

For whatever reason, my sister looked down. “OK, time to go,” she mused, patting me on the hip. My cock swayed. Returning her gaze to me she said, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Let me just grab the bulbs,” I said, motioning toward the bed, my cock pointing unapologetically, indecently at her abdomen.

“Oh, leave ’em, Sweetie. I’ll take care of them.”

“OK,” I said, swinging the towel over my shoulder. As I turned for the door, I paused. “Hey, Steph? Thanks for understanding.” I took a deep breath. “I appreciate it.”

“Aw, of course, Sweetie. You’re welcome,” she replied sweetly and stretched out her arms. “C’mere and give me a hug.”

I turned back and approached, my eyes drinking in the elongated contours of her breasts as she stretched her arms. I leaned in to just touch shoulders, but she pulled me close, pressing her body tightly to mine. While she ran her left hand up and down my back comfortingly, my hypersensitized cock slid along her right hip. Though she was rubbing my back, she also swiveled faintly, her hip gliding fore and back along the side of my yearning shaft. I breathed deep as I embraced her, trying to calm my nerves. But the feel of her skin, the press of her breasts against my chest and the tickle of her pubic hair on my right thigh short-circuited me. I could feel those familiar stirrings. The muscles in my groin bore down like a clenched fist. My balls tightened and my cock surged. She released me, but it was too late. The final swipe of her hip along my length, especially when it grazed the tumescent ridge of my glans, set me off. I felt the skin of my face tighten. I clutched her left hip, closed my eyes and whispered a reluctant, “oh shit, sorry!” through gritted teeth.

“It’s OK,” she soothed, continuing to rub my back.

My orgasm was seismic. My cock erupted, jettisoning my pent up semen. I succumbed to my ecstasy; overwhelmed, I froze in place. Too disgraced to look at her, I looked straight down. The first pulse gushed a rope of cum that landed on the floor, with some splashing on my sister’s waist. The second stream hit the floor with a pronounced splat. I could see my sister’s hip and thigh and pelvis and navel and bush as my cock jolted rhythmically but uncontrollably in ejaculation. As I emerged from the orgasmic delirium, I whipped the towel from my shoulder and wrapped it around my impolite, spasming penis, feeling the waning pulses and capturing the latter spoutings of semen. Through this whole unfortunate episode of abandon, my sister kept rubbing my back.

“Oh, shit, oh shit, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I apologized in panic as my orgasm concluded.

“It’s OK, Sweetie,” she strove to assure me. “Don’t be sorry. Boys’ bodies do that. No need to be sorry,” she reassured me with a warm smile as she stroked my right arm. I yanked the towel from my cock and stooped to sop my spilled seed from the floor.

“May I…?” She asked, motioning to the towel.

“Huh?” I asked. Then, noticing the dollop of cum just above her hip, I said, “Oh…yeah…here,” and handed her the towel. I’m certain I was as dark a red as the towel was a blue.

I stood and looked at her. Though deflated, my cock still felt heavy as it arced down over my relaxing scrotum; a drop of cum struck my left foot. “I should, uh…good night.”

“Good night, Sweetie,” she said, hugging me again. “Sleep well and I will see you in the morning,” she said, her voice tinged with coyness. I exited and she smacked my ass playfully as she shut her door.

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